The Willie Wags Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Mar 2016

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Box Closed

The Willie Wags is a women’s lifestyle subscription box that supports and gives back to women owned small businesses

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Box Open

The Subscription Box: The Willie Wags

The Cost: $59.99 a month (discounts offered for 3 and 12-month pre-paid subscriptions) + shipping

COUPON: Save 10% off your first box with code MYSUBADDICTION10!

The Products:  “The Willie Wags is a quirky and fun subscription service for professional women based on two core values: women supporting women and discovering those must have essentials that are hidden off the beaten path…or as we refer to it, The Willie Wags.”

Ships to: US

Check out the Women’s Lifestyle Subscription Box Directory for other great boxes to try and make sure to add The Willie Wags to your subscription list or wishlist!

Welcome Card

I want to start off by saying I’ve never received a more beautifully wrapped subscription box. The attention to detail blew me away! Every single item was wrapped, or tied with twine and had its own card detailing product info, price and website/contact information for the creator.

Bracelet Packed

Silver Cuff by The Bangle Bear – $15.00

This silver cuff bracelet is meant to hold a hair tie so that it doesn’t leave an imprint on your wrist. What a great idea! I always have a hair tie on my wrist and it will look so much nicer on this bangle instead. The bangle is also very elegant with no hair tie of course. Each product card also has a Willie Wags lesson. The lesson for the bracelet was: Fashion and functionality do exist! So cute!

Bracelet together

bracelet Apart

Bracelet On

It was a little tricky getting the hair tie back on, but if you slide the bracelet up your arm till it doesn’t move then slide the hair tie on that seems to make it much easier. This tip was taken directly from The Bangle Bear website.


Make It Happen by Lara Casey – $10.00 on Amazon (retail price $15.99)

Lara is an inspirational speaker and this book is meant to inspire women to choose their purpose, stop worrying about perfection and give courage to those starting a new venture. This gets great reviews on Amazon and I’m excited to read it! I think a motivational book is a great idea for a box which strives to empower women.

Original Artwork

Limited Edition Numbered and Signed Artwork by Cynthia Bogart – $45.00

I’m obsessed! This is definitely my favorite item in the box. The reason I love subscription boxes is finding unique items I never would have found otherwise. This numbered, signed giclee print is so special and beautiful. I can’t wait to frame it and hang it in my house. The title of this painting is “You Are Your Fiercest Warrior” – which perfectly matches the box’s mission of empowerment.

Artwork packed

I just wanted to show how the print was packed with the watercolor business card, artist information card and sticker. Beautiful!

Artwork Close Up
Vinyl Packaged


Water Bottle Decal by LG Design – $6.00

This vinyl decal is meant to be attached to a water bottle to remind you to hit your daily water consumption goal and stay hydrated. I should give this a try because I don’t even come close to drinking the recommended amount of water. I couldn’t find this vinyl on LG Design’s Etsy shop, but she has many others.

Planner Open

Planner Reflection Page

Undated Planner by Passion Planner – $29.99

At first I was surprised to see a planner in this box, but I quickly noticed that it is undated and then I was thrilled! This planner can be used any year or started any month. This is more than just a planner because it not only has weekly and monthly layouts. It also has reflection pages meant to clearly define your dreams and goals and turn them into a reality. Each week has personal to-do list and work to-do list sections, plus a spot to draw, journal or brainstorm. Love this planner!

Pads Packed

Pads Separate

Done Is Better Than Perfect & Don’t Quit Your Daydream Pads – $13.00 (for both)

The Done Is Better than Perfect notepad will be great for my  to-do lists and grocery lists. I especially like how the edges of each sheet of paper are gold. The Don’t Quit Your Daydream is actually a little flip book with Post-its inside, very cute. These are designed by Parrot Design Studio in Maine.

Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pie Sliced

Levant Corner Store Whoopie Pies – $6.00

You guys!!! Whoopie Pies!!! I don’t know how this is even possible, but this is my first time ever eating a whoopie pie. And I don’t think my life will ever be the same. These were unbelievable, fresh and delicious. One was a traditional whoopee pie with sugary white filling and the other was a thick peanut butter filling. Both were amazing and I was sort of sad that I opened them in front of my husband and kids and thus was forced to share. Evidently these whoopie pies have won people’s choice for the last three years at the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival and I can see why. Whoopie Festivals are a thing? Who knew?!

Verdict:  ​I feel like Willie Wags just threw down the gauntlet with this inaugural box! I see them competing right up there with all the other women’s lifestyle boxes. The curation was on point. Every item felt unique and fun and knowing everything came from women owned small businesses made it even better. The value for this box was $130 which is more than double the cost of the box. I think that’s amazing for small business and Etsy shop items.

What do you think of the first Willie Wags box? Which item was your favorite?

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Written by Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica’s addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she’ll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.

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  1. Willie Wags replied to my comment on Facebook quite quickly and shipping is based on location. I see this was updated here on the review. The good news is they are responsive. The bad news is I can’t afford $77 a month.

  2. $17 shipping per box???
    I was signing up for the 3 month deal with the coupon and was already ty but subscribe when I went back to check my info, I noticed the total had changed and added over $50…. For shipping. The site does not mention the shipping cost at all. $17 for shipping each box should be mentioned as that was a deal breaker for me (the not mentioning it part). I was super excited about this sub but I’m not willing to pay an additional 30% of the cost just in shipping charges. I’m sad. I’m also worried that if they didn’t tell about the shipping up front, what else are they forgetting to mention?

    • Yeah, I’m pretty miffed about that, especially since I merrily hit “submit” and did not even notice the HUGE shipping fee tacked on until my receipt popped up on the next screen! I went back and scrubbed the website (usually I am VERY careful about details, particularly shipping) and did not see a word about it. I guess I’m spoiled because I’ve done sub boxes for a few years now and have never had to pay shipping. I will admit partial fault for not looking carefully (though I am seriously NOT convinced it showed up on the cart page to begin with) but this makes me feel a bit duped at best. 🙁

      • Tiffany, is that you who reached out on their FB page? You go, girl! Very well-said (and I am super impressed they responded so quickly and professionally!) I get shipping is high and the reason (I don’t LOVE it, but I get it). I just really don’t remember it re-calculating on the checkout page (but I removed the a la carte sub after noting the MSA code also worked for a 3-month one so it could be a glitch).

        I think the company realizes that most people would be very turned off by paying an extra 30% more than the box cost in shipping, and that’s why the explicitly don’t state the cost (range).

        • Yes, that was me…
          I wanted to point it out to give them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to fix it. It does seem like a great sub for those who can afford it. With the coupon it was already a bit of a stretch for me, otherwise I’d have been ok with the extra shipping fees. I am glad they fixed the problem quickly and that says a lot about the quality of the company.

    • That’s a pretty hefty shipping cost. It seems to be a pretty good box, but I factor the already bigger price and then shipping and probably tax (not sure if it’s already factored into the $60) I’d be to scared to sub, knowing the value may not always be there for me.
      The shipping is mentioned in the how it works step 2 : shipping will automatically be calculated based on USPS rates for your location. (not at all saying it was there when you where on, but it’s there now)
      It probably should say they charge handling too because I can’t foresee that box costing $17 a month to ship. Im not convinced its location either.

      • I looked again and saw it. It could have been there before, but there’s definitely nothing clear on what the actual shipping costs may be. They might consider doing a little chart like some companies do, by zone (although most companies that do that are only showing you transit times). I think they’re based out of Maine, but I would be interested if any New England gals are paying the same amount those of us further away are.

        • I’m NY and it came up same for my friend. The only reason I really question is because I ship way larger heavier boxes shipped further & insured for less. It’s just a shame because I would def sub this box then.

    • At $77/month I think they priced themselves out of the market regardless of what cause(s) they want to support.

  3. Also thought this was a dog box. After some other disappointing new box I saw a review of that was filled with dollar store junk, I was really surprised to keep scrolling to more cool stuff! I love how they wrapped things in the brown string. The artwork is just gorgeous!! That alone would make me happy =D I’ll be watching this box and adding it to my list of wants!

  4. ZomgIlovewhoopiepiessomuch!!!

    And I miss them. I’ve never been able to find them in Florida.

  5. I am such a sucker for planners! I would love this one. I am so tempted it’s not funny. It’s April, and I clearly already have a planner, but it’s undated…so I could start it anytime!!

  6. Totally agree about the name. The curation is amazing but the name sends people in the opposite direction. Hopefully they will see they and hear the enthusiasm and be open to a quick name change while at the start of their new business.

  7. Just incase the company reads these comments, I thought I’d also say that I skipped over this box review several times not thinking it was in anyway relevant to me. Finally I got bored enough that I decided to check it out, the name is just, off. But the items in the box are lovely, a prettier name would do them good.

  8. LOL I read Willie Bags at first… more disappointed when I realized I was wrong… thought… now this should be interesting. Haha But I get why people would think dog box with the current name. However, you can’t say it is wrong… look what we are all talking about!

  9. I almost didn’t click on this review because I thought it was a dog box. They should reconsider the name. That bracelet is perfect for me. I have a habit of forgetting the hair tie on my wrist for formal events. I have a black hair tie on my wrist in all of my best friend’s wedding pics (I was the maid of honor).

    • Same here! (I have a cat). That bracelet is awesome! My husband is ALWAYS on me for keeping a hair tie around my wrist and I usually forget there’s one on there.

      If anybody wants to swap for the bracelet, let me know. 🙂

  10. I went and bought the bracelet before I even finished the review! I’ve seen the really expensive version on pintrest and wanted it for so long. I’m totally one of those people who needs a hair tie all the time and has a permanent red mark on her wrist :(. This one was so much more reasonably priced! Super excited!

    • I am the same way and was so happy to get it! Enjoy yours!

  11. Love that print! Wish I had gotten this box.

  12. Very nice box! Happy to see Lara Casey featured as well!

    I agree that the name is unfortunate though. I definitely thought this was a dog box and skipped over it at first. Also maybe bi-monthly or quarterly would be perfect for this subscription?

    • I was like wait, is someone else reviewing dog boxes now? =)

      • I only clicked on the review to see pictures of your dog!!!

      • No offense to Nyx or Buckles! They are both fab. Xo

        But since I don’t have a dog myself, I tend to skip over those reviews, at least at first!

        • It’s funny, because I usually read all the reviews, even though I don’t like kids or kid stuff or seeing pictures of meat being cooked and I’m not into video games/geeky boxes. Maybe I have too much time on my hands.

          • Ragan your list of things you don’t like just cracked me up!

  13. I was so horrified by that name I had to look it up…the “willie wags” means the boondocks, the middle of nowhere, etc. Unfortunately it sounds extremely crude if you aren’t familiar with the term.

  14. I use a Passion Planner. I love it! It has made me much more productive when it comes to a certain corner of my life. Nice that it is included in a subscription box!

  15. I received this box as well and it was amazing! Those whoopie pies…man, those are delicious! Maybe we need a whoopie pie subscription box? 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing about a Whoopie box!

  16. I think this would be a good box for the right subscriber. But I am not sure it’s appropriately named. If they have to give that long of an explanation of the name, the name doesn’t really work. Unless this is an expression that I am just totally unfamiliar with, which is possible of course.

    When I see “Wags” I think of dog boxes. And when I see “Willie,” well, I’m not sure. But it seems more of a male-centric name than anything else.

    • I’ll just say I thought this would be a men’s box and leave it at that.

      AMAZING first box though, I want that print!

      • I am 100% on board will all these comments.

        This is what Covet crate should be.

        The name is HIGHLY unfortunate.

      • So did I. I almost didn’t bother reading this review.

    • I’m with you 100%. The only reason I clicked on it is because I seen it had several comments, lol.

      • The ones with lots of comments are always good! Especially when it’s not something like Birchbox or Ipsy that always gets tons of comments.

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