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Boomerluxe Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2016


Boomerluxe is monthly subscription box focused on women 45 and older.  Each month subscribers receive one item from the following 5 categories:  fashion, beauty, romance, wellness and technology.   

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post in to learn more about how we review boxes.) 




The Subscription Box: Boomerluxe

The Cost: $34.99 for month to month subscriptions, $99.99 for prepaid 3 month subscriptions and $199.99 for prepaid 6 month subscriptions.  Shipping is $8.99. 

COUPON: Use code MARCH15 to save 15% off a past box!

The Products: “A Boomerluxe box is an appreciation box full of unique, fun and quality products.”   Each month subscribers receive one item from the following 5 categories:  fashion, beauty, romance, wellness and technology.  

Ships to:  US and Canada

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This box came with two informational inserts.  The first card provides discount codes for prepaid subscriptions and the second insert was an information piece on Boomerluxe.  


The back of the information card has a list of all the products in the Boomerluxe box.  There were five items with a stated MSRP of $56.43 in this month’s box.


Dress up or Casual Metallic Scarf – $12.99

There was no brand on this scarf and the sticker on the bag says it was made in China.  It has an inexpensive look and feel to it.  It reminds me of the “bargain” items from China I could buy in Houston on Harwin Drive (a street full of knock off accessories and costume jewelry).   



Senscience Nourishing Leave-In Spray – $14.95

I couldn’t find a reputable seller of this product where I could be sure of the product wasn’t old or counterfeit.  It seems by the change in Senscience packaging this may be an older product but I’m not certain. (the Amazon rival) has it listed for $8.00.  Plus as you can see from the photos above, the sticker price was originally $13.95 and then there is a sale sticker for $9.95 while the listed MSRP on the info card is $14.95.  While that isn’t the worst oversight, it does give me a negative feeling about receiving this item. 


Incredibly Soft Eco-Friendly Bamboo Socks – $8.00

It’s always a little disappointing when you receive something in a box and it’s not your size.  These socks are for women with foot size 5-9 and my foot is bigger than a size 9 (big foot!).  On the upside, I know that bamboo socks are really soft so these should make a nice gift. 

Boomerluxe says their mandate is to support local, women entrepreneurs whose products wouldn’t be found in the bigger box stores.  This is the one product from the five sent that I can see was made in Canada. 


The Girl He Left Behind” Harlequin Novel – $5.50

I wasn’t thrilled to see this item since Harlequin Novels have never been my cup of tea.  Hopefully I can find someone else who loves these. 

The following description is from Amazon: 

Two Little Secrets

It should be a dream come true for divorcée Eve Kelly. After a dozen years, her high school sweetheart Adam Crenshaw is back—and sexier than ever. But Eve has a problem. Two problems, to be exact. Her eleven-year-old twins. Twins their secret daddy can never know about…

Home to care for his ailing mother, the big-time country music star didn’t expect to fall so hard for the small-town single mom…again. But Eve isn’t the same woman he left. It’s as if she’s hiding something. Adam is used to getting what he wants—and he wants Eve. This time, though, instead of a fling, he just may get a family—a family he didn’t know he had.



A Cute Pink Selfie Stick – $14.99

There is no brand name on the box of this selfie stick so I am not sure of a comparison value.  I found one on Amazon that looks similar and has similar measurements, etc. and the cost there is $3.88.  However, I found it on other websites for less than the $3.88 price.    

I don’t own a selfie stick and haven’t really been interested in buying one but this should be fun to try or to gift to someone else who may enjoy it.  I’m a bit confused about this as an item for women 45 and over. 

Verdict:  I really like the idea of Boomerluxe and that they target their box toward “fabulous women embracing life after 45,” but this box really fell short for me.  While the stated value of the box is $56.43 per the insert card, the items I found online could be purchased individually at a cost closer to $35.00 or even less.  If I had paid the monthly $34.99 plus $8.99 for shipping, I wouldn’t be very happy.  Plus, with a name like Boomerluxe I would expect more luxury items and honestly, these did items did not feel that way to me.    

What do you think of Boomerluxe?


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Written by Shawn Brossart

Shawn Brossart

Shawn is a recent subscription box addict but when she fell, she fell hard. She can’t resist a bargain so she receives all kinds of boxes. Her current favorites are natural, holistic, and health and fitness related.

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Comments (30)

  1. Thank you for your honest comments and there has been a complete overhaul with the original buyer is no longer part of the team and after 6 boxes and extensive dialogue with subscribers, the items have changed, improved with so many new brands and those you know.

    Also, there is a new program, Women Supporting Women, that includes all-natural, small batch products created by women for women in each box. It is our way of promoting women entrepreneurs to you and introducing you to their amazing products.

    Have another look at We are for women 50+ and we are women 50+. The feedback we are getting is great so, please, give us another chance to make you happy.

    Kind regards, Seana O’Neill, President

  2. I am almost 62 and an actual boomer and have often wanted a Boomer geared box! Yuck! If I had ordered that box I would be one and done! I subscribe to FabFitFun VIP Box and The PopSugar Must Have boxes and find them to be mostly appropriate for me. The things that aren’t I gift to my daughter and my two nieces.

  3. I saw the title of this box and thought it’d be great for my mom. Then I saw 45 and older which is not the boomer generation. Eh…but minor oversight. Then saw the contents and was just sad. I would never pay for this stuff. It’s so low quality and blatantly expired beauty products is just gross. My mom would never like this.

  4. Im not sure what to think of this but no way would I be happy with it. It seems way off in their product selection. I cannot think of anyone my age loving this.

  5. Wow!! They really missed the mark in so many ways. The name, for starters. I’m 48 and squarely in the Gen X category, not a Boomer. Plus, the contents are lacking for a woman of *any* age. A Harlequin romance novel?! Nope.

    • Agreed…Turning 46 and I think we are the total target audience for ALL the subscription boxes…with the careers and incomes to pay for multiples of them. If a box is brave enough to charge that much plus shipping, it better be filled with good sh*t….and it definitely should not call me menapausal in the description.
      (Even if I am moody and sweaty prematurely).

  6. Kind if sad it wasn’t a great box was excited by the idea

  7. I thought the premise of this box was great, but I would be insulted if I received this. As a gift for my 55 year old mother? No way.

  8. As one of the over-50 crowd I was intrigued by the idea and liked the five categories but ugh – what awful contents! Kind of insulted by it too.

  9. Good Lord! Ok, I’m a Gen X’r but at 49 I figure I’m close enough to the target market for this box.

    With that in mind I say, “Socks??” What the heck??? I’ve made it to 49 so I should really look forward to socks to keep my old feet warm?

    I’m insulted. Socks and a scarf…that’s just wrong.

  10. I was also excited when I read that this box was geared to those of us over 45. Very disappointed. Regarding the selfie stick, I’m less bothered by its inclusion than I am that it looks like dollar store junk. At this age, I try to focus on purchasing higher quality items. Nothing in this box impressed me.

  11. When I read that the box is aimed to my demographic I got excited. Then I looked at the items and quickly thought, no thanks…..

  12. I am 55 and this box does not appear to be aimed at my demographic at all. I would not use a selfie stick, haven’t read a harlequin romance since I was 12, and wear quality scarves and use better quality skin care items. What would I be interested in? Anti-aging serums and creams, a decollete or neck cream, light reflecting makeup and makeup that sets quickly and stays on, herbs for sleep or items to help with sleep (middle age problem), quality jewelry, quality fiction novels or books on aging gracefully or how to dress as an older woman, things with cotton or wicking fabrics (hot flashes ya’ll), sunscreen, exercise dvds aimed at older women..

    • I’m with you

    • EXACTLY! !

  13. When first reading about this box i really liked the concept and i thought that maybe i would buy a subscription for my mom for mothers day but after seeing the items i would no way buy this for her. There is not one item in there she would use. Especially the selfie stick.

  14. This box made me feel really sad. Terrible.

    • I agree. I’m in the demographic and this box is just S.A.D.

  15. My mom has a selfie stick and is in her 60s. She also has a very active instagram and something like 12 cameras…but I’m thinking she might be in the minority of boomers with a selfie stick given her particular hobby and dedication to it. This whole box is like someone heard a stereotype of a 90s mom and thought they’d cash in.

  16. Too bad…as a 49 year old woman, the idea of a box targeted towards my demographic sounded appealing.

  17. A selfie stick in a box targeting women over 45?

    • That’s what I was thinking. Hell I’m 30 and would never use a selfie stick.

  18. I would have been very unhappy to get this box. Good premise but a terrible execution.

  19. What boomer would use a selfie stick???? Also, I’m 45 and have NEVER been considered a Boomer – 1964 was the very end of the baby boomer generation. But, I wouldn’t consider this box anyway…not very luxe.

    • You’re NOT a Baby Boomer! You’re GenX! I’m 43 and we are snack dab in the middle of the GenX years.

      At first, I was a little annoyed at being pushed into an older generation (my patents were Baby Boomers, tyvm), but then I saw the box’s contents. I think those are more offensive than a generation mix-up.

      • Well said!

  20. A selfie stick in a box for baby boomers? I’m only 38 and I hate the things. I certainly can’t picture my 66-year-old mother using one.

    To me, this box looks like someone got a bunch of discount or closeout merchandise and repackaged it. (Harlequins have short in-print lifetimes.) I am generally not a fan of subscriptions that do this (as opposed to curating items around a theme or sending samples of food/beauty/whatever that we might then go out and purchase because they’re great new products).

  21. um …. no.

    • Word…

    • This is my fear with doing any box isn’t already extremely established.
      In this situation…I mean it is not only a fail, but they are clearly jumping on the bandwagon almost with a scam.

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