Konenkii Subscription Box Review – March 2016

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Konenkii is a fairly new subscription service for women designed to change attitudes about aging. “Let’s face the aging process fearlessly and, of course, have some fun along the way!”


Konenkii kindly sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Konenkii

The Cost: $49.99 per quarterly box

COUPON: Save $10 off any subscription with code MYSUB10!

The Products: Gifts selected to help “EASE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER” you through the changes associated with aging

Ships to: US

Check out the Women’s Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Konenkii to your subscription list or wishlist!

Good to know: The spring box (this box) is still available if you are interested in purchasing.


This quarter’s theme is “Ready to embrace color?” How fitting for spring! This is the information card that was included, detailing this quarter’s items.


Also included was this card with social media info and referral program details, along with a Konenkii self-adhesive business card holder.


Posh Adult Coloring Book: Happy Doodles for Fun & Relaxation by Flora Chang – Value $10.75 (retail price $12.99)

Subscription boxes have been breaking out the coloring books lately! Did you know there are even several subscription boxes that are specifically for adult coloring? Coloring is a very zen activity, especially at this level of detail. This is a nice big coloring book, too. It’s great!

Box of 12 colored pencils – Value $5?

These colored pencils were custom made for Konenkii, so I’m guessing at the value.


Salted Almond and Milk Chocolate Truffle Bars by Seattle Chocolates – Value $3.50 each

One way to reduce your fear of aging is to take excellent care of your health, and an important part of that is eliminating added sugars wherever possible. I’m just saying. Now I will step down off my high horse and say that these look and smell so delicious! I haven’t tried them yet, but I am putting them in my stash for when not eating them is not an option.


Organic Wildflower Seed Bombs – Value $9

Hooray for seed bombs! These are going right in front of my garden. I’m a little curious if these were picked for my region based on my address, but everything grows here, so I’m sure they will be fine.


Shamballa Bracelet – Value $65?

The info card says, “Shamballa is a mythical place where we find our true selves.” How cool! This is a really heavy, nice piece. Konenkii doesn’t list retail values on their info card, but I was lucky enough to find this exact one online, so I am using that value, but it does seem high to me. So, if you agree, it’s my fault, not Konenkii’s.


Green Tea Konjac Sponge – Value $4 (wholesale)

I’ve had a few of these thanks to subscription boxes, and they are really great! They exfoliate without depleting moisture.

Cherry Blossom Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub by Naiad – Value $4

It’s a soap and a sugar scrub all in one! Plus it smells amazing.


Spirit of Spring Recipes – Value $3?

Konenkii always sends recipes in every box, and these look awesome. I really want to try those salmon rolls!

Verdict: This was my second box from Konenkii, and I think they do a wonderful job putting together a really fun and useful package for more mature women. I’m not quite in their target demographic yet, but I can’t see how that matters based on what I was sent. I came up with a retail value of $108, but I could be a little off. The value still clearly exceeds the cost of the box by a good measure. I am becoming a big fan of Konenkii!

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Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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  1. This is one of my favorite boxes from one of my favorite subscriptions. As far as the age thing goes, I don’t think there’s anything age-specific, but I do think it’s a bit more than a marketing scheme. As pointed out, there’s a lot of boxes that assume everyone that subscribes is in their 20s or 30s, and that somehow at 40 you’re no longer interested in life. By aiming this box at the “mature” (whatever that means) woman, it’s kind of like thumbing your nose at that attitude — both from other boxes and, sadly, from society at large. And while you may not be aware of any women that are concerned about aging, there are certainly enough media influences that try and tell you what you should and should not be doing at a “certain age”. I’m not by any means saying they’re right — I personally ran out and bought an ankle bracelet at 57 when I read no one over 25 should wear them, and at 58 have galaxy-dyed hair — but there is a lot of societal pressure around aging, especially for women.

  2. This box doesn’t interest me for $50 regardless of age… too much value in the bracelet which I personally don’t even like.

    Anna, I agree about the chocolate and I LOVE chocolate. But I don’t need those big bars sitting at my house – I’d rather get little samples – dark chocolate of course, since it’s better for aging. 😉

    • Thanks heat! I try really hard to keep added sugars out of my family’s diet, especially my own, but OMG CHOCOLATE! I will try to only eat tiny pieces in case of emergencies, but hahaha I can’t even finish this sentence…

  3. I really don’t see an age slant on any item here (I’m 42), which is OK, but then makes a bit of a mockery of the alleged purpose of the box. I’m guessing that they were just looking for some less-used angle in a very-much-saturated sub box market.

    I also am not aware of any woman, apart from Demi Moore and Kris Jenner, who has a problem with growing older. My forties are better than my thirties were, and those were better than my twenties, which were vastly better than my teens. I think many intelligent, real women are happy with the peace and confidence that maturity brings. Some box will “ease, educate, and empower” me to accept aging? Weird choice of language. Like I said, the founders were probably just looking for a “hook” to draw people in. The box doesn’t look different from other lifestyle boxes in that price range.

    • Yeah, I’m 27, and I’d enjoy this box. Maybe the future boxes will show more of an age slant.

    • I’m well into the “mature” age demographic yet this box doesn’t have anything I find especially appealing, especially for the price. I do like that there’s a company out there that actually wants my money though (I’m irritated by all the ones that give a range that tops out at 35 – you don’t have to be under 35 to want to be stylish and have fun!).

      • Agreed! Right on Janet!

      • I agree Janet. I’m 50 and and sub to many boxes that, according the the demographics, I probably shouldn’t!

        I don’t see anything in this box that is a certain age specific. I also don’t particularly care for this box.

    • Julia, I think I was more afraid of aging when I was in my teens and 20’s than I am now! LOL! I think this box is less age-specific than their fall box – if you are curious, do a search and you can see my fall review.

      • I looked at the October review. Again, I see nothing age-specific there. I’m sure people under 50 read that book with the underpants, too. I still think it’s just a $50 lifestyle box. If anything, a silicone wine cup would appeal to a teenager, in my opinion.

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