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FabFitFun Box Summer 2016 Box NEW Add-Ons Available Now!

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  1. I added a throw and two of those delicate bracelets. I’ve lost/misplaced mine somewhere and I’ve been bummed about it. Maybe now they will show up! ) It’s not letting me check out though, just says $67 will be added to your bill. Hope that is all they need!

    • Bracelets? I don’t see any??!

      • Tribe alive bracelets, they are towards the bottom 🙂

  2. I haven’t done add-ons before. I have 3 picked out but I can only check out the box. How does it work? Thanks 🙂

  3. Got the throw in Daydreamer. Usually a lot of the add-ons appeal to me, this time only the one. My bank account is grateful.

  4. I’ve never gotten an add on before and I’ve been subscribing for over a year. I never wanted any of the items before. Now I have selected the Daydreamer throw and the Aloe after sun lotion. I’ve been to the Aruba Aloe factory before and the products are very nice but expensive so I didn’t buy anything. Now I’m happy to get one of their products at a discount. I really like the throws and I’m thinking of adding another one.

  5. Target had both those floats on sale for 18$ in this week’s circular!!!!!!

  6. I picked up the round Cherry Blossom blanket, the other ones really didn’t call my name this time around. I was somewhat floored to see 200$ add ons. I guess I should be thankful I wasn’t too tempted, last time my add-ons were nearly 100$.

    • I wanted Cherry Blossom so bad but when it was sold out already. 🙁 Lucky you! The round blankets look gorgeous

      • I think they have released more cherry blossom ones. I just added to mine.

  7. Love these!! Got the Opal earrings and a throw….uh…so far lol

  8. This totally inspired me to grab a doughnut float off of amazon! We are going to a pool party next week and between the doughnut float and the watermelon round towel I was inspired to buy by a different box spoiler I’m feeling pretty awesome about my summer pool/beach stuff!

  9. I don’t care for FFF, but I love the round towels! I want the Cherry Blossom one soooo bad, but not bad enough to resub to FFF.

  10. And now that I have spent more on add-ons than the price of the box I am good to go. Every time they do this my bill goes way up. But I love the options. I love the round throws.

  11. Any Spoilers For Their Summer box?

  12. Ugh, I love the add-one for FFF…it’s makes me weak in the pocket book lol

  13. Both of the pool floats are on sale for $18 this week at Target.

    • Thank you! I adore those pool floats and throws, but I don’t know that I want a FFF sub just yet.

  14. I don’t have a pool, but those floats are awesome!

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