Birchbox Limited Edition: New Naturals Box Available Now!

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The Box: Birchbox Limited Edition: New Naturals Box

The Cost: $59

COUPON: Try any of these coupons for 20% off an order of $35 or more:

TAKEALEAP20 TAKEOFF20 COMEBACK20  MOBILE20 WELCOMEOFFER20 TAKEOFF10 or BEAUTYMAVEN or FIRST15OFF (Or use one of the Free Gift with Purchase coupons). FYI – You can only use one coupon per order.

And don’t forget your free mystery sample pack on orders of $35 or more!

The Products: $215 value! Each box contains:

Are you grabbing one? I’m guessing these boxes will sell out quickly – what an awesome collection!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Both mine came today (yep, I of course ended up ordering another one about 2 minutes after the first one!) – I’m so glad I got 2 – they are awesome! Best LE box yet! The makeup bag is bigger than I thought it would be too. So excited to try everything out.
    Now the real question is whether or not I should order a 3rd or even 4th box…

  2. I just canceled my Birchbox subscription 2 days ago after receiving another crap box with teeny tiny ‘samples’ I could have gotten for free at the department store beauty counters… Oh and yet another dry shampoo, that smelled like furniture polish, ugh. I signed up for the MAKEUP! This box looks really wonderful though.. too bad it’s absurdly priced.. $59.. lol. Id rather just go to the store and handpick exactly what I want for that amount of cash. I not a fan of Birchbox at all anymore. ipsy is killing it though!

  3. My box just arrived. Love everything in it!! The body serum is amazing as is the hydrating mist. Very happy customer!!

    • Mine came today too! I can’t believe how nice everything is. I guess after getting the normal Birchboxes with the wee samples, everything just looks huge! I was already crazy for that mascara and you’re right that serum smells amazing. Many of these are new products for me and I can’t wait to try them all.

  4. Liz, thanks so much for the codes! I got 20% off, plus the free mystery pack. 🙂 I’m super excited, as I’ll only use all natural and/or organic products. I wouldn’t have known about the coupon code otherwise, so thanks so much!

    • Alyson, how did you get both the 20% off and the free mystery pack? It only lets me use one code, not both.

      • You don’t need a code for the mystery sample pack, just add it to your cart and then if your order is more than $35, it subtracts the $10 off. You might need one for some of the gift with purchase ones though?… I’m not 100% sure though

  5. Boxes can’t get enough of that Gardenia Tea Body Serum! it’s the THIRD time I’m seeing it in boxes!

    • I worship it…

  6. I’d been saving up my points for something good and this was it! Used the 20% off and $40 in points so got it for $7.20. I forgot to try to add the sample pack, so I emailed them to see if it could be added. They emailed me back and said the sample packs were sold out, so they gave me 100 points. Score!

    • I tried adding the sample pack with my box and it didn’t say “sold out” but it kept trying to charge me $10 for it. I finally took it off and ordered without it. I emailed them the next day and they didn’t offer any additional points but offered to mail me the sample pack for no cost.

      • I would’ve been happy with them sending me the pack too, but now I can save these points for the next awesome box. Unfortunately, the post office lost my package and I’m dying to get it.

  7. LOVE this box! But no coupons work for me! Not one. I just refuse to pay full price.

    Well. Let’s see how long that lasts…

    • TAKEALEAP20 worked for me. Have you used that one before?

      • I must have. I tried every code, several times each. No go. 😛

    • Hopefully they come out with new codes soon! I used my birthday code for this so only got $10 off, but better than nothing

  8. I just ordered one with points and coupon for $17.20! The mystery sample pack was out of stock so I just added the men’s mystery sample pack. Better than nothing ?

    • You might get better stuff with the mens anyway. I’ve heard on forums people getting socks and Davines body wash.

      • That would be awesome! I definitely don’t need anymore stila lipstick (I got them in my last two mystery packs!). Something different would definitely be nice.

  9. I am so excited about this box. Thanks for posting, Liz, and for the list of coupon codes. I guess I have used all of the really good ones, but still got this for just over $40 after the $10 code and redeeming $10 in points. Not complaining considering the value and that every item will be used. This is the best BB LE box I have seen since early 2015.

  10. I got one, too, for 20% off. Now, if they would only offer a monthly natural box, I’d be a regular subscriber again in a heartbeat!

    • Me too.

      • Me three!!

        • Me 4!

          • Me 5!

    • I would probably sub if they offered a natural box too. As long as there’s no dry shampoo; that’s my main problem with the BB boxes lol.

      • When I left this subscription months ago I told them I wanted all natural/organic products as my reason to why I left. Hopefully they will realize this is what consumers want. I subscribe to BeautyHeroes and GlowingBeets. I love them both 🙂

    • Yes PLEASE!!

  11. Thanks for the heads up! I have used and love several of the items in the box, so I grabbed 2! Was able to use the 20% off code and Birch points for one of them; the second one I got for “just” the 20% off…but even at $48 it’s still a screamin’ deal!!

  12. Thank you SO much for posting. This isn’t up under their limited edition boxes yet and I was so worried I would miss it. I can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  13. Thanks, Liz :). I used 700 points and the First15off coupon to get this, a brush set, makeup wipes, all for free 🙂

  14. Snagged one 🙂 Thank you so much, Liz! xx

  15. Thanks Liz! Got it for a steal thanks to you. I was able to get 20% off plus used my points to pay only $27! I am looking forward to using all of the items.

    • Yay! $215 worth of items for $27 is AMAZING!! 🙂

      • Same here – got it for 20% off plus had $20 in points so paid $27. It would not let me add the mystery sample pack though. Still excited for the box 🙂 I have sampled the W3LL People mascara and I really like the formula. I love anything Juice Beauty and the highlighter sounds amazing too.

  16. Got one! thanks for letting us know.

  17. Turns out all my points expired last month. And then I forgot to use a coupon code. I am brain dead today, but at least I didn’t miss the box entirely. This is a great box and I will use all the products!

    • You might want to reach out to customer service for your expired points…especially if they didn’t notify you. They should let you use it towards this purchase.

  18. Thanks! Got two. With points and coupon, came out to about $43. Happy, since I was about to purchase the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist anyway.

  19. I was able to use code takeoff10 and it took $10.00 off.

  20. I had $20 in birchbox points and used one of the 20% off codes, so I snagged a box for $27. So excited to get this box! Thanks for the info I didn’t see it in the limited editions either, but your link brought it right up!

    • I’m glad the link was there too! Because I couldn’t find it by searching the website. I wonder why that is. Anyone know?

  21. Ok, I caved. Used the 20% code, plus 10 bucks in points. Got the free sample pack, I’m pretty happy with this purchase. I absolutely love that gardenia+tea serum stuff. I used every last drop of it when it came in one (of my many) sub boxes.

  22. My goodness, I paid a whopping $10.03 for this! That’s less than I pay for the monthly box ($10.60 with tax). Insane in the membrane. Thanks for the link, Liz!

  23. Got one with 20% promo code – amazing box!!

  24. No more codes for me (have used them all). And only $10 in points. So I think I will just bite the bullet and pay full price…I did resist buying beauty products from about 4 other websites today so if I only give in once, it’s OK!

  25. Epp! Emptied all my points. 900! Got two boxes and the mystery sample with 20% off code for a total of $12! Do I need two? I don’t know. But other wise I was wasting almost 100 points because of CA tax. I am so excited about all the beauty products. Less excited about make up. Can’t wait to try nail polish remover!

    • With the code and tax it came to $50.15. However, I had 60 points and it wanted to use ALL of them just for that extra $.15. That perturbs me to no end. I wish they would put in an option to use only some of your points and pay the balance. So I had to get another product to ‘use up’ the remaining $9.85 which isn’t really $9.85 with the 20% off and the addition of sales tax. Now my brain is taxed with all that math……

      Not sure I need all this stuff (and think I recall I didn’t care for the mascara) but I can’t pass up this lovely deal!

      • I emailed them two weeks ago about this same subject and wanted to split points and payments so I didn’t use 100 points on less then a dollars worth and they said their system doesn’t do that. I hope it changes in the future!

  26. Such a great box! I still have the body serum from the RZ box sitting on a shelf while I’m finishing up the one from PopSugar though.

    I’m moving in a couple of months so I have to keep reminding myself of all the unused beauty products I’m packing up. They don’t need any new friends as great as the products in this box are. There are only a couple of things in this box where I don’t already have a similar product waiting to be used (coveting the Tata Harper mask…).

  27. Thanks for the letting us know this box is on the site. I went to limited edition boxes and it wasn’t listed, but I was able to order it through your link.
    The only code that worked for me was FIRST15OFF, but I had $10 in points so I got the box and a MSP for $40.15. Great value!

    • Great value for a $215 box! 🙂 Hope you love it! I’m so pumped about this one!

  28. Got one. I had $30 in points and used a code ..paid 19 for the box and got the mystery pack…hoping for loc since I know a lot of people have been getting it.

  29. Just snagged one! This is the first time I’m using my points on Birchbox to purchase something and I’m so happy it was for this! Thanks for posting!

  30. Ordered! Wooo Hooo!

  31. Yay!!! I used a code and had $30 in points.. Can’t believe I got this box and a sample pack for only $17! Why I love BB! Thanks Liz!

    • Woo hoo! I love it! ?

  32. Thanks for the heads up! Got one with discount and points!

  33. ordered…yay! had other things in my cart to add so I could get free 2 day shipping…it’ll be here Thursday! holy cow on the $215 value, that’s insane!

  34. Thanks for the reminder. Got one….love these products.

  35. Bought 3 – the addiction is real!

  36. YAYYYYYYY!!!

  37. Ordered!!
    1 so far… but that could possibly change soon 🙂
    Thanks Liz!! This one looks like the best one yet!

    • Agree! I want every single one of those products! Great Box!! 🙂

      • Liz – that highlighting stick would be great for using with “too dark” lipsticks like we talked about the other day – in the middle of the lips to “ombre” them out a little bit. It really works like a charm! I’ve been using Watts Up and its great! Oh, and I grabbed this box of course #ihaveaproblem #productoverloadbutIcantstop

        • Yay! Thanks for reminding me – can’t wait to try it! #cantstopwontstop 🙂

        • Card carrying member of #productoverloadbutIcantstop

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