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FYI on Allure May Beauty Box Issues

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I wanted to wait to post until I had concrete information (and I’ll do another post when I have that info) but consider this a no-news post – just an FYI to anyone who missed the comments on this post.

It appears as though Allure Beauty Box oversold the May box, and most people who signed up in April (when the site messaged your first box would be the May box) will not be receiving the May box.

If you want to verify if this happened to your account call: 1-800-274-1603


UPDATE: For now I’ve decided to close comments on this post. At this point, I believe everyone has had the opportunity to share their views. If you have any questions/concerns please email me – [email protected]

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

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  1. I just called to cancel. The woman on the phone flat out stated, “I could offer you something to get you stay, but if we can’t get this right, we are going to mess that up as well.” All in all, while nice and easy to deal with to cancel, their own employees are not confident in their company.

    • aw…she has probably had a rough few days. Hearing evrything form rants to tantrums. I’ve worked as phone contact person and it is such a hard job with little pay off. Feel bad for the CS phone people. Shame on Allure higher ups putting them in that position.

      • I feel bad for customer service too. I wrote a post a bit ago about my positive interaction with Allure customer service – but it seems to not show up in the comment section.

  2. Thanks for the info! The rep I spoke with said they couldn’t guarantee May for me so I went ahead and cancelled. The rep was very nice and I have no hard feelings 🙂 I would’ve kept it if they consistently included products I was excited about trying…but I can’t say I’ve ever really been a fan of the products they include in their boxes. I would have loved to try the MuF mascara and Foreo for May but there are other samples to be had in other boxes so no love lost.

    Sorry everyone got so excited for this Only to be disappointed! I’m sure the CS reps are taking some fun calls, which unfortunately wasn’t anything they could anticipate so please remember to be kind of you end up calling. 🙂 The higher ups should have paid more attention to their business and checked their website and sample stock to ensure they didn’t over promise. Womp womp

  3. I just spoke to someone on Live Chat stating that the problem is only for new subscribers..

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:49:20]

    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box, I will be happy to assist you.

    Judith Lattimore[2016-05-03 08:49:54]
    Thank you..

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:50:48]

    The May box is being processed through the warehouse and should ship soon. You will receive an email with tracking information once it shipps.

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:50:51]

    Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    Judith Lattimore[2016-05-03 08:51:07]
    So you are saying that I am receiving the May box?

    Judith Lattimore[2016-05-03 08:51:15]
    I have heard of a lot of cancellations.

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:52:26]

    Yes. This is your second box. The problem only exists with new customers. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Judith Lattimore[2016-05-03 08:52:56]
    Thank you. When will the tracking information be emailed?

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:53:16]

    Once the box is shipped. It should go out before the end of the week.

    Kris F[2016-05-03 08:54:31]

    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box, have a great day!

  4. I called last night and was told I would be getting the May box (ordered on the 15th before I knew any spoilers) she did say if something happened to call back and they’d send a replacement box, but that I should get May. She did mention that the CSR’s have been getting a lot of grief about this, which makes me sad. Really? its makeup. Not the end of the world. Email the company, but don’t abuse the people on the phone.

    • Exactly.

    • Did you order on 4/15? I ordered and paid on 4/7 (before you did and before any spoilers), and I was told I’ve been bumped to June. You might want to call back. That’s seriously the first time I’ve heard anyone say that they ordered that late in and are getting the May box.

  5. Also…what people find complaints helps….The boxes are reading every word.Why do you think Glossybox put that little paragraph in? Lets not forget L.L.B. They read..and they react….power to the forums.

  6. Do you also stay with a mechanic who messed up your car instead of fixing it, simply because he’s a nice guy?

    • I’m only sticking around for the mystery bag because I did like the items shown in previous boxes. I know I run the risk of getting a box-o-crap. Maybe a more fitting analogy is sticking with a dealer who keeps running out of crack and offering meth. I just need my beauty sample fix.

    • Poor analogy. More like you’re at a restaurant and you order the steak on the menu. Before the server returns to let you know, you hear another table complain that they didn’t get their steak because the kitchen is out. You call the kitchen and say “I heard you might be out of steak” They say “Sorry, how about free chicken, or you can leave and try to find steak somewhere else, or you can wait until later when we’ll have a new featured entree.” You say “Give me my money back, I don’t want your free chicken and I don’t want to wait around to see if your next featured entree is any good.” Some people take the chicken. Some wait for the next featured entree. Some yell at the server, storm out of the restaurant and threaten to never come back and then post negative reviews on Yelp and call the BBB to report the business for falsely advertising steak.

      • LOL!

  7. So disappointed. I ordered a 3 month sub for a friend’s birthday in early April…I just called to see when (and if) it would ship-she said hers will start with the June box. I can’t send a gift a month late so I cancelled. She said she was sorry and that they oversold- then got rude and asked what I wanted to do. Cancelled. Done. End of the world? No. I’m sorry she’s stressed with a high volume of annoyed subscribers, but not my problem.
    Thank you for posting about this Liz, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    • Yes that is unfortunate, but there are a lot of things in this world that “are not our problems” but that is the downfall of this world.

  8. Allure never responded to my email, so I did the live chat option. They offered me the mystery box, but I don’t want it. I’m very disappointed in Allure. If they would have at least sent out an email saying “we over-sold the May box and you’re getting pushed to June”, I would be fine. But they have my money and they aren’t telling me anything. I shouldn’t have to contact them to see which box I’m getting when their website CLEARLY said “Sign up for the MAY box”. Oh well, as long as I get my refund I’m good. Not sure if I will ever sign up for the Allure Beauty Box again.

    • I know, that is the craziest part, that they can’t even send out emails and refunds telling people what the deal is. If they did that, they would save themselves a TON of grief.

  9. Just called to confirm which box and they had me down for June. The only reason I signed up was bc of a discount and I really wanted all the products in the May box. customer service was quick and efficient I cancelled immediately; but there was no empathy from the rep, no apology, and she actually hung up as I was politely telling her goodbye. I’m so disappointed Allure, guess I learned my lesson.

    • They’re probably over it by now. Can’t imagine the angry calls they’ve got? They got dumped on by the big wigs are paying for their big mistake.

  10. I stayed on for the “mystery bag”. Now I’m dying of curiosity. As long as it’s not supergoop sunscreen or Harvey Prince perfume I will be satisfied.

    • LOL I know right! I’m so sick of getting Harvey Prince perfume!

      • *gives Birchbox the side eye*

    • I don’t think I’ve heard of the mystery bag yet. Is this something being offered only to new subscribers that can’t get the May box?

  11. I just called & cancelled. They “had me down for the June box”. No thank you.

  12. Pretty frustrated, but I will say that it was very easy to cancel the subscription haha. I figured it was too good to be true!

  13. well, honestly they did have 30 days to realize it, 20 business working days. It says a lot when a company didn’t figure it out. it says they never planned to send May to begin with. period. loyality is relative with companies like this…as u have a lifespan as a customer until you quit. new customers =longer retention life span…until you do this as a company.

  14. Wow? I don’t think anyone who was burned for May is feeling inspired to”stay loyal” to Allure. This is a business that failed to deliver on what they advertised and then couldn’t be bothered to contact subscribers. The resulting disappointment and distrust seems realistic to me. Loyalty is earned.

    • Didn’t another box post in a spoiler that the current subscribers would have first dibs on a highly coveted MUG item? It’s not that hard to at least give a head’s up to new people.

      • Yes!! Boxycharm did!!! THAT is the way to do I! Let customers know loyal members get first dibs and the remainder will go to first come first served.

  15. Not everyone can afford to ” be loyal ” and subscribe permanently to sub boxes. I have subbed off and on for many years. Not everyone needs everything in each box. Sites like this post spoilers for boxes in order for new members to sign up. No one should have to subscribe for years to a sub box in order to be treated fairly and not be lied to. Plus, there are people who were subscribers who will not be receiving the may box. I think anyone would feel upset if they purchased an item from anywhere, then found out, and not through the company they purchased it from, that they will not be receiving the product they bought, but instead another.

  16. First off, I dont think anyone here has stated they join and cancel and join and cancel based on the items in each monthly box. Secondly, I think you are missing the whole point as to WHY people are mad. People joined under the presumption we were all getting the May box. It was on the banner header…it was listed when we signed up, and many were told we were by CS reps when we called. Allure took our money after we all signed up and never let on that they had NO intention on ever giving the May box to anyone who signed up in April. Not only that, NO ONE FROM ALLURE EVEN REACHED OUT TO ANYONE TO LET THEM KNOW THIS! People have had to call on their own and be told the news. What about those people who were told they were getting May and have paid for it and do not have social media or linked to this site. They will be sitting around waiting for something they have paid for and wont know why they havent received their items.
    I know I am mad I am not getting this box when I was told I was, however, if Allure had come out and made a statement explaining they oversold and offered a solution, honestly, I would have been fine with it. But instead they have been silent and their CS reps have been all over the board with solutions for some people and different solutions for others.

    • I think that’s what gets me the most. The fact they didn’t reach out and let me know that i wasn’t getting the may box. :/

    • I so agree with you! If a company has a glitch that affects a lot of people across the board, a mass email should go out to everyone affected. The email should explain the problem and pose reasonable options for solutions that the customer can select from (ie cancel, prior months free box, etc). We should not have to learn of it via a third party website. While I love coming on MSA to look at reviews and see news about various boxes, it is not the job of this site to do Allure’s customer service for them. Allure should have contacted all new subscribers who would not be getting the promised box, and offered a solution that was fair to everyone. As it is, the ones that read about it on here and called early were offered a better solution than the ones that are late to the game. And there are probably plenty of people out there who are still assuming they will get a May box because they subscribed within the timeframe.

  17. For those defending Allure what do you have to say about them double billing customers for the Beauty Thrills Box? The spoilers get released to entice new subscribers. I called CS for website glitches and was told twice I was getting the May box. They seem to be poorly run in many areas. Just too many horror stories. I’ve got a Foreo Luna not even opened I bought from HSN so it’s not about the Foreo Play its about letting paying customers wait for a box that’s not coming and not notifying them. Even if they haven’t decided how to resolve this at the very least they should have posted or emailed a brief statement of apology with a promise to follow up with us. Issuing us a refund isn’t accommodating us it’s the law and they know it. No one at Allure gets a report of new subscribers? They just keep taking orders? These boxes and the contents are purchased well in advance. Of course they only had so many so of course they need to only sell that many . Even Liz’s contact gave info that May box available up until May 9th and she probably speaks with someone higher up than we do when we call CS. There’s just too many screw ups in too many different areas to try and blame old software or new subscribers . I don’t think people should accuse others of just wanting the Foreo for swaps or eBay when you can just go after people who are openly posting that they cheat the system to get multiple orders by adding an initial etc. Blaming coupon codes etc. This is on Allure. They messed up.

    • Yes. I was also overcharged for the thrills box. It happens, I was mad, but I understand. You all need to understand it is May 3rd in the Am. Give it some time before you throw your stones. Good grief!

    • All Allure is obligated to do, both literally and legally, is issue refunds. That’s really all they can do. And I have to say, this definitely seems like a technical problem in their inventory side. Nothing more, nothing less. I seriously doubt it’s anything intentionally malicious on their part. Sometimes mistakes are made. As long as a company issues refunds, they’ve rectified those mistakes.

      • Uh, no. It is definitely more than a “technical problem”. They would have known before the May box was released for sale how many subscribers they still had and how many boxes they had available for sale. If all they had was enough inventory for people already subscribed, than they shouldn’t have kept subs open for sale. Even then, somehow people who purchased with old accounts somehow are getting boxes even when they purchased 10 or less days ago and people who purchased over 20 days ago are not because they are new subscribers which is completely unfair and doesn’t make any sense.

        Not only that, but they haven’t even issued a statement in regards to the problem, they just let people keep on going thinking they were expecting their box in the next couple of weeks.

      • I have to agree that it’s not a technical problem. There are a few problems, actually, but nothing really that’s technical. They COULD have an updated inventory system, but that’s not what I’d call a necessity. The single biggest issue is misleading new customers, and it takes a couple of very simple changes.

        1. Ditch the banner add that says that new orders start with the [insert month here] box. They don’t know that and can’t promise that. The May boxes were sold to folks who were bumped for the April boxes, so they obviously don’t keep up with how many they have to sell. It’s much easier (and much more understandable to customers) to simply say that new orders will get the next available box. (It says this in the comments, but the banner needs to go.)

        2. Don’t bill immediately for the first box. Instead, bill when the box is ready to be shipped. That way they’re not holding onto people’s money for months at a time with no product to show for it. People have 30 days to dispute a charge for a product they never received.

        3. Don’t allow CS to promise something they can’t. It’s very simple. “We don’t know yet if you’ll be receiving the next box. The waitlist is first come first serve.” They don’t have access to inventory, so there’s no way that they can make these kinds of promises.

        These are very simple fixes that would have saved them and their customers a great deal of time and frustration.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I started a subscription for April. Paid for it early March, real early. I too was double charged for the box. When I called, the rep had me on hold for 20 minutes because neither she nor I knew why my money had been refunded. (10.60) This was when they first started figuring out someone had messed up big time. When she finally got back on, she told me that it was their fault, they had accidentally given me my money back, and that I would receive a free box for April. Well imagine my surprise when I was later charged. Called them to explain I was told it was free. They said it was now MY mistake, that I had ordered TWICE, and they were charging me. And of course I could cancel, but not til after the April box cause I already paid. Talk about pissed. I’m sorry, but if you are already a liar at the beginning of it, how could you possibly trust the company moving forward. Don’t care that I paid ten bucks, care that you li d to me at least three times and I haven’t even got a box yet! They are truly mismanaged at Allure!!

  18. WOW at this blatant example of bait and switch! It is most likely impossible for them to have NOT known they were over selling considering they would have known how many boxes they would be able to sell and how many subscribers they have. People should contact the BBB because what they did is fraud and illegal.

  19. Ladies – I looked at the original spoiler post – nowhere did it say that all new subbies are getting May. It was just a standard reveal post like beauty boxes usually do. Of course it snowballed from there but it is also standard practice that if you sub after a cutoff date or when they run out, your sub starts with the next month’s order.

    • It said on the banner at the top of their page that all orders will begin with the May box. That changed to June sometime last week after a lot of people had already ordered.

    • Adele is correct. There was a banner on the main subscription page stating that new subs start with MAY.

    • When we subscribed it did say at the time of payment that we were getting the May box. I did verify this with customer service. They told me it did indeed say that, but they had oversold the box without changing their page.

    • It said plainly at the very top of the page it was for May. I also called to set up my subscription over the phone to make sure I was getting the May box and they verified I would be getting may! Fast forward…i, like everyone else am NOT getting May. It’s just ridiculous it took them so long to figure out they over sold and also horrible they haven’t reached out to anyone to let them know!

    • Before i ordered the box i made sure it said all orderes would be the may box, as i didnt want to receive the april box.

    • The banner thing was weird, a few weeks ago someone commented on this site that the banner said June was the next box, and when I went to the site via Google it did say June. When I followed the link here it said May was the next box. It seems like some serious tech issues, combined with severe lack of communication caused this problem.

    • i am not a new sub, and am not getting the may box. i have been a subscriber for 3 months and still dont get it. so its not just new people.

      • I haven’t read every comment but the overwhelming majority of people complaining are ones who tried to sign up in April. Each month people get mad, unsubscribe, then see a box they want and they subscribe again. You can tell that just by reading the comments. When you sub and unsub like that you run the risk of not getting what you want. It’s just what happens. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Some people are only happy when they complain. It’s just the way it is. If you have received boxes in Feb, Mar, and Apr and now suddenly not getting a May box you are a current subscriber whose issues need to be resolved first.

        • That’s incorrect. The majority of us not getting the box are new subscribers. From what I’ve read a few people who had canceled and signed back up for the Foreo are getting the box because they are considered current subscribers. It looks like some current subscribers are now not getting it as well. A company only releases a spoiler like that to attract subscribers, period. I subbed before that spoiler and it doesn’t matter.

          • That’s absolutely NOT right for a company to handle things that way. If someone has unsubbed and resubbed, they should be considered a new account just like any other. This just gets worse and worse the more I hear about it.

      • Wow! That’s actually the first comment I’ve read from someone with an established account who is not getting the May box. That’s just… Wow! So it’s really bad from their end, then.

  20. Okay so just called CS and they said I am for sure receiving the May box. I ordered my box April 28th. She said since I’ve been with them awhile I’m for sure getting May. (I’ve only gotten a few boxes…and that was November…December? Not sure) so I don’t know what they meant by that. Won’t be surprised if they were just saying that because they didn’t want to deal with another customer. Because believe me I will come unglued.. I’ve already talked to CS last week and been through multiple UNANSWERED emails because they cancelled my sub for an unknown reason. (I had order the May box like a week before the 28th with a new acct to get sub for 10$ and then ended up paying full price because they said they couldn’t put in there own discount code WHEN IT WAS THERE SCREW UP) so anyway I’m not holding my breath at all for getting May. UGH ?

    • The plot thickens…

      This would explain how people who signed up WAY before any spoilers ended up being bumped, if they’re seriously allowing folks with older inactive accounts to sign up as late as the 28th after a spoiler. That basically means that boxes aren’t going to be first come, first serve. They’re allowing people with older and inactive accounts to come in late and cut in line.

      That’s a HORRIBLE business practice.

  21. That’s so upsetting. I just called to receive a refund. I guess it was too good to be true after all. Shady business practices on their part.

  22. I just found out about this issue through a comment section and not from an official email?! I flew to Allure website and cancelled this subscription. I sent an email saying that I want a refund. I find this to be misleading at its highest ugh!!! I’m a new subscriber and this tells me how shady a company can be. If they can’t track how many boxes they have available for selling then I don’t know what to say! I just hope they give my money back soon or I’ll do a dispute with my bank.

  23. Wow! I was in a Live Chat last Wednesday with someone who told me that I was definitely getting the May box. After I saw this post I logged in and was told that I would be receiving the June box. She offered me the refund or the “complimentary box” that would arrive before June. I am beyond disappointed. I had to clarify with her that Allure’s practice was to charge accounts way before the boxes shipped out. One of the reason’s I decided to order this box was because May is my birthday month and I felt like splurging a little. I’m notorious for NEVER cancelling subscriptions, even when I’ve been disappointed due to FOMO. Due to customer service (or lack thereof) I just don’t know that I can fork over the money each month when it seems like this box is plagued with so many issues. Is anyone considering holding on to this box or have any ideas what the “complimentary box” they would send? Which btw how is the box complimentary if you’ve already charged my account and I opt out of receiving a refund? This is beyond frustrating ;/

    • I was told in 2 weeks they are sending out the dec 2015 box as a comp box and the charge we paid for the may box will go towards our June box, also I looked up the dec 2015, box it’s a free box but a far cry from the may box ,includes chapstick ,eyeliner, smashbox face primer,face product,and a dry shampoo. Oh well. It’s free.

      • The Illume candle from the December box is one of my favorite things ever! I bought a bunch of candles and a perfume in that scent after getting that box, and I usually hate fragrances.

    • I was given a choice of a makeup sample bag or to cancel. I requested a previous months box instead & the rep let me choose which month…Still very very disappointed…but I hope Junes box makes up for it!

      • I told the rep I would sleep on it. Hopefully they give me the option to choose the month. Fingers crossed for a WOW box for June!

    • There’s a few different boxes it seems like people are getting. Supposedly I’m getting the December box… Others seem to be getting a “sample box,” and others are getting the “Love Box”… Time will tell.

  24. I will state again as a regular subscriber I got a sub I did not like because they oversold last month because the new subscribers got the the normal box. I understand your frustration but think of the the loyal subscribers frustration.

    • I agree. Loyal subscribers should be served first.

      So many people jump on these boxes but only after they see the spoilers. Seems like the issue is that Allure should just remove the banner on their website that says which box is next. I’m sure there isn’t an unlimited supply of Foreo’s to give out for $10.

      Allure is a great box if you sign up and stick with them.

      • I subbed before the Foreo spoiler. I signed up on 4/12 after looking at several months and liking what I saw. Some people signed up on 4/7, so not all of us were subbing for that, but we aren’t getting the box as well. Plus the whole point of them releasing that spoiler was to get new subscribers. I’m glad current subscribers are getting the box, but I don’t think new subscribers should look like the bad guys here the wanting what the paid for.

        • I agree Adele! I have been eyeing this box for months and have wanted to sub for a long time, just didn’t have the money. I agree subscribers shouldn’t get the shaft because of new subbies. But what I disagree with is how they went about it, or actually didn’t go about it. If they ran out of supply fine I get it, but you can’t just leave paying customers in the dark about it. That’s no way to introduce someone to your business.

      • Isn’t that the point of spoilers? Why act like people are wrong to jump on a product they see?

        If I were you I’d be more concerned about what this (and apparently the deal last month with not getting the right box) says about Allure rather than being smug about being a loyal customer and shade others for being upset about being lied to. Is that really a company you want to be loyal to?

        • Being glad that they fulfill older subscriptions first isn’t being smug. She got shorted an item in her last box because they oversold yet she’s still giving them a chance and is glad that they are prioritizing old subscribers over new ones this month. Allure has some problems, I’ve experienced them in the past too, but overall I enjoy their box more than others. A lot of other boxes have similar issues. The one box that I do boycott I allowed 7 weeks to resolve an issue before I contested the charge. I personally just expect a little less than some subscribers seem to in regards to timeframe for resolving things and what is appropriate compensation for an error.

    • I just hope Allure doesn’t stop putting awesome items in their boxes. I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t. All this drama over a Luna play. I’m sure half the people that subscribed just for it were going to sell it on eBay anyways.

      • That is so unfair. A lot of us wanted to try out the Foreo, we have as much right with this box as we do with any other to subscribe based on spoilers.

      • … Or this drama is about a company showing its true colors by having a blatant bait and switch for new subscribers?

        To think… All this smugness over a comment section on a subscription box site.

      • I do not think that half the people wanted this to sell, i think that most just wanted to try this product. Allure put out the spoiler knowing people would sign up and that they would not receive the box they advirtised. That is why this form of decite is called bait and switch. People have every right to feel upset as they were lied to. If they did not have even enough product to send their current subscribers, then they should not have allowed this box to continue being sold. At the very least they should have let people know. For me it is not so much about the product, but their scamming. And yes it is scamming when u take someone’s money and do not send the product that purchase.

      • I am a “loyal” subber and I’m getting June. they sold out of May and literally didn’t order enough for their current subers either… loyal is completely relative. means not a heck of a lot to companies like allure hence the actual POINT of releasing spoilers=to gain New subscriptions. honestly, I don’t care if i get the box or not. I have enough stuff but as a business owner myself, it is unethical business practices to sell inventory you do not plan on getting nor have intentions to ship. had this happened in the last day or two, fine. all month of April, unethical and completely bait and switch.

    • As a regular subscriber does that mean you have maintained a continuous sub with them or does it mean you regularly subscribe to them off and on?

  25. Order date:04-07-2016
    Last ship date:04-28-2016

    So I won’t be receiving a box?! How annoying. I’m waiting for an email back so I know for sure ? Now, I’m grumpy lol

    • I must have just gotten in before the cut off. Here’s my chat with customer service:

      2016-05-02 21:07:32 Morgan
      Our records show that you will be receiving the May Box, it is currently at our warehouse preparing to ship

      2016-05-02 21:07:48 Taya Okay, thank you
      2016-05-02 21:08:01 Taya
      Is this for sure?

      2016-05-02 21:09:08 Morgan
      You are very welcome! Yes it is

      2016-05-02 21:09:23 Taya Thanks again!!!

      I’ll be very upset if it doesn’t show up lol since she said it was for sure!

      • When did you order, if I may ask? I’m sure you are excited as it is touch and go for many right now.

        • Looks like she ordered on 4/7. That’s the same day I ordered, but I got bumped to June.

          • *Taya, not she

            You probably ordered after me

  26. Same thing happened to me! I originally signed up in March-so I am receiving the May box. I signed up for a second box on 4/28 for my sister. I just called Allure and apparently their system some how combined my accounts since they are under the same billing address. All that aside, I am not getting a second May box for my sister because even though I ordered on 4/28 they ran out. I am so disappointed!!! The supervisor said they found out Friday so she’s been taking these calls all day. No word on when/if they are notifying subscribers because all the did was refund the amount. At least the supervisor was really nice about it and is sending a complimentary make up bag and then comping my sister’s June box. So sad, but at least she somewhat made it right. I really wanted my sister to get the May box!!!! ???

    • I also ordered a second box for my sister on 4/24. I just found out on Saturday that they cancelled it as a duplicate order. I was disappointed but since it was supposed to be a surprise my sister isnt disappointed. I’m just glad I’m getting my regular box.

      I have loved Allure since I subscribed in September. It’s unfortunate that this happened but they don’t have an unlimited supply of boxes and it seems like they have been slammed with new subscribers. I will gladly stick with Allure. For the price I think they are the best value.

  27. People need to chill! I dont see the problem. This has become a very popular sub and I dont think they realized! I have seen people all over the net drop subs and add this one because Allure is so awesome! It will be ok people! I am sure the June box will be just as awesome as May!

    • People are upset because they were told they were getting May…paid for May… and was never notified of anything different from Allure. They hid the fact they oversold and neglected to TELL ANYONE.

      • To be fair, they may have not realized immediately and are trying to get their act together. I don’t think it’s malicious or unethical though. I understand being annoyed but it seems as if torches and pitchforks are heading for Allure – ultimately it’s not water, food, gas or anything essential.

        • The other issue we have are the inconsistencies.
          If you saw the other forum posts (which is now over 200) you’ll see how all over the board they are in terms of refunding the money, what boxes are offered, what CS reps are saying……there’s not a straight answer.
          If they had caught it when they did on Friday, sent out an apologetic letter and stated the options of what new subscribers could do…..I don’t think we’d be as upset. This miscommunication from CS reps and NO communication from the higher ups is what is fueling this issue.

        • People who ordered around the 9TH OF APRIL aren’t even getting the May Box… how do you NOT KNOW how many boxes you have available to keep May’s sign up open for the REST OF THE MONTH. It’s a baloney and to make matters worse THEIR CS reps are terrible! The woman I spoke to today HUNG UP ON ME! And I was being polite because I knew it wasn’t her fault.

        • People who ordered around the 9TH OF APRIL aren’t even getting the May Box… how do you NOT KNOW how many boxes you have available to keep May’s sign up open for the REST OF THE MONTH. It’s a baloney and to make matters worse THEIR CS reps are terrible! The woman I spoke to today HUNG UP ON ME! And I was being polite because I knew it wasn’t her fault. Or how about NOT CHARGING people until their first box ships??? Like Ipsy..sephora..or a bazillion other subs. Don’t take our money and not tell us we aren’t getting what you told us you were!

        • well, honestly they did have 30 days to realize it, 20 business working days. says a lot when a company didn’t figure it out. it says they never planned to send May to begin with.

        • I have not subscribed to Allure (but considered it, which is why I saw this episode unfold) so I don’t really have a dog in this race, but I still think it’s on the company.

          You’re right – it might not have been malicious or unethical, but not tracking your inventory *at all* is very foolish and definitely bad business…

          I don’t think I will subscribe in the future unless they do something indicating they’ve fixed their inventory system (or lack thereof).

        • Unethical is not monitored on the necessity of the item. Leading people to believe they are getting something that they are not is unethical.

          When I bought the box for my little girl on the 22 of April I was surprised they where still offering the May box but thought hey this is great! They were telling people as late as the 22nd when I bought that they would receive the May box. This is not how other sub boxes do it. This is factually unethical because couldn’t not have known.

          You can feel that other people are over reacting but please don’t say that something is not unethical because it’s not a essential. Someone else posted that people shouldn’t be upset because they are not burning down villages. It diminishes the rights of that person.

          A few years ago when my car got hit in the middle of the night (the cost to repair was about 60% of the value of the car and I was only had liability in insurance) the cop said to me just be glad they didn’t total it. So you see it’s perspective but it not a great feeling when someone does something they shouldn’t to you and another person dismisses your experience. Just saying.

    • 🙂

    • I completely agree. Yes, they have a bad tracking system and their website incorrectly stated that they were still taking orders for May boxes, but even Birchbox has done this. I signed up with a promo code for a specific box from BB and they confirmed and I still didn’t get it. They didn’t offer me a free box or a refund, just points to say sorry. Allure is offering a lot more than that to people who complain, refunds, bonus boxes, etc. It’s not like they stole your money and left you empty handed. As far as the accusation of them hiding it from people, keep in mind that yesterday, Sunday, was the first day of the month. Give them a day or two to sort it out before burning them at the stake. I hope the June box is equally awesome and that all the people who complained and cancelled they try to sign up again at the last minute and miss out on that box too.

      • Well said!

      • I don’t think hoping people miss out on the June box is helpful and is the same as rudness towards Allure some people are complaining about. I canceled, which they offered as an option. Allure had plenty of time Friday to blast out an email to customers when they knew the box oversold, but they didn’t. Still haven’t seen anything from them and that is what is fueling a lot of anger and lack of consistency. I was only offered a refund, which is fine, but others were offered more. I expect this from a new company, not one that is established.

      • I’m sorry, were you already charged for your June box? Because I was. And if nothing else here, that’s a problem.

        • Ipsy does the same thing. They charge as soon as you sign up. You may get that month’s box but you may get the next. I’m sure that if you call Allure they will refund you as they did with everyone else who asked.

          • Ipsy does NOT charge while you are on the waitlist..they charge you WHEN your first bag ships

      • Allure did offer me a refund but they didn’t offer me a free box like it seems they offered to many other customers. I am most upset that when I signed up I was told I would get May and I never received a notification saying I wasn’t getting May and I had to track down customer service on my own based on an instagram post I just happened to see. I ordered a Lip Collection Offer from Ipsy and when they ran out of one item they contacted me about the delay, replaced the sample size item with a full size, and gave me a free colourpop lipstick (which they hadn’t mentioned so it was a surprise!) The whole time they were apologetic and kept me informed so I didn’t mind waiting the extra time while they made it right. Not only were the Allure customer service people abrupt and rude but they didn’t even offer anything to make my experience better.

  28. BTW, people are letting them have it on their Facebook page. And surprisingly they are responding there but with silly, pat answers. For those who have received the box before, what city does the box ship from?

    • Bensenville, IL

    • Would it be better if they didn’t respond at all? Or would it then be *at least they could say something* or maybe they could close the page for comments since nothing is going to make anyone happy.

  29. Count me as one of the many who were oversold a May box. I cancelled and do not plan on doing any business with them in the future.

    • It’s not just that they oversold the box, it’s that they lied to their customers and seemingly had no intention of letting us know we were not getting the box we were promised.

      • Exactly! I will never, ever give them my business again! I am really annoyed that they are sending me a freaking check! I didn’t pay by check , so WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Total bull!

  30. I love this box, but boy do they need to get it together. This happened to me in March. I ordered the March box and did not receive it because it was sold out. They sent an email stating that my first box would be the APRIL BOX, mind you, I had already been charged $10.00 for he MARCH BOX which I was told I would not be getting. I received an email stating that I would be receiving a Bonus Box and that my APRIL BOX would be FREE. Fast forward to today, I got charged full price for the MAY BOX, which shouldn’t have happened because that $10 payment that I had been initially charged for what should have been my first box (the March Box) should have paid for my MAY BOX since my APRIL BOX was FREE. I am currently on the phone with this guy who is having serious attitude and is not understanding what I am saying (as no one there ever does). End of story, guy is forwarding my problem to someone higher than me that will determine whether or not I get a refund. It isn’t that hard to understand and I don’t get why my refund isn’t being issued. Hope Allure gets it together or no one will want to subscribe.

    • higher than him* Haha, so fired up I wrote me.

    • Unless we all start doing chargebacks since we received nothing for the charge put forth. This is my concern, the “service” they are using seems antiquated and no one seems to be updating the status or charge amounts. If you look at the URL it is “BUYSUB” which is a magazine fulfillment software system. It has no way to track overselling because magazines don’t oversell and there is no way to track a missed shipment or credit a customer. You can look at how it is set up to see what I am talking about.

      • I think they need to update their software databases and such, and get all their CS reps on the same page. Whoever’s in charge of these departments is doing a terrible job.

      • Wow, that makes sense for all their issues but you’d think that w this happening so many times it would get fixed. Since they know it’s not a magazine and they know it can and does in fact sell out they really have no excuse for keeping a system that doesn’t work for this “new” product. It’s just ridiculous they think they can get away w this, each time they loose flocks of customers and then bring new ones w shiny spoilers only for them to not fulfill the demand.
        It’s sad cause all those companies have lost my repeat business, I had never bought from them but was likely to if they were good now I won’t get to test them and they will remind me of this (plush I’m likely to forget what they are if I don’t have them). Foreo maybe but not as much w out the trial product. I just can’t fork out my money w out saving double+ or knowing it’s incredible!
        If they would just restock the box it would be perfect, the companies could get repeat business and allure at least would have made it right!
        ….A girl can dream right?

      • You’ve got a keen eye! Wow, that’s really interesting.

  31. I signed up April 22 because of the spoiler item. I am currently on hold to find out if I am getting the May box or not. If not, I am cancelling. I am so mad that they would do this and then have the audacity to not even bother notifying subscribers that they will get the JUNE box! Bait and switch!

    • Just got off the phone with them and of course, I am not getting the May box. I cancelled, but get this….they will send me a check for my refund!!! GRRRR I didn’t pay with a check, so why am I getting a check?!? I am furious! #neveragainallure

      • Oh heck no! I got a refund too, but if I have to wait forever for a paper check, I’m going to be even more ticked off!

        • Not sure why they are suggesting refunds in the forms of checks, but if I don’t see my refund pending to my cc by tomorrow, I will be disputing the charge. They were quick to take our money but now want to send a check that takes longer to arrive?
          This just gets shadier by the minute. Also I remember reading that someone posted that the reason why Allure hasn’t said anything to us was due to the fact that those employees who are in charge of notification don’t work the weekends. (This information was based on their chat with a CS rep). Guess what…..its near the end of Monday….where’s the informative and apologetic letter?

          • Yes, exactly!
            How come there has been nothing at all?!
            This is just getting so shady…
            After hearing about the check stuff I’m glad I took the free box not the refund but it seems like they could screw that up too!
            Now I’m worried about when the next charge will be too…plus when are the bonus boxes supposed to come?
            I think my 1st rep told me about a week but the 2nd didn’t even say!

  32. Count me in as one of the people screwed over. Im done with them. Customer service offered a box to “tide me over” until my june box, but i said no. I feel tricked and lied to. I just cant support a company that would be so shady and pull this bait and switch. Im sure if its happened once, than it will happen again

    • I feel the same way! Why stick around until June when I had to contact them to know if I got the box I paid for. If it had been in an email that I was getting a replacement box I would be fine. But if some people are getting different things and some people who don’t call get nothing…seems even more unfair. They need to regroup and send out an email to costumers. Also the CS person was nice. Please be nice to them. They did not mess this up.

  33. Wow this box fiasco is like last year’s CFDA PS box. Hopefully June will be better for everyone but I think people who cancelled because they could not get the May box, the same thing could happen again in June if It is really a great box and then they will miss out again and complain and the cycle will continue.

    • Or hopefully Allure learns from this and doesn’t oversell June and updates their website in a timely manner.

      • Honestly, I would feel better if they simply stated that a subscription would put you on the waitlist to receive the first available box instead of specifying a month. The CS representatives have no access to inventory and no way of knowing whether or not a box is sold out, and Allure apparently doesn’t keep up with inventory to know whether or not a box is oversold. So there’s NO WAY they can make any kind of determination as to which box you will receive.

        If that’s the case, then why put it on the site or have CS reps tell you you’ll get a particular month? I think the key issue here is integrity. Folks were told one thing and then another.

    • Except that the CFDA PS box was well over $100. Most of us paid $10, or at the most, $15 for this box. I DO understand the frustration, I’m not going to be getting it either and it sucks. But I don’t understand the level of vitriol. It’s become the Salem Witch Trials of the sub box world.

      • Same here, I don’t get it.

      • Think of how long people waited to get the Sephora Play box. At least you know you only have to wait a month. Honestly since I subbed in Sept. I have only had to deal with their CSone time and it was when my card expired and I forgot to enter the new information. I have had no issues with Allure. Their boxes are always great values and they sent me a whole free extra box.

      • The vitriol is because of the continued lack of transparency from Allure about this. An apologetic email would have changed the tone entirely. I can only imagine how people who aren’t on MSA will react when they don’t get a box they paid for with no notice.

        • As someone who has spent the majority of my career in large corporate marketing/advertising departments (now freelance, thank heaven), I can tell you that it’s not as easy as just dashing off an apologetic email. This all started blowing up on Friday night, it’s now Tuesday morning. First they have to figure out exactly what happened and why, which takes a while; then craft a response, which has to be written, designed and approved by what I’m sure is a large number of people. Given they are well aware of the level of scrutiny they are now under, their legal department will also be heavily involved, which further slows down the process. They are providing refunds to anyone who asks, that’s really all they can do. I’m just not sure what else people are expecting at this point.

  34. This is so sad. After two years I cancelled Birchbox for this box. I was always slightly happy with things or CS made up for anything that wasn’t right. Now knowing I switch to this situation is very very upsetting. Especially since the box is amazing. I am happy for anyone that gets the May box. Lucky you!

  35. No notification is going to just make people angry. Especially if the June box is not as nice. So it’s basically all the new customers? This was one I was really looking forward to receiving. Especially the Foreo. I may cancel since I got the Sephora coming.

  36. Oh dear – they are having all sorts of issues this week. Like many others I have a charge pending for a single Beauty Thrills box; I did the prepay for three boxes a couple of weeks ago so don’t appreciate the “double dip”. I’m hoping it will resolve itself so I don’t have to call CS

    • I have the same extra charge pending, I’m going to wait and see if it actually becomes a charge before I call though. Hopefully it just goes away on it’s own.

    • Same here. I called on Friday (before this all blew up) to check on it, and the person I spoke to said they were just made aware of the glitch and would be reversing the charge for the single box.

  37. Called talked to a great guy he sent me a previous month (not the love box) for free and I’ll get my first box in June. Sucks about May but at least they sent me a previous month for free

  38. I chatted and was notified that I would be receiving the June box… I placed my order on 4/22. They said to rectify things they would send me a love box…. hopefully it had A LOT OF LOVE to make up for this… I really wanted the Pulse Play and signed up as soon as I saw the spoiler. Hopefully June will be amazing to make up for this fiasco. I kept a copy of the chat transcript just in case, but I am still super disappointed.

    • I read on the forum the love box has three itens…cargo eye shadow, a bumble bumble hair sample and a small serum.

      • That is just seriously upsetting. Someone said they were receiving a past box…. =/ too late now to ask for that. I just hope they make up for it in June. I am going to be seriously upset if that box turns out to be a total dud!!

    • I subscribed on 4/22 as well. And apparently a June box too.
      Kinda sucks for a mother’s day present now.

      • I don’t get it.. when I log in it says it is 1 day away from being shipped… why have the system reflecting something untrue?

  39. I just called and they said that for people not getting the May box they are sending us a box of samples of some sort for May plus the June box with no charge for May. I really think that they should have ponied up to fulfill the orders that they received. Even if it was an honest error it feels like bait and switch ESPECIALLY since I had to find out about it here not from them directly!!!

    • I sort of agree. If it was their error in advertising this way, it’s their problem. They didn’t even offer me anything to make up for it, so their response so far has been a mess of further inconsistency.

  40. Really surprising that a company this size and as established as Allure is, has–at least in this instance–such poor business practices in regards to tracking inventory levels, ethical advertising and marketing standards and informing consumers of sold out inventory, confirmation of cancellation, refund status, etc. They really dropped the ball on this one and there does not seem to be any transparency or accountability on their end thus far.

  41. I called customer service. They stated that I will be getting the June box but they will be sending out a free sample box for May. But let’s see how that goes.

  42. Oh I am so frustrated and disappointed. I was reallllly looking forward to this box. I can’t afford more than one subscription at a time and I watch like a hawk for good boxes. I wasn’t notified by Allure in any way I had to contact them. I signed up in April and won’t get May. So I cancelled.

  43. Fingers cross, ordered on April 24th, didnt get any refund yet.

    • Unfortunately you have to call them for the refund or they will automatically send you the June box instead.

      • I already have a completed(not pending) charge go through for the subscription. So they will charge again for June, even though I didn’t get the May unless I call? They shouldn’t charge your card until it ships, period. Especially if there is fulfillment issues. That is shocking they get by with this. What a mess they have created.

        • No, they will not charge you again. The charge will just carry through for June. If they do charge you again, of course call them. I asked the same question when I was on the phone with them.

        • They aren’t supposed to charge for June since you already paid for the May box you won’t be receiving, but I wouldn’t put it past them to charge, especially after double charging the people who did pre-payment for the Beauty Thrills box.

        • No, they will not charge you for June. If you don’t receive the May box they are considering your payment to be for the June box.

  44. Thanks Liz. This was a no win for everyone. Anything you can say yet on the chances Allure will do the right thing? Do we have any hope at all of seeing our Foreo Play from them?

  45. I signed up 4/26 and my account shows a last ship date of 4/27. Does anyone else show this? I figured that meant my May box had shipped…

    • Mine did the same thing. I purchased it on 4/22 and it says ship date 4/22 but I won’t be receiving the box.

    • I ordered April 18 and show an April 19 ship date (and my CC was charged.)
      I chatted with customer service today and no dice. I’m getting the June, just like everyone else. 🙁

    • I’ve subbed with Allure for about 5 months. I don’t think that it means it was shipped. I think it just means that is the day your payment posted to your account. Also the site said May boxes start shipping on 4/29 and that was the day I was charged. Their site and customer service can be very confusing but I really like what comes in the box so I haven’t cancelled. Anyway you might want to give them a call to verify what’s going on with your box.

      • This has been my experience as well. I’ve so enjoyed my Allure subscription over the past months. I sure hope this over subscription doesn’t ruin the quality of future boxes…

        So often – sub boxes cater to new subscribers. I am glad that Allure is prioritizing fulfilling orders for previously existing subscribers (last month new subscribers received the better box).

  46. Bummer, I was excited for this to be my first box. I called to be sure and he told me it shows June as my first box so I cancelled and got a refund.

  47. They refunded me when I called but didn’t refund me when I chatted. so its best to call them rather than e-mail or chat.

    • I think it just depends on who you talk to. I had no problems with a refund through chat. I told them flat out I wanted a refund though, the fact that the May box was confirmed at checkout (I had ordered late to like on the 26th and it was still saying May), and no notification after they knew there was a problem is unacceptable for any company. They didn’t even bother trying to sell me on the free box to try to keep me. That fact that May was listed at checkout for over a week after they had already run out of May boxes seems like more than just an over site on their part.

  48. I knew this would happen

  49. Also FYI- If you tried ordering more than one under the same address they most likely cancelled your duplicate orders without notifying you. I had that issue and unfortunately by the time I noticed it was too late to get anymore may boxes. And customer service was not helpful at all with the issue. I’ve never been so disappointed in a subscription box customer service…

    • The spoiler finally convinced a close friend of mine and my mom to sub. I did both subs for them. THEN a bubble popped up saying if I refer somebody I will get a bonus. So I wrote them and said “hey I just referred 2npeople can I get that bonus?” I got a rather snotty email saying pretty much you had to go “through the process”.
      I wrote them again saying “are you kidding me?” (In a Very nice way) Then they became even snottier and told me they had to call a number (with very limited hours that it was open) to get me credit. They told my friend so many confusing things she just had to give up. I agree– worst customer service ever.

  50. Thanks Liz! I already received my refund from them. I’m surprised they haven’t sent anything out about this.

    • Some subscribers won’t know about the overselling and will still expect the May box. You would think they would send an e-mail out to new subscribers. Powells Indiespensable oversold a month. They not only e-mailed me but sent extra goodies the next shipment and I also got a $5 coupon, free shipping. They should at least send out an e-mail fro the unsuspecting people.

      • I complained to customer service about not having an email system in place to let customers know about their boxes either A) being auto-cancelled or B) being over-sold etc. Hopefully they fix this issue in the future, I’m sure they will have many complaints because of it!

      • I’m about to be on my second Indiespensable and I’m happy to hear they have good CS!

        • Powells does have good CS. Feels like your talking to the person next door.