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EXTENDED – POPSUGAR Surprise Sale – Up to $50 Off Subscriptions!

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POPSUGAR Must Have is extending their surprise subscription sale through today!

$10 Off 1 month of Must Have with code: SPRING10 ($29.95 a box)
$20 Off 3 months of Must Have with code: SPRING20 ($29.95 a box)
$50 Off 6 months of Must Have with code SPRING50 ($27.45 a box!)

Check out our reviews of POPSUGAR Must Have to see what you can expect from this subscription.

Full Details: Not valid on previous purchases. Your subscription will start with the May Must Have box. Duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I also signed up today, the promo code is still working and my check out page says my subscription starts with the June box.

  2. I just signed up and it says my subscription will start with the June box! ?

    • Thanks! I was getting really sad not to get a box in June after my 6 months were up, and was so happy to find this! Mine starts June, too 🙂

      • BEWARE
        I too signed up and it told me June box bit just got an email it will indeed start with may.
        I’m furious !

        • Me too! I got the “Best. Day. Ever.” Nope. Not. At. All. I bet we all get May.

      • Ughh! I just got the email I will be getting another May box as well! It was clearly intentional on their part to clear out the May boxes no one wants. They blatantly lied about not knowing their inventory. The only reason I signed up was to get my subscription started again with a June box. This move was low in my opinion.

        • I completely agree – they used this promo to clear out their May inventory, and when it didn’t work when they stated it would begin with the May box, they changed it to June knowing they would later go back and start it with May. I emailed them about it, but I’ll be surprised if they make it right. I’ll update my post when I hear back, but I’m pretty sure I’m stuck receiving a duplicate of that horrible May box.

          • I emailed them too but they will simply tell us it’s in their terms of service that if a prior box becomes available the subscription will start with that month. I just cannot believe how sneaky and deceptive they were. Very disappointed and disillusioned with Popsugar right now…

  3. I never received this email and my last credit ended in May. Luckily I saw this today and joined again. I’m okay with receiving the may box again because in the long run it’s still saving me money because I was planning on continuing my membership at full price. I don’t like getting duplicate boxes but I’ll just use them as gift items or put them up for swap.

  4. I have one credit remaining — does that mean I still get another box? I’ve already received my May box. Kinda confused =/

    • I was in the same situation. I have 1 credit left, which means I will get another May box, then 2 June boxes (which is the last credit on my first sub). After that, I will have 4 credits left on the new sub. I will have to go back and cancel the first sub after receiving the June box, or they will send me 2 boxes each month, charging me the full price for the first one. I hope that makes sense.

  5. TBH, I don’t know why ppl are so mad about this great deal. Yes, getting a duplicate May box may be annoying as hell to most of the ppl (I myself included), but PSMH’s discount coupon actually works even for lapsed or current subscribers! Most of the sub boxes I know or subscribed, when they have great deals, it’s usually only for new subscribers… Which I think it’s a bit unfair for long-time customers… (Shouldn’t these companies provide some perks for their loyal customers in order to let them subscribe forever? Lol) I may be wrong about the coupons, since I just joined the amazing world of sub box late last year. But I really do appreciate PSMH’s timely offer, since I get to resub another 6 months at a discount price when my BF deal just ended. Like others have suggested, if one don’t like the duplicate items, there’s always option for swap/gift/donate/sell ?

  6. I for one, want to say THANK YOU to PS for offering a deal that current subscribers can take advantage of. For those you complaining about it being sketchy or mean or whatever:

    – The discounted pricing equaled about $175. Let’s just pretend you have to throw out the entire contents of May. Well, that still equals about $35/per box. Still a $5 monthly savings from the base pricing.

    – The reality, you do NOT need to throw away the contents. You’ll still receive the $130 worth of May items, too. Which can be used for swaps, sold, given as gifts, or also used. I, for one, am perfectly happy to receive another body buffer because I loved it, another foot treatment to use in a couple months, some back up mascara, etc. So, if you refuse to see the $$ value in receiving a second box (which would mean each box was only $29), then at the very least, you should accept that you’re receiving a $5 discount per box + a ton of free stuff that can be used in a number of ways.

    – Popsugar is not responsible for giving us discounts all year. A coupon is just icing on the cake. They have clear cut price points, and they sometimes offer incentives to keep subscribed or become a new subscriber. Again, they aren’t required to offer discounts – so when they do, it’s not “mean”. It can’t be. It’s extra.

    – No one is forcing anyone to use the coupon. No one is forcing anyone to buy a package that includes the May duplicate. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t feel worth it to lay out for 6 months, simply don’t opt in.

    Personally, I’m stoked! I planned to continue anyway, and now I get to do so at a savings + get a free duplicate box with stuff I loved.

  7. Does anyone know if I will get duplicates of June as well if I sign on for this and cancel my monthly subscription today? Since it’s the 25th. This sucks, I don’t know if it’s worth it to get two months of duplicates. :/

  8. Can they run out of May boxes already so that they can start putting up June spoilers??! Lol

  9. It’s hard for me to decide whether or not to buy this. Seeing as I just bought 3 boxes on gilt city for $25 each it seems dumb to buy these at almost full price….I loved their Black Friday sale. That made me sub for 6 months. This one isn’t calling my name (as much as i love popsugar and want to spend my money here), especially with their re-branding I’m hesitant…although maybe with their rebranding boxes won’t be on sale at gilt city…ugh the struggle

    • Tell me about the rebranding issue- what are you seeing? After swearing off PS forever after the holiday LE/December box/broken items/Andy disaster, they SUCKED ME IN.

  10. I am starting to get annoyed at these constantly negative comments over these PS deals. Popsugar obviously has these deals going for NEW and NON-CURRENT subscribers, not for people already subscribed. It is so odd to me that everyone currently subscribed long-term or on month to month gets so steamed up that they cannot take advantage of these deals without getting a duplicate box. The reason is pretty simple. PS is doing these deals to attract new or lapsed subscribers, not to encourage current ones to sign up again.

    All boxes do deals to attract new and lapsed customers. There are a number of deals right on the front page of MSA NOT intended for current subscribers (I see them for LLB and Globe In, both of which I have). They didn’t send this out to get people who got the May box to take another one. They sent this out to people like me, who lapsed before the May box, and for new subscribers to suck us back in.

    This happens every single time PS does one of these super dealies.

    • completely totally agree

    • So much this.
      Subscription boxes are not in the business of giving great deals to all subscribers all of the time. But they are always, always, always trying to attract new or lapsed subscribers with great deals in the hopes that they will be long term subscribers at the regular price. Seriously guys, it’s not shady. It’s annoying as heck that you can’t maximize on the deal that they’re offering, sure. But it’s business.
      It’s like when the grocery store puts cereal on sale. Do you complain that you always buy that brand of cereal so they should always offer it at the best price for you? Nope. You take advantage of sales while you can and if you like it well enough, you buy it at regular price. No big deal. Same concept.

    • I’m trying to figure out what specifically bugs me about the way PS does these deals. I think it’s that these deals pop up exactly when those who used the previous deal are out of credits. So yea it does feel as though they’re targeting all of the customers whose subs just ended…not just new or lapsed customers. As silly as it sounds, if this deal popped up 2 months ago when I still had 2 credits left, it wouldn’t bother me because it would clearly not be for me. Instead my sub ends with the May box and they send me this “amazing deal” email. I definitely don’t think PS is being shady, but there must be a better way (perhaps the way every other sub does these deals!) that wouldn’t get customers aggravated.

      That being said, I’m not getting bent out of shape about this because my PS sub has already been replaced with (more than) a few new boxes. And really who am I kidding? If the June spoilers are great I’ll end up running back to PS anyway lol.

    • agree

  11. I agree with everyone that PS is kinda pushing anyone who does the monthly subscription deal to repeat a a box, and that sucks. I also thought I missed out on this deal until they extended it today. I’m more than happy to take advantage of this deal (plus I really did like May).

  12. I love PS, but I cancelled after my 6 month deal was up. May is my last box and I absolutely do not want another May box. If they want to get rid of May boxes, do it somewhere else, but trying to force it on loyal subscribers is not cool. I’ll wait and swap for anything that I want. Popsugar items are always plentiful on the swap board. #holdingoutforabetterdeal

    • I think they are – I see these deals as a way to sucker people like me who lapsed in April into a new subscription.

      Sadly, it worked.

  13. Darn! And I waited until right before midnight last night to order hoping there was at least the fleeting chance they’d run out of May boxes…

    • Lol, me too! But the fine print read that the deal would end once they ran out of May boxes, so getting rid of those was the primary objective of the sale. If you waited too long, they reserved the right to cancel the whole deal.

  14. Man, this is perfect since I really wanted to do the 6 month thing again. But toss the May box back in? I gotta stay on the sidelines.

  15. I like May box but not as much. Sorry… A really mean sale strategy. They should unload their boxes on Ruelala or Gilt, not on loyal subscribers.

    • I think that’s what bothers me about it – that word stuck out to me. Mean. Is it a good sales tactic? Probably. You could even say that’s just how business is done. But when it comes down to servicing loyal clients? This is not “nice”, by any means.

      • Yes that’s exactly how I feel about this! It just doesn’t sit right with me.

  16. Still not trying to get another May box, so nah….

    • Agreed. Hey PS how about offering the 6 month deal with June and then just offer May at a deep discount as a separate purchase. With the May box in the mix the 6-month deal is not that great of a discount.

  17. Omg I’m sooo tempted ? but I.Dont.Want.Another.May.Box ?

    Ughhhh ?????

  18. Man, they must have a ton of May boxes to unload…. lol

    • I know, right?! I’m giving this deal a little bit of side-eye…

      • ?

    • It’s ridiculous to see how desperate they are to unload those May boxes. They really should just try to sell them as a deal elsewhere.

      I’m one of many that would be happy to start, if it started with June. They’re failing big time by forcing us to have another May box in this deal.

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