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Julep Maven Review & Free Box Coupon Code – May 2016

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Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish and beauty subscription box. They make all their own products, so subscribers get a good value each month – over $40 retail worth of product for $24.99 a month.

And, if you sign up for 3-months up front, you get the $19.99 rate.

Each month Julep releases a new collection on the 20th, and you can decide which box you want, you can upgrade to the entire collection, or you can skip that month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Julep Maven

The Cost: $24.99 a month ($19.99 a month with a 3-month subscription)

COUPONthis link to get a free box when you sign up for a 3-month subscription!

Limited Time Deal (ends tonight!): Get this free box offer for June

The Products: Nail polish plus beauty items.

Ships to: US and Canada

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Recently there have been some questions about how customizing your Julep box works and choices available, etc. So I want to take a minute to show you the choices I had available when making my May subscription box selections.

When you subscribe to Julep, they ask you some brief questions to see what you like. That quiz resulted in Julep’s determination that I fall into the Classic with a Twist category. (I agree.)


So what that means is that the Classic with a Twist box becomes my default each month. I can choose to go with a different box combination entirely if I want to or swap out items in any of the boxes.

Here were the other box combinations based on other Julep profiles:




Nail wraps are not regularly found in Julep boxes. Perhaps Julep is branching out.


Also, there are choices if you don’t want any nail polish.


If you love all the nail colors, you can upgrade your box. Depending on how many colors you want, this may be more economical than choosing several individual color add-ons.


Or if you love all the colors and the new beauty item, you can go for The Whole Shebang. The upgrades are a way to get a great price on everything if you love it all.

This month I decided I liked the Bombshell Box better than Classic with a Twist. So I chose that. It comes with a pink lip oil which is the color I would normally wear. However, since the formula seemed kind of sheer/build-able and life is short, I decided to swap that for the red one and give it a shot.


So here was my box selection.

But then, of course, there are add-ons which are offered at a further discounted price which I love and sometimes go for.

The cantaloupe color is something I would normally never try, but it looked intriguing. And I love anything blue, green, beachy, or sea-related so I had to pick that polish as well. And since Julep doesn’t normally have nail wraps, I grabbed those, too. (I figured even if I didn’t love the nail wraps both of my daughters definitely would.)


Julep gives you 300+ Jules (what they call their reward points) for each monthly subscription box you buy. Upgrading your box gets you more Jules. You get 200 Jules for your birthday so make sure you add this to your profile or they won’t know when your birthday is and you will lose out on these. You get 500 Jules on your Julep anniversary. Jules add up pretty quickly. Since you can get a whole box for 2000 Jules, I usually save up my Jules and do that versus using them on individual items. 

I want to mention something here that confused me in the past and that I have seen others confused by as well. The 600 Jules listed by each of these items does not mean that you earn 600 Jules by selecting these add-ons; it means that if you want to use your Jules to purchase the add-ons you can do so. Each of the items here would cost you 600 Jules if you went that route. (Julep gives you the option to apply Jules to your selection or keep saving them up.) 


Julep sends you an email to confirm your selections.

Okay. Let’s look at the box itself.


Rainbow Bright it is!


Seasonally appropriate. And good advice.


Looks good to me! The 3 items on the left are my regular subscription box items. The 3 items on the right are my add-ons. The polish on the bottom is the bonus Julep threw in since I selected 3 or more add-ons. The gumball is bright and fun, but I wasn’t a huge fan when I tried it.


Let’s look at the May polish colors I chose.

Julep Nail Color in Pepper – Retail Value $14 (cornflower multidimensional shimmer)

Julep Nail Color in Regina – Retail Value $14 (nebula pink iridescent chrome)

Julep Nail Color in Francine – Retail Value $14 (seaglass iridescent chrome)

Julep Nail Color in Summer – Retail Value $14 (cantaloupe sheer iridescent)


The new beauty item this month is Your Lip Addiction, a tinted lip oil treatment.



As I mentioned above, I went with the red Your Lip Addiction – Obsessed (Retail Value $22).


This picture was taken after I used this lip oil. A lot. I love it. But I really wish they would give you more in there!


Just for fun. You can really see the color here.


This is right after application.


This is a while later. It almost turns into a kind of stain.


My other add-on besides the 2 polishes was the Holo Gem Nail Wraps – Retail Value $10.


Since this was the first time I was attempting nail wraps on myself as far as I can remember, I appreciated the step-by-step instructions. They are really easy to use.


In the sunlight!



Julep Nail Color in Becky – Retail Value $14 (oil slick duochrome silk)

Becky is the nail polish Julep threw in. I would not have chosen this color myself, but I was impressed with it in person.


Sorry the picture is blurry, but that is the best picture I could get that captured the colors inside.

Finally, here are the May colors I chose on me.




This box also came with a promo code for a 30% off your next purchase from Julep. (Expires June 30, 2016.)

Value: This subscription box cost $24.99 + my add-ons for a total of $44.96. Based on my selected options, it includes $102 worth of beauty items and polish at retail value (or $81.60 if you are a Julep Maven and can enjoy the pricing discount) + the candy. Either way, I think this is a great value! 

Verdict: I’m happy with my selections this month. What do you think of the May 2016 Julep Maven box? Which items did you pick?

Written by Chris Acree

Chris Acree

Chris is a moderator on the MSA forum. Her current favorite subscription boxes are Box of Style, RawSpiceBar, Julep, and My Pretend Place although the list changes frequently. She cannot resist a spoiler.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The 50% off button doesn’t work – it just gives me the same price as before.

  2. I am so in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with these new lip treatments! The clear is finally available to add to the June box!!!!
    I used this after getting sunburned lips, and it helped so very much!!!

    • Ooh, good tip! Thank you!

  3. Do the lip oils have a fragrance or taste? I was considering trying them, but I HATE lip products that taste or smell like food.

    • I noticed no smell or taste. The only thing that bothered me with the oil is that it does not really dry. The oil eventually wears off and leaves a wash of color, but it is definitely an oil and not a stain. Once I got past that, I really started to like it.

    • There is a smell but its not a food like smell and its not really pleasant either, lol. It doesn’t bother me though because I don’t smell it when it’s on at least not that I can notice. No taste. I received one in May’s box and actually like it. I’ve been using it the last three days and my normally very chapped lips have improved greatly. Very sheer color and not a lot of shine. Just makes my lips look and feel much softer and hydrated.

  4. I was one that had questions about how customizing worked, so this review helped so much.

    I just have one last question… If I don’t like any of the nail colors/combos in the boxes, can I pick ones from Julep’s regular set of polishes? Or am I limited to the monthly colors?

    Thanks so much Chris! You’re the best!

    • They have a way to look at only that month’s stuff in the selection area but they have lots of other stuff (like they just about always have the sponges and eyeshadows). Their selection changes sometimes but they usually have plenty(at least 10-20 other choices maybe?)
      Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! 🙂

  5. I completely forgot to check on this box when the selection time was upon us. So I had no idea what I was getting colorwise until it showed up! I had Francine in mine and it’s like my fav polish ever. Actually all three colors I ended up with I really liked so win!

  6. Subscribed since it was a good deal to get the first box free. Want to try it out and just see if I will like it or not. Good detailed review helped me decide 🙂

    • Hope you love your first box! 🙂

  7. Awesome review Chris!! I’m a Julep addict too. Love their products, and love their deals!

    • Thank you! 🙂

  8. I can never figure out how to add my birthday. I can’t find a place anywhere that it goes.

    • Login to Julep’s website. Go to MY ACCOUNT – My Information. Click on “Edit” next to Contact Information. Enter your Date of Birth. Click on “SAVE.”

      If you did not have your birthday added to your profile before and you’ve been a Julep member for over a year, you can contact them and tell them when your birthday is and they will give you the Jules that you would have received.

      Hope this helps!

      • Yes, thank you! I’m going to have to contact them then as i’ve had them for over a year and have never had the option.

  9. Chris, as a MSA forum member I should’ve known this super helpful and detailed review would be by you! This review was great for me because my first Julep box will be the June box and until now I had no idea how it actually worked. Thanks!

    • Aww, you are so welcome!

  10. Thank you for your review Chris! I decided to join after I saw your review last month.

    My default was Boho Glam but I switched out everything for 2 overnight sleep masks (one for my mom). Then I added on the Flower Trio (w/ Francine, Regina, and Pauline), Ellis, and Viv (both holographic!) My bonus was also Becky, very happy with since I adore duochromes. This box was awesome since my favorite polishes in addition to glitter are iridescent, holographic and duochromes which all 6 polishes I received fall into. All in all I paid $41.86 but received worth $152 retail.($121.60 for Mavens)

    Also, for those who know they will like Julep and wish to save a bit, there is a 6 month option for $99.96 ($16.66/month). I still need to call and see if I can switch.

    • So happy you loved your first box! 🙂

  11. I got the lip oil in red and I love it! Feels great on my lips and gives me a touch of color on the days I want to go light 🙂

    • It is so light–it is perfect!

  12. This entire months box is amazzzzzing and beautiful! I love the new sparkly packaging. This is the one sub box that feels like a present to myself every month.

    I’m so sad that I didn’t resubscribe in time to get the may choices. The teal, pink, and blue sparkly polishes look amazing, and the lip oil looks nice too. Hoping these will be swap in options for june!

    • Fingers crossed for you because they are awesome!

  13. I LOVE the lip oil. I got the pink and swapped for the coral. It’s not too pigmented, which some people might not like, but I love how subtle it is and how, like you said, it’s a subtle stain. Not every single julep product is a winner, but I continue to be impressed by so many of them and this is a new favorite.

    I got an email today about their new polish thinner that’s coming out soon. I’m so glad they are continually coming out with new products and they’re generally high quality (and when they’re not, I love their CS). I always think I’m going to sound like a julep rep. But I’ve been subbed for four years and I’m just that much of a groupie.

    Thanks for the review, Chris!

    • Right there with you! I am a total Julep groupie. And I also find myself telling people that I don’t work for them…

      I’m excited about that polish thinner too! Going to have to try that.

    • Haha, man, if you could sign up to be a Julep rep, I definitely would!

      • Love it!

  14. I just got my first box in May, and I am really impressed. I swapped out one of the colors for a top coat (which is excellent). The box was also missing an item, and my lip oil wand was broken. They were super nice and sent me replacements immediately. Their customer service seems to be top notch.

    I’m a polish junkie, and I avoided signing up because they’re a bit pricey. I’m glad I did though, the polishes are nice quality, long lasting and opaque in 2 coats. Gotta say I’m pretty pleased.

    • Glad to hear it!

      Which topcoat did you get?

      • I ordered the most popular the Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Good stuff!

        • Oh yes! I like that one! 🙂

    • Their customer service is great! I had swapped out everything for 2 sleep masks and then added the polishes I wanted as an addon. I guess the person packing didn’t notice that the quantity for the sleep masks was 2, so my package only came with 1. I called and my missing sleep mask was on its way to me the next day.

      • Glad to hear it! I haven’t had to contact their customer service often but they’ve always been great when I did as well.

  15. Nice colors! I resisted getting Julep for awhile thinking it wasn’t a great deal but I’ve had it for 2 months now and I’m in love. The value for me is in the deals they offer and the addons. I joined for 3 months but it’s going to be hard to let it go!

    • I love Julep, too! Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

      Don’t forget you can skip months if you want to.

      • I love their skip option! I’ve been skipping for a while now and without their skip option I would’ve lost 6months of points! I mainly skip because of my tight budget as a student and bc this site drawing me into other great deals. Plus julep’s own mystery boxes. I’ve also become addicted to nail stamping(plates) and my fave site(Moyou London) has been having half off deals everyweek w/ a new kit each time! It’s sooooo hard to resist them!!! (I don’t work for Moyou London either, but man their stamping polishes+plates are the best…so darn detailed!! <3)

        • oh god, no -don’t go check out moyou…don’t go check out moyou…oh, jeez, I think I’m not listening to my mantra…I’m gonna go check out moyou.

          • Lol, I laughed so hard when I saw that.
            Good luck!
            Oh and they release new stuff (and the weekly box)on fridays.
            Also, everything is in pounds so be sure to convert…free shipping after 15pounds (20 bucks). I’m addicted….
            I can’t wait til friday!!

        • Julep is how I discovered MSA so I hear you! ?

  16. Haha, I started a whole thread about the lip oils in the forum. 😉

    I looooove Regina! It was so pretty, I had to put it on right away! I used two coats of it by itself, & it was almost opaque, but I think it will also look really pretty over a dark creme, so I’m going to try that soon!

  17. Everything is gorgeous. I got the lip oil in the pink color “Covert”. I love it. Now I want to try the red, but it is sold out.
    I am so looking forward to June’s selection.

    • Add it to your Wishlist! It is worth the wait. 🙂

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