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Go Go Go! It looks like Sephora has opened up the waitlist for their Play! by Sephora $10 beauty subscription box! (Thanks for the head’s up, Marcy!)

FYI – if it doesn’t work for you, try their mobile site, mobile app, different browser and/or different email.

Once you are signed up it will feel something like this:

giphy (16)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Super Excited that the May theme “The Forces of Nature” is going to focus on Natural Beauty Products…I’m guessing there has to be some Tarte in there πŸ™‚

    • I like your guess! Fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚

      • I have a question after I signed up it says what’s in your box and I can swipe through some products, are those the products that are going in my box? Just wondering if u kno ,thanks

      • Just signed up. Yay. Anyone know which box ill be getting April or May first? Thanks πŸ™‚

        • First box should be May.

    • Where did you see that? I can only see about March & April

    • I think you’re right because under the “While you are waiting” section, there are 4 little hints ( I think they’re hints) about Milk, Tarte, masks, and natural skincare. Hmmm…

    • I loved Tarte until I realized they use parabens and talc in some of their products. Did tarte start out as a natural brand? I thought it was too until I read some of the ingredients in the things that I have.

      • Tarte got sold to an Asian company, I believe. And I think the makeup is now manufactured in China.

      • or anywhere near your face. It can cause problems in your airway if you breathe it in.

  2. I think a lot of it is address dependent. I usually use my MIL’s address in Iowa because she is always home to accept packages. It would not accept the Iowa address but would accept my Omaha Nebraska address less than a 10 minute drive away. So if you live near a state line she if you can ship it to a friends address in the other state if it declines you

    • I am from Iowa and I got my box this month.

      • it kept telling me the zip code and address was invalid and wouldn’t let me enter a State and I send like everything there so I know the address is good. Are you in CB or elsewhere? Might just be areas of the State?

        • Are you sending to a P.O. Box?

          I am, and it wouldn’t let me enter the address as P.O. Box XXXX.

          I ended up leaving out the words P.O. and Box – entering my address as name, #XXXX, street address, city, state, zip. It then let me use the p.o. box as my shipping address.

          • nope a physical house address

          • Tweaking your address may work. I tried 3 variations of my mailing address before it would except #XXXX, street address, etc.

            Someone also left a comment that they lived near a state line and had success when they had it shipped 10 mins away in the next state.

            I hope this helps. Being on that waitlist totally sucks, and personally, I’d like to see everyone off of it today!

        • I’m in CB and it won’t let me sign up. πŸ™

  3. woo hoo, I’m in! now I need to decide which box to cull, because I simply have too many!

    • Same here. I’m seriously considering saying bye bye to Ipsy and keeping Birchbox.

      • really? i hate my birchbox. i like ipsy lol. maybe im reversed, but ipsy sends me make up at least. birchbox is like here’s some serums and perfumes and hair spray. uh…. i want makeup!

        • I completely agree. I just stopped birchbox. Perfect timing. I like ipsy as well because you’re gonna get at least 2 makeups. Birchbox was getting weak and the samples tiny.

    • Me too, I am thinking Boxycharm has to go. It’s been nice, but lately I haven’t been thrilled. I am keeping Julep, and Birchbox.

    • I’m sad because I bought a second Birchbox sub and paid for a year up front. They won’t let you cancel (even for a prorated refund) after the first month πŸ™ So I’m stuck with both Birchbox subs and a Glossybox sub (bought through Gilt City) for a year. Even though I finally got the “in,” when I realized I couldn’t cancel my second Birchbox sub, I had to pass. Between two BB subs and a GB, plus monthly Target boxes, I just can’t keep buying these. Hopefully my not taking the spot opened it up for someone else, and when my second BB and GB subs come up for renewal, I can decline and sign up for Sephora.

      • I’m in the same boat. I was ready to enter my credit card info and looked at my huge stash and said no. I have so so so many things that I just can’t.

        I love getting all of these things, but have found that I never buy any of the full sizes because I can’t justify it when I still have so many things to go through. I think the only thing I purchased again was a Wet N Wild mascara (was that from the Walmart box).

        We just moved into a new house and the word “hoarder” may have been used a few times by my husband (you know how guys are…1 shampoo and 1 shaving cream so they don’t understand! LOL).
        Hopefully someone else gets a spot that I don’t take. I’m sure eventually they will open up again and maybe (you know in 2025) I’ll be through my stash and can sign up.

        • YES! I only buy things anymore when it’s a specific product that I want, for example, a hair product that I use every day. Otherwise, I just use whatever I have in my samples for skin/hair care and makeup. I have two makeup bags full of unopened makeup and a large gift bag full of stuff under my sink. I do give away the things I can’t use, so this isn’t even everything, and I only started with Birchbox last August and got my second BB and my GB subs in November.

          I love Sephora, and I was chomping at the bit to get in, but when presented with the inability to cancel one sub to replace it with Sephora, I just had to say no.

          For now.

      • Rebecca, a few people I know have been able to call Birchbox customer service and cancel their year’s subs.
        It’s worth a try. Although I wouldn’t say you want to cancel so you can subscribe to Sephora Play! lol

        • Now that I know I have 15 days to decide, I will definitely try that. Thank you for letting me know!

        • UGH, I purchased my second sub as a gift for myself (there was a gift to the buyer when you bought a year’s gift subscription). CRAP.

          I just wrote to Birchbox using my primary (Ace) account and asked if I could apply the remaining months on my second (gift) account to my primary account. That way they don’t have to worry about a cancellation and refund. I doubt they’ll bite, but you never know. I just REALLY want to sign up for Sephora but don’t want to increase my ridiculous stash just because. My husband is like, “Get it if you want it; it’s ten bucks,” but I think he doesn’t know about the bags of stuff under my sink!

        • Thanks again! Birchbox combined my two subs, so the remaining months on my second sub were added to my first. I don’t have to pay for Birchbox again for quite some time, plus now I’m free to get Sephora! I just signed up ?

    • Traded in my Ipsy for it! I wanted to keep it but I can’t get rid of Boxy and I’m limiting myself to two sub boxes or I’ll go crazy and order 5 or something hahah

  4. I’m glad other people were able to get it, but it’s just made me grumpy. I’ve been trying since 9:30 ET, I’ve used three different browsers on the computer, one on my phone as well as the app, and 5 different email addresses on each. And yes I logged into my Sephora account. I officially give up.

    • Try a different email address! That’s what I did, and I got right in!

      • I’ve used 5 already!! I have no more email addresses.

        • have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?

          • No, I guess I will. I just downloaded Firefox for this very situation so it shouldn’t have any cookies..

      • hi there, we are looking into the reports of issues with clients signing up for Play! today. Can you tell us if the email address you tried had ever been on the waitlist? If not, can you tell us what the email address was that worked for you? Thanks! – Sephora Community Support

        • I tried 3 different email addresses and 0 worked including the one I was on the waitlist

        • Hi ! As I mentioned earlier on this thread, I have been on the waitlist for a long time. I never got an email (even checked spam), and I wasn’t able to get a spot when I tried today. Seems like the waitlist is no good if we are not given first dibs on a spot. Very disappointed

        • Yes I had been on waitlist. Signed in, had it all ready to order and it then said I was not a member and refused to complete the order. Called and “a supervisor” is supposed to call me back makes NO sense that the order would not go at the last step. Wasted several hours trying.

        • I’ve been on the wait list for a while and tried this but nothing. Happened. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Is it too late to persue this in terms of getting this subscription?

    • I did this too πŸ™ I actually broke out Internet Explorer and my old college email address since I got hope from others’ success I figured it was worth a shot. There was a moment I thought I got in because the button went gray and it didn’t give me the “we’re full and you can’t have the pretties” message, but then I realized it was only because Internet Explorer froze (cries).

    • I was having the same issues just now. On my computer, I couldn’t get it to work and finally sent an email to customer service to see if they could help me. Just after that, I saw Liz’s suggestion about trying on the phone or mobile app; I was able to subscribe through a browser on my phone. If you’ve tried all other options, maybe email customer service to figure out what the issue is. Best of luck!

    • Used Safari and not one problem. Surprised it was fast, expected to be booted or slow processing.

    • I just call the customer service number and they waved some magic and made it work. It might be worth a phone call for you.

  5. Just got my “You’re off the waitlist”! email from Sephora. LOL Thanks for sending that 20 minutes after purchasing it, Sephora! Love Liz and all of the ladies who give her a heads up about these things!

    • Haha mine was 43 mins later! πŸ˜‰

      • Mine was 5 hours later lol


  7. YAYYYYYY!!! Thank you so much for the heads up! I am now subscribed and you’re right, it feels exactly like your reaction gif!

  8. I wonder if it’s open to people who were originally on the wait list from a few months ago and that’s why some aren’t getting in. I was able to but my friend didn’t. ????

    • Same here. I was able to but my sister wasn’t. I have been on the waitlist for months. She has not.

    • I’d hope they finally consider giving us second dibs since we waited patiently for months lol.
      I got my box, now to wait for the mister’s response to another subject box haha

  9. Got it! I didn’t even finish reading the post ( sorry Liz!) I was late to work even though I was in the parking lot!!!
    That’s a bad addiction sign, isn’t it? I say in my car, holding my breath, signing up on my phone. Yay!

    • Lol I saw the email in the bathroom stall, and…. But hey! You don’t pass up on opportunities like this!

  10. How is it that there are people that are having no issues getting in and others that try over and over again and are lucky to get on the waitlist? I had been on the waitlist since they announced the subscription and I don’t think that made a difference esp if they are opening up subs to people who have not been on the waitlist.

    • Same here, joined the wait list the first time I saw a post on MSA about it. Cannot get one today.

      • Yep I’m having the same issues I’ve been on the wait list from the beginning and still can’t get in.

        • Hi Ashley, if you’ve been on the waitlist for months you should definitely be able to sign up today. Can you tell us which email address you are signing in with? Thanks! Sephora Community Support

          • I have been on the waitlist since Play was announced. I never received an email stating I could join, I tried 6 email addresses, 2 browsers and never got in. Not sure if there’s an actual wait list but there’s no reason that I couldn’t get in since my email was on this list since Play was in 3 test markets.

            FRUSTRATING AND RIDICULOUS that a company of this size can’t manage a proper wait list. I work in the beauty industry and never have I seen anything like that.

    • Yeah, the fact that the waitlist apparently means nothing pisses me off.

    • It gave me mine immediately. I see some people are still put on the wait list. I think it may be showing preference to Sephora VIB members or those who shop regularly there. Does anyone else have any input on this theory?

      • I don’t think it has anything to do with that because I rarely shop at Sephora. I always shop at ULTA. And I’m not a VIB member. I’m not sure why some people are getting in and some are not.

      • I am a VIB Rouge, and I was able to sign up today with no problem. I had been on wait list before, but I haven’t gotten any emails through that. I just used the link Liz had in the post.

      • Just a BI no VIB, have been in the past. Had no problems signing up.

      • Gonna second that it seems more random than anything I have shopped in Sephora literally once, and that was to buy a mascara so I could get my birthday gift, problem is that Sephora isn’t close by me, and ulta is, so Ulta wins I have 10 points and got in today, I think I got on the waitlist last summer? when MSA first started mentioning it, or at least when I first saw it. Random I think totally annoyingly random.

      • I very rarely go to Sephora…I’ve been maybe 3 times and the first time was to get my birthday gift lol so it couldn’t be that

      • I dont shop at Sephora either. I live next to a ulta. So dont think its that. I have been on the wait list for months though.

      • I used Liz’s link about three hours after she sent it out and got in immediately. I’m a VIB and have been on the waitlist.


  12. OK so I tried my regular email to no avail. After about 20 tries on the app, Chrome, Firefox, etc. I tried my old email address and BOOM right in!! I am thinking that I may have had my old email address on the waitlist before my new one? I don’t know, but I am currently full of adrenaline, and I am left with just doing a mad happy dance across my living room!

  13. YAAAASSS!!!

    I got in immediately at 9:02am central time! I’m considering dropping Birchbox but I’m not sure. Will all of those who signed up today be getting the April box first?

    • And to add, I use the email associated with my Rouge account and the Safari mobile app to get in.

      • The first box will be May and we’ll get charged on May 1st

    • I’m on same page. This month’s BB was terrible for me. I will likely drop.

  14. WOW! i’m so excited i got in! I signed into my account and added the subscription to my cart & DONE!

  15. Got 3 of my emails on the waitlist and thanks to this found out one was them is now off the waitlist. I got it!

    • I’ve been on the wait list since the first day and re-added several times. Not one e-mail but I signed up easy with no problems. Glad Liz put it up or would have missed it.

  16. I just got it! What a wait geez!

  17. I went to on my iPhone and just got right in. It is still working. ?. Thanks

  18. Liz, that’s exactly how I felt, but I’m at work, so my coworkers are looking at me like I’m insane, but who cares…I’m in!

    Got no email from Sephora, just randomly tried with the email associated with my unused (never bought from them online) account. (I wasn’t logged into my Sephora account at the time.) And IN! I stared at the screen for like 30 secs trying to figure out if I was really seeing a signup screen for Play! LOL

    • Hahaha – love it! πŸ™‚

  19. finally I got my box! thank you for keeping us posted. do you know if we are going to recieve April or May box?

    • I believe your first box will be the May box. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks I was wondering the same thing. I was so excited to sign up I forgot to look at what it said. LOL

  20. Thanks for the heads up! I should be saving money right now but couldn’t resist. The first e-mail address I tried said it wasn’t available, but then I got in with my other e-mail address. So I suggest trying different addresses, too.

  21. I got in at 8:52am CST from my laptop on IE! Super excited. Do I need it? No, but for $10 kinda hard to pass up!

  22. Yessssssss! FINALLY!

  23. I got it too! Thanks so much, Liz!

  24. I had to try 2 different browsers and 3 emails but it finally worked! Keep trying guys!

  25. Yeah – Thanks I got in πŸ™‚ but when I went back to sign up one for my niece it was already gone. Wow – went fast.

  26. Thanks for the heads up. Just got in. I kept getting the no more spots available message, but trying different browsers finally worked!

    • Maybe this is Sephora’s way of making sure the people who sign up REALLY want it!!! ?


    • ?

  28. OMG THANK YOU! This started to feel like it would never be available. I am so happy I saw this and that GIF is so spot on to how I am feeling right now. My adrenaline was pumping hahahaha. Can’t wait to receive my first one!!!!

    • Woo hoo!! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you Liz, if I wasn’t addicted to MSA and didn’t check this site as soon as I get on my tablet I wouldn’t have known : )
        Happy dance time!

        • ? πŸ™‚ Yay!

  29. So much for being on the waitlist for a year! Never received an email.

    • I never received anything either and I will admit I had more than one email on the waitlist. Thankful for MSA and Liz or I would never have known. Seems odd to not take the waitlist before opening to everyone. But I grabbed a sub so shouldn’t complain! Did you sign up?

      • Of course I signed up, Morgan πŸ™‚ I agree, Liz is the best! She’s the only reason I get any of these subs. She should get ALL of her boxes for free with all the business she gives them!

    • I agree ! I am still on the darn waitlist. Got home from college classes and saw that the waitlist opened. Of course, I couldn’t subscribe because they closed it hours ago. Sad. How much longer must we wait?

  30. I just saw this on MUT and immediately went and signed up I’m ashamed to say lol. I got right in.

  31. didn’t get in

    • It’s so weird, it appears to still be open – maybe try the different browser trick – I was able to get in by using Safari on my iPad, if that helps.

    • I JUST got in, keep trying!!! (mobile site, android user, chrome)

  32. Yay!!! I’m so excited. Thank god I just happened to check my email at 645am lol

    Thanks for the heads up

    • This site is bad…I’m up to 12 subscriptions!!! Lol ???

      • I’m right behind you at 10. This site is really bad – Or really friggin GREAT! πŸ™‚

  33. I wonder if next month they are going to change up the packaging then (from just the box to a bag)? That seems to be the message they’re sending. (not that I’m complaining, just curious)

  34. Well, I’ve tried using Chrome & Explorer, plus two different emails and it is telling me there are not spots available. I am going to assume the spots that were open have been taken by others. So I am now on their waiting list.


    • I just used Liz’s link and signed up, no problem. (It’s 8:50 am, Central time where I am).

  35. What a wonderful Friday ? Goodbye Birchbox! Hello Sephora ?

  36. Wow!! Yay!! Thanks a million for the heads up.

    Isn’t it weird that they have been collecting email addresses for the supposed waitlist for months but yet they don’t seem to be using the waitlist at all and enrollment is simply through a general, open signup??

    • I agree with you, that’s kinda uncool.

    • Exactly this. I find it’s a virtual slap in the face for people who’ve been on this (clearly non-existent) wait list. When someone can log in with a new email & get right in. I almost don’t want to even spend money on this box.

      Not to mention when I went into Sephora yesterday I was one of 10 people in there with 20 employees that asked me constantly if they could help me even after I said no over and over. I left & went to Ulta instead. Lol.

    • Not one e-mail and signed up several times. It seems it was basically just a ploy to see if it was available or not. Possible they only let the wait list people to sign up?

  37. Marcy and Liz-thank you!!! This made my Friday!!! πŸ™‚ got on the list! And almost sprained an ankle running to the computer….

  38. Liz, you’re one of the best human beings alive πŸ™‚ Haha, no but really, thanks so much for everything you post on your site. I woke up this morning, saw this post and literally jumped out of bed and signed up immediately. So excited! I wish it would start with the April Box, but I’ll be looking forward to May!!

  39. Already missed it?!
    Are you serious Sephora?

    • All the people who have commented below posted after me & I have not been able to get it at all. I don’t think it’s a “already ran out” thing, people will probably still be posting that they got it after this…

      • Do you have a Sephora account? If not I would suggest signing up for one online and Ry to subscribe that way. It worked for me like that.

        • I do have an account but didn’t hear from them!

          • Sign in to your account, search for the play box in their search field and see if they give you the option to subscribe that way.

        • I order from Sephora probably twice a month!
          I’ve logged into the site from Chrome, from Edge, using the app, and using chrome on my phone. I’ve used 5 different email addresses now and it won’t take any of them.

          • Use Mozilla

          • No luck πŸ™

      • What I don’t understand is why with spots open I didn’t get an email on ANY of the multiple emails they were so kind to waitlist MONTHS ago. This has me so salty – I’m just trying to give you my money. Why the games?!

        • I totally agree. I am still on the waitlist too ! They didn’t email me either!!

        • From my understanding it has to do with not only the queue for the waitlist but also your specific location. They aren’t completely national at the moment and some distribution centers have a higher capacity than others. I was told that they were opening it up to everyone this summer – keeping fingers crossed.

  40. Woo! I FINALLY got in after what seems like FOREVER waiting for subscriptions to open!

  41. Whoa I just got in! Thanks for the heads up!

  42. Thanks Liz! I was able to grab a spot!

  43. Thanks so much for letting us know Liz! Got it. Finally!!

  44. Sooooo excited I got it!!! Hope to be able to get Macy’s soon!!

  45. Yay I got in – thank you!

  46. If you have a Sephora account, log in to it, then search ‘play’ and sign up from there. Several of us have been able to get a spot that way lately.

  47. Huge Thank You to Liz for posting. Managed to get me one!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! What a great Friday!!

  48. Yay! I got in! Very excited about this – I love the samples that they offer….thanks for posting!

  49. Still tells me “There are currently no spots available. We’ve added you to the waitlist and will notify you when a subscription is available.”

    • Try a different email and/or a different browser. That worked for me. Hope that helps!

      • I’ve tried 4 different email address, 2 different browsers & tried on my phone. I guess it just doesn’t want me to get one.

    • I was able to order just now. Maybe try again.

  50. I got it! Thank you!

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