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ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Review – March 2016


A few times a year, ModCloth launches their “Stylish Surprise” – mystery items at a deep discount (you get to pick the category and size).

Here were the categories and prices this time:

  • Dresses: $20
  • Apparel: $20
  • Shoes: $15

FYI – this is completely sold out, but make sure to sign up for notifications at the end of this post to get an email alert the next time the Stylish Surprise is available!


My Subscription Addiction pays for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes)


I got one Apparel Surprise, one Dress Surprise, and one Shoes Surprise.


Soda Shoes Boots

First up – my shoes! Look how cute these boots are!


I was really happy to see these boots – and I got them for only $15! That’s a value I’m thrilled with because these feel like pretty good quality.

However, there is one big problem I have with them…


They’re a size 7.5. I wear (and correctly ordered) size 11. I looked at the box and discovered that the issue was that the box is marked as size 11 but the shoes aren’t, and whoever picked my shoes didn’t check them first.

I contacted customer service and asked about exchanging them for a new surprise in the correct size, but since the stylish surprise is sold out, they (understandably) didn’t have the inventory to do so. So, they just refunded me, which I’m still happy with.


Threads Supply Hooded Coat

This coat is amazing. It’s thick and heavy, feels nice, and fits like a glove. And the sleeves are long enough!


It’s also completely lined with this great red plaid fabric. I’m thrilled with this coat for $20.


Alythea Grey Floral Maxi Dress

What a great dress! It’s hard to see here, but the lining only goes to mid-thigh, and it’s just the semi-sheer floral fabric that goes all the way as a maxi. I wasn’t sure how I’d like this dress but I really love it. The print is gorgeous, and the fit is good, too. And hey, the top is even nursing friendly!

Verdict: Again, I’m very surprised at how happy I am with my items. I loved my items last time, too, and thought maybe it was a fluke but here we are! Even though I can’t wear the shoes, customer service was prompt and easy to work with, and left me with a satisfied solution.  I’m also a little surprised the clothing fits me so well (again), since my past experience with ModCloth clothing has been hit or miss with sizing (especially in the hips and bust). My first ever ModCloth Stylish Surprise was a few years ago and I don’t remember if I got a dress or apparel, but I remember it being something that was totally not my style, so I wasn’t expecting  to have a second time around that I’m really happy with. For $55, I’m thrilled!

How many Stylish Surprises did you order? What did you get?

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (51)

  1. I got the apparel box since I was late to the party, but I’m still happy.
    They sent me a grey Steve Madden coat which is a little too big, surprisingly, but I’m ok with that for layering purposes when fall/winter comes .
    I wish I could wear it now, but days are about 80, so I’ll have to wait.
    The coat is worth $140 so I’m impressed with my random receipt, for sure.
    Here’s a pic!

  2. So my box got lost in the mail for a while, but finally found its way to my house. I got two shoes and one apparel.

    The apparel item is a gigantic poncho-y sweater type thing in a buff color and looks like I’m hiding in a sack. WAY too big, but so many of Modcloth’s items run small that I didn’t want to take a chance. Not sure what I’ll do with it. Was hoping for a coat, but eh, oh well.

    One pair of shoes is Soda brand Katie boots which are, like, wowza. I mean, they go up nearly to my knees and are really something. Plan to wear them with my pirate getup at Boulder’s Pirate Con on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    The other pair of shoes made this entire box worth it! I got Danskos, y’all! I love them, they fit perfectly, I am super duper happy.

    So, a mixed bag, but totally worth it.

  3. This was my 3rd and best box. Received 2 dresses and two coats. The coats are well made and worth well over the $20 I paid for them. The dresses were both green (I receive a lot of green items from Mod Cloth). The sweater dress is olive green and is quite warm. Came in handy when I went our Friday night (it’s still chilly in Philly), the other one is not quite my style but when I looked up the price it’s listed at $140. I think I can make it work with a sweater it was steal either way.

  4. I ordered 1-shoe,1-dress and 1- apparel. I like the shoes. They are taupe ankle booties. They look kinda cheap but I think with the right outfit it will be ok. The dress is a purple dress with ivory lace at the bottom. It’s cute, but smells like someone has already worn it. :-/. Lastly, the shirt was a black sheer shirt with skeleton on the front. I’d swap this… I’m too old for skeletons. Lol
    I think it’s interesting with the packaging and labeling. The shoes are one brand but the box says another.
    I’m not sure if I’d do it again… Some people really lucked up.

  5. How do I get off the waitlist for swapping?

  6. It always seems like I get the best stuff during this particular Stylish Surprise (when winter is over). I got two apartment items (they sell out so quick that most don’t even know it’s an option) and two shoes. The apartment items were a beautiful throw pillow that’s SOooo soft and a really pretty canister with a lid in a marble design. The shoes were a pair of brown suede booties that I’m in LOVE with and a pair of heels that were insane (too insane for me but I was able to sell them to someone on Facebook to recoup what I paid for them).

  7. That dress is really pretty and versatile. I think it would work for both casual and dressy occasions. I almost went for a surprise box this time but just couldn’t pull the trigger. I convinced myself I’m too old for Mod Cloth styles. Is that silly? I’m regretting it now that I see so many nice pieces people have received. Maybe I have to look at it like buying a lottery ticket. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.

  8. This was my first time trying stylish surprise, and it will likely be my last. I got a short, tight, backless dress. 🙁 I just don’t feel like I could pull off backless clothing if I wanted to. I might try to wear a cardi over it, or I might try to swap it. Could someone let me know how/wear to swap?

    • Where*

    • Tiffany, if you go to, that’s our swap site! You should be able to sign up there. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks!

  9. WOW!!!!! You always look great!! But both of these items make you look like a professional model!! You look soo beautiful!!!!!!
    (FYI If you really want the boots, I have a similar pair I purchased on Amazon for $25-40? Anyway, mine wear really comfortable! *I have the over the knee style*)
    But it is a comfortable brand!

  10. I sat this one out, but I love reading about what everyone else received! That dress is gorgeous on you Haley!

  11. I have been doing these forever, and I actually think my pieces have been getting better. Both my shoes were fabulous and one of my dresses was perfect. I swapped the other for another dress I liked better in about 10 minutes. I got a red coat that is a less expensive coat, but good for days when I don’t want to drag out my more expensive ones or want a bright color. I also got a tee that I easily dressed up for work. I ordered during the accidental early release and I am really thinking the early birds do get the best stuff -I have been jumping in early over the last year and my box has been much better than when I would dither over whether to order.

    And Haley, that dress is probably the loveliest, most flattering thing I have seen on you! Wear it as housedress if you have no where to go in it!

  12. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked all my items too, being as this was my first Stylish Surprise. The dress I got was great as was the sweater I got. The shoes were really cute flats that look like bunnies, and are totally something I’d look at in a boutique and eye up but not buy because theyd be too expensive, so I’m glad I got them.

    I joined a ModCloth BST (buy sell trade) group on facebook just in case I didn’t like my items I’d be able to swap with someone else at the least or sell in the group. That’s always an option if you didn’t want to go through customer servce again, but it sounds like they were pretty helpful even if they just refunded you.

  13. They sent me the wrong size dress, not a label error, a packing error. I was so disappointed.

  14. I got 3 pairs of boots. Very similar. A spider man tshirt. A long sweater.

  15. Very cute coat but seriously, those are like the cheapest looking boots…I’d say on par with Old Navy quality. All of this disposable fast fashion is so depressing.

    • Glad you can tell that from a weirdly lighted picture. Haley likes them and she got them for $15. No need to insult her.

      I had a pair of Soda shoes when I was younger; I think I got them at Macy’s and while they are definitely under $100, the quality is not bad for a brand at a juniors/younger women, and frankly, some people cannot afford more than Old Navy quality.

      • Calm down nelliebelle…I said it was a cute coat. And yes I can tell the quality of cheap boots by a picture. Not sure how that’s insulting to the receiver…she didn’t make them or even pick them out herself.

    • I got the same boots but in an ugly color. They were in a Machi brand box and I probably wouldn’t have paid $10 for them. My son told me they looked cheap. My apparel item was a pleated plaid skirt that looks like part of a Catholic school uniform. For my first time this was a bummer. If I would have got something cool like that coat I would be so into trying again but …. Maybe the cool stuff only goes to reviewers

  16. I’m pretty disappointed too. I got a tshirt with a pile of pancakes on it. What the heck?

    • I got a sweater with a cupcake on it. I don’t understand it either.

  17. I only ordered one shoe surprise since It seems like such a gamble. I got a pair of navy blue high wedged ankle booties. They seem good quality but I can’t say they are my style. I think the surprise aspect of this is fun, but I was hoping for something a little more “me” since I loooove Mod Cloth.

  18. The first time I ordered a surprise box, I ordered 2 apparel… And they were hideous. Since then I have stuck to the dresses… This time around I managed to snag 3 shoes and 2 dress surprise… I am THRILLED with everthing… I got 2 pairs of booties and I pair of high boots… All three absolutely beautiful. And I received two gorgeous dresses- one that is perfect for work -and a dressier cream one. I actually wish I had gotten something similar last year when I got married through the Justice of the Peace… I am sure with a bright sweater I will find a more day appropriate way to wear it. I’m really happy with what I got. I look forward to the next time they have another surprise sale. I honestly look forward to these!!

  19. I just got my first surprises (1 of each) and I couldn’t be happier!!! I got the most amazing cream colored coat that is super luxurious I can’t believe I got it for $20!!! The dress is super cute, a little snug on top but with a cute blazer or sweater it will look just fine. The shoes I got are black heals nothing fancy but match the dress perfectly!! The whole box matched like they sent me a perfectly styled outfit. I won’t be able to wear the coat until fall but I don’t care it is gorgeous.

    • Oooh! I’d love to see what your coat looks like. Sounds amazing!

  20. I got my first stylish surprise today, with a dress and shoes, and am pleased and relieved. I had been worried about the sizes after hearing they run small, but both fit really well! There’s a pretty summer party dress exactly like this one but with a straight knee-length hem, and nude stacked heel ankle booties. The dress is really well made, with lovely fabric and the right padding for such a low back. I’m not sure about the booties, not my usual style, but I’m wishing there were a spring party I could go to right now and wear the dress!

  21. I also got 1 dress, 1 apparel, and I finally was able to snag a pair of shoes. I got a pretty red lace dress, a HIDEOUS Doctor Who ugly-on-purpose sweatshirt sweater thing, and suuuuuppper cute boots. I think I’ll stay away from the apparel ones next time.

    • Thanks for posting pics. These are cute dresses.

  22. I also contacted customer service about 2 items of mine — one was way too small, even though it was labelled the size I ordered, and one had a tear in the seam. I got a refund after sending them measurements of the too-small item & a photo of the damaged item.

  23. I got two pairs of high heeled booties, one taupe and one black. They are very similar in style. I was hoping for cute flats. Oh well…

  24. This was my first stylish surprise and I was nervous (mostly if it will fit me because I knew I would love anything ModCloth would send me!) but I got a BEAUTIFUL black dress with cream lace near the bosom. I plan on wearing it to a conference next week and my graduation. Best $20 I ever spent!! 😀

  25. I loved all three of my items this time! I am jealous of your coat though. I ordered my surprise first thing in the morning when I heard and was able to get all 3 before they sold out. A few times, I ordered later when a lot of stuff was sold out already, and I got really bad stuff. It seems that the earlier you can order, the better stuff they may have for you.

  26. I ordered one apparel and one shoe – the shoes are SO CUTE. They are Chinese Laundry Zip It Split Suede Booties, and they are very stylish. They are heels, which I don’t wear often, so I may swap those. For the apparel, I got a cute relaxed hi-low sky blue top that fits great! I got great stuff this time around, and I’m very happy with my purchase!

  27. I got a t-shirt that is cute but not worth $20. Luckily, I ordered XL even though I’m usually a large and the shirt fit perfectly. I’m not sure the stylish surprise is worth it but it is fun to receive.

  28. It was my first time ordering the Surprise and I was pretty nervous. The shirt I got was a pretty white blouse with printed poppies. It probably wouldn’t have caught my attention in a store but I really like it! The dress I received was a greenish-grey knit dress that fit really well. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll wear it now that it’s spring but I still like it. The shoes I got were floral printed ankle boots. Normally not my style but I decided to try to rock them and I think I can get away with pulling them off. I took a chance on the surprises and I’m very happy to shake my style up a little.

  29. I got a dress and it was horrible. It looked like something that a teenager in the 80’s might wear for prom. I wonder if they send My Subscription Addiction better stuff because they know it will be reviewed.

    • Callie – we go to great lengths to make sure we never receive anything special or any different than any other subscriber. We take a lot of pride in standing by that.

      However – ModCloth did NOT know this was going to be reviewed. I ordered this from my personal email account; MSA was not associated with the purchase from their site at all.

    • I think the sizing error proves that she didn’t get a special order of her items.

  30. This was the first time I tried this *surprise* and I was very disappointed after I spent $40. I was sent an ugly shirt that didn’t fit at all and a strange sweater that only has two buttons and it looks like it is too small on me. I am not happy with my items and I won’t order from them again.

  31. I ordered an apparel box and received the ugliest shirt ever. It’s an owl with antlers. The tshirt is very thin and stretches out easily. I will definitely never order a surprise box again. I feel like I just threw $24 in the trash.

  32. Great coat and dress! I got a yellow pullover sweater which was ok, but it is selling on mod cloth for only $15, so I complained and they were nice enough to give me the price difference in store credit. However, I would have been happier to get a nice jacket or coat like yours.

  33. Wooo, I love your coat. That’s pretty cute. I received 3 pairs of boots from ModCloth this time. I really like one of them, will probably gift the other two to my mom. Overall, I am happy with what I received this time.

  34. OMG Haley, the same thing happened to me with the shoes, except the reverse! I ordered a size 8.5, and I got a size 11. Same issue, the box was marked as 8.5, but the shoes are definitely size 11.

    • I had an issue with my shoes too! I ordered a 9 1/2 (box was correct) but the booties inside were an 8 1/2. They were so cute and 9 1/2 always sells out so quick so I was bummed.

  35. Are the boots up for swaps ?

  36. Very nice! The coat reminds me of Paddington Bear for some reason lol. That dress is GORGEOUS though! I would die if I got a dress like that. I skipped the last two stylish surprises. The time before that I got a dress that was near identical to one I’d already bought a hideous pair of shoes.

    • I was thinking the same thing!! I love the Coat!!

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