Lost Blvd. Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2016

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Lost Blvd. is a lifestyle subscription box committed to sharing visionary brands, beautiful goods, and encouraging entrepreneurs behind them along with telling their stories.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - packaging 2

Every month you will receive a themed box with 4 or more items in the categories of clothing, beauty, books, food, accessories and more.

This month’s box is all about laughter and letting yourself be a little silly.


Lost Blvd. has a philosophy of “getting LOST to LIVE. LOVE. GIVE.” They aim to help you discover new brands and products.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - all items

The Subscription Box: Lost Blvd.

The Cost: $75/month, $210 for 3 months prepaid or $720 for an annual subscription prepaid. $5.95 standard shipping

COUPON: Save 20% off your first box with code SUBADDICT20!

The Products: 4 or more items that “compliment the month’s journey” and theme. Each box has a minimum of $99.99 retail value. Gifts vary from clothing, beauty, books, food, accessories and more.

Ship to: worldwide

Check out the Women’s Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Lost Blvd. to your subscription list or wishlist!


Each box comes with an info card talking about each of the featured brands and products.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 1

3 Meal Cookie Diet Trio – value: $20

These are funny novelty cookies. I chuckled – especially as a new mom I tend to grab whatever is around for meals and the breastfeeding cravings are real! Haha, I love having sweets on hand, as much as I probably shouldn’t. These are cute and tasted good, but $20 for 3 cookies seems like a lot to me.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 2

I appreciated that they include an ingredients sheet for the cookies since there wasn’t a label on their packaging.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 3

“Bacon Me Crazy” card from Good Paper San Francisco – value: $6

This card is handmade, from a company that employs/helps women in need – such as survivors of sex trafficking in the Philippines or orphaned in Africa. I think it’s cute and it will make my husband laugh when I write him a little note on it.

Blue Q Coin Purse – value: $3.99

This coin purse is made with 95% post-consumer recycled material, which I like. I think the design is cute, even if it’s not exactly my taste.

FYI – this is one of the items that subscribers received a variation of.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 4

Knock Knock Compact Mirror – value: $10

This mirror is pretty cute! The inside says “you’re perfect” on the mirror. I’ve loved the brand Knock Knock for a long time, so this is a fun item for me. They also have a mirror that says “Believe…” on the outside and “…in your selfie” on the inside. I love that! However, $10 is a lot for a plastic compact mirror. That is what they retail for, but it’s just expensive to me.

Blue Q Crew Socks – value: $10

These socks are another item that varied in designs. This one says “My favorite salad is wine.” I don’t drink, so I won’t wear these. They’ll get swapped!

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 5

Here’s a look at the inside of the mirror.

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 6

Emi Jay Nightshirt – value: $68

Subscribers received either a nightshirt, a muscle tee, or a pullover. Apparently, this night shirt was an Oprah 2015 Favorite Thing. It is very soft and comes in lots of different sizes. Also, it came with a hair band wrapped around it. Plus, they have funny phrases on them…

LOST BLVD APRIL 16 - items 7

Here’s the phrase on my nightshirt. This is soft and comfortable (and a nice length for me), but I just don’t wear things that have quirky sayings on them like this. I know that’s my personal taste, though. I know. Since it’s so comfortable and it is made to sleep in (and for no one else to really see) I may still wear it.

Verdict: This was my first Lost Blvd. box. I like their mission and execution (regarding aiding the discovery process and telling the stories behind the brands they feature), but I feel like the theme just wasn’t a good match for my individual taste. That being said, I can’t deny that the items all seemed to be a really good quality, and as far as an “LOL” themed box, I think they did well in curation. Personally, I wouldn’t pay $75 for these items myself, but the retail value comes out to $117.99 so Lost Blvd. did hold up their promise of a $99.99 minimum. I think some of the items were over-valued, but as long as that’s what they retail for, I can’t really hold that against Lost Blvd. themselves.

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. $75? Yikes. I would have guessed $30 max, which I still probably wouldn’t pay for what was received in this box.

  2. this box makes peaches and petals subscription look good. LOL

  3. I think this box is adorable, the items fit the theme very well(like the quirkiness of them), and I Love that these companies/items have a cause/purpose/back story~the only thing that would steer me from this box is the price. I would absolutely sub to it if it was closer to $50!

  4. I want that sleep shirt! My husband stares at his phone waaayyy too much. 😛

  5. Just imagine if you received the muscle tee instead of the nightshirt…yikes!!

  6. Why is that sleep shirt so expensive? You can get a cute victorias secret sleep shirt for way less. Personally, and this is just my opinion, i think this box is a huge ripoff.

  7. If this box was offered at Popsugar prices I might give it serious thought. The curation isn’t bad, but the prices are.

  8. When I first saw the contents I thought it was a $10 box. I bout flipped when I saw the price!! I would have been furious if I had purchased this box.

  9. I’ve seen Blue Q pop up in a couple different sub boxes. I need some dang socks!

  10. The box owners are the ones “lost in laughter” at people who actually gave them $80.95 for this box. Snort.

  11. This is so strange to me. For $75 I think somewhat luxe and unique and this is the opposite. Not only does everything seem overvalued but it’s also super common items we all have so much off. Half my gifts with purchase come with mirrors and coin purses. And the pattern of the socks and the pouch are totally juvenile and pretty unattractive. There is obsolete lt nothing special about any of these items and I can get similar things from the dollar store. This makes me mad for all the people that subscribed in good faith. This is robbery

  12. I guess you could say that the box was a bit…lost on us.

    I’ll see myself out. xD

  13. You’re kidding me! $75 for THAT!!!! No way! Never!!! I wouldn’t pay more than $10 – $20 for that!!! ?

  14. I like the concept of the box, however $75 is extremely high for a sleepshirt, cookies, socks, etc. I agree with the others it seems like a box for young people.

  15. I agree as well. I understand but Lost Blvd is trying to be silly with this box but these items seem a bit juvenile. I don’t see a whole lot of the “beautiful goods” they claim to deliver, but again maybe the problem is more with this particular theme.

    “You bacon me crazy”? That sounds like a phrase that would be printed on those cheap, cheesy, mass-produced valentines cards 2nd graders pass out to all their classmates.

    It’s always fun to learn about newer boxes though so I completely appreciate this review (even though this one is a PASS for me).

  16. I don’t get it. This one just really tells me there are too many boxes right now!

  17. Agree. The cookies, compact, and sleep shirt are probably worth a fifth of what they’re “valued” at. That brings the real value of the box down to $40. Agree with Ks about the middle school look.

    I think we’ve reached saturation point on sub boxes in the market, and the new ones that are popping up now are desperately looking for an angle. They won’t last long.

  18. Ditto on the overvalued part. I think I could buy similar items on clearance for about $30 altogether. The “funny” phrases remind me of middle school ?

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