Target Beauty Box May 2016 Spoilers!

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Target has posted the items for their upcoming May 2016 Beauty Box! Thanks, Adele, Caitlin, and Randi for the head’s up!

FYI – this box will show as “SOLD OUT” until it is available for sale – but no worries, you did not miss your chance to buy it!

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Here are the items that will be featured in the new Target Beauty Box:


What do you think of the products? Will you be grabbing a box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This box is total disappointment for me. The dry shampoo and Laneige cream are repeats from not that long ago. Self tanning products in sub boxes are a no no as far as I’m concerned. Target lists the Derma E Firming Moisturizer as unscented but it does have fragrance in it. I hunted down the ingredients from another website. I would not use anything in the box. It’s an easy pass.

  2. It’s like this Target box was made for me! I’ve got super dry, sensitive skin and am always looking for skincare. I was hoping to skip this month bc of my recent addition of Allure and Sephora… but now someone’s gotta convince me not to but two!!

    • You’ll love Laneige (if you don’t already).

      • If you haven’t tried any Laneige products I’d recommend doing a skin test first. I have sensitive skin that is still recovering from the Laneige mask in last month’s box.

        • oh no! I haven’t used mine yet. Will use with caution and not before my upcoming business trips.

  3. God, I heart the crap outta you, Target. <3 <3 <3 <3

    • You made my day!!!!

  4. Thanks for the preview! I’ll definitely be buying this box. I’m curious about the Andalou night repair cream. Really, just because it comes in a green jar and the face salve we got in the last Popsugar box is green. BTW, I love that salve, my face is soooo soft in the mornings.

    • Andalou is my absolute fave! I’ve been using their whole line for years!

  5. This is off topic, but did anyone else sign up for the new RachhLoves Beauty Box? It’s $19–free shipping to the US and Canada. I signed up last night!

    Here’s a link to the box if anyone is interested:

  6. I’ll be buying two! The Laneige alone makes it worth it, as I love it for myself and use it on my son, who has eczema and keratosis pilaris, plus it’s pricey (for Target, around $32). The rest is just gravy (and good gravy at that), except for the dry shampoo. I have a friend who is my go-to beauty-box-dry-shampoo recipient, so she’ll be happy!

    Curious if anyone has opinions on the tanning towelettes…

    • What differences have you seen with your son’s keratosis pilaris? My son has it and I haven’t found anything to really help. Thanks.

      • I have it on my upper arms, and my son has it on his arms (upper and lower) and on his cheeks. He’s five, so it’s not a big deal to him. We both have eczema, too, FWIW. For me, I use a body pouf in the shower with moisturizing body wash (I try to stick with Dove), and whatever really good lotion I have – either CeraVe or something like Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy – keeps mine at bay. My son’s is more persistent because he doesn’t bathe/shower every day. Both our local ped and my dad (ped for 40+ years) say exfoliate and moisturize. So I use good lotion on his arms, like I do on mine, and I use Laneige on his face because it’s a facial product. (I feel weird putting heavy lotions on his face.) I also picked up an exfoliating mitt at the dollar store and use that gently on his cheeks and arms in the bath. He understands why and doesn’t fight it. Exfoliating and using Laneige has helped immensely!!! It’s not completely gone, but his face looks WAY better. If I lay off for one day, though, either for him or for me, I can tell. KP is a persistent MF but thankfully nothing more than an a annoyance 🙂

        I hope that’s helpful!

        • Yes – very helpful. Thank you!

        • KP treatment can be confusing. A wonderful resource for understanding the do’s & don’ts ( backed by derm studies) can be found at Paula Begoin (Dr. Oz, Oprah, etc) gives the most researched answers to this issue. Since we stopped using manual exfoliation & now use Beta Hydroxy Acid my teens skin have never looked better. They say they wished someone would have told us about this earlier so I’m passing it along for what it’s worth. HTH!

          • I already use Paula’s Choice BHA Liquid Exfoliant on my face, and it’s helped make the random pimples I get on my jawline (around TOM) completely disappear! I’ll have to check with my dad to be sure if something like that is cool to use on my 5yo. Maybe I’ll use it on my arms, too. Thanks for the info!

        • Thanks for this info, found out this year my teen has it, thought it was acne, but it isn’t as has on arms and face and some on legs.

  7. I love that it is mostly facial care items! That is my favorite! I also am always happy to get dry shampoo samples.

  8. I was actually HOPING to skip this one (because I am kind of overloaded with products) but have wanted to dry the Burt’s Bees cleansing oil and cannot skip a lip product of any kind. I am actually using that night cream right now and it’s pretty good — although it has a light cocoa butter-type scent that I don’t really care for.

    • The Burts bees oil is the best! Was disappointed when i got it in a different box but fell in love with it. A little goes a long ways so the sample lasted over a month worth regular use!

  9. I should take a break considering April I was crazy with subs, but I will at least get one box (more if any of the moisturizers are full size).

    I do like seeing a wide variety and new items, but skin care is my jam!

  10. I used to hate the fact that this wasn’t a subscription box but now I love it because I can skip some boxes, like this one, there is nothing exciting for me. I’m soooo waiting for my Sephora box so this one it’s just a No No.

    I agree with the comment above about that they should include some kind of tool like they used to, in order for it to be more appealing

  11. When do these go on sale?

    • Probably Monday morning!

    • maybe sunday??? May 1? You just have to keep checking here!

  12. After skipping a few, as well, I am happy to see things that might interest me.
    I cannot believe when people don’t use dry shampoo. I’m always up for trying a new one!

  13. How early in the morning do they usually go on sale?

    • Usually pretty early (I feel like they sell out before noon PST).

    • Jessica, they are usually on sale very early in the morning…sometimes before way before 6 am! Set an alarm…lol

    • Lately they’ve been going on sale like 1a pst.

      • Stinks for people on the west coast, but lucky for me I normally wake up at 4:30 am so I’ve been able to catch them

  14. I’m excited about everything except the tanning towelette. I do wish more makeup was included, but I’m pretty easy to please. I can’t wait! Love Target beauty boxes!

  15. The comment about donating to a homeless or women’s shelter is a very good idea, but make sure the items are sealed or clearly not opened! They especially like wipes of almost any kind, as homeless folks don’t have access to bathing facilities. Also a possibility: donate to your local foster kids organization. Teens don’t get anything from organizations like “Toys for Tots” at the holidays; every couple years I try to collect up samples and full size products from my friends and the local organization does a teen beauty and grooming focus section at the annual holiday party. We have music, do manicure tables, local hairdressers donate their time and skills, and the teens go home with a nice swag bag of products. I’ll be doing this again this year, I think. Sadly, we generally have to buy the guy products because beauty boxes for men just aren’t much of a “thing”. But one year we did get a box full of Axe products from a local distributor.

    • That is SO awesome! What a wonderful idea, and what a kind heart you have. <3

    • Wow your right, I don’t hear of things for teens! I’m going to check if there’s a foster organization near me!
      Thanks for the idea?

      • If you can, collect up as much as you can from friends, and donate “batches” along with gift bags, any time of year, and they can make up birthday gift bags for the teens, too. Also good donations to foster kids organizations for kids: gift cards, including food cards.

  16. as long as it has good sample sizes it looks like a great box to me. I love skin care so I’m ok with moisturizers and cleansers.

  17. I will probably get this one. I am apparently the ONLY person who has not received dry shampoo in a sub box yet & I have been wanting to try other brands than the Nexxus I currently use. Hope it smells good. I am a fan of the correcting creams but I agree that I would rather see different items than a second face moisturizer & second facial cleanser. I have received the Burts Bees cleansing oil in another box and I do not really like it. It has a strong floral smell & is very oily. I like the stuff from Mary Kay so much better and it’s the same price.

  18. So far, I’ve loved all the Target boxes, and this one looks great to me, too! I’ll use everything in it, unless the lip color is drying. Hoping to snag one for me & one for Mom!

  19. The lure of a (potentially) travel sized cleansing oil has gotten to me. And I do like dry shampoo (which I’ve only discovered since starting sub boxes). So I’m in for this box. The only product I definitely will not use is the self tanning. Self tanning just does not work on my skin.

  20. Im on the fence about this one too. 3 moisturizers and 2 facial cleansers. I’d like to see more variety like a few months ago. I know everyone wishes this was a subscription but I’m kinda glad I have an option to skip. I do love laneige and im curious about the night repair cream and cleansing oil. Oh now I’m conflicted ?

  21. I will buy this box too. I just cannot say no to these Target boxes!

  22. Has anyone tried the self-tanning stuff? Any reviews?

    • Been using them for almost five years and they are awesome! Go easy on ankles, feet and elbows (cover them with a lotion first) and you should be fine. I’m so in love with those cloths! ?

  23. I easily have three bottles of dry shampoo because of sub boxes. Wish they’d mix it up a little bit because I’m going to have to stop washing my hair for 4 years in order to use the amount that’s starting to pile up …

    • You could always donate the dry shampoo to homeless shelters or women’s shelters. I’m sure they would appreciate the products and that way you can only keep the ones you really want while helping those who are in need.

      • That’s a great idea; I have a big pile and growing with all my subscriptions. Dry shampoo is a great item to donate to the homeless, thanks Sarah! 🙂

      • I get those multicolored fabric drawstring bags and made up little goodie packs (which is why I always grab the shampoo and conditioner, etc. from hotel stays so I can include them in the bags) and then at Xmas and July 4th I bring my little gifts for donation at the local women’s shelter and the food bank which are well received.

  24. Mmmm, I skipped last month, but I am undecided for this one. I loved Laneige moisturizer a lot during this winter. Curious to try Burt’s Bee cleansing oil. On the day of the sale, they usually have screen shot, so that we can have a good idea of product sizes.

  25. I’ll probably pass on this. I already got the cleansing oil, dry shampoo and Laneige cream in other boxes a few months back.

    Just signed up for Sephora box now that it became available to me 😉

  26. YAYAYAYAY!!!! Target box!!!! Haha!

  27. Hopefully, I can get 2. Those items are basically what my mom wants for mother’s day!!! I’ll get her something else ’cause I don’t know when it will arrive. I wonder how much it will be and how big the items are…hopefully bigger than the last box, which totally sucked.

    Now I will be checking their site a million times a day lol

    • It will most likely go on sale very early on Monday, that’s been the pattern the last five months or so.

  28. Wish they would do like Walmart…. Their’s , I have noticed, is like a real subscription box… I bought one, didn’t realize that I would automatically get the next one. It had sold out on here…

    • I don’t know, with this box not being a subscription, everyone receives the same items, only variations being lipstick colors etc. The walmart box is a hit or miss, in my case it’s been a miss, I don’t appreciate getting leftovers.

      • Last time, it was almost a exact copy of the Target box… I had gotten both….

    • This is a preview of the Target box. It hasn’t gone on sale yet. It says sold out because last month’s box is sold out. This one will probably go on sale 1AM Pacific/4AM Eastern Monday, possibly Sunday.

  29. I passed on the last two months but, I’ve been trying to find that Burt’s Bees oil for a while and I don’t think anything else is a repeat item (maybe the Dermae item?) – so I think I’m going to go ahead and get this!

  30. This one is a maybe for me. I wanted to try a new dry shampoo, so this could be a good opportunity. But why so many moisturizers???
    Looking forward to seeing the sample sizes and the price.

  31. Just for the hair food dry shampoo and the laneige water bank this box is totally worth it!!! I wanna try the lip product and the cerave face wash ?

  32. I have already received that dry shampoo in another beauty box. I really can’t stand the way it smells…. I sure as heck wouldn’t use it during the summer months, I’m afraid I’d get attacked by a swarm of bees!

  33. I love the La Laque lipstick!! I have one in Choco-laque and it is long lasting and non drying. The box is worth it just for that!

  34. There are few items in this box I would like to try, for that it makes it a good box for me. I’m taking a trip so the cleansing oil in travel size is going the pile for me, one more thing I don’t have buy.

  35. Oh good. A Target box I can safely skip without FOMO. I have a huge stash of dry shampoo and self tanners. So far May has been tough on my wallet. First Play opens more spots and then the amazing Allure spoilers.

  36. Looks better than last month’s box. I think I’ll try to snag this one!

  37. I’m excited! I love Burts Bees and I skipped the last box so I will go for this one. Hard to resist at the price!

  38. I like it! Let’s hope it’s $5! Probably $7

  39. I’m passing on this one. I wish they would include more make up.

  40. I see some repeats. Has anyone tried the tanning towelettes? I’m wondering if they’re any good? Thanks in advance!

  41. I was considering it. But dry shampoo and self-tanner pretty much made the decision for me not to buy.

  42. I’m actually relieved I don’t want this box. I’ve been crazy with the subs lately.

  43. I’m still looking for the perfect moisturizer, so I think I will grab this one! I’ve never bought one before. Are they full size, deluxe, or sample size?

    • It’s a mix. Not many full size

    • The Laneige moisturizer came in a box in January or February, and I’m still using it (my son uses it to treat/prevent keratosis pilaris on his face). It’s a mini jar, 20mL/0.6 fl oz. The full size product is 50mL/1.6 fl oz, but it’s a little over $30. So the sample is more than worth the cost of the box, and it’s a great moisturizer! A little goes a long way, so the sample size should last you a while.

  44. Eh. I haven’t been interested in any of the boxes since late last year.

  45. This is more interesting than their last box, but I think I’m going to pass. I wish they would include a tool of some kind. That would make it more palatable for me.

  46. I like the addition of several cleansers, but I’d love to see more makeup and less moisture as we go into summer. However, I’m excited to try several of those brands, so I’ll try to pick it up.

  47. Somehow or another I missed seeing it was time to buy this! I missed this one and really like those products. Will we get a reminder next time they have one??

    • This hasn’t gone on sale yet….it should in the next couple of days….you’re not too late!

      • Oh, I went to Target and it said all gone, does that mean the April one?
        I will keep checking! Thanks!

        • Start checking frequently on Sunday evening/Monday morning- these boxes tend to come out early Monday morning. In between refreshing the Target webpage, check here for updates. Better yet, sign up for the alerts from my subscription addiction

    • Target will launch the samples in the box before they launch the actual box, so that’s why it says sold out. If you are signed up for the MSA newsletter, you will get an email as soon as this box is available for purchase! Sorry about the confusion!

      • Does anyone know how to get on a list for future Target boxes?

  48. I am pretty sure I will always get this box!

    • Same here! I have’t passed on one yet. Even if I don’t love everything, the value is always there, regardless of box price.

  49. Hmm the last few Target boxes have been easy passes for me. I’m on product overload, but there’s nothing exciting that I need.

  50. Yeah! This seems more my style. I’ve skipped the last couple. They need to stop pushing that cerave though!

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