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Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon – May 2016

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Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - box

Geek Fuel is a geek subscription box that sends Steam video games, toys, collectibles and other exclusive geeky gear.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - opened

The Subscription Box: Geek Fuel

The Cost: $23.90 a month

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: While supplies last, use this link to get $3 off any subscription PLUS get a Star Wars Bonus Item with a 3-Month subscription! (This $3 off + Free Bonus on the 3-month deal is only available for MSA readers).

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The Products: Games, toys, collectibles and other exclusive gear.

Ships to: US, UK, Canada

Delivered via: USPS

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Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - inside

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - all items

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - card front

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - card back

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. This month there was also a Deadpool giveaway – random boxes had the blu-ray inserted into the box.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - mini mag

It also comes with a mini magazine with all kinds of news/stories on current and upcoming geeky goodness.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - inside mini mag

Here’s a glimpse inside, to my favorite section actually, the gifting section! I love checking out the items in here!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - shirt

Tyrion’s Vineyard Shirt – Value $10?

This month’s shirt is an awesome call out to one of the best scenes in Game of Thrones! A+ for being a little subtle while still being an obvious call out to the one and only scene!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - game and loot

The Weaponographist Steam Game – Value $10

Play as Doug McGrave, famous demon hunter for hire. Highest level, bestest gear, ruggedly handsome, and unrepentant jerk. For refusing to aid one stinking demon-infested town, you are immediately – and deservedly – cursed. Your powers, your wealth, and your weapons… Poof! Gone.

It’s worth mentioning how good they’ve been lately at picking games with Mac and PC availability!

Sir Francis Drake’s Lost Ring – Value ??

It’s Uncharted 4 time – so naturally we’re going to get a ton of items in geek boxes I’m not complaining)! I have the game just sitting on my table, waiting to be played!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - ring chest

This little treasure chest is in the burlap sack.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - inside ring case

You’ll open it to find the ring lying in wait.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - ring on chain

It’s attached to a lanyard for you to wear around your neck. This is how the game’s protagonist, Nathan Drake, always wore it in the game!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - ring close up

Here’s a look at the ring itself. It’s well made, and a cool collector’s item from the video game.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - print and glass

Westeros Map

This isn’t an actual valued item this month, it was only used to hold your shirt in place, but I thought it was cool enough to snap a picture of! Great packaging.

Refueling Pint – Value $5-10?

They included a Geek Fuel branded glass.

Deadpool “Ouchie!” Sketch – Value ??

This is another exclusive this month (almost all of the items are) – and it’s awesome. This is such a classic sketch already, in my opinion, because it’s one of the first things we saw from the leaked footage before they even decide to produce the movie. The drawing was a little different in the test footage (this is the drawing from the final movie), but it definitely reminds me of the feeling I had when I first saw the test footage and hoped for a full-length movie! Now it’s the #1 grossing rated-R movie, ever – crazy.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - screenshots

Uncharted 4 Double Sided Mini Posters – Value $5?

These are 7×5 glossy shots of concept art for Uncharted. The top picture is concept art for Uncharted 4, while the bottom is a nice throwback to the original Uncharted.

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - blu ray and toy

Deadpool Blu-Ray – Value $19.95 (but this was a giveaway item)

Geek Fuel has been doing giveaways like this for a bit now. They insert items into boxes at random. I never got any of the movie tickets from the past – so I was blown away to see that I finally got something in my box, and I couldn’t be happier! I know this digitally, but of course, I want the physical copy too!

Deadpool Monitor Mate – Value $5?

I love this item! Deadpool doesn’t quite sit well on my monitor, but he’ll fit just fine with all the other vinyl figures!

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Review + Exclusive Coupon May 2016 - Deadpool on shelf

Deadpool joins the “random subscription box toys” shelf!

Verdict: I thought this was a good month for Geek Fuel. The only reason it wasn’t a great month for me was that there were too many prints and we received a branded item – personally, I’d rather have one high-value item to replace the small stuff. Getting the Blu-Ray majorly enhanced the value of this box for me, so I hope a lot of subscribers out there won as well! I also wanted to call out the ring – I thought it was a cool item this month – and I feel like they beat Loot Gaming to their idea of including items from inside the games in their boxes. I feel that Geek Fuel is progressing well in the geek box category this year, I’ve really enjoyed a lot of their boxes, and this is no different.

What did you think of the May Geek Fuel? Did you get the Blu-Ray?

Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Ordered an April and May box for my son, SO DISAPPOINTED!!
    Both boxes were filled with leftover crap from previous months. ie: star lab mug from January in Aprils crate, May crate had t-shirt from January, Stan Lee book from another month. Not one thing, from the advertised themes. I will NEVER order from this company again, and I do not recommend it to anyone. Loot crate has always been awesome.

    • They sometimes offer mystery boxes with leftover items as incentives for signing up. it sounds like that’s what you received. I recommend contacting them to clear it up. I’ve had good experiences dealing with their customer support.

  2. When do these boxes ship out? I tried looking on the site but couldn’t find anything?

  3. I’m not sure what happened with my box. I’m missing the Steam Game card, the Uncharted print and the inside of the treasure chest was empty. I didn’t win a DVD. So…um, the shirt is nice? LOL.

  4. I actually subscribed to a year of this and mine came yesterday, I do like the Uncharted items and the glass. I was never too much of a fan of Game of Thrones and I don’t know too much about Deadpool, but I am intrigued to see it now.

    I just don’t like how the three online reviewers I’ve seen who get sent a free box all got the Deadpool Blu Ray+DVD and not ONE of the regular people who got the box was sent it. These were also the first stream of people to get the box.

    I got the bonus item for setting up but I don’t really like Star Wars so it wasn’t really too much of a bonus. I saw something cute about BB8 before but I guess they ran out of any BB8 stuff.

    Well, I’m hoping for better. The items seem cool but I am very suspicious about the way the company has dealt with me (a year long subscriber) vs. these people who do the public reviews.

  5. I think it is rather unusual that both of the reviews I saw of this box had the video give away. Ours did not. Regardless my son thought this was the best one he received this year. He loved the ring and the dead pool drawing. His least favorite was the shirt, but that is expected as we don’t have HBO in our house for Game of Thrones.

    • If you follow most sub boxes with ‘random’ give always, nearly all subscribers that do public reviews seem to get the free giveaways while the rest of us will never see one. For instance, every month Loot Crate has one grand prize winner for a massive box that includes $100’s of dollars in free stuff, and it always goes to someone with a popular video blog. Idk, maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  6. Hmmm – I have never played Uncharted and I am kind of intrigued by it. I will have to research it. I have been too busy with Fallout 4 and I am working my way backwards through the other titles. So this month was kind of a miss for me.

    The GoT shirt was ok – I am not feeling it, but I do like that the shirt is burgundy colored. I love GoT btw just not crazy about the design of this shirt.

    I decided that I do not like prints included in geek boxes. They are just filler to me and hard to display. Give me some ideas for displaying them (as an adult). I have displayed some of the posters using a magnetic frame so I can switch out prints and posters (until I find one worth actually framing).

    I did not get the Deadpool DVD – I don’t have much luck with these contests, but I already have it (a friend gave it to me because he hated the movie).

    The branded pint glass I can use, but really not what I expected in such a box – is it just an extra add on? Or was it calculated into the box total? It should be a freebie. So that kind of disappointed me to be honest.

    I love the little treasure chest and ring – this is what makes me want to play Uncharted. I also love the little Deadpool monitor figurine, but I put it in a little Gudetama egg cup that I have on my desk and he fits perfectly in it next to my Gudetama.

    I am actually looking forward to trying the game this month – just need some time to do it. It looks like fun and something I would actually like to play.

    So overall, I am okay with the box, but not thrilled. I just hope these odd fillers don’t spell doom for Geek Fuel.

  7. I have no clue what Uncharted 4 is and I didn’t receive the movie, but this was still one of the best boxes I’ve ever received. I love the shirt and the Deadpool print. The ring and box were really well crafted. Even the Westeros divider, while simple, is a really cool idea. GF seems to be more hit or miss than any other sub box, but for me this was a definite hit.

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