Play! By Sephora June 2016 Subscription Box FULL SPOILERS

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the June 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box! The theme is The Minimalists.

Each box will include:


What do you think of the June 2016 Play! By Sephora box full spoilers?

The sample sizes look good and the brands look great! I’m most excited to try the BareMinerals and Becca products, but really I can’t wait to get my hands on everything in this box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am loving EVERYTHING but the hair product! But I am sure that I can easily trade that or give it to someone! Definately looks better then May’s box! 🙂 Excited for it now!

  2. Looks better than Mays. I’ll wait. Not going to resubcribe yet.

  3. I love that there are so many others who don’t blow dry their hair! I use the Bumble EVERY day and I adore it!! I will save this cute mini for travel since I buy the large tube on the regular. 😉 It’s very helpful to watch the videos on the Bumble site. You don’t just put it in your hair and go, you need to put it in and then play with your hair some. I put it in and then when I’m in the car on the way to work I use my hands to tousle my hair. When I get there I put in some dry shampoo to perk up my volume (fine, thin hair here). I can’t go without it! <3

    • Hey, thanks for the tips! I haven’t tried either yet, but I’m into air drying now and have fine, wavy hair. I’ve been using a little bit of curl cream or light leave-in and then topping with a wave spray, but I’ll eventually try this!

    • Thanks for the tips! I am excited for the Bumble & Bumble! I rarely dry my hair.

    • I have the worst hair as far as volume goes. It’s super soft and shiny and that’s all well and good, but it’s SO soft and fine, it’s just limp as hell. I started using dry shampoo on damp hair…and it changed my life. Holy crap. I have a bob, and when I spray the dry shampoo on it while damp, it gets huge and has such amazing texture and it STAYS. I don’t need gel or hair spray or anything and it lasts more than 24 hours for me. I just scrunch it and creates waves and gives it all kinds of crazy pieces going every which way. It’s just incredible.

      • I am SO glad I just read your comment… I’m going to try everything you suggested and hope for somewhat volumized hair… I’m not asking for a lot! Just to figure out a way to keep my hair from falling so flat all day without an ungodly amount of product (and even then, it sometimes doesn’t work.) Thank you so much!!

      • Wow! Please, I beg of you! What dry shampoo do you use?? MUST try! I have shoulder length hair now and was just perusing the web this am to find a cute bob cut! 😀

    • Hi do u know if u can use it on remey hair extensions?

  4. OMG this sucks 🙁
    I wish there was a way for me to swap without having to take a day off work to go to the post office… It seems like I have products that other people love just lying around in my “unwanted drawer” and it would have been nice to swap them for something I could actually use. I cancelled BB once I got off the waitlist but from the looks of it, I will be cancelling this one too.

    • You can print shipping labels at home and mail at your convenience

      • PayPal has a great system for printing USPS labels (and cheaper than at the Post Office). You can send it out in any mail box. You can also arrange for a pick up from your office, etc. or put in your office’s out-going mail.

    • I usually set up a “free” pickup after I print my labels at home. You can specify where you will leave the package and it is free as long as its done as part of your regular mail delivery. I may be hesitant to do this with higher dollar amount swaps but for the smaller items it has worked really well for me.

  5. This will be my second box and I’m already IN LOVE with Play! by Sephora 🙂

  6. I would consider this the perfect summer beauty box; bronzer, sunscreen and lit from within glow! That Becca Primer ads such a nice, natural glow without being shimmery. Now, if it controlled oil it would be the perfect primer.

  7. This box looks amazing! I can’t wait to try everything. It seems like I will be able to achieve a perfect sunkissed look with sunscreen protection underneath. The Tarte lip pencil from May will work well with the Petit Vour gloss I received and should complete the look. I can’t even remember the last time I used a blow dryer so I am super pumped about the bumble and bumble product. And now I try to contain my excitement for a month!!!!!;)

  8. I complained last month about 2 lip products but I’m good with all of it this month. Even the lip product doesn’t look so bad to me. I should be protecting my lips too I guess.

    But nobody ever answered my question… Most comments on here seem to be from new subscribers, but I wanted to know from someone who had it months before the rush. Has this always been the consistency or did they really cut it back with all the new subscribers?

    • oh my bad, not a lip product.

    • I’ve received every box so far and they are like other sub boxes to me, some months are amazing, others just ok. I didn’t even care for the very first box, I think I only used 2 items out of it. Just like I love June, but May was not a favorite. It seemed like for a while they were constantly giving us eyeliners, but I’m happy we haven’t received them in the last few months. I know people like to compare this to Birchbox. I paid the same for both boxes and had canceled Birchbox before Sephora announced theirs. For the same price I’m getting the same sample sizes and I don’t expect anything bigger. If Birchbox box sent out bigger samples I never received any, nor did I receive makeup sponges, Sunday Riley and other high end brands. I kept getting hair and perfume samples more than anything else, so for me I love the Play box. The big negative though is that they don’t let you use the 50 point card online, I don’t always what to go to the store, and they drastically shortened the time you have to use it. I think you should read reviews starting with the September box to see if you think you would like to keep it.

      • I agree about the points card. I live two hours from the nearest Sephora, so it’s rare that I actually get to go to the store. I really wish they’d allow us to use them online.

      • I canceled BB too I was constant disappointed but to me without a doubt….after 3 years of beauty boxes…. I can tell you with absolute clarity that IPsy is in-freakin-believable for $10. I got a 25$ bromzer last month. $18 highlighter both full sizes! And the other 3 were amazing as well I can’t rememember. I don’t know how IPsy does it but I freaking adore IPsy! IPsy and boxycharm are my two favorites!!:)

      • I agree with you 100% about going back to September and looking at what was sent in each box. That’s how I determined whether I should sign up for the wait list or not. I’m a nerd and I make a list of which products I would’ve used, given away, etc. and I base my decision off of that. Sometimes, it seems like people don’t research the boxes and look at the spoilers only for the month that they would be subscribing, and that could lead to disappointment for the months to come.
        (Side note: that’s also how I decided to unsub from Ipsy. I looked back at what I got and whether I actually used it or not, and I think I was giving away over half the the items that I received.)

        • I love it! Another geek – I made myself an Excel spreadsheet showing the number of items sent per month, # of items I used, % used per month, % used over lifetime of sub, etc – and I also list monthly price – and use all this together to determine if a sub is giving me better value over others and if I want to keep. I just struggle to make a decision that’s not based on data. 🙂

          • I love this comment! I’m not really a nerd – I didn’t do the spreadsheet, but would quite like to use the resource. If there was an app for that, I would download it. ?

      • Oh, they don’t? Can you use it at a Sephora counter in JCPenney? I have one of those not far from my office, but the Sephora store is downtown. I have very little reason to go downtown (and very little opportunity sans children and/or husband except to be in court, then I’ve got to head back to the office), so I’d be going downtown just for Sephora. After paying for parking, etc., no, ma’am. But the counter I could do. For the sake of people who have no stores/counters nearby, they should allow online use,

  9. For 10 dollars its quite the bargain. I have not had to to buys cleanser , mascara , and perfume is such a long time. I love the packaging . Always excited to try new things so regardless of the size Sephora has my vote !!!!

  10. I looked up each item and the reviews and it got me really excited about this month. I have heard of almost all the brands and have only tried the mascara. Very happy to have cancelled Birchbox for this.

  11. I am really excited for the Becca primer and the bare minerals bronzer. The bronzer get awesome reviews! I am half tempted to buy it before I even get the sample! I truly have no patience LOL I didn’t like last month box at all. At least I am excited for those two items to try out. I can always use another small for real mascara to throw in my bag. Fragrance samples are a joke! I already have the bumble and bumble large size which by the way it works awesome if you have wavy or curly hair!

    • I have curly hair that I normally straighten but I’m excited to see what it does for my curly hair on days I don’t want to straighten it in the summer. Thanks for your post ! I was wondering how it was for curly hair.

  12. I wish they shipped this box to Hawaii 🙁

  13. I never use bronzer, but other than that I like what’s in this box.

  14. Yep glad I left while these are all fantastic items none of them are my tastes. I dreaded reading this thinking I would regret canceling after one month but I’m good with it.

  15. It all looks good to me! Last month was my first and I was disappointed but I’m glad I waited.

    • Same here. I’ll be keeping it another month apparently! I have a ton of They’re Real but I love it so that’s ok

  16. The Becca primer intrigues me. I love their skin perfector highlighters, so I do trust Becca when it comes to that category. Plus, I’ve never tried an illuminating primer and have really wanted to. The BareMinerals product isn’t AS new to me. I have a Temptu liquid bronzer that I’ve been using on and off and kinda like now that I know how to use it. If this formula is similar, I’ll like it. The Temptu bronzer is more of a sheer shimmer, which I like, and it works well on my fair skin. Since I air dry my hair, of course the B&B product is worth me looking at. It’s weird because I don’t normally get a lot of hair samples I can use, and Sephora is so far really hitting it out of the park. I can always use sunscreen, of course, so the Tarte will be used. That leaves the mascara which, while not exciting, will be used. The only issue I have with mascara is that I already have quite a few backups, so I either need to give some away or start tossing them every month instead of every two months.

    • Wow! I was reading your post and thought that I wrote it. My thoughts and habits exactly!))

    • Hey there fair skinned lady …how do you use the bronzer. t zone, a 3, etc. I always look terrible with it on but I want to try this one

  17. Summer boxes are not my favorite lol it’s bronzers, self tanners, sunscreen, chapsticks. So far this box isn’t a favorite, but I’m going to hang in there because I love Sephora! The perfume part sorta put me off because My sinuses can’t handle it, so I never wear any. The perfume automatically goes to the donate pile for our local shelter. I will say I’ve dropped a full sack of shampoos, washes, soaps and various other travel items off there. So maybe it’s still a win, if we look at the bright side!lol

  18. I have the Benefit Mascara and I do like it,so that’s a good thing. The other products I haven’t tried yet so I’m looking forward to all of them. I do wish as others have said, that they would include at least one larger sized product in the box, instead of all tiny little sample sized products. That’s becoming a turn-off to me. Again, as others have said, those are GWP at stores like Ulta, yet here we are paying for them? Who’s the fool here? Sephora needs to step up their game and compare to other sub boxes.

    • True they are like gift with purchase items, but if you think of it as “I’d have to spend $40 (or whatever) 5 times to get 5 gifts with purchase”, I’m happy to pay $10 including shipping to get them instead. Sometimes the GWP are a burden because I’m right under the amount and have to spend more than I wanted to to get the little sample – so this works better for me.

      • I agree, I’d rather pay $10 to get a box with 5 deluxe samples to try rather than spend $500 to get 500 points to redeem for 5 deluxe samples at Sephora or wait until Ulta has a good beauty break or a promo with a bag of samples and then spend $50 or $60 to get them.

        • This is an excellent point. I totally agree!

          • I agree they are so busy every time i walk in the store i rather get my samples in a little surprise bag in my mail box !!!!!

        • Exactly! I don’t understand the comments talking about these being gift with purchase items as though that’s a negative. To me, it’s a positive, because the only purchase required is $10. I guess everyone has a different way of looking at things but it’s so odd to me. Anyway, I’m excited for this box. The mascara is a long-time favorite, and everything else is new to me and looks perfect for summer.

      • I agree, plus 95% of the time Ulta for example, runs out of the freebie/GWP/sample I wanted with whatever I’m buying or just runs out in general.

    • I got that exact mascara free with a small regular purchase with a coupon they emailed me. Which they (ulta) seem to do a decent amount. It’s ANY purchase which I like cause I can get something I’ve needed to restock and get a free trial of something new.

  19. Still on the wait list 🙁

    • Me too, I’ve just about givin up that I will ever be off of the wait list.

      • I thought it went national already. Have you tried visiting the site again recently?

        • Not national. Still over 2,000 people on the wait list. They take you off based on your proximity to their pilot stores for the Play Dates.

  20. I really wish the box had more travel-size or deluxe sized items.

    • I do too but oh well, maybe one day. I would happily sacrifice the fragrance sample for a larger size of any one of these items. I know its already an extra but its still one I won’t use between hubby’s allergies and my own so its a waste until/unless I can get on a swap list (& assuming anyone else wants them!)
      I see more negatives regarding fragrances in sub boxes than people who like them so it kind of surprises me they are adding one to EVERY box. But, since you can’t choose what you get it won’t rival Scentbird anytime soon I guess!

  21. Love this one! I have not tried anything here & I think it will all be perfect for my summer by the pool 🙂 I really hope that the air dry hair product works for me because that is something I could really use in my life! I liked last month’s box also and I have been using the pink lipstick as blush & it looks great!

    • The KimChi lipstick from last month? Thats a great idea if its not too greasy because that color on my lips was a serious scare factor lol!

      • I agree that most of this should be good for summer by the pool! I need a new sunscreen so that works (& what a cute reusable bottle!) never tried the B&B but don’t blowdry so looking forward to that, the Becca I’ve wanted to try also, and will probably actually use the serum bronzer, if nothing else maybe it could darken up my winter foundations for summer use, bonus!

  22. This is kind of a “meh” box for me. Will not use the bronzer. Have about a dozen of those mascara samples. Will probably at least try everything else, though. Not enough to make me want to quit, but just not very exciting.

  23. Love this box! Why are there so many complaints? Everyone complained about getting 2 lip products last month, this month we get a hair product and a few summery items and people complain about that too? I think some people will never be pleased 🙂

    • Perhaps some are disappointed because they were on the wait list for a year and now that they are eligible, the boxes they’re sending are worse than the worst ipsy or Birchbox they’ve ever received and they’re paying the same price (plus tax!) for Sephora that they are paying for ipsy and BB.

      • And by a year, I mean since August 2015. LOL. Seemed like a year on the waitlist!

        • I was on the waitlist since last November. It was a really looong wait but I am looking forward to this box. Play seems to be samples of brands Sephora is currently promoting, which happen to be ones I like or have wanted to try.

      • I had to pay tax on my Birchbox, so I wasn’t surprised to have to do it for Sephora. I prefer this box because we all receive the same items and I never received what you would call the “high end” brands in Birchbox. They kept sending me hair products like blow out spray and wave spray even though that didn’t mention my profile. Not every month with Sephora has been a hit with me, but that’s the way it is with all sub boxes. For the same price I’m getting the same size samples as Birchbox, but what I consider better variety and quality.

        • Totally agree, thats the same exact situation for me too. I admit I was Meh last month but much more excited about this month.

    • It must be different people complaining from month to month. I was one of them last month (I don’t use lip stuff because of an allergy) but this month I’m all yay and happy;)

  24. I’ve been wait-listed for two months now. I feel so excluded!

    • I have been wait-listed since January! I received an invite about two weeks ago but by the time I got home from work and signed in, the spots were full! The invite does not guarantee a spot.

  25. Ugh, torn about cancelling because I know once I do, they’ll pull an Allure and put out a great box that I wish I was getting. I love the Bumble and Bumble brand but their samples are TEENY TINY. I can’t stand that Benefit mascara and I have SO MUCH of it. Another boring sunscreen, another primer (although I am very interested in trying the Becca brand). The only thing I’m mildly excited about is the bareminerals. Ho hum.

    • They have a great marketing ploy going…they made their box an exclusive and wanted box. I didn’t really like last month’s box (that bright pink lipstick is NOT a color that works for most) and I don’t really like this month’s box, but I’m not ready to cancel yet bacuse I know how hard it is to get. I’m also annoyed that they don’t do what Allure does (a great box!!) which is allow you to put your box on “hold.”

      • You’re right, Sarah. After looking at all of their previous boxes, I think I got wrapped up in the exclusivity of the box because none of the boxes were great. February was probably the only one I would’ve really liked. So, I think I’m okay with cancelling this box. I still have good ol’ Allure/Birchbox/ipsy and ipsy is on it’s way out too, I think.

  26. This month does not seem that great. I’ve gotten, if not all, most of these products free (all in one purchase) from Ulta. Starting to love Ulta a lot more now lol

    • I will say, though, that the mascara is one of my favorites, but I would rather try newer things at this point.

    • Candace, did you see the 11-piece lip color set Ulta had on Tuesday?? I snatched that right up. Can’t wait to get it. Ulta has been great about cool gifts with purchase.

      • Corinne, I agree! They have great free sample bags at different times of the week/day. I got a BareMinerals sample bag with the sample that is being included in this month’s Play! but with 4 or 5 other great samples – enough to make up its own sample box- for free(!) with any purchase off their site over $25 (I think). That was about 2 months ago.

        It’s so much better than collecting points to spend at Sephora. With Ulta, I received a free bag of samples worth 400+ points of Sephora’s system. I have almost 500 points right now with Sephora, but I know I can get more at Ulta.

  27. Wow, this box is great! I will keep all of it. Most excited to try that bumble and bumble hair product. That mascara is my favorite, I’ve never had to buy it myself because of subs.

  28. I’m happy with this. I do wish it was the Benefit primer or one of their new brow products since most people who are into sub boxes have probably tried and have multiple backups of They’re Real mascara. However, I think this is a nice mix of skincare, hair products, and makeup, and the type of products really suit this time of year.

  29. This will be my 2nd box and I’m not really excited for this one either. I really hate getting bronzer/sun tan products in sub boxes because I have a dark complexion and don’t use or need those types of products. I end up tossing the product, then I end up feeling cheated. I am very interested in the Tarteguard though. Also, I love Becca products and since I air dry my hair, that Bumble & Bumble styler might work for me. I’m gonna stick with this sub for one more box before I decide whether to keep it or cancel.

    • This will be my 2nd box too, very unexciting for Sephora. I thought the past boxes looked awesome, but since I’ve been off the waitlist, these two boxes have been fairly disappointing for me. I’ve already had most of these samples, nothing new. Plus I hate getting bronzer in boxes.

      • I’m kinda disappointed also. 2nd box for me too and it seems like they have been so much better, before they opened up more spots. That’s the most disappointing part. I can only imagine what subscribers, who have had it longer feel, since its not been as great these last 2 boxes.

    • You should try swapping it for something else through the swap page on MSA! It does stink getting something you can’t/won’t use, but at least maybe you’ll be able to swap it for something you’ve really been wanting to try!

      • Problem with that is there’s a wait list to get on the swap list, so that’s a no-go for most of us who are on that list. How long of a wait is it, anyway? Not complaining just curious 🙂

        • Usually about 3 weeks 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly!
      It’s my second box and both were Meh. I remember seeing the one with the clinique in it (I think it was April?) and coveting it soooo bad. But these two are just boring and the only thing i was excited about last month was the lip liner (which was so tiny it’s almost invisible haha) with this box Im not excited about none of the products! I dont use bronzers, I do not like B&B because none of their products that I have tried so far worked for me (and Birchbox seemed to send me one every box!) and I have so many primers for the last year of sub boxes I could open a store! ( I dont use any) and what can I say about mascara? I could open a costco of mascara by now! If next month is not better, I am cancelling. And from the look of it, I will not be renewing my glossy either 🙁

  30. Im excited about this box! I mostly tend too air dry my hair so we”ll see how good the bumble and bumble product works. Everything here is something i will use and there is finally a fragrance that I’m excited to actually try.

  31. Ok, I’m super excited about this box. Most of the products are new to me except the mascara. Now, I can’t wait. I know a lot of people didn’t like the products this last month. While it wasn’t my fave, I still enjoyed trying them.

  32. I love that they are continuing the little bags they are so cute!!! I feel like that adds a little something extra special to the subscription!

  33. I am so excited for this box I have been wanting to try the becca primer for awhile and I already love the mascara. The other samples are new to me and look fun to try.

  34. Cannot wait to get it! May was just ok, but I need everything in this one. Bring on Summer!

  35. For me it’s a bummer again… hmm. I will stay subscribed and wait for better boxes in future. I think boxes were great before they opened to everyone.

  36. Dang it. I just placed an order and got the tarte SPF as a bonus deluxe.
    Hope I love it!

  37. I for one thinks this box looks great! I’ve been a subscriber since day one and have enjoyed the boxes very much! I had been wanting to try that Bumble and Bumble Don’t blow it for so long and I finally just caved and used my BB points to buy it! Oh well it’s a very versatile product even if you dont air dry your hair so I’m excited to have a mini!!
    I think the only thing I’m not excited about is the benefit mascara – am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t like it?!
    The bare minerals product looks most interesting to me!
    Thank you for posting the spoiler, I have no patience to wait!!

    • I am right there with you on the mascara. I think it’s just okay and it puts way too much product on my lashes. Somehow though, I have literally like 6 deluxe samples of it…this will make 7 : (

      • I feel like mascara is not the best to send out in a box since it’s a very personal product. Now saying that, They’re Real! is my favorite mascara, so I’m happy with it, but I kinda wish it would’ve been the lash primer since I haven’t been able to test it out. If I knew more about swapping, I’d totally take the samples off your hands!

        • It stabs me in the eye every single time the bristles are crazy I got a sample will not be buying the full size I’m right there with you!

          • That mascara stabs me in the eye constantly too! Don’t understand how people love it!

        • I’m the same with swapping. Don’t really know all of the details on how to do it and I really should since I have probably a hundred untouched samples that I don’t care for…I normally end up giving them away to friends/family.

    • No. A lot of people hate that mascara. I love it because it makes me look like I’m wearing falsies but was a little freaked out by how much effort it took to remove it at the end of the day.

  38. Love this box. I will use everything in it.

  39. Thanks for posting this. I will be cancelling as soon as I can get them on the phone. I was really excited to get off the wait list but I haven’t used any of the products from the May box and there is nothing I want to try in this box. I was going to give it a 3 month trial but at this point I think for me it’s a waste of money.

  40. Haven’t used any of these products except for the Florence perfume. Swear I have like 10 vials of the stuff from other boxes. Like it better than this months.

  41. This is a great box, I love bronzers and we all know the mascara is awesome. Whoot whoot, can’t wait to get my box ?

  42. At first I wasn’t excited about this box till I saw the video. I air dry my hair so a bit excited to try the Bumble & Bumble air dry styler. I never use bronzer but can use to mix with my mineral sunblocks to counter the “white face”. I’ve been wanting to try the Tarte SPF and when that’s gone, I’ll clean the container and refill with some serums that are in dropper bottles (so inconvenient!). Would be perfect since it’s a pump dispenser and opaque.
    Tocca is love! Also adore Benefit and mini mascaras are the best! Perfect size to use a few months and toss. The Becca primer looks interesting.

  43. I use every product in this box except for the hair stuff and the bronzer on a daily basis. Florence perfume is my absolute favorite Don’t really use bronzer, but I would be so excited to try the bumble hair stuff, cause I never blow dry my hair so very few products work in it.

  44. I’m kinda bummed with this box. Seems all subs give it every summer is bronzer, sunscreen, and something for the hair (blow out, dry shampoo, salt spray etc). I don’t use bronzer or any of those hair things. I should be using a sunscreen but I avoid the sun like the plague. Between everything else we put on our faces (primer, foundation, concealer, powder, not to mention the layers of skin care) it’s no wonder we end up with skin issues. I’m fine with the brands, it’s the type of product I have an issue with. Was thrilled to be off the wait list but if it doesn’t get better, adios Sephora.

  45. I had high hopes for this subscription, so it figures that I think this subscription sucks. I thought the products would be bigger…not necessarily full size, but at least bigger than birchbox!!!! I’ll wait a few months and see if it gets better, if not see you never sephora play lol

  46. I was excited about a few items but after watching the video I can actually say I’m going to love everything! Love the theme this month-minimalist all the way 🙂

  47. I love that mascara and I’m very interested in trying the priming filter and the Tarte sunblock.

  48. Never tried any of these products, definitely looking forward to it!

  49. Wow. I never thought I’d be the hard to please one, but I will have zero use for anything in this months box. 🙁

    This is a huge bummer as last month was my first one after being waitlisted forever and i used I think one item.

    I am sadly underwhelmed. Is this the average box? I mean, is this what I can expect going forward? Not sure if I should keep this sub or give it time……

    • I’ve tried/own four things in this box. I’m still excited about the Becca primer but I wish there were more things I haven’t tried. Oh well, I really liked last months box. I think it is worth it to keep the sub. 10$ is really good and the wait list took forever!

    • I’m thinking about cancelling, as well. I think Birchbox and ipsy are 10x’s better and have much better perks. I hated my last bo and this one looks just as blah.

  50. This box feels like it was made for me! I don’t usually like hair style products but I’ll use this one. Awesome choices and all great brands. Excited for the tarte and becca product most, but I will use everything in this box.

    • Yay! Glad to hear you’re excited about this box too! 🙂

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