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POPSUGAR Must Have May 2016 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.41.20 PM

We have the a new spoiler for the May 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thanks to HelloDarlingBlog!) 

FYI – picture includes both regular and mini items for May:

Here is just the regular box pic:


What do you think of the full spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box. (Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. At first I wasn’t excited about the theme and spoiler, but now after seeing these spoilers I am super excited. Wanted a yoga mat for a long time and held out hoping one of my boxes would send one. The bracelets look cute. All the items look great and will be used. Can’t wait for my box! Great job Pop sugar.

  2. Thinking of dropping and adding only if I like the box. They never sell out, so I should be OK.

    • I wait for the spoilers to come out then buy a gift subscription.


        This is my last box following the December fiasco where they told everyone their sub would start with Jan then backdated everyone to December and everyone ended up with double subscriptions…

        I’m really torn right now on resubbing or not. I thought for SURE I was done with PopSugar but I’ve genuinely LOVED every box since December. Maybe I’ll hold off on ordering again at least for a bit to see if maybe they offer a deal to try to win back all the people I’m sure canceled in December.

        • This was the end of my 6 month sub and I think I will wait until another good deal comes my way before subscribing again. I’ve not been please with this May and April box but they ones before I liked.

        • I canceled after the December thing… currently going month to month. … I canceled d/t worst customer service ever!

        • That really irritated me, too. It was pretty crummy to tell us January then change to December. When I contacted customer service about that, they made it seem like it was my fault. I’m thinking of cancelling just because of that, even though I’ve been happy with the latest boxes.

  3. I got the zing anything bottle in the mini-box does this mean I am getting another one?

    • No. The pic just includes items from both boxes.

    • Yeah is the water bottle included it seems to be the only thing on the picture mentioned?

      • The water bottle is in the mini box. The things in the regular box are in the second pic and are the items that are linked.

  4. The mascara is most likely a “special extra” – the box has 8 items including it (up from 6 + the “gift” card in the last box). Usually that’s the case when they throw in a drug-store brand.

    I’m happy to see that my label has been created – maybe this time I’ll get it in a reasonable amount of time!

    • I had the same thought about the mascara.

    • After I read your comment, I noticed that the mascara and water are labelled as SE in the last picture, so I think you’re right. The other items are numbered.

  5. At first I wasn’t terribly impressed with this box, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I think I was mostly turned off by the yoga mat. Here’s hoping I can swap it! I may or may not like the bracelets; I’ll judge when I have them in person, but I think I like them. (I am not anti-tassle.)

    But I love the foot mask and body scrubber and am intrigued by the caffeinated water. Okay, getting Revlon is a little weird, but maybe it’s a great mascara. Who knows?

    Like many others, this is the last of my six-month sub deal from December. I WAS loving the first several boxes, but now that it’s time to decide about re-subbing I think I’ll skip it. For now, anyway. It seems like I rarely like the summer boxes, so now may be the time to finally cancel.

    Unless they sucker me in with another awesome deal…

    • Me too. Leave the yoga mat for funfitfab. I’m not renewing.

      • Just send me your yoga mat 😉

  6. Revlon mascara??? Are you kidding me??
    Just sad…

  7. I’m officially canceling this..I’d rather spend 40 dollars at Sephora. ?

  8. I’m over the moon happy with both boxes!! I am super excited for the folding yoga mat! And the bracelets look adorable! Can not wait to get my boxes! I love you PSMH!! ????

  9. Huh. I just feel kinda, I don’t know, underwhelmed. Nothing really stands out. This is only my second Popsugar box, and I enjoyed last month’s, but there was nothing really awesome there, either. I guess I’ll have to get a few more before I really judge.

    Also, to those of you complaining about the tassels – they’re not my favorite thing either, but Popsugar is really doing its job there, as that is the biggest trend in jewelry right now. (Possibly only challenged by those ugly 90s chokers. Remember those things? Ugh.)

  10. I am actually really excited about this month’s box. Last month was a miss for me (except for that amazing night cream). But this month I will actually use every single item. It’s a perfect box for me. Can’t wait to get mine.

  11. I have been a subscriber since January and I have loved all the boxes….However I do not like anything in this box,is there somewhere I can get rid of the whole box

    • I’m happy to swap with you if you see something on my List Tina Ames!

      • i’m swapping this box too. i listed it. can you link to your listings?

        • Definitely!! I’ll go look and I’ll contact you on hat items are u wanting outta my box?

        • Cece- ill send you a swap request!

    • You can swap or sell it on eBay.

  12. Okay so I’m feeling meh about this box. This is my last month of PSMH & I dont think I will renew. Last month’s box came completely empty (contents must have spilled out in transit). I reached out to Pop Sugar & they mailed me a replacement a week & a half ago that is stuck in transit & I have not received yet. The thing is I tracked it & it says it weighs 2 lbs. When I tracked my original box that came empty the contents said it weighed 5 lbs. So I’m thinking the replacement might have missing items, probably the book which is what I most wanted. Does anyone by any chance know what their last month’s box weighed?

    • I think it was originally sent around 5 lbs and changed to true weight around 2lbs when I tracked it again. It wasn’t a very heavy box. I bet the book is there 🙂

      • Ohhhh thank you so much for that reassurance! I hate that I haven’t gotten it yet, & to think it was going to come without all of its contents after receiving it empty was bugging me. I truly appreciate your response 🙂

  13. Super glad I didn’t sign up for this box. I’ll admit, I was intrigued by the fitness theme, but there’s not a single item in this box that I’ll have FOMO about!

    And I also agree with other commenters… At first I saw the dish and I was like, “Oh! Should I sign up for the heck of it?” 😉

  14. This is the first PS box in a LONG time that I’ll completely use. No swap listings whatsoever! Can. Not. Wait.

  15. I feel like the reason I consistently look at PS and think “meh, it’s ok” is that I usually have at least three of the items in one form or another and have usually tried the food item if one is included. Not that they put together bad boxes, more that they put together ones that are about six months behind. I get wanting to be trendy though off just enough to get the items at a discount to make the box possible, but it just consistently ends up being a miss for me personally.

  16. I am super stoked to get this box!! I squealed with happiness at the yoga mat!! This is the first time I see a Mat EVER (that isn’t a speciality box) and I am soooo beyond excited!! I also can’t wait for the body spray ….I can’t wait to get this box! Everything in it looks great! YAAAAAAY Popsugar!!!

  17. Very excited to get this one! What a pleasant surprise after the March and April boxes, which were definitely not for me.

  18. Enough with the tassels, Popsugar. I wore that necklace once, and my grandma accused me of cutting the tassels off of her curtains.

    • I actually love the necklace. I’m in my 30’s and work in high end events and have had many compliments, it’s delicate yet trendy. These bracelets would be great to pair with simple bracelets and fun to wear. Looking forward to this box 🙂

      • OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHHHH I thought I was defending the silver tassel necklace from the Neimen Marcus Xmas box. I JUST read on the forum about that hideous tassel necklace (march?) that belonged on great grandmas curtains or lamp. I had intentionally forgot about THAT necklace on purpose haha. I totally forgot about that epic memorable laughable necklace. My bad for defending. Truly my bad. LOL

        • Aaahaha this made me laugh!! I was trying to picture you wearing that 5-green-tassle necklace to high-end events and i thought you must either be insane or a supermodel who enjoys a challenge. SO relieved to hear that it was all a mistake 😉

    • We gave the necklace as a gift to my daughter’s teacher. It’s much more her style than mine (I’m also a teacher! HA!).

      I couldn’t resist the peek. There are some things I’ll put to use, but this seems kinda blah yet again. I’m one of the many who did the 6 month sub in December. It was quite a deal, so that’s why I went for it. But if I don’t get some fantastical deal, I won’t be buying the regular boxes.

    • ?

    • Cut the tassels and keep the chain : )

  19. I am actually excited for this box. I don’t really do yoga but I do stretches for my lower back so the mat will help for that, plus I’m excited about the spearmint and eucalyptus spray. This is a win for me. Can’t wait for next month!!

  20. I am very much looking forward to getting this box, it’s a hit for me already 🙂

  21. haha…I was really excited for the jewelry dish…and then realized it’s not part of the box…it’s not their best box…but I’ll use a few things in it…but I am so done with tassels! UGH…couldn’t they find a better bracelet….and they just sent one like this in the last LE box. Come on PSMH….get over tassels and pom poms already

    • lol me too, I was most excited about the blue jewelry dish. I could easily pass on all the rest of it

  22. Yassss a yoga mat! I don’t care that I just bought one for $30 at Nordstrom rack last weekend. The one I bought is too thin and need a thicker one under it. My old one is really ratty. Everything else is butter. Love it!

  23. I’m actually excited for this, I been wanting a yoga mat and glad we didn’t get a water bottle because I have 2 unused so no need for more.
    My 6 months are up and I wish I can get another deal like Dec, but I’ll be subbing again. I love PSMH

  24. Also – the tassels. I just noticed. Ugh. I’ll have to see those in person, but likely also going up for swap. Enough with the tassels. 🙂

  25. I’m a little surprised by the yoga mat. Putting an item required for a specific fitness area isn’t my favorite. I don’t practice yoga, but I know plenty of people do.

    Does anyone know the ingredients in the Body Wash Infused Body Buffer? I have to be very careful what I use.

    This box isn’t a win for me. I’ll put the yoga mat and likely the sponge up for swap. 🙂

    • My thoughts on yoga mats that are basic when people don’t do yoga (I used to and don’t anymore), is that they are handy for so much. Especially in summer and a foldable one for travel. Going camping? Swimming outside somewhere? Picnics? Bonfires? Have kids or family and have to go sit on the ground or bleachers at outdoor sporting events? All of those are great extra uses for a foldable mat. Toss it in your trunk and forget about it until you find yourself somewhere you could use a mat outside etc.

  26. At first glance I wasn’t that excited – I have a foldable yoga mat already and nothing else seemed that exciting but… PS items have a way of being nicer when I get them in person (although I agree with those who would have rather had the cool water bottle in the box).

  27. I’ll have to see this in person to really decide.

  28. Well…I guess the best thing in the box for me is the Breathe Deeply Spray and I wasn’t too excited about that.
    Very disappointing box. Glad my six months are up and I will not be renewing.

  29. Please tell me those aren’t tassels on the bracelets!

    • Oh, they are. Hopefully they can be easily cut off, as it looks like the rest of the bracelet is cute, with little beads. Otherwise, those are getting stashed in a closet with the hideous tassel necklace we got a couple months ago, until I can find some poor soul who would wear something like that.

  30. LOVE THIS BOX! I love that the mat is foldable! This box is a nice change from the norm! I don’t sub to FFF so it’s a hit for me 🙂

  31. WOW! I have been with Popsugar from the beginning, intermittently . Had to take almost a year off due to life issues, moving, changing jobs, changing boyfriends, etc. This is my third box this time/year and I must say! I have had a lot of stuff and a lot of sub boxes, which are all but gone, just glossybox. I have never had a yoga mat! Yes!!!! I got the necklace that looks like it matches with the bracelets, love! I am a BIG Coffee and foodie girl and I have never ever heard of caffeine water, can’t wait to try. Just moved back to Phoenix for work and boy is it still HOT AS HELL:). NEED THE BODY SCRUBBER! In 2013-2014 I hoarded a ton of Memeboxes (Korean beauty) and I have a ton of the Kocostar products, IN F’ing storage in Seattle with the bulk of my things:(!!! God is not dead people and he loves me. Can’t wait until I get this box!!!!

    • So glad to read a positive comment about the box…the negative ones are a downer. Personally, I’m excited for the box! If it comes to the point where I’m no longer excited after a box or two, I’ll just unsubscribe and be done with it. No need to endlessly complain about how terrible you think the box is.

      If you people want to be so picky, may I suggest you shop for yourselves and get out of the subscription box game? You’ll likely be much happier.

      • If someone who isn’t thrilled with the box brings your own happiness down, then may I politely suggest not reading the comments. I think you’ll be much happier.

        • Ann, you are my personal hero right now! I paid for this box and I usually love them but this one is not fabulous for ME.

          • LOL, thanks Kristy. You just made this old ladies night.

            I love PS, but this box isn’t for me either. I’m just not a yoga, health seeking kind of gal.

  32. My box has not shipped yet, but am willing to swap my yogo mat for a goodie!

  33. I love every thing but the yoga mat and that’s because I’m pretty much lazy and the only exercise I get is swimming in my pool whilst drinking wine 🙂 but I can swap it to a healthy individual I’m sure:)

    • I actually lol at your comment. You’re my twin.

      • Sweet <3…:)

    • omg yes swimming is all i can handle lol 😉

  34. Yuck. This is usually one of my favorite subs, but this isn’t doing it for me. A big old snooze-fest.

    Yoga Mat – No use for.
    Foot Therapy – I’ll use it, but it’s nothing exciting.
    Peanut Butter Bar – No sugar!!!! What? Who makes a dessert with no sugar. Blasphemy!
    Mascara – Will go with the millions I already have.
    Breathe Deeply Spray – Nope, I just don’t care for mint.
    Jewelry – What is it with tassels this year?
    Body Mitt – Interesting is about all i can muster.
    Flavored water – I’ll drink it.

    I guess it was past time for me to receive one I disliked.

  35. Thanks for using my photo Liz, sorry to cause confusion with my dish everyone – LOL!

    • Thank you for sending in the spoiler!

      • Of course!! 🙂

  36. Yogo mat? I expect if FabFitFun not PSMH!

  37. This is turning into Fab Fit Fun. Nothing wrong with that per se…but that’s why I canceled. I don’t need a yoga mat. I don’t need any fitness gear. Yuck.

  38. Now this is something I can get excited about. I got my last months Popsugar Box & was not too happy. I am so glad I decided to hold out. I am extremely please with this box.

    • That’s funny. I loved last months and hate this months. Too bad we couldn’t swap out. 🙂

  39. I’m confused didn’t we get a similar bracelet in the spring LE?

  40. Is that cool water bottle in the big box?

    • No, that’s in the mini box this month.

  41. Well this time I wish I’d gotten the mini box instead. I love the infuser bottle in that one. If that had been in this box instead of another Spongelle, I’d have liked it better. Am I dreaming, or didn’t we already get a Spongelle in another PS box? And Revlon mascara?? Boo. I love my PS and I won’t quit it but this is one of my least favorite boxes. 🙁

    • I’d love to swap for the Spongelle if you don’t want it.

    • Spongelle was in Boxycharm.

      • I don’t get Boxycharm although I think there was one in that one too. I think PS had one too in a flower shape.

        • They did it was last year around this time or during summer. But not a buffer.

  42. I really like this box! I love the yoga mat and I’m excited to try that water! The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the bracelets, but I can find someone to gift those to.

    All in all, I’ve been really pleased with March, April, and May!

    • Agreed! But I have been gone for a minute so.

  43. I love this box! Popsugar, you are the best ever, yayyyyy

  44. Well, I was starting to feel unhappy about the end of my Popsugar subscription – but this box is so bad (for me), that I feel like I won’t be missing it. There is not one single item about this that I’m excited about.

    • Same here 🙁

  45. I’m still waiting on my “lost” April box :?. Not too impressed with this, but “if” I receive it I might think differently. The yoga mat is the only thing I think looks cool, but I have one of those now that rolls up in a sling, so this would be bulky, and I wouldn’t spend my vacation in a hotel room doing yoga as the description notes; I’d do yoga on a beach, in a class or at a spa for a much better experience :).

    • OMG, my April box was “lost” too! 🙁

      • Me too!!! Still waiting for the “replacement” to arrive 🙁 pity because I like last month’s more than this month’s. Good luck ladies. Hope we get our April box soon!!

  46. I want a yoga mat to use for exercising. Yay.

  47. JUST went to Sephora to look for some foot masks and they didn’t have any. Popsugar read my mind. I already have plenty of yoga mats, but otherwise, this box is perfect for me!

    • Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sell the foot masks and other packs by that company. UO tends to be $1-2 cheape than Anthro. If you have a B&M store nearby you can get them there. I belive most of the packs have the fond in store option on both store sites.

    • Ditto, almost got BabyFoot but happy to get these 🙂 Love this box! Can’t wait to get it-PS sent the Mini today instead so stilk have ti wait 🙁

  48. I purchased this one, looks good!

  49. I would have loved for the dish to be included. When I first saw the picture I was like good I love that dish to then reading the contents and finding out its not included. LOL

    • LOL – I liked the dish best.

  50. I love it! Can’t wait!

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