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Play! By Sephora June 2016 Subscription Box Sneak Peek!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have a sneak peek for the June 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box! The theme is The Minimalists.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.48.08 AM

They describe the items in this box as “Easy to use, must have products to get an effortless look.” Sounds good to me!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.50.15 AM

And based on the video, it looks like we’ll be getting:

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.54.58 AM

A Skincare item (or psychic abilities thanks to my choice of screenshot 😉 )

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.54.35 AM


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.02.14 AM

Blush (or other powder product)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.54.25 AM

And general happiness!

What do you think of the June 2016 Play! By Sephora box theme and product hints? Any guesses on what the items will be?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The lip liner was the smallest sample I’ve ever seen.

  2. Okay I’m really confused. This was the sneak peak, but we don’t have any full spoilers yet? If I want to cancel for the June box, we’re supposed to do it by May 31st. I’d really like to know what I’m getting before I pay $10 for it. Gah I should just cancel but watch me do that and then REALLY REALLY love the June products. All the other spoilers were in by the 3rd week of the month! 🙁

  3. [Trumpets ring]

    My first, real Sephora!Play Box finally came today!

    Hands down, it’s the most amazing smelling box when you open it. You just want to live inside of it. And the cards and pamphlets and mini draw string bag are too cute! I love it without feeling too bad there’s a huge waste of paper or cardboard because at this level of sub-addiction….I’ve killed many a tree with all the boxes, stuffing, paper,etc (sorry to be a downer). So less is more sometimes.
    That was all good with me, but the bad is that I didn’t love this month’s box! I WANTED the Sunday Riley, nay I NEEDED it (I’m a skincare addict as well), and the only skin care was the Origins and the Korres Rose Facialike (which I already had), which was good but not as exciting, tho I was keen to try the mask primer since I love all things masks (Hi, I’m a skincare addict. Have we met?).

    So all I’m saying is, I really want the pricey skincare stuff 😀

    So please bring it, Sephora 😀

  4. I think people have forgotten what these boxes are for. I enjoy the idea of trying new brands and products and discovering new faves along the way. These boxes are not intended to provide you with a lot of huge products, they are samples of things that (hopefully) are new to you and give you a chance to try something you may eventually want to buy. I think of Popsugar, RZ, and LE’s as ways to get the most bang for your buck. Birchbox and Play! are inexpensive ways to try new products. The only thing I really hate is shampoo/conditioner packets because they are not enough for one use, but honestly samples aren’t meant to last for months, or even weeks. If you want full size products there are great, affordable boxes for that. But if you expect that from Sephora Play! you are probably going to be disappointed most months.

    • Thank you!!

  5. I was worried the samples would be the size of the free samples they offer when you purchase. Have not got my box yet even thought it shipped from 30 minutes from my house to Memphis three hours away to who knows where now, I will definitely cancel if it is Birchbox size samples. At least there they give points and I get to choose a sample.

  6. Disappointed in Mays box. I cancelled. The bite lipstick to bright and smelly and sweet. The smell made me sick to my stomach.

  7. I’m so excited for this! I’m all about effortless, natural beauty. 🙂 I can’t wait to see June!

    I received my first-ever Play box today. I LOVED it. I’m not sure why people didn’t like it. The samples felt very luxe to me — and way better than any Birchbox I’ve received in recent memory. I’ll use every single item — even the kimchi, super bright pink lipstick they included. Why? Because, unlike the stain that Birchbox has sent me a thousand times, it actually looks pleasant and isn’t INYOURFACE.

    Thanks for alerting me that subs were open for Play, Liz! I was able to get one because of you. 🙂

    • I think the problem is the size of the samples, not the products themselves. This box was almost $11 for me, for $15 I can get bigger samples and some full size products in Petit Vour. I was only planning on getting one month of this sub, I signed up when I saw the spoilers for natural beauty products. I was very disappointed to see how small everything was compared to what I usually receive.

  8. I hate the fact I have to call to cancel. Why? So they can convince me that it’s worth $10.60 to get stuff I can get for free at Nordstrom beauty counters?! Huge waste of money, IMO.

  9. I got my May Sephora Play today along with the May Allure. I’m actually okay with the items in the Sephora play. The Bite Kimchi color is so bright it cracks me up. (And I thought the ultra vivid Bite Radish lippie promo from Sephora was… intense. I have been enlightened) I’ll tone down both Bite lippies with the Pixi Rose Naturelle lippie from this month’s Allure.
    Excited to try the Origins masks. Won’t lie, would be more excited if the mask samples were bigger. Love Tarte, so a win. Love sleep masks so another win. Think I will like the perfume. Only thing I won’t use is the hair mask, that will probably be swapped.

    All in all, happy with the box. Much better than May Birchbox where I think I’ll only use one of the items. :/ While there have been months I wasn’t wowed by Birchbox, May was the first month I was actually disappointed.

    • The hair mask is amazing so whomever gets it will be very happy my hair has been a wreck after a bleaching gone wrong. The perfume smells exactly like orange peels citrusy with the lightest touch of sweet really nice for summer.

      • I loved the hair mask too. My color treated hair feels so soft!

  10. The way they run this program is a complete joke to me. I was told I was off the wait list last month but it took me a few days to see it since I was out of the country. By the time I went to sign up, my spot was taken. I was annoyed, but figured it was a lesson learned. Fast forward to today. I check my email and happily see I am once again off the wait list. Woohoo! It had only been a little over an hour from when they emailed me so I clicked the link and imagine my surprise when, once again, ALL the spots were already filled!!!!! This was barely over an hour from the time they notified me. To me, waitlist means I should have an actual opportunity to join when it’s my turn. This is not a waitlist. It’s no different than a Black Friday sale where they open the floodgates and have 10,000 people trampling over each other to get those 3 half price tv’s. At least with Black Friday, you know the odds are against you and feel lucky if you score a deal. Play! By Sephora just tricks you into thinking you have a shot.
    Sephora: Hooray! You’re off the waitlist!
    Me: ? (Click.)
    Sephora: Just kidding! You’re back on the waitlist.
    Me: ?
    Sephora: Guess what! You’re off the waitlist again!
    Me: ? (Click.)
    Sephora: Just kidding again! Haha- you actually thought you had a chance?! Back on the waitlist you go!
    Me: ?
    It is 100% first come, first served, open to everybody at the same time. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if they marketed it like that instead of acting like I got some exclusive invite. Pretending it’s a waitlist is incredibly irritating. I’m a VIB Rouge and spend a good chunk of money at Sephora every year. Good job making your loyal customers feel bamboozled.

    • Oh my god the same thing happened to me! Last month I got an email saying I was off the wait list and then they say all the spots are full. I was really ticked and frustrated. Then same thing today I get an email saying I’m off the wait list again, so naturally I’m excited. I click on the the link and all the spots are filled again.why do they send these emails out saying spots open when there are enough for the people they send these emails too. And it’s pointless to email the customer service people because last time the just sent me this general paragraph of bs about Play! being new, they didn’t answer any of my questions or concerns. It’s so frustrating and I understand completely how you feel

      • I know!!! I emailed them about it and the response I got back was to “stay tuned to my emails.” Seriously???!!????! I cannot live on my phone every second of every day. I clicked on the link a little over an hour after they sent it. I honestly thought I had a chance. Don’t pretend we’re on some waitlist when clearly that means nothing. Just say it’s open season and good luck.

    • Lol you’re funny! Something weird happened to me when it said there was a spot opened..i was able to get in to checkout but an error occurred and never went through so I tried again and said all spots were full, so I couldn’t get in again, but then 30 min later I get an email saying you’re in welcome…lol…so I guess it went through, it was odd, but yay

    • Jenny & Jennifer – I felt so much better after reading your LOL take on this “insanity” of a Sephora Sample Waitlist! I have also received two, “Hooray – You are off the Sephora Play! waitlist” emails. Both times I have gone to Sephora’s page, only to receive the message that they were “SORRY – There are no spots.” Uh – Dear Sephora CEO, that is not the definition of a waitlist. But then again, after hearing so many disgruntled recipients, I may be one of the lucky ones. The CS rep told me that they are opening more spots in July – so sit tight! Meanwhile, she graciously thanked me for being understanding and placed 100 points in my account.

    • Hilariously horrible!

  11. After waiting forever on the waitlist, and it finally being opened up I thought they would have wowed us. Nope feel disappointed . ? maybe I have box overload.

    • Yeah I got a lot of repeats, but everything is way too tiny! And if you’re giving us perfume at least make it the cute deluxe size bottles!! I love collecting those

  12. No matter what Sephora had put in the May box, there was bound to be some disappointment after the carefully orchestrated frenzy Sephora managed to whip up over this box.
    Does anyone remember feeling a little let down as a kid after the loooong lead up to Christmas Day? This is simply the adult version, to a degree.
    Having said that, I don’t have the May box in my hot little hands yet but I’m seeing a little drop-off in value, at least.

  13. I shop in Sephora and was over the moon to be off the wait list but May box is very disappointing. Very small samples 🙁 it would be ok If only lipstick were in better color then hot pink… But as it is its not even worth $10 to me…

  14. I’m guessing that it will be some 2 in 1 items like a blush/lip creme. or an eye shadow stick… the brand MILK is huge on the minimalist look so i wouldn’t be surprised if we get an item by them

    maybe a highlighter or brightener too… I can’t wait to see it. I should be getting my may box today! its so worth the $10 no matter what anyone says… its free shipping and you get 50 bonus points.

    • This was my first month. How do you get 50 points? I got 10. I guess $1 for each $ spent on the box. I was disappointed, but with it just being the first month I’m sure it will get better 🙂

      • Inside the Play box you receive a card for an extra 50 points with any in store Sephora purchase.

  15. im still waiting on my may box !

    • I just got mine yesterday. They’re almost as bad as Glossybox when it comes to receiving late in the month! At least now my expectations are set. I really didn’t know what to expect prior to this month, since it’s my first box.

  16. I was very happy with the box this month. All the things Ive been wanting to try or am excited to try. While everything might not work 100%, I’m thrilled with the brands/variety included. Can’t wait for next month.

  17. I’m afraid I’ll love the general happiness and not be able to afford the full size ?

    • Hahaha!! ?

  18. Aahahaha. Your captions kill me!
    My May box was delivered today, whoopie!

  19. I have been an on and off Sephora junkie for years.
    I am blessed with a near by Sephora store where you can get a sample of anything for free so this box is not really for me. I am glad those of you with no store nearby or the time to go can get a taste of Sephora.
    If you haven’t ordered from the Sephora site I highly recommend it as their return policy can’t be beat. I have sensitive skin so I have had to return different skin care items and even though I used it I was given a refund.
    Good luck to those of you still waiting- hope you get one soon

    • Honestly, your comment struck a chord with me. My sister is a big Sephora shopper, and when I first signed up for Birchbox last year, I started telling her about it, thinking she’d be all about it. Her response was that she buys whatever she needs from Sephora, gets points for it, and then gets samples (plus bonus samples) for whatever she feels like trying that’s available. Plus if you go to the store, they give you samples and let you try stuff out, etc. Now after getting this box and reading your comment, I’m thinking she has a point. The one store in our area is downtown, so kind of a pain unless you already happen to be downtown (not really good for a planned trip), and there’s a kiosk in the JCPenney at the mall that’s not that far from my office. I don’t know how big those kiosks are, but I think what I need to do is just shop at Sephora, get samples, visit the store, etc., and only shop at Birchbox using points. Maybe I’ll wean myself off of Birchbox and only get Target and Amazon when they’re something I want.

      I’m a little saddened by the May box. Maybe it was the hype. I intend to give it at least one more month to see what the deal is, or at least until we have full June spoilers, before cancelling.

  20. So excited to try out my new psychic abilities! This is even better than the May Allure box. I can’t wait for June to get here!

    HA! In your face Allure!

  21. Liz, you have my cracking up at my desk! I love your choice of screenshots and interpretations! Psychic abilities and general happiness delivered directly to my door in a pretty box! LOVE IT!

    • 🙂 Happy to hear it!

  22. I’ve always wanted general happiness but I could never afford it. It will be great to have a sample to try. I hope it’s not a foil packet and enough for several uses.

    • lmao with ya on that!!!

    • I’ve always wanted general happiness but I could never afford it.

      ***long, slow, clap. Bravo!*** I am stealing your line.

  23. Glad I subscribed! Psychic abilities and general happiness will definitely be my best sub-box items to date! 😉

  24. Thank you Liz for your daft spin on Sephora’s vague, say-nothing video. I’m actually excited for the box you describe!

  25. I suppose I’m in the minority here, but I was really disappointed with the May box. The Tarte lipliner was tiny, and the Bite lipstick was way too bright. I can’t use the rose face mask because it contains oils that break me out. The mask primer and hair mask are ok, but I rarely use skin masks and I already have that hair mask. I don’t even count the perfume sample as an item, since it’s so small.

    I really hope next month is better.

    • I was disappointed also. I actually have been with all 3 boxes I have gotten so far. I like this better than birchbox tho recently. The birchbox samples just keep getting tinier and tinier and it’s always something with SPF.

    • this is my first month. do we always get these cute little bags? Mine just delivered so haven’t checked it all out yet.

      • This is the first month for the little bags 🙂

    • I’m in the minority, right along with you. This was my first month receiving the Play pouch/box. Not too thrilled.

    • This was my first month and I have to say after all of the build up (waitlist), I opened the box and was really disappointed. The bag was cute but the samples for the most part are tiny. My favorite item was the perfume sample. ☹️ I have grumbled a lot about Ipsy but this was a real letdown. Now I know what those poor guys that get catfished feel like.

    • I just got my box today and I’m not impressed. This box better get awesome real soon. IMO it wasn’t worth the $10. The bite lippie is unwearable, the tarte sample was tiny and 2 foil packettes?!

    • I will join this minority in sharing my general disappointment in the product sizes included. The Tarte liner is a nice shade but impossible to apply. It’s so thin and dry it just breaks off and crumbles whenever I touch it to my lips. The Bite lipstick is a really nice formula so while I also don’t care for the neon pink highlighter shade (because who doesn’t want to look like they sucked face with an office product) they chose to send, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to test the formula so I know whether it’s worth buying in another shade. Everything else looked and felt like free samples you get with any order. Considering I’ve actually gotten the Briogeo mask as a freebie in a recent order I can say for certain that’s a no-go for me in terms of legit sub value. This was also my first month. It’s not living up to the hype. At. All.

      • Bwahaha “sucked face with an office product.” That was awesome. 😀

  26. Rooting for psychic abilities!! Woooo!!!

    General happiness would also be acceptable.

  27. I got my box yesterday which is actually now a bag inside of the shipping box. I like the bag better because it doesn’t have the packaging material inside. The tarte lip liner is very dry and broke off when I applied it the first time. The lipstick is bright, hot pink. Not my thing but it is very moisturizing. I’d like to try a neutral color from them. I wish that they wouldn’t have done two lip products and two skincare products for the face. I do like that I get to try brands and products that I haven’t received in other subscriptions.

  28. Ugh I’m seeing bronzer and highlighter in the box. Exactly the products I don’t use or want ever, but get in nearly every box. This month is my first month for the box, I haven’t received it yet, but got my shipping notice! Next month’s looks very disappointing for me if it’s a bronzer, highlighter and perfume.

    • I agree it looks like bronzer and highlighter. I will be VERY disappointed with Sephora if they send me a bronzer. That is almost as bad as getting self tanner in a sub box.

  29. I received my first box yesterday and I’m so excited! The lipstick is amazing – a super fun pink. I love origins masks as well. The quality, sizing, brands, and presentation are a total win. I cancelled my birchbox subscription to switch to this and I’m so so glad I did. Birchbox quality has been abysmal and I either get repeat samples or super tiny ones from brands I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I never thought I would walk away from Birchbox but Sephora came in with a same price but better box to take me away.

  30. They made a lot of changes in the packaging and point redeeming since the April box. I might just cancel.

    • What changes were made to the pint redeeming?

      I’m thinking I might cancel this box as well. I do the Sephora Flash shipping ($10 for one year of free 2 day shipping). With Flash, I can order what I want from Sephora and try their value sets – and then I can choose 3 samples to add on to my package and can usually take advantage of a promo code for a deluxe mini as well.

      Not sure I see the value in continuing this sub.

      • Point redeeming… Not pint redeeming. ?

        • Hey, redeeming for a pint doesn’t sound half bad…

          • LOL! could make the in store Play! session much more fun!

      • I agree completely. The box seemed a lot like the free samples with purchase — the main differences being that they’re free AND I can choose them.

        I am just underwhelmed. The value isn’t there for me. I cancelled today.

  31. I would like to receive my May box in the mail before they start advertising for the June box.

    • I know right?

    • Totally agree.. I cancelled Ipsy to go with Sephora play so far not that impressed!

    • Preach. I just got a shipping notice yesterday though, so hopefully it will be soon. I have Ipsy, Allure, and now Play and one of them has to go after June. I was thinking of dropping Ipsy and now I don’t know…

  32. May unboxing video is up on Sephora website. We will get 2 foil sample Origins masks along with the primer. The Bite Beauty pink lipstick doesn’t look as horrifying as I thought. This is my first box and I am excited. I hope it arrives before the Memorial Day weekend so that I can give the lipstick to my mom who can rock the pink!

    • That pink tho. Glad to hear it might not be completely awful.

    • I received my box Monday. The lipstick is pretty pink…like hot pink! I haven’t tried it on yet, but I don’t think I will be able to pull it off. Maybe some neutral lip gloss on top will help it…lol

      • For lipstick colors you aren’t loving, try putting highlighter (stick or powder) on top of it. It totally tones it down. Also, I LOVE Unicorn Tears from Too Faced. It is a game changer with unwearable lipstick colors. GAME. CHANGER.

        • OMG – Unicorn Tears! I love it so much I bought a second the day after buying my first.
          It looks WONDERFUL over any lip product. I’m fair, cool-toned so I can wear it alone too. That stuff truly stays on through meals and lip-licking.

        • Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into that!

        • I was about to say the same. You can also try to lower the volume on a bright pink by mixing with a brown pencil underneath. I use both for the Laura Mercier lipstick that came in the Sephora Favorites pinks box.

      • I actually put the NARS rikuigen pencil from last month over the Bite Hot pink stuff (also blotted the Bite) and it toned it down A LOT. I ended up with a nice springy – but not insane pink.

  33. I am bummed that you have to call to cancel this sub. I just didn’t think the value was there. Hope this opens up a spot for some here 🙂

    • For stuff I have to call and cancel, I’ll usually e-mail general help and ask how to cancel in writing because I like written records. It hasn’t failed me yet.

      • That’s a good tip. Thanks!

  34. Well, it’s five items plus a perfume sample, so I figured that a perfume would be in there. Maybe the perfume has something to do with unconditional happiness 😉

    Maybe the blush or powder product isn’t a product but a brush. I know other boxes include brushes (ipsy, and I have one from Glossybox), but I don’t know if Sephora is a no-brush box or not.

  35. I would love to see a BB cream, gel blush, nupe lippie/gloss. I’m thinking the minimalist theme fits in with a summer makeup theme. I wonder if the skincare item is a moisturizer with SPF or post-sun treatment?

  36. Minimalist? I get the feeling this box will just be empty.

    • Lol

  37. Aw I guess they remembered not to accidentally(?) show the product card in the video this time.

    I think I will like this one – I’m all about minimal makeup looks

  38. Psychic abilities AND happiness?!? Sounds like the box for me! Only @ Sephora 🙂

  39. I wish they’d switch up the makeup artists in those videos. They are pretty patronizing and annoying. 🙂

    • I don’t even want to have to watch a video, especially when it apparently provides no real informaion! Thanks to MSA for providing the screenshots–and the commentary. 🙂

      • Yep lol! Works for me 🙂

      • Agreed. Much prefer the screen shots and Liz’s humorous commentary.

    • Yes! and what is even the point of this video? It is only saved by Liz’s witty commentary.

      I have a bit of FOMO and that is the only weak thread that is keeping me hanging onto this sub. Their promo video certainly does not make me excited for June!

  40. Hilarious interpretation – “general happiness” 😀 LOVE IT.

    • 🙂 hehe thanks!

  41. Less not more! LOL I don’t want sheer stuff on my cheeks. I honestly enjoy a box that has at least one makeup item that I can wear and notice. I haven’t received my May box yet, but it seems like it’s my kind of box.

    • I agree, I love bright, colorful blushes. I don’t want anymore bronzers or “nude” products.

      • Totally agree!

  42. Mine says I’m getting: ???

    Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask

    KORRES Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

    Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

    Tarte Tarteist™ Lip Crayon
    COLOR: Latergram

    Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche LipsticK
    COLOR: Kimchi

    Origins Maskimizer™ Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer

    I am beyond excited!!! The wait was sooo well worth it!! ???

    • Exact same items mine says, should be here any day now. Kinda ‘meh’ on it so far, lots of masks and would have liked more variety there but looking forward to the Bite lippie, even if the shade might be OTT for me, and Tarte liner. Have to give it another month or two, see how it compares to the other beauty boxes I get (just re-joined Ipsy, have had Julep for a couple years now, and 2nd month of Lip Monthly, which was great this month IMO) and this one. We’ll see!

      • Same here. I dropped my second Birchbox sub for this, and I just got that same Briogeo product. It was very “meh” to me. I’m going to give this a couple of months to see if it’s worthwhile. If not, I’ll drop it. I’m content with one Birchbox sub and will let Glossybox run out in October. With all the added boxes that I can buy, namely Target and Amazon, I shouldn’t feel like I’m missing out if the only monthly recurring box I have is Birchbox. Plus I am kind of on product overload right now. Honestly, I need to go through what I have and do a rough inventory and clean-out. I have to remember that it’s OK not to love everything you get!

      • If you want to see photos, I got mine yesterday and posted it on Instagram under #sephoraplay

  43. This will be my 1st month with Play! Im so excited!! ? I really hope it’s a great subscription! & that the whole wait was worth it! ?

  44. Has anyone been able to get off the waitlist in early/mid-May? Just wondering if anyone had luck after the April’s big open-door was over.

    I signed up just last week, but it said that I’m put on waitlist and no news since then. I know people have been waiting a lot longer than that, and finally got a big wave in April.

    • Not me – waitlisted in January, still waitlisted today. I am becoming disinterested in giving Sephora my money, at this point. I am sure I can find someone else to take it for me.

      • I could have sworn it was completely open to all now. Have you tried again recently?

        • I’ve tried once a week for the past few weeks (through mobile & desktop), and I’ve been waitlisted every time.

        • it was completely open (regardless of who’s on waitlist alreday) for all to sign up in late April. so a huge flux of people signed up then.
          I think they closed it again after that 🙁

          • Yep, think you’re right. I have tried every possible way, other than standing on my head, to get off the list on practically a weekly basis. No dice.

            To be honest, seeing some of the comments leaning towards their samples being teeny like BB, I am sort of over it at this point.

    • I emailed them, and they said there are no more spots for the June box. Guess that means no openings until June if not later?

    • I just got the email to get off their waitlist today, so it could still happen? However, after reading the sneak peak I’m not sure I want it anymore…

      • When did you sign up?

        • I originally got on the waitlist a few weeks before the opened it in April. I had no success joining during the time the waitlist was open in April, but I guess I was still on the waitlist to get that email today. And I had no trouble joining up today at all.

  45. When I go under my Play! account at Sephora, I have the following products listed:

    Briogeo Don’t Depair, Repair conditioning mask
    Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C sleeping facial
    Atelier Cologne Orange Saguine
    Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon
    Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick
    Origins Maskimizer mask primer

    Not bad for my first box!

    • Does everyone get the same items? This will be my first month.

      • Yes, everyone gets the same thing.

  46. There’s a fragrance as a “bonus” 6th item in every box, isn’t there?

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind the psychic abilities. They would come in handy when deciding which boxes/subs to grab and which to pass on, especially those that aren’t too forthcoming with the spoilers…;)

  47. Really hoping that psychic ability thing turns out to be accurate.
    Fingers crossed.

  48. Yessssssssss! I’ve always wanted psychic abilities. Thanks Sephora!

    • IKR – It’s like they read my mind! BEST. SUBSCRIPTION. BOX. eVeR!!!! 🙂

      Now I know why the waiting list took so long! lol 🙂

      • If they’ve got psychic abilities to give out, I guess they really did read your mind! 😀

  49. This sounds fun! I’m hoping for a nude lipstick or gloss with this theme.

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