What Are You Surprised You Haven’t Seen in a Subscription Box Yet?

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While there are some items that seem to show in subscription boxes all the time, there are other items thatΒ have yet to make an appearance!

What items are you surprised you haven’t seen yet in a subscription box?

For me, with all the beauty products that are in boxes, I’m surprised one of the big women’s lifestyle boxes hasn’t sent out a makeup/beauty organizer yet!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. *A complete travel set of skin care, or bath items
    *make up organizers
    *seasonal dΓ©cor items
    *seasonal hostess gifts
    *how about quarterly gardening boxes

    • I would love to see a quarterly gardening box!

  2. We should start this on the forum, excuse me if it has already been done… I’m typing this before going to check myself πŸ˜‰

  3. Honestly, I love stuff for the kitchen, not food, but little gadgets. I love trying new ones, and can have the time of my life in the kitchen supplies areas of stores. If there was a box like that I would be in heaven!

    • I completely agree! I would love little kitchen gadgets, tools, dishes, etc. SporkPack I think it was, had gadgets and food; but the last box or two was such a random odd assortment. I’ve been dying for a kitchen box.

      I’d also like to get a candle in a food scent, no more florals please. Linen Crate is a great idea in theory; but their execution hasn’t been great. I hate plastic plates, glasses, etc. I’d like an affordable home decor or kitchen box.

  4. I would LOVE to see a Z Palette, since so many boxes send singles or samples of things, if you had a large z-palette to de-pot them into it would make for a much more organized collection πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t wear make up, so I’d like a women’s lifestyle box that does not include it as I always give it away.

    I’d like to see:
    – chopstick rests
    – mini sauce bowls
    – tea towels
    – natural sunscreen
    – natural sterling silver jewelry cleaner
    – letter opener
    – sterling silver earrings
    – pretty looking thumb drive or thumb drive necklace
    – inspirational card (eg. life is what you make it, etc.)
    – card games

    • I found this at the crate joy market but I dunno if it fits what you are looking for… http://avantibox.com/

      • Thanks for the referral but I can’t find an unboxing for them anywhere.. Are they new? I’d like to know about the variety and quality of the items before ordering.

  6. Holiday/Season themed subscription boxes.

    Cookbook and cooking supplies subscription box.

    Natural/Non toxic cleaning products subscription box.

    • For those looking for seasonal or Holiday boxes: Have you checked out the Out of The Box Monthly sampler? It’s an etsy based box and it has a cute theme each month. Their December 2016 theme is Santa Baby. Price is not bad, you get a lot of stuff. Great for families with kids.

  7. I would love some theater geek subscription boxes. Perhaps with themes like Hamilton, Wicked, etc. I would love that.

    • Yes!!!! I would love a box like this!

  8. I would love to see more home decor in boxes or a home decor specific box where you could fill out a profile with preferences. Unfortuneately I didn’t discover Burke Decor until they ended their monthly sub. Now I’m patiently waiting for them to introduce their new box model that they were switching to. Has anyone heard more on this?

    • I second the home decor box!

    • Burke Decor was a ripoff. I received one of their boxes 2 months after I initially ordered it and all it contained was a Pier 1 type tealight holder, picture frame, and a bottle of shower gel I could buy at Whole Foods. When I contacted their Customer Service regarding the delay in shipping my box I was greeted with rude and curt reps who could have cared less if I received my product or not. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them to anyone after my experience. Save your money.

  9. I love the idea that someone else mentioned about boxes dedicated to specific careers, I know covet crate is out there but without the coupon the price point is super high. I would also love one that focused specifically on home items, and maybe the theme could be different rooms. Maybe you could pick your style or something in a quiz.

  10. Some nice hair barrettes (not hair elastics or bobby pins) – like Ficcare or France Luxe styles
    Wax strips
    Hand mirror (decent size, not tiny travel ones)
    Brooch or lapel pin
    Brush cleanser
    purse charm
    scarf similar to the Hermes Twilly style (instead of the traditional large rectangle or the infinity styles)

    • I think you just described the perfect box!

  11. I’d like to see a sub that has products that we should be changing out frequently: Mascara, toothbrush, make up sponges, etc, all in one box with upscale brands. It would make me feel like my own affordable luxury for every day.

  12. A truly lower calorie dinner box. The food in BA tasted great but the sauces had a lot of sugar and WAY too much pasta. I don’t want 700 calories at dinner!

  13. I haven’t seen (in my opinion) a well excuted fitness box. I would love a box targeted towards the at home exerciser. Something that includes a new workout DVD each month with some gear…. Like resistant bands/ yoga mats/ Dumbbells/ etc…. I also which you could pick (similarly to book of the month) what type of workout you wanted to try with gear- like Yoga/ Pillates OR Strength Training OR Cardio or whatever… I know there are streaming services, but I like things that are tangible. To build up my own library. I wish there was something available like that!!

    • A good gym bag would be nice, too

      • I so agree!!! And again the type of gym bag can vary depending on whether its for cardio/ regular gym going etc. OR if it’s for a Yoga/Palates practioner! I would love to build up my workout library and keep it constantly refreshed!

  14. A sub box devoted to the Hediard caramels (and anything else they make) from OuiPlease. I am a great searcher and I can’t find them anywhere.

    • I feel your pain, I covet Hediard tea and you can’t get them anywhere

  15. Someone said it already but I’m super surprised that there hasn’t been a Clarisonic brush in a Popsugar LE box.I would lose my mind over that. I also wish there was a Christmas themed box – like the Pumpkin Batch.

  16. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a sonic facial brush like the Clarisonic, and for that matter their toothbrushes too. I appreciated the sonic travel brush we received a while back in Popsugar.

    I love the idea of a high-end deodorant/antiperspirant.

    A lovely razor. Yes, please. I wouldn’t mind a waxing kit either.

    I would LOVE to see more sterling silver jewelry, especially with turquoise or other stones. More earrings too! A jewelry cleaning cloth.

    More on-trend watches would be fab. I adore my Cluse from the RZ Box of Style and am intrigued by the Nanette watch in the upcoming Popsugar.

    Organizational items for home, office, travel, and even our cars. I would love an organizer for the back of my SUV to hold groceries and shopping bags.

    I’m always looking for spill-proof adult sippy cups and coffee travel mugs that are functional and cool looking. Starbucks puts out some nice ones, but I don’t always want to spend $40 for one. More large size water bottles. I always break mine,

    How about an occasional high-end phone or tablet case where we get to choose iPhone or Android (not everyone carries an iPhone or iPad!). A gift card for downloading apps would be cool.

    Love the idea of flip flops!

    A also love the idea of a purse organizer. I use one and can’t live without it. It would be nice to have more than one. A designer wallet, leather please.

    I’m on the hunt for a new makeup brush kit so I would appreciate seeing that in a box. Speaking of makeup, I would like to see mineral foundation makeup from time to time. A high-end eyelash curler would be fab.

    For all the hair products we receive, we haven’t seen a curling wand or iron. Not everyone has long hair, so having that as an optional item is a thought.

    More on trend decor items for the home, not just a candle or candle holder. Patio and poolside items too.

    I use essential oils so am always looking for beautiful, high quality diffusers that blend in with my decor. They run $100+.

    Even though we see these in boxes, I would like to see more fitness trackers, especially those that double as jewelry. I always miss out on the Popsugar LE boxes that have them!

    • I would be so excited about essential oils and a diffuser!!

      • I’m obsessed with ultrasonic diffusers that look good! My new favorite is small and made of ceramic, not plastic. It is both understated and beautiful, and creates the most amazing atmosphere in the house when we’re running it with essential oil blends. People always comment on how nice it smells in my home. LOVE IT!!!!

  17. It would be nice to see boxes that cater to different careers! I’m a RN, and I do believe that a company is getting ready to start sub boxes for nurses. It would be nice to see boxes that cater to mechanics, stay at home mom’s, teachers, lawyers, beauticians, and other professions.

    • Hi Bonnie, I love the idea of a nurse box! Have you heard of Pampered Teacher – the subscription box for teachers?

      • There is also Elementary box for teachers

      • Lol, I have not, but the nurse box is called Pampered RN…

    • HI, fellow RN (ICU) nurse here. Was wondering about career centered Subs myself and am happy to hear there may be a box for nurses coming soon, so thanks for the info!

      • It is called Pampered RN, I think. They are letting people sign up on the list. They also have a FB page.

    • Def keep us updated on a nurse box! Perhaps with a quiz on pen preferences?

      • Lol…can’t get enough pens!! It’s called Pampered RN, I think. I’ve signed up already. No payment info needed yet. I think they are trying to get an Idea of how many they will be catering to. This kind of box excited me…pens, jewelry, compression stockings( I know..don’t laugh), new gizmos, pen lights, scissors, sharpies, ughhhhh… Did I say pens? I can’t wait! They have a FB page, too. It caters to LPNs, too.

    • I was looking for just a “career woman” box in general and couldn’t find a good quality serious one (terms like “lady boss” make me want to throw up). I’d like to get things like:

      professional notebooks/binders/folders etc
      quality pens
      an attractive mousepad
      flash drive necklace (someone mentioned this above)
      fancy scissors/stapler
      Heavy stationary
      A promo code for a free personalized stamp/embosser

      Along with understated makeup, neutral nail polishes, classic jewelry, and other beauty “minis” we could keep in our purse or briefcase.

      Why does this not exist yet?

  18. I know what I’d like to get less of….scarves…they just send so many! I think a make-up organizer is a fantastic idea. In that line of thinking, a purse organizer would be awesome…one of those pocket things you put in your purse to organize your arsenal. I would love more dΓ©cor stuff too…just little accents for the house.

  19. Fun thread :). I’d love to see a type of scent packet for underwear drawers, clear lip gloss ( so many lips glosses are sent out but I have yet to see a completely clear one!) and I know this may sound odd but I would love to see a feminine face razor lol. I’ve been hearing a lot about them and they are made especially for women to remove peach fuzz on the face. I don’t know if I would ever purchase one as the idea still seems so new to me but what a great item to try if I saw it in a sub box!

    • Hallmark Home and Family just had that on last week or so. I believe it’s called dermaplanning and apparently Kate Somerville and many of her A-list clients are doing this and have been doing it for quite some time. It is supposed to really exfoliate your skin so you get more out of your skin care products. The mini eyebrow razors were recommended so women could do it themselves at home. It was also stated that men get fewer wrinkles than women because of shaving. I thought it was pretty interesting.

      • I just had dermaplaning done recently at a spa in Dallas and it is amazing. Your skin feels so soft afterwards and I noticed that I have had fewer breakouts since the treatment. πŸ™‚

      • I would also love to see a good quality dermaroller! I’ve seen a lot of reviews where users have had great success! I actually get my lower face waxed each month during my facial. My face feels so soft afterwards and the peach fuzz has become less noticeable.

    • I just bought 4, 4 packs of those little razors on Amazon, for under $6.00! I’ve been using them for almost a month & LOVE them!!! My face has never felt so soft, my makeup has never looked so good. It honestly looks flawless! I’ve been getting compliments constantly… I highly recommend doing it!!! I also feel like my skincare products are getting absorbed more, because that top layer of “peach-fuzz” is gone! Who knew something so simple & inexpensive, would do so much? The ones I bought were in yellow packages & the razors themselves, are pastel colored. xoxo

    • Great ideas!

  20. I’d love to see brush cleaner, whether the silicon pads mentioned or the wipes like the Sephora ones, or a spray. I’d also like to see more hair accessories like barrettes or decorative combs.

  21. With all of the clothing subscription boxes out there, why on earth has nobody done a retro/pin-up subscription yet? Don’t get me wrong, I love my Stitch Fix, but, my kingdom for some cat-eye sunglasses and a cute cherry print dress!

    • LoVE the pin-up box idea! πŸ™‚

  22. I would like a nice bath pillow with all of the bath products we have been receiving lately and the robe would be a nice touch as well.

  23. This was a great thread. Lots of good ideas and everyone seemed to enjoy it. And I learned something new. Menstrual cups. Obviously I’m of a certain age and don’t have a daughter. I may have no need for them but at least I know what they are. I had Google them

  24. i am glad to hear many would be interested in receiving sterling silver jewelry. I have been considering starting up a sterling silver jewelry subscription box.

    • You should. I would subscribe to that. I am always depressed when the jewelry is gold.

  25. I’d like to see some Lilly Pulitzer items. Also cute binder clips.

    • yes please! sub boxes would be just that much more amazing if we got some lilly sometimes. It would be fun if there were a southern themed lifestyle box πŸ™‚ especially for all the west coast girls who can’t even buy some items unless they go online!

  26. something literally Christmas themed. Everything is winter themed, which I get bc we want people of different faiths to feel happy and festive, but just once I’d like some box to just go all out on red and green whatever with reindeer on it. Not as a normal box but as a special edition box…

    I’d love another travel coffee mug. And maybe more entertainment? Like DVDs instead of getting novels, for a change of pace. And an audiobook code, music download code, etc. why doesn’t fabfitfun or someone send out a party mix link?

    More cohesive theming sometime… Like “summer road trip” or “dinner date” or something like that. With recipes and cute ideas as well as the usual items. Most of the time my PS and birchbox just get integrated into my home items right away and I don’t get to play with them very much. PS especially could do stronger theming in the included written materials as well as the items.

    • Love the idea of the Christmas box and themed boxes.Special boxes for all the holidays would be great! Halloween,Valentine’s Day,New Year’s,…..

      • That’s essentially the idea behind Tinsel Box. I’m getting my first one this month based on Liz’s awesome review of their Easter box.

        • I actually won that box and love it!! They draw a name from the email subscribers and they get the smaller version one but it was well put together !! I think they have great potential

  27. How about something pleasurable for women? Whether it be lube or a toy- to be used alone or with a partner.. Not sure I would sign up for a box dedicated to JUST that kind of stuff, but if one happened to appear in one of my boxes I wouldn’t complain! And after reading the Popsugar hint thread on here, it seems a lot of you wouldn’t mind either! lol

    • I think there are already several boxes for that!!!

  28. Hummmm…
    -Menstrual Cup (I know, weird. But I’ve always been curious!)
    -Sterling Silver Jewelry (I’m not a fan of all the fake costume jewelry.)
    -Natural Skincare and Makeup (I know there’s some, but I wish there was more!)
    -Adjustable Belt (Or not adjustable. I know that would be hard though. Leather would be awesome!)

    • Menstrual cups are AWESOME. Make the investment. Totally worth it. I recommend Lunette.

    • Menstrual cups are life changing. πŸ™‚

    • I have to agree on menstrual cups’ being awesome. I use the Moon Cup (silicone), but prior to using it, I was so super skeptical that I’d like it and was kind of grossed out by the idea. Long story short, I made the jump and am so glad I did!

      Personally, I would be interested in trying a new cup or two; having an extra one around wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’d love to keep one in my desk for days when I start in the middle of the day but forget to grab my cup before I leave the house. I also think it would mean that some ladies who might not try one otherwise would try one if they got it in a sub box. At worst, they could always leave the cup box sealed and swap it.

      • I actually agree with this one too and I am one of the skeptics! I’ve never used one and I’m not sure if I’d ever go out and buy one on my own to start. But if I were to get one in a sub then I would definitely try it out.

        • I wouldn’t have gotten on board, but a friend was considering it, and we decided to make the jump to cups together. Except I bought one, and she never did. If I’d gotten one in a sub box, that would’ve been a different story, but I agree that it’s not something I would have just decided to buy out of the blue one day.

  29. Things Needed in Subscription Boxes:

    1. Makeup that I would actually want.
    2. Cute stuff for the house (potholders, dish towels, or knick knacks)
    3. Perfume samples…just random ones. (I wanted to try Scentbird, but it is not enough of a surprise for me.)
    4. Home fragrances… it would be nice to get a different diffuser, room spray, or whatever every month.
    5. Aprons
    6. More aromatherapy things

    Just more random stuff. Also more of a surprise. I would also pay more for boxes that are more personalized for me. I just cancelled my Birchbox because most of the stuff I never even tried. I liked the boxes themselves more than the content.

    Like the others said, brush cleansers or organizers.

  30. I would love to see a home decor box with some nice items like pillow, throw, picture frames. Things to make your home cozy. And I agree, a jewelry organizer would be wonderful! And more book themed boxes!

  31. Letter opener
    Refillable pen
    Compact mirror
    A beautiful Christmas ornament. I mean one that really wows me
    Note pads

  32. I’d be curious to try the Sphynx Razor or get a travel razor.

  33. I would like more toner in boxes! It seems to have shown up here and there as of late, but it’s not frequent at all!

    Also, I agree with other people that organizers would be nice: jewelry organizers, makeup organizers, scarf hanger, etc.

    I would never turn down a nice towel or more mugs, either! πŸ˜€

    • +100 to toner!!! I love toners and have never once seen them in any of my beauty boxes.

      • Allure had sent out the Pixi toner a couple months back! It was great! But you are right…more toners. Less eye serums (I have plenty!)

    • YES! I will need toner soon, and I have yet to get it in any of my three beauty subs (or a Target box, for that matter). I want to get one using some BB points, but the one I want is out of stock πŸ™

  34. 1) business card carrier
    2) brush shampoo
    3) corscrew
    4) lunch bag (purse type)
    5) pencil/pen cup
    6) razor (birchbox sent one years ago though)
    7) wine stain remover
    8) resistance bands for excersise

    • I am on board with the buisness card carrier and wine remover!! Good ideas.

      • agree!!

    • Oooooooo I like the business card carrier idea.

      • It was in a past popsugar.

        • If you mean the little red leather(?) one: that was hardly a legitimate business card holder. It could only hold like 3 cards!

    • I like the lunch bag idea

      • Me too!

  35. I’d like to see a fitness box send out fitness items or workout DVDs. That’s the biggest reason I went to fabfitfun, but I feel like the focus is shrinking all of the time on it. There are so many fitness boxes but they’re all clothes and supplements. I want to see more things to help me get fit, not to supplement the lifestyle.

    • I would like to get workout DVDs. Especially if there were some basic preferences for type of workout and/or you could say what equipment you already owned (because I have nearly everything a box would be likely to send already).

  36. I really want a cute mirror compact to keep in my purse.
    Also, I use sticky notes ALL THE TIME and there are so many cute ones out there. Why do we always get planners and greeting cards, but no sticky notes?
    I’m with the earlier poster about a nice pen.
    A flash drive/USB/thumb drive (whatever you want to call it) would be nice too. Who couldn’t use another one of those?

    • Like your ideas too! I was just thinking about the flash drive. I think there’s a lot of young girls subscribing but also a lot of professional women. I’d love to see a box targeted to the latter group.

      • I could not agree more!! I spend so much on office stuff as a project engineer on a construction site surrounded by men that I like pretty things to be reminded I am a girl!! I swap almost everything I receive to get these kind of items when they appear!! The missoni candles I reuse as pen cups… I want to post them on the swap as just pen cups but I don’t think that would be allowed… wow, I just wanted to say I agree hahahaha

    • All great ideas!

  37. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more travel coffee mugs. Would love to get a cute one, and they’re so useful!

  38. Maybe a high end deodorant like the Donna Karan one. Every friend who has tried it is obsessed. Even my 2 daughters, college age, ask for it all the time. At $25, it’s certainly a luxury. Another item I would like to see is a lip scrub. Also maybe a sachet for our underwear drawers. A fun key chain that’s funky yet unique. A gorgeous vase for fresh farmers market blooms. I could go on and on…

    • I’d love a lip scrub!

    • I would like the DK deodorant!

    • The best lip scrub I know is to mix olive oil and sugar (or salt) and rub it on lips. Works fantastic, no chemicals and won’t hurt you if some happens to be ingested. Give it a try!

      • Add some lemon/lime juice/peel to mix it up, even some coffee grinds (is that right, not a coffee person lol). Also a little bit of honey makes it yummy, after all part of the fun of homeade/natural is that’s it’s safe and yummy to eat. Plus who doesn’t wind up tasting some, might as well make it count!

        • Petit Vour just had a great lip scrub by French Girl in their box. It’s called Rose Lip Polish. I love it so much I had to buy a full size! πŸ™‚

      • How about a diy beauty products box? Send different oils, ingredients, and recipes, bottles, etc

  39. I would like to see more variety in beauty boxes-like not getting dry shampoo or hair texturizer EVERY single time.Also,I wish more beauty boxes included perfume samples along with the cosmetics.

    • I would also like to see beauty boxes for hair extensions,hair pieces,dyes,violet shampoo,etc.

  40. I love this thread! I would also like to hear what people would like MORE of! I would like to see high end fold up flat shoes/walking slippers. Would love to have something to slip into after kicking off the heels in the car. Would like turkish robes, high end ipod pool speakers, a beach coverup, menstral cups, car fresheners, and ideas how to upcycle all these boxes!

    • A robe would be great!!’

    • Mahabis would be great!

    • Love your idea of the fold slippers and car fresher! Speaking of menstrual… Every woman who gets their monthly should have the Diva Cup. It is the best item ever created… Oh the years of crazy I wouldn’t of had to deal with as well as saving money, Lol. I also purchase it for others and they LOVE it as well. I am new to subscription boxes just started recieving last month…. I was so excited to be able to say something, hahaha.

      • Best first comment ever πŸ™‚

    • Being able to say “no I never want more of this” or “keep it coming baby!” or “let’s take a break” would be FANTASTIC as some stuff I need so much more (dry shampoo) but I’m sure at a point I’ll have hit max capacity and the there’s things like eyeliners, mascaras and age(though it’s not for me as I’m 20 but for my Mom who I share ALL my boxes w/, but she doesn’t need ten of ’em) stuff I only need one a year of(max)…unless it’s a new cool color/type
      This would be incredible for bb as then I would be garunteed subscriber for life!
      Sadly I’m sure they won’t but some thing more even like a check in every few months for satisfaction where they ask would be cool.
      Well I think I may have veered of course but in my head it was for “more of something”!

    • I thought of the folding flats but see that you got that! I’d definitely go for those.

  41. How about a makeup brush cleaning tool? We get so many brushes, I would like one of those silicone gloves or something like that.

    • I just use a bar of Dove and running water from a faucet…

      • Don’t use bar soap to clean make-up brushes – it dries out the bristles and shortens the life of your brushes.

    • E.L.F. makes a brush cleaning spray. Good stuff.

  42. Pasties. I use them year round; in the winter when it is cold and in the summer when clothes get thinner.

  43. As a professional woman I’d love to have a nice pen with ink cartridge refills show up in a box. I’d also love to see some reasonable and beautiful silver jewelry instead of the tacky over-valued costume stuff, but our community seems so obsessed with box value that companies sent out $200 pieces of tacky junk instead of $30 cute pieces. I’m also surprised that Target boxes don’t include more grooming items like deoderant and razors for the women’s boxes.

    • Oooh, a nice pen! I like that. I hope the companies are reading this thread. And I agree. I would rather a sterling silver piece of jewelry that isn’t from some designer-I-never-heard-of rather than a highly inflated RV piece of costume jewelry.

    • If you’re into fountain pens, the Goulet Pen company has a “ink of the month” club called Ink Drop where they send you about 5 fountain pen ink samples each month.


      I love it

      • Thank you, my Mom would love this I’ll have to see if they have any pens for lefties!!! <3

        • Hey, just wanted to chime in here –

          I’m a lefty and a huge fountain pen enthusiast. Special nibs/pens for lefties exist, but aren’t always necessary – it really depends on what kind of lefty you are. I use regular non-lefty pens all the time with little issue, but I’m the kind that writes with my hand at a typical angle and angle the paper instead. If you’re an overwriter I think it’s called (the typical lefty crabbed style with your hand angled above the print) you’ll have better luck with lefty-specific nibs due to their angle.

          Either way, I HIGHLY recommend pens from a brand called Lamy until you figure out which nibs (lefty specific or universal) work best for you. Why? Because Lamy pens run the gamut from affordable to luxurious, and their nibs are interchangeable. So go ahead and buy a standard pen with a universal nib and a lefty nib and see what works best! I have a number of pens in my collection now, but my Lamys hold a special place in my heart – the AL-star aluminum ones have a nice heft, and the Vistas I use for sketching/ink painting due to their clear bodies. The fountain pen community is really friendly and always willing to answer questions, so pop on over to Fountain Pen Network or (agreed with Chau above!) Goulet Pens for helpful advice. Also, Medium nibs are a nice place to start – especially for lefties – so you can get used to writing with a directional nib rather than a rollerball. Lefties can still have success with finer nibs, but are more likely to stab/catch the paper until they get used to writing with a fountain pen.

          Also – lefties reeeeally benefit from proper fountain pen friendly paper. Since we tend to drag our hands over what we just wrote, we’re more likely to smear the ink before it can dry than righties. Fountain pen friendly paper will absorb the ink faster/better than say, slick copy paper, and will result in less smearing. Also, some inks dry faster than others, so reading reviews or trying a sample is a must before committing to a whole bottle!

          But most of all, have fun with them! There are so many beautiful inks, pens, and papers out there. Fountain pens really encourage you to slow down and enjoy writing again. πŸ™‚

          • I 100% agree, I love Lamy pens too!

    • Tacky junk? It is not community-building really to call things others find pleasing valuable “tacky junk” because you don’t have a use for it. I am a professional woman; in fact, I am an executive in a large, nationally known nonprofit. I have no use for a fountain pen. I rarely even use pens. A fountain pen would be junk to me.

      • @nelliebelle1197 You need to look no further than the 500+ bracelets from the December PSMH box posted for swap on this site to see that there are some pretty unpopular jewelry pieces and the threads are full of comments about many of the jewelry picks being unpopular. I realize we all have our own style which is why I try to refrain from calling specific pieces tacky but there’s a lot of jewelry that shows up that is widely disliked and I wish there was more focus on quality than RV. I too, am not interested in a fountain pen as I do not write a lot of letters, but I would not call them junk, just not suited to my needs. A refillable rollerball pen that I can use instead of disposable ones would be a good fit for my environmental ethics and would be nicer for jotting down notes while I’m at my desk.

        • Fair points. I just did not want people to get feelings hurt. I think there is too much PSMH stuff for a few reasons:

          1) A TON of people sub or buy boxes as one offs – a lot more than any other sub that sends no variations
          2) The last few jewelry pieces have been oddly sized – I can wear all of it but a lot of people got bracelets that just did not fit
          3) Value delusions- a lot of people seem to go strictly by retail with PSMH rather than MARKET value. When there are 200 of an item posted, you cannot be so picky about rv-to-rv. The Deepa necklace is the perfect example. It was sent, what, 6 months ago? There are still 90 or so up. I have tried to swap for it a couple times but so many listings have “luxe items only!” “Will only swap for a 1951!” I have several luxe boxes and I wouldn’t swap a super hot item where 6 or so are listed plus more to make retail when I can swap for something else I want that may be hard to get or truly rare. I tend to think more along the lines of market value, which is not the same as retail with swaps.

          • Agreed. I happily swapped my cuff from the PSMH Holiday LE for an umbrella and rolled my eyes at the postings that expected to get a leather purse or FitBit in exchange for it. Swapping for me is more about finding a home for things that aren’t my style than it is about scoring something I missed.

          • Joy, we need to swap πŸ™‚

  44. I would love a high-end super-plush towel in a Luxor Box or Popsugar special edition-type of box.

  45. Fun topic! I’m surprised we haven’t seen small batch or high end laundry and cleaning products. I would love to get a little sewing kit or a small craft kit.

    • I absolutely adored The Laundress fabric fresh in Rachel Zoe’s Fall’15 I will be very happy if more products of this Company start appearing in sub boxes… I use the Stain Solution and the Sport Dertegent and I love them! I would never have thougt I will be this excited for loundry…

      • Hitha on the Go (former quarterly.co box) had some Laundress products in one of her boxes too. It was quite awhile ago though…

  46. I think this one might turn into my favorite post! It’s going to be awesome reading everyone’s ideas!

    I’m completely ready for summer – I’m surprised there hasn’t been flip flops (since you can get some that are S, M, L, etc where they work for multiple sizes – didn’t popsugar ask us our shoe size?) And also something pool/beach related like cool floatie (anything from decorative to drink holder to raft to chill on) or even some sort of small cooler?
    Also surprised there hasn’t been any tools/home fix up stuff. Like a cool little multi tool or something like Sugru (which is awesome stuff btw).
    And surprised there hasn’t been more pedicure items like the AmopΓ© thing or pumice stone.

    I’m having so much fun thinking about all this! Thanks Liz!

  47. Lol is it weird I would like to see menstrual cups. Scarf hanger, tall witty mugs, glass pint glasses, shoe fresheners(husband always loses them), cheap movies, and that’s all that’s on my mind currently. I really want a pet rabbit box though, like crazy cat lady but for bunnies

    • I don’t think menstral cups would fly because there is a risk of discrimination or people just feeling uncomfortable. Unless it was a sub box dedicated to that time of the month.

    • Practical things like shoe or laundry fresheners would be awesome. A quality clear lip balm like those from Sugar Fresh would be great. Love the idea of a purse organizer as well. Pasties are a good item to have on hand just in case. A travel jewelry organizer that allows you to carry various necklaces and keep them untangled. Love the idea of a plush towel for the beach or a light weight and stain resistant picnic blanket. How about an orange peeler?

    • I would live to see a backyard chicken box. My furry pets are spoiled,the egg laying pets should be rewarded with their own box.

  48. I am new to subscription boxes, so I’m not sure if this has been done already, but I would absolutely LOVE some of those decorative balls that you see all the time in stores like Pier 1 or Crate and Barrel. I’m never actually going to buy them myself because of the $$ and I’m not quite sure how to display them, but if someone sent them to me, I would be thrilled! I know that’s a silly thing, but I always admire how they look and just never buy them. Same thing with fruit — like fake lemons out in a mason jar in a kitchen! So adorable!

    • I see those decorative balls all the time at TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning for super cheap.

  49. I’ve never received teeth whitener, which really surprises me in this Starbucks age ?

    • The Walmart boxes send those out occasionally.

      • One of the Target boxes at the end of last year had a Crest White Strips sample (single use), but it really wasn’t enough to make any improvement. Getting a product that might work or make a difference or perhaps a full box of the Crest White Strips would be good, I think!

        • I’ve been saving my white strips. And I save the foil sample creams till I have enough to use them more than once

    • A couple of boxes have sent that Smart Ash stuff that is supposed to whiten teeth. Vegan Cuts beauty and one other — I forget which one.

  50. I am surprised I have not seen
    a jewelry cleaner, jewelry cleaning cloth. a jewelry hanging rack
    a scarf hanger, a letter opener, a nice elegant pen

    • I like the jewelry hanging rack idea! πŸ™‚

      • πŸ™‚ – liz it would be fun to see a post on what have you to many of it sub boxes, one year purlease was in every sub box

        • I would love some high end dry shampoo. I only started sub boxes in August so missed that trend.

          Jewelry/makeup organizer
          Therapeutic or fun App subscriptions like music piano or mindfulness or sleep apps
          Deluxe fragrance
          Car items like fragrance, organizer, or phone holder
          Techie thing like pad rechargers or car phone holders.
          No more eyeliners.

      • Me too!

        • Ooh, yes! I would love one of those! I’ve seen some adorable ones with birds on them. Let them have birds! πŸ™‚

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