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Allure Beauty Box Review – May 2016 + $5 Coupon

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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. (Previously known as Sample Society). Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!

IMPORTANT INFO: This box oversold. Many subscribers who signed up with messaging stating that their first box would be the May box, were later told by customer care that it would be the June box instead. The site now states that your first box will begin “with our next available box.”

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Use this link to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.


Foreo Luna Play – Value $39

Foreo Day Cleanser – 15 ml Value $4.50

Foreo Night Cleanser – 15 ml Value $5.45

This Luna Play was the big ticket item in the box, and I’m so excited that I got to try it. I also appreciate that they included the two cleansers to go with it. I wasn’t wowed by either cleanser. The day cleanser is pretty scented, and the night one is exfoliating but doesn’t lather as much as I would like.

The device itself is great, though! Here it is up close:


And here is the on/off button on the back:


This device is 100 uses and not rechargeable, so a few MSA readers recommended using it as a tool to clean makeup brushes once the battery runs out. Foreo also gives tips for recycling your Play device. (This also came with a coupon code to save $39 off the full-size rechargeable Luna Foreo Device).

I’ve been a Clarisonic user for years, but I’ve always wanted to know how Foreo stacked up, so this was the perfect opportunity to compare them without spending a lot up front.

Both did a great job at cleaning my skin thoroughly. While using the Foreo Play, I did wish that there were different intensity settings like there are on Clarisonic, but these options exist on the full-sized versions.

The big difference for me is the silicone brush surface area. With Clarisonic, you have to always buy replacement brush heads, but that’s not an additional cost here – and that’s a big plus for me. (At $22 a new brush head, switched out every 2-3 months, the costs add up!)

With Foreo, the “ultra-hygienic silicone is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup.”

So, with the $39 coupon, I think I will be buying the Foreo Luna 2!


Equitance Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector – .2 oz Value $25

Wow – this is $125 an ounce! According to the Allure Beauty Box info booklet, you should start to see results from this serum/spot corrector within 4 weeks. I don’t think this sample would last me that long if I applied it all over my face, so I’ll use it as a spot corrector and hope to see results!

COTZ Flawless Complexion SPF 50 – .18 oz Value $1.44

This sunscreen is tinted but it blended in clear for me. It’s a small sample, but should be good for a few uses!


Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Santa Barbara Surf – FULL SIZE! Value $18

This seafoam green creme feels perfect for summer – it’s not a color I usually go for, but I like it!

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara – .13 oz Value $9.75

I’m giving this mascara the grade of a B. I liked the length and had no issues with clumping, but I wanted more volume from the formula.


Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick is Rose Naturelle – .04 oz Value $3.70

This is one of my favorite discoveries in the box! I love the color and the pigment, and the mattelustre formula is great, too. It isn’t very moisturizing, but I expect that from pretty much any matte formula.


Here it is swatched:



Verdict: This box has a value of about $107. That’s amazing for a $15 box, and unfortunate that not everyone who subscribed got to start with this box. My favorite items in this box are the Foreo Play and the Pixi Lipstick.

What do you think of the May Allure Beauty Box?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Darn, should’ve done more research before cancelling. I was charged in April for my first box, and after waiting forever (felt like it lol), I finally searched for “never received beauty box.” So I chatted to ask, they said I won’t be getting the May box. I cancelled. They never offered me an extra box or anything. I’m confused because the Allure site says “Last ship date 4/27/16” but there’s no tracking number or anything. Looks like I should have not cancelled. Oh well, not worth the energy. I just don’t like the CS saying there’s nothing they can do. I feel that it is deceptive to say “You’ll be getting the May box” and once I pay, then they say June. I don’t want to pay 2 months ahead without warning. My loss! Enjoy this great box ladies!!!

    • This happened to me! I Signed up on 5/8 and then it said last shipped 5/9 I wasn’t expecting to receive the May box. So when I contacted customer service they said I was getting a box until June and had no explanation as to why there was a ship date when nothing had been shipped. And they also avoided my question as to if I was going to be charged again in June. I canceled. Too shady for me and poor customer service!

      • I sure hope that I am not charged for June since I paid for May but didn’t receive one. I will be keeping an eye on my card activity. Seems like people that were promised consultation bags/boxes didn’t receive them. I wasn’t offered one so at least I wasn’t disappointed twice this

          • Oh my gosh, that box looks great (maybe it’s just me? haha)

          • No, it definitely wasn’t just you–the box got a good review on this site as well. ? Kind of makes me appreciate how hard it must be for companies to come up with a box that MOST people are sure to love! 🙂

  2. is anyone having issues using the code they gave us for $39 off? Mine doesn’t do anything when I enter it (and it is the code emailed to me by Foreo after using that code on the play). I contacted their CS but just curious if anyone had success.

    • Nothing will happen, but a email with another code to use for your is case sensitive.

    • The code is case sensitive. One of my letters was capitalized but not the others. When I changed it to a capital it worked. Then they send you an email with a new code for the $39 off. Hope that works for you.

      • No- I understand that. I got the actual code emailed to me for $39 off- THAT code doesn’t work when I enter it at checkout…. anyone else or just me?

        • No, the $39 code worked for me. I just copied and pasted it to make sure it would work. Then I gave it to a friend.

  3. I guess I was too quick to throw out all the paper in the Foreo Play box, and was completely unaware of the coupon code! I am really interested in getting the Foreo Luna now, but do you think that Allure or Foreo would provide me with a new coupon code for it?

  4. I guess I am totally confused. I signed up April 11th, then told I would not get a box until June and they offered to refund my $10 and give me June for free. Today I got both the May box and my $10 check. Can’t complain and I’m psyched to have the box, but baffled….

  5. I received a tracking number on May 11. Was so excited thought it was the May box but it was the allure thrills box. My first one. That was so mush fun going through all the products. So glad I got it the thrills box. But still hoping to get the May box. I subbed on April 22 also.

  6. To everyone who responded to me and also have boxes in Bensenville purgatory, I did end up getting mine today. My nail polish was unfortunately completely broken and everything was absolutely covered in blue (including the lid of the box, gah), but I did get it. I have no idea what happened. If your tracking is stuck in pre-shipment, don’t lose hope! Note, they actually had mine shipped on the “3rd” (according to the email) and it got stuck on the 5th. I received it today, the 16th.

    • I like that “Bensenville purgatory” lol. This is my first box and it’s been sitting there since the 13th. Did the tracking info finally change for you when it left there?

      • Mine was in Bensenville for a few days and has been hanging out in Reno (at the slot machines, perhaps?) since the 18th.

  7. I love the allure beauty box. This month was a great box mostly, but my Luna play didn’t work and those cleansers are gross. So, from my seat those of you who didn’t get the box, didn’t miss out on much.

  8. I was told I would not receive the May box because it over sold, that I would get my first box in June. I received a box today from allure, I thought well maybe they felt bad and was sending subscribers old boxes or something to make up for it. Well I was very pleased and surprised to see I got the may box! I was not even sent a tracking number so I had no clue!

    • When did you sign up? I think people who subscribed in early April are the ones getting the May after all. I subscribed late April so I probably won’t get it..

      • That may or may not be true. I subscribed on April 23rd and a few days ago I logged on to Allure’s site and it said that my shipping frequency was 50 days (I figured they wouldn’t charge me for the June box since I was already charged) then today I read here how some are getting boxes and I logged in again on Allure and it says my shipping frequency is 17 days. So maybe, just maybe, I will be getting a box after all.

      • April 22

      • The same thing happened to me I subscribed April 22 and received the box today. In checking thru my junk mail in my email I did find the tracking info. I was told I wouldn’t get may either due to it selling out. I was excited to see the May box here!!! 🙂

        • The same thing happened to a lot of folks including me, and there was a whole discussion of it over on Reddit. Apparently, they WEREN’T oversold back on the 28th when the told folks they were. They were simply filling the orders made up to April 1st at the time. As CS told customers that they’d be getting a June box, they were actually being put on a waitlist, and as people cancelled their “June” boxes, they were of course removed from that waitlist. Folks who stayed and who signed up early enough got the May box.

          • Thanks for the information! I’m so glad that I didn’t end up canceling like a lot of people did because of this “mess” I figured that maybe their June box would be just as good to make up for it for the people who stuck it out. Plus I’ve been wanting to add this sub for awhile anyways. So I hope everyone else who stuck around also get it as well!

      • I subscribed on 4/22 and confirmed with CS that my first box would be the June box, but the May box showed up today. I didn’t get a tracking notification or anything.

      • I also signed up on the 22nd and when I got tracking info late last week, I got my hopes up for the May box. But when I got my box today it was from August 2015! And it’s pretty much a bunch of junk, I’ll only use 1 of the samples, with a super low value. I’m very disappointed.

    • I’m so thrilled Allure surprised lots of us with the May box. ? So happy people actually received it. ??

    • I signed up April 22 as well, and when I saw that so many of you were receiving May after all, I emailed CS again and asked them if the additional May boxes were being sent in order of when people subbed. They completely ignored my question and just said “you will receive the June box. Everyone who signed up past a certain date starts with the June box.”

      Nothing irritates me more than when CS gives you a canned answer that avoids answering the question you actually asked.

      • That’s crazy, Erica! Have you logged into your account to see if there’s a tracking number? Maybe you will get one soon.

  9. many have wound up on eBay for 35$.Many have turned opportunist and joined only to make money. This is why many don’t have boxes!!!

    • That makes me so mad! Same thing is happening with the Too Faced Peach palette. People are buying them for $49 and reselling for over $100 on eBay. Just not right!

      • If it makes you feel any better, the Peach Palette isn’t all that great according to reviews. Many of the colors are really chalky and streaky.

    • Yep, and as I said below, all you’ll hear on the comment boards are that the extra boxes are for “sisters” and “daughters.” I’m not saying that everyone who claims this is lying, but I’m not buying that all of these are really gift subscriptions. (Besides, why can’t your sisters and daughters sign up themselves, if they want them so bad?) Many people were commenting loud and proud about trying to get extra boxes until people called them on their greed, and after that all you heard was that they were for “gifts.” I think Allure made the right call by cancelling duplicates.

      And people offering to swap their whole box–is that an EXTRA box, I wonder?

      I may actually be getting the May box and I’m THRILLED, but feel bad for everyone who isn’t getting one, perhaps because of all of the opportunists.

      • In all fairness you can get more than one box. I got 3 last month because I had two friends join from my referral request. But I don’t think it matters if you get more than one box, it’s paid for and not free, however some people saw the chance to make money and screwed others.

        • So they sent you THREE of the same box because you got two people to sign up? That doesn’t make much sense either–I mean, what if you’d actually hated the box? They should tack on an extra box (or two, in this case) to your own subscription, so you’d at least get something different!

          And you do have a point that the box isn’t free so it’s not like it’s stealing–it just really rubbed me the wrong way to see people being so grabby and then, seemingly, trying to clean it up by claiming they were gifts.

        • I agree. It’s not free. I signed up for an extra box knowing I would NOT receive a second May box. My mom is older, doesn’t own a computer and never used internet, I plan on making bags for her of all the products I receive from all my subs that I won’t use. She would NEVER except a paid sub from me. The only thing she will ever except are cards and flowers. I love the products in allure and know she would, too. Only reason I signed up for another.

          Allure has an archaic website and should include stipulations such as only one box per address etc., or at least email subscribers before charging accounts then canceling.

          • I don’t understand what except means? Accept? I’m so confused. She accepts things except cards and flowers? Wahahaaaa??? This makes no sense.

        • AMEN Anna!!! Well said my friend!!

      • I couldn’t of said it any better. That is a big part why some aren’t getting one and that would be me. I ordered super late and I didnt find out I wasnt getting the box until Liz and team posted this… If feel when Allure started sending out extra boxes many jumped on that train too. I loved my ONE subscription before any of this craziness. I was with them since Dec but after my April box i said I love you Allure but I have no room only to realize dam who cares if I dont have room….I would miss my red box in May and I didn’t even know all this was going on. Long story short its my own fault for cancelling. There will always been another Allure box next month.

      • I’m one of those who received 2 boxes, I actually been receiving 2 boxes for over a 8 months now. I purchased one for myself and for my daughter. My daughter is in college and when she comes home, she has a basket full of beauty products to take back with her to use. I actually take all the samples out and I make one big surprise basket for her. She loves it.
        Just wanted to share. I know some of you are upset we received 2 boxes but we do put them to good use. ?

        • Bella, we only got upset with people who ordered more than one box to resell on eBay or to swap for retail prices.

        • I was just putting it out there only to the few that buy a few to sell on Ebay or that were upset that they were not getting 2 + boxes in May for themselves. It really doesn’t matter either way and no one should have to explain who and what they do with the boxes. I guess maybe the greediness may of bothered some. You know what bothered me really was the fact that Allure didnt send out a email to all involved until way after the fact. I wouldn’t of known anything if I didnt get these emails. I said that in an email to them and later that day they sent one out. I’m glad alot of people ended up getting one though and it looked like one of their best boxes. Fingers crossed for June.

  10. I received my box just in time for Mother’s Day! Everything is small in size, but high-end and quality products and I will use everything, but may gift the nail polish as I don’t paint my nails often enough… I haven’t had a chance to use Foreo yet, but does it automatically stop or do we have to stop manually?

    • It doesn’t stop automatically. I don’t know if the full size model does. But I have to time the one minute on a digital watch. Kind of a pain. But it does feel good on my sensitive skin. I plan to take it when I travel.

      • Thank you for the response. I guess one minute is the recommended time or you will loose battery faster if you keep it on longer, I guess. I may take it for my upcoming vacation. Great idea!

  11. I signed up in the beginning of April and when I found out the box oversold I called customer service and they told me I would not be getting the May box. However is just came in the mail today so I’m pleasantly surprised !

    • Did you get a tracking number or did the box arrive without one?

      • I got a tracking # but wasn’t sure what they were sending because I was told I wouldn’t get it

    • Same here! I was so excited when I opened the box today!!

  12. So I sent customer service a message after reading on this post that the May box was oversold. I never received anything telling me I wouldn’t receive one. I wasn’t particularly thrilled by their response…

    caitlin [2016-05-16 11:30:50]
    I am wondering if my box has shipped?
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:31:04]
    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box, I will be happy to assist you.
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:31:35]
    You will receive and email with the tracking information
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:32:09]
    We are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced.
    Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming popularity, we no longer have stock of the May Allure Beauty Box to ship to you. Your delivery will now begin with the June box. The June box delivery will be in the first week of June.
    If you would prefer not to receive the June box, we would be happy to send you a refund for your May box purchase. This would then discontinue your future box deliveries.
    caitlin [2016-05-16 11:35:07]
    So were you going to send out emails telling customers this? I have yet to receive one. Also since I was charged for the May box will I then not be charged for the June box?
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:37:29]
    You will not be charged for June box. We do apologize for the inconvenience. of not receiving a letter of notification.
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:38:25]
    Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:38:54]
    Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box, have a great day!
    Michele M [2016-05-16 11:38:56]
    Session was closed by:Michele M

  13. Where was the $39 coupon for the Luna?

    • I think it may be on the little paper insert of the foreo (inside the plastic case)

    • It’s a little round coupon in the plastic box. You have to enter the code. It’s case sensitive! And then they send you an email with another code to get the $39 off.

  14. Here is why I keep getting more and more frustrated and angry with Allure:

    According to Allure all of the people below that are saying they hung in there and are now getting confirmation numbers and tracking codes for the May box are LIARS.

    After reading several people say that they subbed at the end of April and now have a tracking code, I decided to call customer service (in fact I just hung up.)
    He confirmed I will be getting the June box and then I asked why people who are saying they subbed as far out as April 22nd are now getting the May box he told me that they are completely sold out and and it’s not possible.

    So there you have it, Allure’s CS told me you all were lying!

    I don’t believe him of course but I’m tired of reading the comments of people that are placing the blame on us upset customers. Lying in business is unacceptable. Maybe they are being told to say that as they don’t know how many freed up boxes they will have but how about just saying that truth instead of calling other people liars?

    I too have “stuck in there” and tried to just wait it out as others are saying they did and are now getting it just to be met with even more lies on top of the original lies I read online. Bad business.

  15. I subscribed in April because I wanted the May box. When I heard about the issues with thhat box I called Customer Service and reached a representive who told me in no uncertain terms that I would defnitely not be receiving a box until June and that there was absolutely, positively no chance that I might still receive a May box. I requested a cancellation, mostly as a reaction to his rudeness. But if I find out now that I actually *could* have gotten a May box after all I’m going to be really ticked.

    • I think a lot of people cancelling opened up the box to the subscribers who did not cancel. When I emailed with customer service they could not tell me for sure if I would be getting May (I subscribed before spoilers for May were released – around the 1st week of April). She said probably not, but they were getting another shipment of boxes in. I could either keep the sub or receive a refund. It was literally $10 because of a coupon code. But even at $15, I would have kept it. Allure has a pretty good track record of good boxes. I waited it out and low and behold received Shipping Confirmation on Friday, still didnt know which box, and received the May box yesterday. From what the customer service rep told me. They were WAY oversold and they had just been told a second wave of shipments would be going out. So in who ever you spoke to’s defense, they probably had been told that may new subscribers would NOT be getting one.

      • I have to wonder if this was a supplier issue? Like maybe one of the products didn’t provide the number of products that they were supposed to?

        It might also account for why people ARE now getting the May box – Allure might have been able to get the full number (just late) and now they’re sending a second shipment since they’ve received the product.

        TOTALLY conjecture – but as someone who’s worked in fulfillment before I can imagine this scenario being plausible.

  16. Was anyone else’s box missing the mascara? I don’t know if this was an oversight or if they ran out and many of us won’t be getting it. I hate to be a pain and contact CS about it because I just had to contact them last month about a damaged item in my box.

    • I received the mascara but it is tiny. You aren’t missing much.

  17. I am supposed to get my May box today! I can’t wait, and I’m so excited that I kept a positive attitude and didn’t cancel when I was told I wasn’t getting a May box. I feel bad for those not getting one, but I would say to hang in there because I think this box is worth it every month!

    • Same thing here! I was super bummed but then ended up getting it! So excited!

    • I love your comment about having a positive attitude through this whole mess, wish more people had tried this. I am not getting a May box, which disappoints me, but it’s seriously not worth all the drama that’s been going on. Watching the drama unfold has almost been worth the price of the box! It’s only $15. Either deal with the situation, or cut your losses and move on! Now let me get my popcorn and watch the comments from the people that canceled and are now ticked b/c some new April subscribers actually got a box…

      • Ha ha! I totally agree with you on this one. I have subscribed to Allure BB since last September and I can honestly say that there has only been one month that I thought “meh.” I get that the value on this box was high but I have had boxes from them in the past that I have actually liked better. I think it’s great that the people that stuck it out may be rewarded with a May box. I ordered one for my sister as a surprise and it was cancelled as a duplicate account. No sour grapes on my end. I’ll just try again for the June box.

      • Lol Katherine, love your comment! My sentiments exactly! I subscribed late April and will most likely NOT be getting the May box yes I was sad and disappointed for a day or so but in the grand scheme of things is nothing to lose sleep over, much less consult lawyers 🙂

      • I was the same way…I called to see if I would get May or June and they said June but that they’d send me a love box to make up for it and I was totally cool with it and kept my subscription (although I was dying for the nail polish). I wanted to try the sub anyway so I was like, no big deal…and I got shipping confirmation email at the end of last week and then today I got the May box!! I was so shocked!!!

      • Omg I cancelled 2 times in between April and May. I am so not getting that box and I’m cool with it?.It has been a show stopper… So much Liz shut off the angry comment ?LoL. Popcorn Anyone!!!!

      • I think a lot of the people who contacted Allure with a bad attitude burned themselves. The reps were hearing from EVERYONE and people who wanted their 10/15 refunded are ridiculous. I subscribed before the spoilers were released, have never even heard of the Foreo, and of course was a little bummed thinking I wasn’t getting a box. Not the stuff in it, just the box. LOL. Im a subscription box addict and just like getting all the stuff. I don’t think I’ve subbed to a box just because the spoilers, only based off previous box reviews. When I contacted CS just out of curiosity (thought maybe I could get an earlier box), she told me that I could get a refund or wait for June. I told her no problem, no thanks on the refund, and THEN she was like…we are getting a second shipment in next week and we don’t know who will get them but just and FYI you could get May. Low and behold, I got tracking on Friday and the May box showed up on Monday. I think the people who got all bent out of shape and rude don’t deserve one. I think it was awesome that they stayed true to their current subscribers first. Win for Allure! I’ll continue to subscribed to them, not because I received May (I honestly could careless and am not so patiently waiting to see what June will be!), but because they have a great track record for good products! Pass the popcorn 😉

  18. I’m surprised to hear you didn’t think the Night cleanser lathered well, Liz. Mine lathered so well with the Luna Play that it was pretty comical how my lathered face looked. It looked like I had been hit with a whipped cream pie. Even though the Luna doesn’t seem very powerful, I found it lathers up my cleansers beautifully. It actually took quite a few splashes of warm water to get all the cleanser off it was so lathered on there! Strange how different everyone’s experience has been with the Luna Play.

  19. In a sea of really great Allure boxes, this box was EXCEPTIONAL! 🙂

    I’ve subbed for about a year, and other than one hiccup and a missed month, I really love this subscription. All of Allure’s boxes have great value and wonderful high end products that I wouldn’t seek out myself and would probably never have the opportunity to try.

    I do agree with others that their customer service could stand improving and they should openly communicate account issues or shortages before the customers come to them, but even with these concerns, I still highly recommend this box.

    If Allure is really smart, within a couple of months, they’ll have another awesome box, to confirm that this is their standard, not a fluke. Oh, and have plenty of that next awesome box on hand to ship to new subs!!! 🙂

  20. This box was a home run for me! The Lauren B polish is beautiful, and I think I found my new favorite mascara! The lipstick is flattering without being too dramatic. I love the two cleansers that came with the Foreo and the Luna itself leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean.

  21. I continue to be really pleased with my decision to go from BB to Allure (this was my third box).

    I feel like each month I get a really nice mix of beauty and skin care items and each month I only end up with about one item I’m not going to use (this month it was the lipstick).

    I really like the mascara it adds great length and volume for me but no curl (my lashes hate curling). I don’t like the brush though, it’s so huge I feel like I end up missing half my lashes!

    The Foreo Play was definitely an exciting thing to get and try and while I will use it til it’s done I wouldn’t repurchase. I almost feel like the silicone irritates my skin in sensitive areas (my cheeks), it a most makes them feel raw. I have to be very generous with whatever cleanser I’m using.

    I hate when boxes oversell or when they are not upfront/helpful to their customer base but it seems to me that Allure has fallen into that “too fast/too soon” category. While I don’t think they did anything intentional or malicious (I don’t think anyone really does when these things happen) – I do hope they learned from it. Of course I guess that’s easy to say having not been effected by the issue, but I do feel badly for anyone that had to deal with frustrations with this box.

    • Hi Amber! Just wondering if you decided to use the coupon from the Foreo Play and if not and you still have the coupon would you be willing to let me have it? I already have a Luna so I gave the Play to my sister and now she wants to get a Luna but she thinks the coupon may have been thrown away because she cannot find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  22. I love the Foreo. The cleansers didn’t wow me either but will work when I travel.

    I LOVE the mascara. I was hoping I didn’t because MUFE is not in my normal budget. I’ve gotten amazing volume and length.

  23. I am loving this box too! I really liked the shade of lipstick I got, but the dryness of it isn’t great for me. I want something more moisturizing.

    I love the nail polish color–super pretty. I’m going to try it out to see if it’s cruise worthy (we leave in two weeks!)

    The Foreo was interesting. I like it and will use it, but I did find myself feeling like my Konjac sponge works better. It just doesn’t feel like the Foreo is doing anything when I use it, but it probably is and I just don’t realize LOL.

  24. This box was awesome! Glad to try the Foreo since it’s such a pricey item , and will probably end up purchasing. I absolutely love that Pixi lipstick. It looks so natural on, it’s perfect for summer. I plan on heading to Target to look for it as soon as I feel better(sick all weekend and still today 🙁 ) . The nail polish is nice for summer too. Going to do a mani and wear my coordinating weird PSMH tassel necklace ha ha!

  25. I am afraid Allure will never have an exceptionally good box again, after this May box mess!! Lol

  26. I loooooved Foreo, not sure though if that’s the device itself or the cleansers. I would definitely rebuy cleansers, they are amazing for somebody like me with dry flaky skin. My skin is super soft now, all dry patches are gone, what a miracle! On the other hand, Allure has been super rude to me explaining why my second newly created account was deleted. It is very sad as using those products now is bitter sweet, with the taste of rude CS who don’t care about customers or maybe even hate them:(

    • I created a second account, too, a few days ago, and now can’t log into that account. I was charged the initial $10, so we shall see if I receive anything in the coming months. Were you charged, also?

      Allure has been my favorite sub. I always share my surplus with fam and close friends who think I am a crazy box lady. I just wanted to spread the love!

      • I was charged $10 but in about a week my CC was credited back. They told me in a rude manner “We will not be sending you 2 boxes” or something like that. Sigh.. So if you want a second sub, I’d rather use my friend’s or mom’s address

        • Thanks for the reply! Snobby CS is the worst. I had no problems getting two subs for BB and Ipsy ?

  27. I absolutely loved this box. My favorite item was the Polish and I’m also loving the Foreo! Awesome value overall!

  28. Happy to hear some people are getting replacements and or the May box itself…I personally stuck through to see what happens but sadly have not heard a word. I’ve checked my account numerous times but no changes on a ship date :/ Consistency would be appreciated.

  29. I put up a whole box for swap for anyone that missed out. I’m really hoping to swap for a wewood watch! I will consider all proposals though.

  30. I subscribed in April, sat tight and didn’t contact them when the scandal blew up, assumed I’d be getting June, and got a shipping notice last week. Not sure if it’s this box or the Beauty Thrills box, though. I guess I’ll know by Wednesday.

    • Same. Fingers crossed!

    • Amy, I signed up the beginning of April they told me I would not get the May Box… I looked up my account just now & it said mine shipped on the 11th… I have a tracking # does that mean I will get it?? I did NOT order the thrills box.

      • Sounds like you’re getting May. Fingers crossed!

      • Kristen, you can contact customer service and find out. I did the live chat when I got a tracking number and was told it was the May box.

      • Same for me! I signed up 4/9. Contacted CS twice to verify that I was not getting the May box and would start with June. After reading these are, I decided to log in just in case and … surprise! I have tracking info. Shipment sent on 5/11. Maybe it’s may or maybe it’s a “we’re sorry” treat…

        • I just Checked mine again. Now it says Pre-Shipment sent on May 13th & it’s in BENSENVILLE, IL 60106 , I guess I’m holding on to a little hope but I won’t get overly excited until I actually see it’s been scanned & on its way! But I’m confused if we have a tracking # we should get it I would think??

        • I got a totally boring “we’re sorry” box, but a few days later I got another tracking number that I was told (via chat with a CS rep) was for the May box. It’s been in Bensenville since the 13th in “Preshipment” status, showing as “Departed Shipping Partner Facility.” Anyone know who Allure’s shipping partner is? Sometimes you can get a bit more info from the partner’s tracking mechanism, until it reaches your local post office.

    • Me too! It says it’s out for delivery so I’ll know in a few hours if my mailman would HURRY UP! The suspense of all of this is killing me.

  31. Am just loving the look of the nail polish (and I grew up in Santa Barbara, so it’s perfect!) Sadly, I wasn’t able to get one of these boxes, so fingers crossed for swapping. Fun looking box!

  32. Where is the $39 coupon? I don’t think I received one, at least it was not in my box.

    • It is in the Foreo case. On the back of the instructions. You have to visit a website and they email you a discount code.

      • UGH! I threw that away. Didn’t even notice the coupon. Bummer.

    • It’s in the Luna Play Container – on the circular paper inside the container. It will say “Get your FREE GIFT at” And there’s a code to enter. (Your free gift is the $39 coupon.) Hope that helps!

  33. I’ve never lapsed in my subscription (since the Sample Society days) so I was excited to get this box, especially since I never got that awesome red carpet box, or any other freebies others get. Well, seems it’s been stuck in pre-shipment at the post office in Bensenville since Allure handed it off. Fantastic. Anybody else having this problem?

    • I had this experience. This was my third box. Typically, I have received the box prior to getting the email that it had shipped. This time I got the email, but the tracking kept showing it was in pre-shipment for about 5 days or so. I did the live chat, and was told it was labeled for shipment and I would get another email when it shipped. It arrived the next day, and there never was another email. Not sure customer service really knows what’s going on.

      • Yeah, lately I’ve been getting my box ahead of the tracking as well. I did the live chat and was told it was a post office problem and was refunded. I also went through the post office online with a “where’s my box” form. My local post office called, which, wasn’t helpful since it’s the Bensenville one. Or so it seems? I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it though.

    • mine is stuck there too, very strange

      • Mines been stuck there too since 11th!!

      • Mine since the 13th in pre shipment

  34. I’m fairly klutzy and am still trying to figure out the logistics of the Foreo, since it seems (at least with mine) that you have to hold the button in while using it, as opposed to turning it on and off, which would be much more convenient. I do like everything else in the box, so even if I never figure out the Foreo, the box is still worthwhile to me.

    • I thought you had to hold it too, but figured it out after 2 uses. The on off switch does eventually stay.

  35. I loved my box!! All of it!! & The foreo play was so awesome I purchased the Foreo 2 & it is AMAZING! Seriously for 15 bucks this box is one of the best out right now!!! ???

  36. I have been a subscriber for 6 months or so and I haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet. Anyone else?

    • I never get a shipping notification since Allure took over and I have subscribed for a couple of years. But you can log in to your account and find your tracking number. Hope that helps.

      • Where on the site does it give tracking info? I use my phone and it seems like the most generic website with little to no info.

        • Under the shiping day it will have a clickable link called “track package” or something like that.

  37. Oh I love this box. I love allure. I love all the products. My favorite is the Foreo and I love the nail polish. Been getting compliments from random strangers at the grocery store ?.
    My skin is renewed and radiant from the Foreo. I actually liked both cleansers. Just add a little water and it suds right up and leaves skin so soft. I received 2 boxes as I’ve been a long time subscriber. But I just received another tracking number. ?. I’m excited ?

    • I thought they had a policy against sending multiple boxes to the same address? :/

      • Ones for myself and the other is my daughters so I’m not actually getting 2. And I think maybe the shipping is wrong. Usually I get a shipping notice and I’ve already received the box. I’m not that lucky ?

  38. Did anyone ever actually get anything that was promised in place of the May box for those of us who got charged and aren’t getting anything?

    I’ve talked to them multiple times, and am really tired of it, and debating whether it’s worth filing a suit against them. I get that they messed up, but they continue to email me about a box I’m not getting, swear they have sent 2 replacements that don’t have tracking numbers, and for the past week when I login to the website it won’t show me accurate account info.

    I’m increasingly uncomfortable that they still have my payment info and seem to have an inability to be even kind of honest and am at an absolute loss.

    • I can’t answer your first question, since I did not contact CS/was not promised any replacement package.

      I don’t think “filing a suit” is a viable route. It’s a disappointing and frustrating situation for sure, whether the company’s actions are caused by dishonesty or disorganization. However, it’s still a $15 box, and you would end up paying several hundred dollars in fees alone at small claims court.

      If you’re that uncomfortable with them, I would officially cancel your sub with them and contact your bank to be on the lookout for any charges from Allure or Conde Nast or whatever it shows up as.

      • Filing fees in most small claims courts are under $25 in most jurisdictions. Speaking as a practicing attorney I wish the fees were higher. Rather than file suit in this situation (and legally there is a viable cause of action; whether it’s wise to spend the time and effort on it is up to the individual), the other option is to file a complaint, with either the FTC or the BBB, or even Allure’s registered state Attorney Generals office.

        • In addition to filing fees, are there not also service fees and, if successful, collection fees? (I should perhaps point out that I’m speaking not from legal expertise, but experience. My family ended up paying a total of close to $550 in fees on a successful $4,000 claim.

          • And reasonably, couldn’t you only receive the money paid for the box, $15.00, since that’s your only damage?

    • I am supposed to be getting the mystery bag. Per CS it has not shipped yet but will be sent soon. It is in fact a bag. CS has not been told the contents. I believe based on past comments it is a bag that was sent as a bonus thank you a few months ago. Your best bet is to call them rather than use chat.

  39. The power button on my Foreo does not work, I have to press it slightly above the button or hit the back really hard. It is nice to try but I do not think I will buy the full version.

    • Mine doesn’t work at all. 🙁

      • You do need to push that button down hard. Then it will stay on. Since it only has 100 uses you don’t want that thing to turn on too easily!

    • Yes I am EXTREMELY upset with allure!!!!! They were unable to fulfill a gift subscription to my sister and then I haven’t received the replacement gift. I received my sub and got my luna, but IT DOESN’T WORK!!!! Seriously allure?????? I am very pissed off at allure. I will call them again tomorrow. This is their last chance and they better offer a new Luna!!!!!

      • Try pressing the edge of the power button indent.

      • Mine doesn’t work either and I’ve tried pushing it tons of different ways. I emailed them a week ago and still haven’t gotten a respone. Do you have better luck calling?

        • I have used mine at least 10 times. Sometimes I have to push the button a few times to activate it. Allure’s customer service leaves something to be desired.

    • I have to press the bottom edge of the power button indent first until it starts vibrating, then press further into the center until I hear a click, and it stays on. I was so upset at first, thinking I had received a defective unit!

  40. I think it’s important to note that although this review states at the top that the people affected by the oversold boxes were contacted by customer service, we were most assuredly not. Allure made no attempt to reach out in any way to the customers affected. We found out online, I found out through this website. I called them and they reluctantly told me. As far as I know, they never made any attempt to contact people, but please correct me if I am wrong. Their customer service gets an F in my book, and I will never order from them again.

  41. i love the pixi lipstick it is my favorite out of the box and the foreo is awesome too!!!

  42. I didn’t call customer service when many people found that they weren’t getting the May box. I decided to wait and see what happened.
    Allure sent tracking last week so who knows.

    • Same here! I subbed on April 22, and also didn’t contact customer service, and I received shipping notification this past Friday. Possibly they had some new stock come in? At any rate, I’m excited for this!

      • Or maybe they weeded out all of the people who were buying an extra box for their “sister.” (Yeah, right!)

    • I had a similar instance. I actually signed up for the April box, but then decided I didn’t like it after the spoilers. They paused my sub for me and I told them to start it back up later in April to get the May box, before the final spoilers came out. I just assumed I wasn’t getting the box due to overselling it, and just the other day got a tracking number. I am pleasantly surprised.

      I totally get why people are frustrated, but I guess it just takes more to get me upset. As was mentioned the box is $15 (for me was $10 b/c of the new box link) and I just don’t want to spend that much energy on a thing that in the broad scheme of things, is not that big of a deal. Sometimes a little perspective helps things.

  43. I’ve only been getting allure for a few months but this box blows me away. This may box is amazing. I love the Foreo Luna play. I got pink too. Did everyone get the same color? I think in the magazine it says to only use it for 1 minute total per use.

    • Mine was aquamarine! 😀

  44. FYI. I was told I would not get the box and got confirmation Friday it was mailed. It will be delivered Monday.

    • Me too! The people complaining should have stuck it out

      • I did stick it out and was told again today that I would get the June box and anyone saying that they are now getting the May box is a bunch of liars. Save your judgment for Allure please.

        • I have tracking for a box shipped 4 days ago, have not ordered anything else, was told I’d get June and they did not offer an apology bag/box/anything when I called and my email says “your May box has shipped.” So what the heck is the tracking # for if not the May box. Maybe they put together some more boxes and are filling new orders placed earlier in the month? I signed up before the Foreo spoiler came out.

          • I’m just quoting what Allure CS told me, “if anyone says they are getting the May box (if subbed in April) they are lying!”
            This company is something else….

  45. I was a prior subscriber, so I received this box. I’m glad I did as I loved it, but I do feel badly for those who were expecting to receive it. And Liz, thanks for your input on the Clarisonic versus the Foreo! I’m trying to decide which to invest in, and I didn’t even think about the cost of the replacement brush heads. I like that I can try out the Foreo on my sensitive skin prior to purchasing the more expensive version – that alone is well worth the price of the box!

  46. FYI: if you didn’t cancel and signed up in April, you might still get this box. I was told I wasn’t getting it and even got the complimentary January box to make up for it, but then mine shipped. It seems people who stayed subscribed got waitlisted and some will get it.

    • I was told I would not get it and did not drop, and surprise…. I got one. Very happy!

      • Congrats! I am super excited for mine, should arrive this week!

        • I too signed up in April and was told I wouldn’t be getting the May box. I stayed; still haven’t received the free gift I was offered or any tracking info that may indicate I’m getting the May box after all. However, hope springs eternal! 🙂

    • Nope I’m still getting June and according to CS, “anyone saying they are now getting the box are lying”….smh…great business model, insult your customers..

      • WOW! That is ridiculous!

  47. I’m confused since I was one of the many people who was told I would be getting a June box, I received a shipping email this week and have no idea what is being shipped

    • It’s probably May, you should contact them to check. I was told I wasn’t getting one and then mine shipped, looks like the same has happened to others. We got waitlisted.

    • Yes! I also received a shipping notice yesterday stating my Allure box is on its way. My first thought was Allure sent a consolation box. Now I’m starting to become excited that it may be a winning box. I subbed about April 22.

    • Oh I love this box. I love allure. I love all the products. My favorite is the Foreo and I love the nail polish. Been getting compliments from random strangers at the grocery store ?.
      My skin is renewed and radiant from the Foreo. I actually liked both cleansers. Just add a little water and it suds right up and leaves skin so soft. I received 2 boxes as I’ve been a long time subscriber. But I just received another tracking number. ?. I’m excited ?

  48. Looks amazing!!! So sad I was one of the many people who bought and didn’t get.

  49. I hope Allure steps it up for June before more people bail. The real “stabby knife back” moment was when they sent us a survey and a “what’s in your box” email for a box we never received. I was one of the dopes that decided to stick it out until June. If it is a “meh box” I will unsub. I also hope they don’t have the kahunas to charge us again for June since I was charged for May and never received it. It looks like it was a great box but I am holding hope for the future boxes for those of us that stuck in there.

    • I have a feeling that June will not be anything special. It’s kinda hard to top 100+ in value for a 15$ box, especially not two months in a row. I’m going to wait until June spoilers are out before deciding to cancel or not. Just be aware that someone on the previous post about Allure said that CS told them they’d be charged for July’s box in early June. Knowing how little CS actually knows about things I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on things around that time just to be sure.

  50. I loved this box, but was bummed that the Foreo Play stopped working after about 10 uses. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Oh no! I’ve only used mine twice. It’s a nice play by Foreo to include the mini with a coupon to purchase the full size!

      I found an older version on HSN for $80. Planning on purchasing that when this one crashes. Lol

    • Mine has never worked. I am really upset. I called Allure but was rudely told ‘sorry no replacements have a good day’

      • Maybe try contacting Foreo directly.

      • Well, sounds like they sent you a really expensive brush cleaner. They probably don’t actually /have/ any extras for replacements. That really sucks though, I agree with BonBon, it won’t hurt to ask Foreo, dunno if they’d do anything or not.

    • Mine didn’t work at all. I contacted Foreo and they said that there is nothing that they can do, I did get a refund from Allure for my box.

      • Mine didnt work either but I didn’t get a refund they just said, “We can offer to give you an older box.” I don’t even know what that means, am I supposed to respond, “uh. Okay thanks for the offer?” Lol what the heck?

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