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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL SPOILERS for the May 2016 Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks, Haylee, for the head’s up!)

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Here is the first look at the May box:


It includes:

What do you think of the May 2016 Allure Beauty Box spoilers?

This box is regularly $15 a month, but you can use this link to save $5 off your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just did a live chat and confirmed I’m not getting the may box. I cancelled my order. I’m annoyed but it was an impulse purchase and I honestly don’t need another subscription.

    • Just talked with someone and she said most new subscribers won’t be getting it. Outrageous and false advertising. All they had to do was change the banner saying Jine versus May.

    • I just called and was told the same thing to even though the post I clicked on when I joined promised me the May box. This is complete false advertising. What a bad taste I have about Allure and how they did this to everyone getting them to join under false pretenses.

      • No! I’m nervous because u haven’t received tracking, but I think they already charged me. I subscribed on the 24th, when did you ladies subscribe? I’m wondering when the cutoff date actually was, because the banner definitely said April what I subscribed ?

        • You are getting June. No one who subbed in April is getting May now.

          • I subbed in April, and just received my tracking number.

          • I subbed in April and just got my May box.

        • I subbed april 22 and won’t be getting may 🙁 so sad i cancelled

      • Ugh I’m SO passed because I only subscribed to get this box! Also, the lady I called was such a witch! I’m so mad& I asked if Allure’s planning on putting an extra item in the June box for lying to us subscribers & she said no. She did say she can ship me out a previous box all the way from January. I think I’m going to get my money back.

      • Crapola – I received an email telling me I was to receive the May box. Waiting! AND – where can I write about ippsy???? I am so upset – I specifically DID NOT CHECK the boxes for masks and brushes. I received 5 masks, a brush and a bronzer. The bronzer is OK, but the rest is garbage as far as I’m concerned. This is only the second month that I have subscribed to any of these. So far the Wal-Mart box was the best! HA! Go figure!

    • Same here. I opted not to cancel, they are sending me a free previous month’s box as an apology. Still really upsetting but I didn’t want to cancel because it seems to sell out a lot and I might want whatever they have in June.

    • DITTO

    • I just got an email saying that my box have been shipped so maybe I got the May box. I signed up when I saw the spoilers for this month and I also contacted customer service to ask him whether I would get the mailbox or not and they told me I will not I’m keeping my fingers crossed

      • Same here can’t wait to see when it gets here people must be mad they canceled !

        • I’m honestly not mad I cancelled. I’ve already swapped for the items I wanted in the box (Foreo and polish) and won’t have to give any of my money to a company that treats their customers like this, flat-out lies on their website sign-up pages, and has absolutely no idea what’s going on as far as inventory and shipments are concerned. This was the second time I dropped their subscription and I won’t be going back for a third shot.

  2. Aghhh I knew it was too good to be true. Seriously there is always something wrong with this sub, I’m done.

    A couple years back, they advertised a FULL SIZE 30ml Estée Lauder serum in a September box I believe. instead, it was a 7 ml sample reaaaaallllyy. No apology, no refunds, just an oops are bad. False advertising again. That was when they were sample society. I know it’s just a box but I already had my mom and sister sign up cuz of the spoilers. Nice you guys.

  3. Hmm disappearing posts and disappearing boxes. Did I violate a rule by suggesting this be taken to social media?

    • I can see all your 7 comments on this post. Some are replies to other comments, so they won’t show up at the top though – they’ll be in line with the comment you replied to. Hope that makes sense! Let me know if that isn’t it, though. Sorry for any confusion!

      • Thanks. I also included you on couple of tweets. This cannot be good for you all these cancellations must mess up your referrals etc. it’s not fair to any of us. Their CS is also very inconsistent with offering only some free boxes and others just processing refunds and not giving a crap. They are not even BBB certified. This would never happen with QVC.

        • QVC also doesn’t offer a subscription box worth far more than what you paid for it that I know of.

          • QVC used to have a partnership with New Beauty Test Tube that sent 8-9 items quarterly and many full size. They were all high end brands and you could even return it. They also held an annual Beauty Bash where you could meet most vendors and every year I received approx $2,000 worth of product in my box. Tickets were $75 and sold out in minutes. People travelled from all over to attend. I always bought the weekend package and in my hotel room every person was given another large box with hundreds of dollars of products. The Bash and many of their events benefit charities. Right now QVC sells their own beauty boxes which seem like a great value to me. Most cost around $20 and are similar to Sephora value sets but I think they have a nice variety right now. Also returnable and the best CS I know of.

          • I think HSN is working working with NBTT now. Those QVC boxes were great, except for all the Mally!

        • But you can complaint to the FTC online for false advertising which this clearly it

  4. Same story here, I subscribed on May 22nd for two boxes, I just called CS and they told me that I’m set to receive the June box on both accounts, even thought the banner on top of the page until this morning said first box will be May box. Isn’t that false advertisement?

  5. I ordered a second box for my teenage daughter. Too late it seems, because her box will start in June. When asked if there was anything else they could do, they offered a ‘Love Box’. It will have 3 items and is a free bonus. I wish they had been more transparent, but if you want to stick it out with Allure, you can request a bonus box.

    I am glad that they supported their previous subscribers. My regular box will come in May so I will likely give my daughter the May box and take the bonus box for myself.

  6. Thank you to everyone who commented if I didn’t read them I would probably just have been waiting for the may box. I also went ahead and cancelled and asked for a refund, what I don’t understand is why they charged me in April when my first box was going to be June? Either way, They really messed up as a company and have lost a lot of potential customers.

    • When I signed up in Feb and didn’t get the box they told me that they authorized it but don’t request the money until they ship. So it should fall off unclaimed.

    • I’d already been charged too and was clueless I wouldn’t receive a box until June since I was told it would be May. All I got from cs was a yeah sorry they oversold and do you want to cancel so my mom and I both did. But we were told our refunds would have to be in the form of a check mailed to us, is that also what they told you?

      • WHAT??! A check?!

      • Did you pay with a credit card? If so then they should not be sending you a check. This is so shady.

        • Yes I paid with a credit card but was told they had to enter it manually so I’d receive a check in a few weeks.

    • I had the same thing happen re: being charged. I asked about this and was told that when one initially signs up, they are charged for their first box immediately. After that it is billed in the month that the box ships.

  7. Well that sucks, I signed on the 24 and not getting May’s box. I chatted in to verify and when they did, I asked to cancel the subscription. They offered a complimentary box ahead of June’s so I keep the sub open. Sigh… I really wanted that Foreo!

    • They offered me the box from Feb. I don’t want their Leftovers and I certainly wasn’t impressed with the review of the feb box.

  8. Well, I called to check after reading everyone’s stories and I too was told that June would be my first box. I then politely asked for it to be cancelled as that wasn’t what I signed up for. She did so. Then I told her I’d only gotten the thrills box because I was kind of getting in the Allure team spirit. And since I’m no longer feeling any team spirit for Allure she could go ahead and cancel that too. Which she did. So, I’m back up by, what, 70 bucks? I would have rather had the May box, but I suppose I didn’t need it anyway. The good news is that their original subscribers aren’t going to get dumped on this month because they aren’t putting them ahead of new subscribers, and rightly so. And that’s that for me and Allure. Finito.

    • I have been a subscriber since this box was handled by Sample Society. I did not receive a May box, and now have been told I will also not receive a June box. Allure has no idea what they are doing as far as inventory and their customer service department is TERRIBLE. I paid for May back in April, I called when I hadn’t got a shipping confirmation. they refunded me for May, charged me again for June, and now let me know I wont be getting that either.

  9. I bought three boxes for family, one was cancelled so I ordered another yesterday, they say I will receive june boxes but the one from yesterday say it has a ship date of yesterday but they say I will receive June

  10. Just like most ladies, I subscribed to 2 April boxes back in March. They cancelled both, then they reactivated only one, which was the newest subscription. I received an email from them about 3 or 4 days after the reactivation and said “Sorry for the cancellation, then reactivation of your account. There was a glitch with our system and it’s now fixed. Sorry for any troubles and confusion this might’ve caused” So, if this is still happening to several gals, I’m thinking it’s because they only allow one subscription box per household? Hmmm.. They should state that on their website so no one goes thru all this disappointments. Good thing for me, is that at least they let me have one subscription and just got charged for my May box yesterday.

    • I think is not related to the household but to credit card you are using because I have 2 Allure subs with same address and different credit cards.

    • A similar thing happened to me a couple months ago. I subscribed, got a box, saw the next months spoilers and decided i wanted 2 boxes so i could give one to my sister. I used my boyfriend’s email address, but otherwise all the same info. I only received one box, so i tried to log in and they had cancelled my original account! I resigned up (and got the discount for the “first” box) and the next month they cancelled my account on my bf’s email! Wtf? They did send an apology email and my next box was free though. Allure needs to get their stuff together!

  11. Allure needs to do the right thing and send out an email not only apologizing but letting new subscribers know if they get the box or not. It doesn’t sit right with me that they knew they over sold and aren’t doing things to address the issue other than slowly credit people’s accounts back ……..that is AFTER the customer has called to verify if they qualify for the May box.

  12. Wow. Just reached out to Allure about checking to make sure I was receiving the May box and was told that I would be getting the June box instead even though I never received a notification of any change and when I subscribed over a week ago it said it was for the May box. That is incredibly poor customer service not to mention blatant false advertising. It would be great if someone from MSA could reach out to Allure and let them know how upset customers are and how many people got screwed over by this. It really is completely unacceptable. I will say the customer service person I talked to was nice and as someone who has worked in customer service please be nice to whoever you talk to, it isn’t their fault that someone higher up messed up. However, I will be very careful about ordering anything from Allure in the future.

    • Totally agree. I’ve been ranting and have a migraine starting. I had my first Twitter rant. This is so wrong and we have the emails, bank charges and screen shots to prove it. I reached out on Twitter and would hope all who got screwed over take it to social media. If I read this post in the future I would never give them my credit info unless I saw they did the right thing and took care of all of us #no?no? # dotherightthing #noyouMAYnothaveabox

    • So sorry about this. I’ve reached out and will update when I hear back.

      • Not your fault. Allure has always done a bad job at website management and customer service. It sucks, but the boxes are a good fit, so I stick with them. That being said, I am actually glad that they are canceling when people place multiple orders. The fact that there are people who already had multiples of this box listed for swap just shows how greedy and gaming some individuals are. It sucks that some people are not getting the box they thought, but Allure doesn’t owe you anything more than a refund and the bonus box is their apology. Feel free to boycott, I have done so with PSMH after their fiascos, but calling your Attorney General, really? Move on. It’s just a box.

        • That’s right my Attorney General’s office. And I don’t think I’m alone because I’ve seen mention of BBB and FTC as well. Now an incorrect charge on some members Beauty Thrills Box of close to $65! Why would I move on when I can choose to help other people avoid this in the future? Hopefully Liz advocating on our behalf will do the trick. Btw I only ordered one box and was offered nothing by Allure so we all have different experiences.

          • I don’t disagree that it is poor customer service to do what they did, but if they give you your money back if you request it, as other comments have suggested they have done, it’s not exactly criminal, and perhaps not the best use of our political system. Liz is a blogger who provides us with information and reviews but expecting her to advocate on your behalf or make changes to a company that size is perhaps not a reasonable expectation. I just hate to see her apologize for something completely outside of her control.

          • I had the incorrect charge for the Beauty Thrills box after paying for the annual sub. I called them, they were responsive and apologetic, and I have no reason to think they won’t credit back my account as promised. If they don’t, then I will pursue further action with Allure, not a third party. I realize a lot of us are disappointed — May is going to be an amazing box. Not getting it when we thought we were going to sucks. But who knows, maybe June’s box will be even better.

          • Joy, this the exactly why the FTC exists- to make sure companies cannot pull a bait and switch on consumers. No one should contact an AG’s office because 49 of 50 states have no jurisdiction.

          • You’re RIGHT to take it further Because I am. This is NOT the first time ALLURE has done something like this. I appreciate that LIZ posted the update about the box issues. But is that REALLY her job to do? No but she cares about her followers UNLIKE ALLURE. I have seen MANY people already posting BBB complaints BECAUSE until they are cited or pay a price they will continue to disregard the obligation they have to operate HONESTLY. These deceptive practices to garner more subscribers is unacceptable and they need to stop.

        • I so agree with you about people ordering multiple boxes, that’s greedy and unseemly. I’m sure Allure doesn’t have an infinite number of these products in stock.

          • I ordered 1 box based on past reviews before they announced the Foreo spoiler. When the spoilers came out, I told my sister to sign up because I knew she would want to try it. Neither of us is getting a box and I don’t appreciate Allure grouping me in with people who did multiple orders if that’s the case. Also, if they have a problem with multiple orders, then they need to fix it on their end.

        • I was told when I was purchasing that I would receive the May box. When I contacted them I was told it would be June but I had not received, nor was there any indication of me receiving, a refund for the purchase. They were planning on just leaving the charge and sending me the June box and I also had not been contacted over email about the switch. All they would have needed to do was to send out an email explaining the situation. I would still have been unhappy but the fact that they were just going to charge me for June, which was not what I was told I purchased, without any notification is pretty awful. Handling business in this manner is very shady and I don’t think people are wrong in reaching out to their AGs or BBB, it’s their right to report a company. When I asked Liz to reach out, it was not because I expected her to apologize at all. I realize that this situation is not her fault and is far out of her control. However, I figured that since Liz is such an awesome blogger that she probably has a little more power than most of us do when it comes to dealing with complaints towards companies. I thought that by her reaching out she might be able to get a larger response or explanation than the average person would (I believe she has done this before when other subs have gone wrong). I appreciate Liz reaching out on our behalf. Sometimes it’s important to question why something happened and ask why a popular company like Allure would pull such a blatant “bait and switch”. The point of having systems like the AG office and BBB in place is for situations like this so other customers can be warned, an simple apology doesn’t always do the trick. I realize its a box and may seem silly but it’s also my money that they were keeping while sending me something I did not purchase.

      • Thanks Liz! Clearly this is not your fault at all and there is no need for you to apologize but we really appreciate you reaching out! 🙂

        • Thanks so much ❤️ – I’ll keep you posted!

  13. My box wasn’t cancelled, they just “decided” they would hold my money, not ship a box, and then ship in june. Well, I don’t trust them to not charge me again for June so I’m out for now.

    I may resubscribe, but probably not.

    I can completely understand the frenzy this has caused (and the frustration). Customer service was courteous but also curt, she did what she was supposed to and I didn’t make a fuss. She did say “while they were pulling orders today they ran out” … they should have a better inventory control system for that. Hopefully this will be a lesson.

    • I should add, I just called at 8:30pm est. And they took care of it. Seemed like the CS agent knew what was coming. I was on hold for about 3 min and the call lasted less than 5 min total.

  14. My order got cancelled, I don’t understand. They already reversed the changes back to my account. How pathetic

  15. I was looking forward to this box! I signed up – My birthday is in May and it’d be a bummer if they charge for JUNE in April…. Does anyone know when they usually charge payments when you’re a reoccurring subscriber? Like is it the third week of the month or just a random date? I don’t want to be charged in May if i still haven’t received anything compensating my APRIL charge…. ;{ Good luck everyone.

    • Allures site under FAQ states charged 7 days within updated ship date. Take screen shots of everything. This is outrageous . A blatant Bait n Switch

      • I just found out I would be getting the June box and not May’s. I’m pissed and had them issue a refund and cancel my account! I still feel like I should have been able to get what I signed up for though!

      • I just chatted to confirm also. I signed up 8 days ago and it said I was signing up for the MAY box. Nope!!! They said June would be my first box, I cancelled. Bait and switch agreed!!

    • I got charged today for my May box on an account I’ve had for awhile if that helps.

    • I’ve been a subscriber for probably about 9 months or so and I usually get charged for my box the last couple of days of the month. And that’s for the next month’s box. This is usually the first box I get out of all my boxes.

      Sucks that new subscribers are having so much trouble. Don’t think they counted on the popularity of the May box.

    • I was charged on the 28th . Its usually somewhere around there.

  16. Ordered two boxes on April 22 and will be getting neither of them. So so so frustrated and disappointed.

    • Feel you :(((( same here…

      • Can’t believe they would do that without telling anyone, when there was a giant banner on the website saying you’d get the May box and it was still mid-April. If I didn’t read these comments, I’d never have known to even check. Ridiculous.

        • Me too. I go to look at spoilers and then I find out that I’m NOT getting this box . I was like WTF are you serious. Give me back all my money, Keep the stupid magazine and the bag too. I don’t want anything from ALLURE.

        • A lot of people won’t know its not coming. So it will be almost June before they realize they won’t be getting their boxes. Very poor customer service if they don’t send out e-mails.

    • Me too

  17. Guess what girls, I just called and they said that my first box will be the June box…. I am sooo upset :((((((((( I ordered mine the April 22nd…. This is crazy…. I was sooo happy about this box, but now…

    • I’m not letting this go. No way! This is worse than the Sephora Play wait list fiasco because Allure took our money. One person ordered on April 12th. No excuse. There was confusion on the May or June box and Liz posted she called and we could order up til May 9th I believe she was told. She did advise us to call and confirm which I did twice and now no box.

      • Wish there was something that could be done. The customer service guy I talked to knew and admitted it was “so horrible” but they aren’t doing anything about it.

        • Why can’t they buy more stuff and just send boxes late?

    • Same here. Told them to cancel my sub. Shame on them and their deceitful practices!

      • I have written about this before…I signed up again first day of March..figured I couldn’t get March…But would get April….No.After waiting two weeks I was told I cancelled.No I did not.Then I was told I could just re-subscribe.As much as I have always liked Allure,There are allot of boxes to choose from.They are trying so hard to bring in big amounts of subscribers…without taking care of of the customers they bring in.I am going to wait and see how things look after Junes box.

  18. I am so excited about May’s box. I hate that the new subbies are having a hard time.

  19. Okay so after hearing so many people saying they were not getting their May box, I called Customer service to confirm I’d be getting one. They said i would be getting the May box & that it was in the warehouse. But I’ll believe it when I get it. This is such a bummer for people who signed up. I would be devastated if I don’t get mine. I feared something like this would happen with how popular the May box is… it just really sucks

    • What day did you sign up if you don’t mind telling us?

      • Oh I dont mind at all. I have been with them since January. But once I saw spoilers for the May box I signed up for a 2nd one for my sister. This was about 4 days ago or so. Then they cancelled that account the next day & I called to see why and they told me it was because it was only 1 box per household. So after seeing all of these comments I called back to make sure that I would at least get my May box under the account I have had since January & that’s when they told me that I would & that it’s currently in the warehouse. It is horrible, not to mention false advertising, that they would do this to people. Not a good look on them as a company at all 🙁

        • I wonder if they are just making excuses with the “one box per household” because my box and my sister’s were coming to the same address and they told the both of us we were getting June. If that is policy, they need to post it!

  20. This is an awesome box,I always get it the first week of the month.I love everything we’re getting is it hogesh of me to be sad that there won’t be the cute little mini perfume bottle with the cologne I could never afford in this months box??

    • Of course not!

  21. Hope everyone checks their account. I had confirmation emails but these comments had me nervous. I just called and not only had they cancelled one of my orders (a mother’s day gift), they had not pulled a May box for the other order, saying cheerfully my sub would start in June. No thanks. And they had certainly charged me for the magazine sub. I cancelled everything and may escalate to better business bureau. Customer service FAIL.

  22. So I also signed up on 4/22 and the charge went through on 4/23. I called customer service at the time and they said I would be getting the May box. After reading these comments however, I called CS just now and they said that I would actually be getting the June box. I cancelled on the spot and asked for a refund which will *supposedly* show up in 48 hours.

    I am extremely disappointed with them. And after reading comments from past month’s boxes, apparently this type of mismanagement from Allure is not uncommon. This will be my first and last experience with them.

    • They told me the refund could take a “few weeks.”

      • A few WEEKS?? That’s a bit sketchy in my opinion. Idk how their payment system is set up, but you’d think they could just reverse or cancel the charge and have it over and done with in a couple days at most. I’m getting frustrsted with them by reading these comments. I feel like they should send out an email and explain what the heck happened and offer an apology and/or a different box of equal value. This whole fiasco with poor customer service is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  23. Okay so seeing all these comments saying people’s orders were canceled had me scared. So I called Customer service & they confirned I’d be getting the May box & that it’s currently in the warehouse! Ive been with allure since January but I had to double check because it seems like a lot of people are getting burned which totally sucks 🙁

  24. I just checked my credit card and they charged me twice, $5, then $10. What’s the deal? Did they take away the $5 discount?

    • Oh wait, did I sign up for a magazine subscription? Never mind.

  25. How do I send my friend a referral link from my Allure. Beauty box ???

  26. My sister ordered on 4/22, well before they said the box was no longer available and she called to verify since she had problems getting into her account (it did not recognize her email) and they told her they had no record of her receiving the May box, that her first box would be June. She asked for a refund she was so annoyed and they credited it back.

    So I called about my account. I ordered on 4/12, before they announced the Foreo – guess what, I’m not getting the May box neither, the rep said there was an issue with the May box. I was so pissed I asked them to cancel the Beauty Box and asked if they could refund the Beauty Thrills Box, which they did. I’m not ordering from them again unless they can prove they don’t have these issues.

    • I’m furious. I just cancelled. Allure does not care at all about this issue. They have account glitches, wrong names and take money for products they don’t have. The CS transferred me to a supervisor as soon as I started to ask about ship date. I asked why their website stated May and why 2 CS stated May and why they took money from my account. All you get is we don’t have the box. I’m calling my Attorney General’s Office and anyone else I can think of. Very bad nightmare experience . Everyone better check

    • I’m furious. I just cancelled. Allure absolutely does not care about this one bit! Their website and 2 of their CS assured me I would be starting with May. Nothing but website glitches, names spelled wrong. They have no right to take our money for a product they do not have. I’m calling my Attorney Generals office on Monday. Along with anyone else I can think of. Very rude CS too. I joined Julep this month and placed a few orders. I was missing an emery board and had 2 damaged items but they shipped out already and their CS were so professional and helpful.

    • Yep, I ordered on 4/9. Well before spoilers. I even emailed to see if there was any way to get the April box as some subs make exceptions and they said, no you will get may. Now today, I reached out to them based on all this hoopla I hear from OTHER people. June box for me. Or so they wanted it to be. I just cancelled.

  27. All your comments had me worried. I checked my cc account and I was charged (and not refunded). I did get a confirmation email.

  28. Cotz SPF 50, OR Pediatric. But I’m thinking SPF 50. Its a mineral based tinted sunscreen. Omg I’m such a sunscreen hound!!!!!!! If its truly got a foundation, wow, best box EVER!!!

  29. So excited for this box, but I would be super upset if they just refunded me my money back like what happened with others. I dropped Ipsy to do this so I would be extremely mad if that happens! :/

    • I hope I get this box after reading some of these posts. I joined April 22 and was charged April 25. Got confirmation but no shipping email yet. Had my last name twice called CS said she fixed it but found out she never did . I was worried about billing issue so called again and it’s fixed but still have to look up account by number. Email says not found which is scary. I wanted second box but skipped it cause I have a mini Luna anyway . I read on here on old review that they cancel duplicate orders. I would hope people get at least one box though. I’d be so upset.

      • Are you getting the May Box? I signed up on April 9th & they said I’m getting the June Box? Thanks.

    • I’ll be so disappointed, I subscribed mainly for that nail polish!

  30. can’t wait to get this box loving everything in it!!! allure has become my favorite box i cancelled birchbox for it so excited!!!!

  31. So upset with Allures customer service. I wasn’t aware they cancelled my duplicate orders until I saw the refund on my card late last night and now it’s too late to order extra may boxes :(. Had they emailed me a week ago when I ordered them that they had cancelledy duplicate I would’ve called customer service to reorder. But now that they are past the cut off date (by one day) they have no way of honoring The May box I had ordered that they cancelled….. Not a good first experience with the allure beauty box unfortunately

    • They cancelled my box as well. It wasn’t a duplicate order either, so now I don’t know if I’ll even get a box. Very unimpressed with this customer service.

    • They did the same to me. No communication, just a charge on my CC then a refund shortly thereafter. Very strange.

    • After reading your comment, I just checked my credit card and it doesn’t even show the charge pending from when I first subbed 2 days ago… But I did get order confirmation emails from them, so I’m not sure what to expect 🙁

    • This is my first box. Credit card was charged twice, 2 days apart ($10ea), but I haven’t rec’d any emails of any kind from Allure. Anyone know what all that means?

      • Online chat with ALLURE:

        ME: Hi. This would be my first box from Allure. I haven’t rec’d any confirming emails. Can you tell me if I’m signed up for the May box? And any idea when the box will ship?

        ALLURE: We show that the first box that you will receive is June 2016. This will be sent around the end of May/First of June. You will receive tracking information as soon as the box is shipped.

        ME: Why am I not recieving the May box?

        ALLURE: Due to an overwhelming demand, new subscribers will begin their subscriptions with the June 2016 box. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

        • I can understand being upset but as a long time subscriber who got a substitute in my last box because they oversold I am glad they are taking care of existing customers this time.

        • when did you sign up? I did yesterday and I’ll be so sad if I don get the may box?

    • I spoke to CS on the phone. There system throws out same name duplicates with same address. She said she could add another box over the phone by using my first initial to fool the system. For Duplicate boxes, they recommend calling CS.

  32. Does anyone know where do the boxes ship out from

    • I think from Illinois

    • Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s Bensenville IL. I’m also in northern IL and I sometimes have my box before I get my email that it shipped. 🙂

      • Oh nice!! 🙂

  33. My first box and loving what I see! I got my sister to sign up too because of the Luna Play. I’m glad we get to try out their cleansers too!

  34. I think it’s officially sold out! Love this box! ?

  35. So Excited to recieve mine!! Nothing is going up for swaps!! I’m being greedy this month!! Thanks Allure!! ??

  36. Fantastic box! High value, great quality products, and a really great assortment, a tool, cleansers, skin treatment, makeup for eyes, face, and lips, and a nail item. Throw in a hair product and you pretty much have the perfect beauty box ever.

  37. I’m excited!!! this will be my first allure box, and for only $10! I’ve watched the unboxings every month and nothing really got me too excited except for this box!!! The foreo and color of the nail polish alone got me to subscribe. I’m loving the spot corrector! hope that’s what it is because I really need that. I have a million mascaras, and lipstick is always hit or miss for me. So those 3 items I am excited for 🙂 Thank you for posting the spoilers!!!

  38. This is an amazing box, best I have seen and all for $15! Anyone that complains should be ashamed of themselves and stop order subscriptions because they will NEVER be happy with anything!

    • Yes!!! i ordered 2, so excited

  39. Signed up with Allure in January and have been blown away each month. I am SO happy with this sub!!

  40. Yay! This are all items I will use. My only regret is not signing up for this box as soon as I discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes back in September 2015. It is. in my opinion, the best beauty box!

    • Don’t be too upset about it. Allure used to be not so great. I cancelled last year due to disappointment. But since January, when Allure took it over, it has been THE BOMB!

  41. Luuuuuuve allure, fantastic box.

  42. This box would have been great without the added cleansers and serum. Cleansers look deluxe sample size. Stellar box this month.

  43. My first month for Allure in years(I got a box years ago before it was a subscription) This looks amazing.

  44. In the corner = Equitance Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector?

    • I think you’re right Ashley! 🙂

    • awesome!! I need a spot corrector!!! I’m even more excited now for my first box! 🙂

  45. This is the best subscription box!! I dropped Ipsy for this one last month and I couldn’t be happier! So worth the money?

  46. I’ve been waiting for the full spoilers. I am going to love this box. So glad to see we are getting both day and night cleansers for the Luna Play. Can’t wait!!

  47. I dropped all my beauty subs and now have 2 subs from allure.

    • Be careful that they don’t drop one of your accounts. They told someone else in this thread that they only allow “one box per household.” I’m not sure of it’s true, but it would explain why they’ve cancelled my second account twice now with no notification.

  48. Equitance in the corner?

    • Yes equitance serum….??

  49. I kinda want it for the Foreo Luna Play, but I don’t really care for anything else in the box lol. Plus I have a Clarisonic brush and almost never use it.

    • Lol me too! I really just wanted the Forea!!!

  50. Sexy box, love it ?

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