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Play! by Sephora Subscriptions Are Open to More Subscribers!

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Go Go Go! It looks like Sephora has opened up the waitlist for their Play! by Sephora $10 beauty subscription box! (Thanks for the head’s up, Marcy!)

FYI – if it doesn’t work for you, try their mobile site, mobile app, different browser and/or different email.

Once you are signed up it will feel something like this:

giphy (16)

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Play! by Sephora

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (420)

  1. I signed up on the 15th; does anyone know if I’ll get the April box? Or does it start with May? I thought it said April and that it’ll ship within 2 weeks but I never got anything.

    • I believe your first box should be the May box.

  2. I am so pissed off. I go the update from subscription addiction saying the play box could be purchased, even though I had previously signed up for the waitlist and never received an email from sephora that the box was available. The site had already crashed by the time I logged on. Somehow one of my friends got a box even though she started trying after me. I then two days later received my invitation from sephora. Yet still the site was crashed. I email and it takes days for them to respond and say be patient, the site will be up soon. I call sephora and someone who speaks no English tells me I have missed out be patient. I request to speak to his supervisor and he puts me on a 10 minute hold and disconnects that call when I ask to speak to another representative. Thanks Sephora I w\have only been a beauty insider for years, but who’s counting.

  3. I have been coveting this box since its inception. Finally it will be mine! I’m so excited I could scream. And the May box looks WONDERFUL. I’ve been wanting that briogeo forever, but Birchbox hasn’t seen fit to bestow it to me.

  4. Is anyone else having serious issues getting accepted? I’ve tried 6 different emails (one of which has been on the waitlist since the beginning), 2 different computers, 2 different browsers (firefox and chrome) AND my chrome on mobile as well as the Sephora app. On one hand I am so irritated and disappointed, but on the other…I really want this box. haha ANyone have advice?

    • Also wanted to say that I am in IA in the Omaha Metro. I just don’t know what else to do. πŸ™

    • Try logging into your Sephora account from the main Sephora page (presumably that’s the e-mail address that’s been on the wait list), then search for “play by Sephora”. Enter your e-mail address and see if that works. If you get in, you’ll probably get an e-mail inviting you later.

      • Yeah, I’ve tried doing that half a dozen times. πŸ™ I’ve tried every single email I have, as well. Even my boyfriend and kids emails. LOL

  5. I just got accepted. Fargo, ND

  6. now if only they would open it up to Canadians, then I could join you guys :'(

  7. Finally!!! I have been in the wait list since it was first mentioned and last night I got right in!!! I’m so freaking excited!!!!!

  8. So excited I was able to sign up hopefully the May box will be just as good as the other months. I cancelled Ipsy and will probably cancel birchbox, I feel like the Sephora play box has all of the brands I hope to get from the Ipsy spoilers but don’t. I also really like that everyone gets the same box. I’m happy they finally opened this up and so many people were able to sign up !

    • I also really like that perfume is just an extra each month, I always hated that birchbox gave a little perfume sample in place of something else.

    • I posted a possible May spoiler in a thread under the April box review.

  9. Sigh.
    I’ve tried 3 web browsers and 2 different computers. I guess I’m just not destined to get this box. I give up.

  10. Yay. I got my email and I signed up. Now I have to cancel my ELF box. sigh

  11. I *just* saw this and thought well, crap. I’m sure I missed it. Nope, I’m in!!!! Woohooo!!!

  12. I was so bummed. I was on the wait list for a very long time. It is not open to Canadian residents. I can have packages sent to the US as I live fairly close to the border but it wouldn’t accept my subscription since my credit card address and shipping address are different. I really hope this is offered to Canadians soon. We love Sephora here as well!!!

  13. I have been on the waitlist from day 1. I have gotten no emails about it, even though I am on Sephora’s regular list. Finally, through this post, I was able to subscribe! Thanks!

  14. i received an email to 2 of the 3 emails i had on their waitlist… i had already signed up around 1:30 est yesterday i’m in indiana… been on the waitlist forever and was ready to just give up on ever getting one…. now i’m like a little kid a week before christmas looking at it waiting for it to get here so i can tear into it lol!!!

  15. I’ve been on the waitlist and never received an email, but was able to get in using my home computer today and was accepted right away. Went thru the link listed in my email from My Subscription Addiction. Same for my daughter and I’m located in VA, she’s in NC.

  16. I’ve been trying to get this box for solo long.

  17. I do believe there is some sort of order to the waitlist. When I originally signed up to be waitlisted, I did it on two email accounts, and at exactly the same time today I was sent an open invitation to both accounts.

    I don’t need this, but I subscribed anyway. This website is dangerous. In the past year and a half, I went from just ipsy, then added birchbox, lootcrate level up, lootcrate pets, wil wheaton quarterly, book of the month and just because it was 5$ for the first month, Squix.

  18. Aaaaaaaaaah, i got in!! Thank you so so so much Liz (and Marcy)! This has been the only box to induce box envy lol. I’m sooooo excited!!

  19. I did read on the site that each box gets shipped the third week of each month. Which makes me wonder if we are getting the April box or May box and when can we expect our first box if we just subscribed today?

  20. here’s a tip,
    i signed up for the waitlist months ago and got nothing.
    i just signed up for the waitlist again yesterday and got accepted today.
    If you have been on the list for a long time with no answer, keep putting your e-mail in every few days, you might get accepted quicker.

  21. Yes! When I got the email I was ????

  22. Thanks! I’d been waitlisted for a couple of months now, but somehow I was able to get in today. It is so weird to me that some have been able to get on, while others haven’t. I hope Sephora will get it together and let everyone in soon!

  23. I woke up at 3:30 PM ET (post night shift) and saw an email that I was off the waitlist. Signed in. Then saw the email from MSA πŸ˜€

    I can’t believe I’m finally in… GOOD BYE BirchBox and your crappy Harvey prince shit and Parlor hair spray!!!
    Now just have to decide what to buy with my 30$ worth of points at the BB store. Does anyone know if the points expire after you cancel your sub with them? Would not want that to happen :O

    πŸ™‚ Happy Friday everybody!

    • no they will stay and expire normally i had 2 accounts and just cancelled one last month and i still have my points…and now that i finally have play i think i am going to cancel my other birchbox!!!! their samples have been so small this year

      • Thank you! I actually spent all my pints last night before I saw your reply πŸ˜›
        got the lippie collection and the smashbox set

    • I’m excited about the Sephora box too! I’ve also been thinking about cancelling Birchbox; haven’t been crazy about my boxes so far this year. This might be a silly idea, but now that more people can get the Sephora box, do you think Birchbox will step their game up a bit? I wonder if the added competition will spur them (and Ipsy, I guess) to get a bit more competitive with the samples they offer…

      • Oh man, you are so on point!
        I wish that could happen. They are really going down hill lately. I actually got a parlor spray 3 months in a row (!!) and all the samples are tiny and so underwhelming.

  24. Soooo last night I cancelled Ipsy & BoxyCharm and today BOOM a email saying I am finally off the wait list! Woo-hoo! ?

  25. I got in too. Alpharetta, Georgia. In my first try!!

  26. Was able to sign up no problem at 9pm eastern. I already have a Sephora account (not a rouge) and have been on the waitlist for months.

  27. I got an invitation to join, but the order wouldn’t go through. I actually called the customer service around 3:00 EDT, and the rep said that they were expecting a very heavy volume. So the website still says this: Sorry, our Beauty Insider Registration is temporarily down. Please try again in a few minutes – “almost 6 hours of temporarily down”

  28. Just signed up. I had to change emails, switch between home and work address and change browser. Now, what box should I give up to justify this???

  29. I had just recently given up on ever getting this sub. Surprisingly, I was really happy to be in now!! So psyched!! Now I’ve got to get into the store and get my hands on the Sephora Minnie Makeup collectables!!

  30. I got off the waitlist and of course subscribed! I’m so excited for the May box! Thanks, Liz!

  31. Yay! I was able to sign up with two different email addresses this morning. The funny thing is that I now got the email saying that I was out of the waitlist lol. I’m excited! Thanks!

  32. Holy cats, I just got off the waitlist today!! Happy birthday month to me. πŸ˜€

  33. So frustrating I gave up already. I’ve tried 3 emails I even got the I’m off the wait list email. It lets me put in my cc info then I get an error message. In my email from Sephora that I was off the wait list it says this offer is good for 15 days. So I’m hoping I can try again later. Really bummed out about this ??

    • You may need to add beauty insider to your account if you haven’t already. I had to do that earlier when I signed up.

  34. I wouldn’t be surprised if the MSA quote of the month comes from this thread!
    Sooo much excitement ???

  35. Omg. That’s exactly how I felt. When I saw my Email saying” your wait is over” Yaaaaay!!! They give you a time limit to to subscribe. I live in Los Angeles. I’m so happy .

  36. I’m in! Thank you for the heads up!!!

  37. I was able to get in and I live in Mississippi. At first, it kept saying I was wait listed. Did 5 different emails, still wait listed. Cleared all cookies like someone here mentioned. Went back in and it worked!! Thank you so much for the help!!

  38. I just subscribed to this. I did not receive an email and I don’t shop there often. The last time I went into a store was February to get my free birthday gift and I did not purchase anything. I live in MD. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  39. I just entered my email address and got in. Then I checked my gmail Spam folder and I had an invite in there as well. According to my email you have 15 days to accept the offer. I live in PA if that matters.

  40. Back on the waitlist at 1:55pm PST. I’m more disappointed that I received no emails from Sephora, despite already being on the waitlist.

  41. Anybody else get an email telling them they were finally off the wait list several hours after they joined? Just for fun, I inputted my email address (within seconds of getting the email) and they said all spots were gone. Ha! I’ll assume I’m good, tho, since I did get a confirmation email right after I joined. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, hours after my confirmation email I got the “off the waitlist” email. I chuckled whilst I deleted it.

  42. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Hawaii. πŸ™

  43. Does anyone know when the first box will be? Is it April or May?

    • May.

  44. 6 hours after I already subscribed to Play, I finally got the email that said I’m off the waitlist! lol

    • Me too! Glad they were on top of that because my friend tried to sign up and she got wait listed.

  45. Liz-You are so on top of it! You never cease to impress- πŸ™‚
    I just emailed to let you know that I got off the waitlist but you’re already spreading the love.

    Everyone- I just got an email from Sephora “You’re off the waitlist. Join Play! by Sephora” with a link to the website.

  46. Β°β€’Β°β€’Β°β€’~~Oh my goodness Liz, I could kiss you!!! Thank you for your wonderful websiteβ€’Β°β€’Β°β€’Β°

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