Bluum Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2016

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Bluum is a monthly subscription box for babies and toddlers. Their boxes are very customized – specific to the month of your child’s age. Also, they recently began allowing you to “build your own Bluum,” meaning you can even pick what products you’ll receive out of a very wide selection of items (one of my very favorite parts of this subscription!). However, susbcribers can still skip choosing their items in order to still be surprised each month.


The box I’m reviewing is customized from my preferences and choices for my son, who was born this past September! Because of this, my box may look completely different than someone else’s box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - all items

The Subscription Box: Bluum

The Cost: $34/monthly, $93/3 months, $162/6 months, $300/12 months

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The Products: Items selected for baby’s age, plus gifts for mom too!

Ships to: US

Check out all our Bluum reviews and the Baby Subscription Box Directory!

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BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - info 1

EIGHT months? That can’t be right. I just had my baby last month, didn’t I? This is going too fast!

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - info 2

Bluum doesn’t send item cards in the boxes, they email you the information about the items.

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - items 1

Kid O Mini Tug Boat in Blue – value: $8 (on sale for $6.48)

This is a cute little bath toy. My son has always hated baths but he’s finally starting to have fun and learn to play a little. He actually really liked this and grabbed for it as soon as I pulled it out of the box!

Parragon Inc. Wide Awake Jake – value: $5.99

I picked this book because I was wanting a bedtime-specific book. Part of our night time routine is reading a book!

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - items 2

Here’s a look inside. I think the story is pretty cute, and you get to follow along as Jake gets ready for bed.

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - items 3

Mam Learn to Brush Set – value: $8.99

This is interesting. I wanted to get all baby items this month so I picked this, plus he just cut his first tooth so this caught my eye. It has a guard you can clip on the brush to help them keep it from going too far into their mouths, and it comes with a little brush and a long-handled one that you can both use simultaneously so you can help them learn.

Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Calming Cream – 5 fl oz, value: $9.99

I love using essential oils, and using them in a lotion is great. This smells really nice and, while I haven’t tried it on my son yet, I like the consistency and moisturizing on my hands.

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - items 4

Here’s a look at the back of the toothbrush for some more details. I like how it has red bristles to indicate the amount of toothpaste you should put on it.

BLUUM BOX APRIL 2016 - items 6

And here’s my son, Gideon, playing with the toy boat!

The Verdict: In full disclosure, I’m kind of bummed about this month’s Bluum box because I had originally chosen a different item instead of the toy boat – a gorgeous little blue, knit cardigan for my son. However, right before it shipped I got an email stating they were all out and I needed to either pick a replacement item or re-pick all of my items, even though I had picked my items a couple weeks before and received a confirmation email! This made me pretty frustrated because I picked the whole box around the cardigan and it was a great value item. I emailed customer service about it and they told me that they had resolved the issue already by letting me pick a replacement, and that it just happens sometimes because sometimes they allow for x number of an item to be chosen, but when they get that x amount they end up with some that are maybe damaged or defective, etc. To me, that sounds like an issue they need to take care of with the company sending the items. I don’t know – that really bugged me and set me up to be disappointed with this box no matter what I got.

That being said, I received some cute items my son seems to like and that I think will be nice and helpful, too. The value adds up to $32.97 which doesn’t add up to the cost of the box. I’m not super okay with that (especially because I didn’t get my baby cardigan) but at the same time I am the one who picked my own items, so I’m torn. Ultimately, I wasn’t happy with this month, though.

What do you think about Bluum?

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. We have had this sub for quite a while. I signed up with this one when my son was turning 9 months old. He’ll be 4 years old in October.

    So.. We’ve been around a while. And, at first this was a pretty interesting box and we were happy to try most of the things they sent.. It has gone down hill the last year or two for sure. Now, we only get four items.. when at first we got five. Also, most of the stuff they send is really just crap they got for discount or close out sales. That’s very disappointing to me.

    I try my best to pick the items so at least we get something we will use. In January when our plan is up, I will not renew.. and I will not give them good reviews.. It’s disappointing.. When they used to be such a interesting box..

  2. I don’t think I have anything to add that hasn’t already been said. The CS is incredibly annoying, one person in particular whose emails are so non responsive that I wonder if she is messing with me. When I first started my six month subscription, the selection was okay. But after several months, I noticed that the selection changed very little and always included something I previously purchased. Which is fine if it’s a bottle of cleaner (which you buy over and over), but not if it’s a toy! And on top of that, the selection the last two months has been wretched. 0-2 items per category for half the categories!

    I have seen Bluum box reviews on this and other websites and I think the company must know when the subscriber is a blogger because the items reviewed are always better than what I get. My daughter is just a few months older than Gideon so we should be getting very similar product choices. I recognize the book, tugboat and lotion, but have never seen the MAM toothbrushes or anything like a nice cardigan. In fact, the only clothing choices I have seen in the past six months are an UGLY pair of socks…! And I remember in a past month, Bluum gave Haley two additional items because the value of the items she chose were low. This has never happened to me even though the total retail value of my boxes has been low. I am definitely canceling my subscription after my last box!

  3. When do we get to pick our products for the next month? I don’t want to miss the good stuff, and I thought it was by the 14th?

  4. Love the pic of Gideon!

    Totally sympathize about the cardigan. :-/

    Was about to use the Mother’s Day coupon code before I read this review. Now I don’t think I will. I really miss Citrus Lane… I know some people had problems with them too, but I never did.

    • I had a terrible CS experience with them. Not as bad as my recent one with Hello Fresh but I could not get them to cancel my account- they kept charging me even though I canceled the account-then they wanted to charge me to cancel! It all boiled down to the CS not listening to me at all.

  5. Wow, that is not good customer service at all! I do not understand why companies let people pick out items when they don’t have them in stock. I just had this issue with Ipsy! Hoping the boxes get better for you Haley!

  6. I had gotten a 3-month gift subscription to Bluum and I am so glad it’s only for 3 months! I don’t think the hassles are worth the price. I had to re-pick choices 3 times, I kept getting emails saying they were out of stock. And I would never pay full price for this box, the items received have been decent enough but nothing great enough to warrant the cost. It’s been a disappointing experience and I am glad this is the last month I will be receiving, it!! I don’t know how this company has lasted this long…they have multiple issues on multiple levels that need to be resolved.

  7. I’ve had a similar experience to the other comments. Picked my items, then items were “out of stock”, then I was sent junk I did not want 🙁 I tried to contact customer service and they added an extra item to my next box but that means that I have to buy another box and the overall value of the box does not change so I can only add a small item as my “extra” item. The whole experience has been one of the most annoying subscription experiences I have had online.

    It is not worth the money or hassle – buy the items you actually want on sale off amazon and save both money and hassle. It was too good to be true. I do not see them staying in business very long.

  8. OMG. your son looks at camera just like you do.

  9. I was gifted a subscription for my daughter, also born in September and this has been the most trying company to deal with. I have chosen items some months and they do not make it into the box. I have let the company choose what items and last month all we received was four packs of tooth and gum wipes (that’s it!) The items you can select are not worth the overall value of the box and in the eight months since we started the boxes have declined. Contacting their customer service is painful. It will take at least ten emails to come to a resolution and even then the information is misleading. I won’t continue the subscription after it runs out. I’m seeing a trend in online reviews that are very similar to my experience which leads me to believe it’s not just me.

    • Wow! That is EXACTLY how I felt! I thought it was just me! They really just do not care.

  10. Happened to me too! And when I went to choose there was literally either zero or one item in each category so I had to ‘pick’ basically a retail value half the cost of the box :/
    My customer service call was similar too. She didn’t seen to care how incredibly disappointed I was. They are annoying…

  11. That happened to me last month, I picked out a swaddle blanket, with a RV of $18, when I got my box, the swaddle blanket wasn’t there. Instead I got a little canister of disposable wipes, like 3 or 4 in the canister, RV $4. I was really upset, I never got an email about it or anything. I emailed customer service and they said I could pick another item for my April box. Which also meant I lost all my great options I already had and had to pick new items. I did get my April box with all 5 items I had picked. But I don’t like how they let you ‘pick’ items; and then if they ‘run out’ send you a cheap replacement.

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