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Allure Beauty Thrills Box Pre-Sale Launches on Monday!

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Exciting News – you can sign up to get priority access to Allure Beauty Thrills when the presale goes live. Everyone who signs up will get an email on Monday with details on how to pre-order all 3 Allure Beauty Thrills boxes – worth $250 each – for the year, delivering in May, August, and December.

If you are interested in just buying just the May box, that sale date will be coming up and announced soon. Make sure to sign up for Allure Beauty Thrills news and spoiler alerts at the end of this post to get email updates when we have more info!

Check out our Allure Beauty Thrills posts to see what’s been in past boxes – and if you are interested in Allure’s separate monthly subscription box, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I didnt sign up for the “special invitation” for the presale…but when i click on the link I can enter my name and billing. So does that mean I can purchase this under the presale with no special invitation email?

  2. So excited can’t wait for spoilers

  3. I did get the email from Allure, but I didn’t sign up after all. It’s too much $$ upfront and frankly, have you seen those Beauty Thrills boxes? They are HUGE. I’ve only made a small dent in the Winter box from 4 months ago even with my family using stuff too. I don’t want more than one per year, if that. So, I’ll wait to see a product list and play the lottery if I want it. That’s kind of fun anyway. 😀

  4. I am glad i was hanging at this site instead of waiting for an email that has never shown up.

  5. Okay – Why would I pay $200 NOW for boxes that will sell for $180 THEN? Maybe I missed something. Anyone?

    • To guarantee you get all three with no problems.

  6. GOT ONE!!! or all 3 !!!

  7. I just got the email that the pre-sale is now on. I went to the page and its $199.95 for 3 boxes, valued at $750. There’s no list or picture for the first box even. Nothing. Just the chance to purchase the 3 boxes. I wish they would have AT LEAST given the items for the first box!

    • Oh…and the boxes will be delivered May, August and December!

    • I NEVER GOT AN EMAIL. I saw someone here post it was on and i did’nt know where to go so I went to Allure chat and they gave the the web address. First time buyer! Very excited!

    • Am I missing something, the math doesn’t add up?? This is straight from their site:
      “*Each box individually retails for $49.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. Presale cost of $199.95 for all three boxes (May, August, December) includes a premium cost plus shipping and handling of each box. No refunds, exchanges, or returns will be accepted.”

      If each box is $59.95 x 3 = $179.85 – Wouldn’t it cost less to purchase them individually? I am not sure what they mean by “includes a premium cost”

      • No, you’re not missing anything. They charge you $20 EXTRA to pre-purchase the 3 boxes. I guess they figure that’s worth not having to worry about getting it when they’re released? Buy all 3 now and you don’t have to deal with it later. I’m not doing it. I’d rather get a chance to see what’s inside first. I’ve bought quite a few of these, but skipped all of them last year.

        • Thank you for confirming but for $20 I think I’ll wait and take a chance ; )

          • I bought them, but rather not sit on the internet again next time. So I thought it was a good deal! I was off work today, but dont know about when the go on sale individually and doing this at work would be crazy stressful.

          • Lol! Ive excused myself from meetings to purchase the individual boxes. Luckily today i didnt have to since im at work. But it is stressful when in that situation.

          • I agree!

  8. It’s on!

    • were?

  9. What time will the presale be launching, so I know when to log on?

    • waiting..

  10. I haven’t seen that pre-sale message yet. Anyone else?

    • I havent seen it either Twila, trying to wait patiently

  11. This is my all-time favorite box. I love the enormous box. If you use some algorithm for boxes of full size items * value * what you actually use = this one is the best.

  12. I got the buy all three boxes at once “deal” last year, but by the time the last box came out I was on product overload. It felt really repetitive to get all three in one year. Although I did give some really nice Christmas gifts.

  13. I have been let down by ipsy, boxy, and birtch. Dropped all of them as of next month and will pick up the 3 box allure..I hope!….I have Allure, FFF, both POPSUGAR,Walmart and glossy. Feel happy with those.

  14. Not only did I sign up for Sephora Play but in the mail today I got my Julep free gift, the Birchbox naturals box, and my Laritzy box. Now this? Oh happy day.

    • Rofl, it’s been that kind of week: Target (2 of them because I’m greedy), Allure, Birchbox, Julep 8pc free gift, BeautyFix, Popsugar Mini, HonestCo…I almost feel guilty ?

  15. Thanks Liz. Been waiting for this offer. I have a lot of women in my life to share with. A no brainer for me. ☺

  16. Ok Liz seriously lottery and powerball in one day. I already had to sell the Play today to hubby who brought in Walmart and Target boxes. And I have birchbox, ipsy,allure and glossy box going to my mom’s . Help need intervention #Ilovesubscription boxes #help#needmoreaddresstoshipto

    Ps Sephora would not let me sign up through my vib Rouge had to use a different email. Then I got the email invite on another account. Weird. In Sacramento Ca

    • You made me laugh! Happy wife happy life! I’m lucky, my hubby travels a lot so I can intercept the mail, one day though…when all the beauty boxes will come on the same day, I might have sell him on it too lol

    • I had the same thing happen! I used 2 emails to get on the Play wait list, and the one that’s not even signed up with Sephora got the invite today. The email associated with my Rouge account is still wait listed.

      I find that terribly frustrating. I would assume, from a corporate stand point, they would want to take care of their best customers first. But I guess they already know that people spending $1000+/year are going to continue spending that money regardless of if they have a sub box or not.

      Oh well, I’m just glad to finally be getting that box!!

  17. With Sephora severely letting me down (:( ) I’m really excited for this news as I’m VERY happy with my ALLURE magazine sub and the beauty sub. 🙂 Thank you, Liz!

  18. Liz! I gotta say, being a woman is AWESOME! Today was simply amazing…got a Sephora Play subscription and hearing Beauty Thrills is coming up Monday! Seriously, your app is addicting – as are sub boxes. I am up to 8??? If i were to die today, i would be eulogized as a serious beauty box hoarder!!!
    Was so cute to see all the women excited to get a Play subscription. We are women! Hear us Roar!!!!

    • Lol I wholeheartedly agree! I’m telling ya, finding this blog is one of the highlights of 2015!

      • ❤️??


  19. Can someone tell me what this box is?

    • It’s Allure’s version of a special edition box. It’s jumbo sized and separate from the normal monthly subscription. You can only get it when they put it up for sale until it sells out but it looks like the are having a pre- sale sign up deal this Monday.

    • It’s a $60 (or so) box that is filled with mostly drugstore brand full size toiletries and beauty items. Last box had 24 items. There were:

      1 pckg makeup removal wipes
      1 face cleanser
      2 face serums
      2 body washes
      1 deodorant
      3 shampoos
      2 conditioners/masks
      2 hair oils
      3 other hair products
      1 nail polish
      1 primer
      2 lip products
      1 makeup brush
      1 toothbrush
      1 toopaste

      brands like Caress, Colgate, ELF, Rusk, Suave, Dove, Yest to…

      • Oh, and the value of the box was $200 + the value of the two serums, which had an RV of $225 but were on sale for $120.

  20. comment

    • x2. 🙂

  21. Liz, you and your updates are completely blowing my mind! I’ve been waiting for this announcement. Best. Beauty. Box. Day. E – V – E – R – !!!!!

    (I commented before about Sephora, Allure BT, & Macy’s, but frankly, I couldn’t handle getting take off Macy’s waitlist today. It would just be too much!!!!! 🙂

    • Haha! Yes – today has been a crazy awesome subscription box day! I think Macy’s might break the internet 😉

      • I’ve given up on Macy’s. It doesn’t seem they are going to actually go forward with it???

        • I haven’t heard any updates from them in a while. 🙁

  22. I saw the previous ones, but is it really worth it? I don’t know if I should pass or not. I still signed up for the pre-sale though

    I have a question about the Allure box in general. Is it typical for it to take 4-6 weeks to get your first box? I signed up and didn’t hear anything, so I messaged customer service. That a very long time to wait.

    • *That’s

    • They will show full spoilers and you can decide then. I’m on the fence – as I am on major product overload, but if there are a handful of things I LOVE, I will get it – I need to donate a bunch of shampoo, etc and clear space for things I love.

      • Same here! I have a big box of stuff to donate; I just need to actually DO it. I skipped the winter box and there are limits to my restraint. 🙂

      • I don’t think they show you the products for the pre-sale (at least I don’t remember that). You pre-purchase all 3 boxes and find out what’s in the box when they are ready to begin individual sales.

    • I did it last year but I don’t think it’s worth it. I will try individually for boxes that really appeal.

    • They messed up my order too but made it up my sending me 2 boxes and giving me a refund!!!

    • The last one was the first I got, and I had a couple of days to look at the items included and decide whether or not I wanted it. It was definitely worth it for me. I basically looked at the items to determine what I’d use and then added up their values. I’m still going through some of the items from that box, too.

      Things you’ll definitely use like shampoo, body wash, deodorant… It’s nothing really off the wall from what I’ve seen so far.

  23. Am I the only one that can’t open the link? 🙂

    • it opened for me.??

  24. Liz — does that mean paying for all three in advance? What’s the cost?

    • I don’t have a confirmed price for all 3 boxes. Last time they did this it was $199 for 3 boxes, so I’m guessing the pricing will be the same or close to it. Hope that helps!

      • why would people get the year then since they look like they have sold for $45 and $50 in the past….3 times a year?

        • Shipping is usually an additional cost, and then I think you pay a slight premium to secure all three boxes. Hope that helps!

        • the last time I bought it, with shipping it was $60 or $65. If the latter, $199 isn’t much over to secure the boxes. They go quick, once launched. I passed on all of them last year though. I did sign up for the launch email to see what will be included. Some boxes were an amazing deal.

      • With shipping?

      • Did the $199 include shipping? Thanks.

        • Yes I believe that includes shipping

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