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Ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag Spoilers!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have spoilers for the June 2016 Ipsy glam bag! Subscribers will receive one of the following in their shipment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9


theBalm Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eye Shadowย (Lounge and Fireball shown)

What do you think of the June 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers? Which sample are you hoping to get? I love both brands, but I’m hoping for Urban Decay – especiallyย since theBalm samples tend to be pretty tiny.

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’ve only gotten one clam bag so far but I received the UD in Fireball which is absolutely gorgeous. I was pretty happy with everything I received in my bag and if it continues this way I see myself staying with Ipsy for a long time.

  2. Wow, both of these brands are new to me, so I will be happy with either. As long as I don’t get some wild neon pink or crazy orange, I can make it work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The Ud looks great! I hope to get either color!! I really loved everything in my bag last month

  4. Please, please, please Ipsy send me UD eyeshadow in Lounge. I gave wanted it for so long but never splurged in it.

  5. In May, I got great samples in my bag. They were full size brand name products.

  6. I would use any of these. Fireball looks really pretty.

  7. I finally got my May glam bag and Im so pleased with everything especially the smashbox mascara and Hakari bronzer really hoping to get UD spoiler to try

  8. I’m addicted to UD palettes, so I’ve got so much of their shadow it’s almost (but not quite) ridiculous. I’m hoping for the Balm this month.

  9. So obviously, only 3 lucky people (including Liz) will get UD, and the rest of us will get the balm ๐Ÿ™ I really really love UD and donate everything I get from the balm. It feels to me like it’s 12 year old girl’s make up! like that doll’s pretend makeup for middle school. Blaaa

    Damn you ipsy.. I rather have no spoilers at all then knowing some lucky 3-4 girl will get the good sample and I will get another mascara-black eyeliner-bronzer-brush
    Like last month with glamglow. I counted on Instagram, literally 5 girls got it out of > 500 I looked at *ANGRY*

    • Well, you can’t really count IG pictures and assume those are the ONLY people to receive it. Many people do not have Instagram.

    • I don’t post my bags on instagram, but I got Smashbox and GlamGlow because there were two GlamGlow products to possibly get, not even just the sneak peek. I’m sure more than 5 people got it! I’d say you have a 50-50 shot to get the UD you want!

    • That’s so not true. IPsy sends out tons of stuff to ALL of their subscribers and never plays favorites to bloggers. They go off your beauty profile & I have lived my IPsy bag 9/10 more than what liz got in hers!!! That’s the truth!! I have had IPsy three years & can tell you they are the best beauty box for only $10! Birchbox & even sephora play can’t compare to IPsy. And the customer service is amazing too.

      • I agree. Sephora Play! doesn’t even come close to what Ipsy offers. You just get six samples for $10, when you could actually place an online order and get 3 of those samples for free.

    • The Balm is a respected high end makeup brand that puts out quality products. Their blushes for instance get hyped up over Tarte ones, and everyone knows Mary Loumanizer. I actually think Urban Decay has the most glitter fall out of any high end eye shadow I’ve used.

    • Gonna have to agree to disagree TheBalm has lots of really fantastic products, obviously some are duds, every brand has that, but everything I’ve sampled from them has been decent, the size doesn’t even bug me because I don’t know about anyone else but my shadow brushes are pretty small and always fit, it is annoying a bit with blushes but I like them for my purse to touch up when my blush fades out and my finger fits just fine to tap a bit on. I have a UD palette and am kind of underwhelmed by it, maybe my standard was too high since everyone sells it so high, I don’t hate it, its a nice enough palette but I’m glad ulta had it marked down or I’d be really erked by it.

  10. Omg!!! UD shadow pleaseee! Either color would rock. I feel like most people will want ud, so they should just be giving one to everyone for sure!??

  11. I’m still using my theBalm shadow sample from months back and I LOVE it, so I’m pretty excited to get either! I thought about cancelling this and just sticking to play! by Sephora, but after my first month being rather disappointing after a 6 month waitlist, I’m sticking with ipsy ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m guessing 4 subscribers will get the UD shadows and the rest of us the BALM…that how Ipsy teases it’s customers…………sigh

    • Lol you are very wrong about the distribution %’s of IPSY subscribers. Just as many people will get UD as the balm. If you are so u unsatisfied you can always cancel IPSY but most that cancel go back. They have millions of satisfied ipsters!:)

      • You have absolutely no way of verifying percentages, outside of being an employee.

  13. My makeup collection I so small and I’m such a novice in the realm that I’m happy with just about any brand I get if the shades work for me. I’m rooting for the Balm do that means I will get the darker UD shade =( but so far I’ve been happy with my Smashbox mascara. Tarte was a total loss because of the berry shade though.

  14. I want the UD Fireball!

  15. I have UD in Lounge, and it’s one of my favorite colors. It’s a greenish gold depending on which way the light catches it. It can be applied lightly too, so not that dark.

  16. I wish Ipsy had sample choice. If they only have a few UD shadows then it’d just be first come first serve like Birchbox. It would just make life so much easier. ?

    • OMG I hate birchbox sample choice. & IPSY sends out substantially bigger & better products than birchbox every month. I canceled birchbox because of the sample choice thing & how it was always sold out & their products are so tiny compared to IPsy.

      • Same here.

  17. Yikes, all those shades are so dark! The odds of me getting one I can actually use are low!

  18. BOO! Disappointing. I am thinking about dropping Ipsy. I have been getting things in every bag that I have never marked. Last bag my sample said ” FREE SAMPLE, NOT FOR RESALE. ” I felt ripped off.

    • I’m also thinking about dropping Ipsy. I hate that they showed UD because I love UD, but yeah, i’ll probably get the Balm, which honestly, after sampling several of their products, I’m not impressed…and there are only so many little bags I need to store my makeup etc. They also have sent me a lot of the same things in similar shades, so it seems to be repetitive right now and I don’t know how many more gold/bronze/light brown eyeshadows I need!

      On the fence about this! I need to save money with all of the subs I have right now!

      • Change your profile preferences than because they are sending you shades that are in your profile & off your feedback. I don’t get it. So many people complain about repeats & bags! Well it’s a beauty subscription! Of course you will get some of the same if you are subscribed for a long period! There are only so many beauty products!

    • Me too. I got the Pacifica eyeshadow trio this past month, which I love, but I definitely got the same thing a while back from ipsy. Very disappointing.

  19. Urban Decay! Urban Decay!

    They are my most favorite and longest used shadow, but some of their palettes are getting crazy costly.

    It is great to see their shadow in a bag!

    • i agree.
      they make the best eye shadow. My last one lasted 3 years too. awesome stuff.

  20. I’m good with either one, and don’t have any TheBalm e/s so it may work out. June is my first month back after a much-needed break so we’ll see how it goes.

  21. Ooooooohhhhh!!!! I hope I get an UD eyeshadow!

  22. So I’ve been using Ipsy for about 3 years and I always rate and review my products, I change up my profile as my makeup tastes change, and honestly Ipsy rarely lets me down anymore. It’s something that you have to work with and youll get items suited for you.

    • I hope so, as I’m coming off hiatus for it. I totally revised my profile and will start rating/reviewing if it actually seems to help with this, I was always skeptical about whether it helps or just a trick to garner reviews (hmmm, if true maybe that’s why I kept getting the de facto red lippies!)

      • I don’t know if Ipsy is the same, but Birchbox did a Facebook live the other day where they explained the profile types & they said “Classic” means red lips and black winged eyes where as many including me thought it meant more of neutrals. So I changed my profile for them & ipsy because I can’t do red lips or black eye liner!! Hopefully that works ๐Ÿ™‚

        • that surprises me too. I will re-do my profile again
          did they way what category = neutrals

          • Fo BB they said the category low maintenance is for neutrals. Trendy would be things like purple lipstick and fun new stuff. I don’t remember the name of the other one, but it would also be like reds and the purples & all kinds of daring products.

        • I changed my profile after seeing this and it must have worked, I’m happy with what I’m getting ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!!!

    • It’s never helped with me. I can rate things for months after months and no matter how many times I rate something specific down and don’t have it marked on the test, it’s still something I get basically every month to every other month and get passed up continuously for things that I do mark up and would want the most.

      • I was searching for tips and tricks for the ipsy quiz. Basically I found out that if you marked that you love blush you won’t get any blushes…instead you will get something that you haven’t tried yet. Ipsy supposes that since you love blush you must have blush in your collection so it won’t send you any. This is just my observation. I tweeked my quiz this time and will do some experiment…..I unmarked blush and bronzer for the June bag….if I get any then my observations must be correct!!!

        • Hmm sneaky, reverse phsychology! Haha, I’m not sure what they do, but honestly it just seems like they fix up about 5 variations of bags, then send those out to different people, possibly matching their needs or possibly not really.

  23. I just got a Z-Palette, so I’m hoping for one of the Urban Decay eyeshadow pans. I think Fireball looks like a gorgeous color. I have a feeling I’ll get The Balm, though.

  24. I love the surprise of Ipsy! Even if I don’t get the “high end” spoilers, it still appeals to that part of me that claps and gets excited about new things. I would be happy with either sample as I have been on an eye makeup kick recently and am always on the lookout for new shadows.

    • Same here in that I didn’t get many of the ‘fancier’ items either, but in general I still usually liked what I did get, and it’s one of the reasons I’m re-subbing. They seem to be paying more attention now and have more variety than they did a couple years ago when I was getting Ipsy regularly.

  25. Am I the only one who has issues with UD fallout? I have the naked 2 and that is fine but whenever I touch my vice or ammo pallets I have to wash my face before doing foundation.

    • it seems like some colors are just as bad as wet n wild with fall out, so you’re not the only one, I was a bit let down for a really expensive brand to give me an issue that a cheap brand does, I have learned to work in layers tapping my brush before going to my eye it takes longer and you have to build it up but helps keep it off my cheeks, nothing is worse than rogue makeup (lol)

  26. Oh man, I’ve wanted Fireball for a while! Otherwise i’ll be gifting mine, I have too many eye shadows as it is, and I have friends that would be excited for any of these.

    • Yep that’s what I saw! ๐Ÿ™‚ From what I can see there it doesn’t look too cute…more like a little kids pencil pouch. Hopefully it looks better when you see the whole thing.

  27. I guess I’m alone in wanting The balm eyeshadow over the UD….lol..I have a ton of UD palettes and I’m very familiar with their products so I want the one I’m less familiar with.
    I guess I don’t think of The balm as a throw away brand. They’re pretty successful.

    • I feel the exact same way. I have so many UD palettes/shadows/products but the only Balm products I’ve tried were Birchbox samples, which were tiny but awesome. I’d love to try their shadows!

    • Nope, i’m hoping for the dark brown the balm eyeshadow; planning to use it as a brow powder.

    • The Balm is probably one of my favorite makeup brands, I’m always excited to try their products which are really new to me. UD lets me down sometimes…

    • I am less thrilled with UD than I expected to be its great but imho overrated I like thebalm eyeshadow that I received a while back both are decent so I’m happy either way.

      • Yep my experiences with UD are always hit or miss. I either love it or hate it. I don’t have much experience with the balm but their packaging always makes me smile and I could use some smiles lately ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Thanks to those sharing more about UD. I only have one of their palettes and want more because I love it, but now I realize I need to research each shade to be sure I am getting the quality I’m used to!

  28. i would love to try either one of the UD!!!! fingers crossed

  29. I like everything in my ipsy bag, I am lucky.????

  30. I saw on their snapchat sometime last month a little snippet of the bag and theme for June which was “graffiti”. So hopefully some bright fun products for this month ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I have UD in Fireball, so I’d want either UD in lounge or The Balm ones. I’m fine with whichever.

  32. I’m officially out. I know I won’t get the UD and last month I held on since I had redeemed points but I will cancel before the 1st. I’m going to focus more on higher end boxes and get more of what i want I think.

  33. L-O-V-E theBalm! Everything I’ve tried has been a total win for me. I have always felt loyal to Ipsy for introducing the brand to me.

  34. Let me guess. 12 people will get the UD pans, and the other 3,195,669 of us will receive thebalm pans. I’m so excited.

    • It is interesting looking at at Instagram photos to see what percentage of bags have the “bait” product. I find it’s about 1 in 50, or 2%. Pretty abysmal odds.

    • Hahaha I was just about to write something like that. That’s exactly why I unsubbed and I won’t even bother re-subbing after seeing this spoiler, I’ve learnt the lesson too well:D

      • The last bag was cute enough to hop back on for a month, and I had some points to use, so I’m going to get this bag to get my point redemption items, but this will be the last. I have no false hopes of getting the Urban Decay item, but fortunately I like the tiny balm pans for my travel bag. I think Ipsy is a good subscription for some, but I find their baiting pretty disgusting.

        • I agree. I hate the sample baiting. I wish if they are going to focus and promote some of the products, then they should make sure it is one that all subscribers will be getting, not some. I am using up what ever points i have for the June bag. I may reconsider staying only if I get the UD brand, but if I am sent the Balm one, then IPSY is certainly on the chopping block.

    • LOL That’s what it seems like. I never get the sought after/ hot items. I’m ready to cancel my relationship with ipsy.

    • In May, my daughter received two of the spoilers, the mascara, and the glamglow. Don’t think its ‘bait’.

  35. i would love UD in lounge! probably won’t happen. my last bag was totally a miss ._.

  36. I just got a Z-pallette so I am hoping for a pan.

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