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My Subscription Addiction
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Butcher Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2016

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Butcher Box
3.5 overall rating
10 Ratings | 6 Reviews

Butcher Box is a monthly subscription of grass-fed beef, heritage pork and organic chicken.

Butcher Box sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

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The Subscription Box: Butcher Box

The Cost: $129 a month (free shipping). This is $6.50 per meal (approximately 5-8 oz. portion size)

COUPON: Get a free pack of bacon in your first box! No coupon needed, just link here!

The Products:  7-10 pounds of grass-fed beef (there are four boxes available: all beef, beef and pork, beef and chicken or a mixed box of beef, pork and chicken) This review is for the beef and pork box.

Ships to: Continental US

Check out our Food Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Butcher Box to your subscription list or wishlist!

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Grass-fed beef can be hard to find locally, this subscription makes accessing a variety of grass-fed cuts simple.

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Each box comes with recipe cards utilizing the different cuts of meat in your box. The back of the recipe card talks about the cut of meat and offers cooking tips and thawing tips. All the meat arrives frozen and is shipped with dry ice.

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Korean Beef

I used the ground beef to make a Korean Beef recipe I’ve wanted to try from Pinterest. It turned out great and was quick and easy. The beef was lean and flavorful.

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Pork Po Boys

The recipe included for the ground pork was Hot and Sour Soup but it’s pretty warm here for soup so I made the pork into patties instead and had Pork Po Boys. I found the pork a little dry, but I’m not sure if this was due to how I cooked it and not the actual meat.

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I’ve never tried pork belly before.

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Mock Tender is also called Scotch roast or chuck eye is a tougher cut of meat and requires a long and slow cooking method such as braising.

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When you order your first box they include one free pound of bacon!

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When we unpacked our Butcher Box we couldn’t get over how much frozen meat there was inside. It will take us some time to defrost, cook and enjoy all these offerings. We decided to start with the hanger steaks. We defrosted them and simply grilled them with salt and pepper. I couldn’t get over how buttery tasting and tender they were. My husband and I both devoured them! I’m looking forward to pulling more out of the freezer in the coming weeks to enjoy.

Verdict:  This Butcher Box was fabulous! I’m new to grass-fed beef and I really liked the cuts that I’ve tried so far. The steaks were our favorite. I think the value for this much meat is great and the taste was wonderful too.

What do you think of Butcher Box? Have you tried it yet?

Butcher Box is a meat delivery subscription service that sends a box of premium high-quality meats including grass-fed and grass-finished beef, heritage breed pork, 100% organic free-range chicken and wild-caught seafood to your door at a delivery frequency of your choosing. All Butcher Box meat is ... read more.
Jessica Telesmanich
Jessica Telesmanich
Jessica's addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she'll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.

Jessica Telesmanich
Jessica Telesmanich
Jessica's addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she'll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.
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I just ordered this service. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. I understand grass fed costs more. And having gotten meals with dry ice I understand you need to open and refrigerate quickly. We shall see.


I am so disgusted with this company I don’t want to bother with the details here. Suffice it to say, all of the above complaints are completely accurate.
The company is dishonest on a new level! They bait and swtich with “offers” , say that you ordered through the wrong link so it is not possible to receive an “offer” , list “free” bacon on a packing slip and don’t enclose the bacon and on and on and on.
I hope they close their doors before any more people are duped by them. I hope they are investigated, they should be. Btw, I have all documented.
DON’T from Butcherbox company, they are a dishonest company!!!

Sage Acton

Thank You for your feedback! I always fall for this crap!


This is a very dishonest company. I have had a subscription for 6 months or so and “invited” a friend. From the very first day I have had problems. They lie. They lie about “offers” because when you qualify, they say you did not. They list items on the packing slip which were NOT included in the box, they bait and switch. They actually told me they did me a favor by extending a deadline for something on my very first order- that was an outright lie!! I reslly don’t know how they stay in business. Their business practice is deplorable.
In case you’re reading this, Butcherbox company: I have it all documented.


I received a nox Friday evening that contained thawed meat. A bag with puddles of blood. 4 papers soggy, ripped and bloody. No customer service. Called emailed..told I had to wait 48 hours because of customer service complaint overload. Finall get an e mail telling me I was refunded ..not true…and all set…the refund was because they sent one box but charged me twice….phone calls WILL NOT BE RETURNED and I am beginning to believe what I read elsewhere thatnthe company is not high on integrity.

Bob Biamonte

The first box I ordered was good. Still had dry ice in it and the cuts of meets were pretty good. The next two boxes came with the dry ice used up but still frozen, however it was filled with mostly mystery meat. Even some pork when we ordered all beef. Decided this was a very poor subscription and canceled.


I ordered the box, ups held it, a box of rotten meat was delivered to me. I email customer service and am told it’s my fault for changing address (I didn’t and it makes no sense they would deliver to my house if I had.) I was informed the meat is not refrigerated in transit only has dry ice to keep it good. Offered me a box half off. I cancelled membership and lost out on money. This service is horrible.


It’s not a pound of free bacon, it’s 10 ounces.


I ordered the Butcher Box and had my shipment arrive on a Saturday afternoon, and we were at a family event that day. We opened the box the next day (didn’t see the box since we got back late on Sat). I opened my box to find a bloody mess. Everything had thawed and was room temperature – so the blood from the meat leaked out of the boxes. I had to throw the meat away (no idea how long it was this way). I took photos and reported it to customer service, and they told me that it was my fault for not opening it sooner and the best they could do it discount a replacement box for half price.

Unless you are sitting at home each day to be there right when it is delivered, I’d steer you away from Butcher Box. It’s a good product, but the customer service is poor. The delivery part is the bad part. They only put enough dry ice to get it to your house, so if you are not at home at the exact time, you run the risk of thawed or spoiled food and they will hold you responsible.


Same thing happened to me. Bloody mess. Not packaged well at all and definitely not enough dry ice.


What’s the alternative to grass-fed cows? Skittles-fed?


Corn. It’s not good for them for a number of reasons, but it is cheap and readily available.


Grass fed cows live in fields and graze for food. Grain fed cows live in feed lots, where they eat food not natural to them and where filth and eColi are rampant.


Everyone keeps commenting that there should be a price difference between the all-beef box and the mixed box. I agree. In the description it says boxes contain between 7-10 pounds of meat. I assumed that the for the same price the all-beef box would contain closer to 7 pounds while the mixed boxes would contain closer to 10. In that case, the mixed boxes would be cheaper. But, this is just my assumption.


I clicked this thinking it would be a great gift for my boyfriend’s birthday, but that is crazy expensive for what you get! At least in the mixed box. We have an “on the farm” butcher shop not to far from us. I know I could get way more for $129 and be able to pick the cuts myself.


I love the idea of this box but it is crazy expensive for what it is. The real problem is the cuts of meat included. Half the box is ground pork and ground beef, the cheapest cuts available. $129 is a reasonable price for roasts and steaks but it’s insanely expensive for 3 lbs of ground meat, one beef roast, pork belly, and a couple of hanger steaks. Also as another person pointed out, there should be a price difference for the mixed boxes. Pork and chicken are a lot cheaper than beef. Which is an even bigger insult when 2 of 3 pork products is ground pork.


This seems insanely expensive to me, especially for ground meat and pork belly, I like the idea but I see grass fed, organic ground beef on sale a lot. Curious to know how other combinations stack up though or if you can request to not get certain items. I’m weird in that I’d almost rather pay the same price but not receive the items I won’t eat than get a bunch of stuff idk what to do with.


Just FYI, pork belly is the same cut as bacon, just uncured, and, obviously, unsliced. Hope it was yummy! 🙂


Thanks Nellie! Learned something new!
? Jessica


The pricing feels a little wonky on this. Like, why would the same #’s of beef be the same price as beef & chicken? Chicken is way cheaper. Pork prices are in the sewer- There should be some cost savings to not ordering all beef.


Heritage pork and organic chicken are considerably more expensive than conventional meat, but even then you make a good point. Maybe they adjust the beef cuts depending on the other meats in the box?

Pasture raised pork and chicken is a lot more expensive than the stuff you get in the grocery store, so it’s not really fare to compare the two.


The Korean Beef looks fantastic…could you share the recipe?


Hi Barbara! The Korean beef is now linked to the recipe. Enjoy!


Hi Barbara!
Here is the link to the recipe I followed.
? Jessica

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.