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What Are You Surprised You Haven’t Seen in a Subscription Box Yet?


While there are some items that seem to show in subscription boxes all the time, there are other items that have yet to make an appearance!

What items are you surprised you haven’t seen yet in a subscription box?

For me, with all the beauty products that are in boxes, I’m surprised one of the big women’s lifestyle boxes hasn’t sent out a makeup/beauty organizer yet!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Everyone has such GREAT ideas! My favorites are the Donna Karan (or other high end ) deodorant. The lunch bag. The travel mug. The Jo Malone products. The refillable pen. The quality notebook, fancy teas and chocolates and of course jewelry too,always jewelry:)

  2. I get a ton of mascaras in beauty boxes, but they are never waterproof. So, I would love to see some more waterproof or water resistant mascaras.

  3. I would like a box for older women. 40to55 styles and products just for them.
    Other items. Coukd include a quality luggage tag
    Fresh flowers
    Quality craft kit for home
    Quality well known brand if jewerly a coupon to purchase your selection
    Movie tickets
    Massage coupon or spa coupon

  4. I have never received a brush roll (empty) and I could really use one!

  5. I’ve got an eclectic list.

    First, I’d love to receive more luxury products – examples could be: a Diptyque candle, Laundress or upscale laundry products, or Jo Malone products.

    I second the toner and universal lip liner idea. I also would love to receive tinted moisturizer/sunscreen and self-tanner items. Finally, no-show black socks for working out.

  6. Love reading everyone’s ideas!

    My suggestions are kinda boring: but more face toner would be nice! I absolutely loved the Dermalogica one in the FFF Winter box. Plus I have yet to receive any lip liners in my subs (BB, Allure, Target, Beauty Fix), but I have plenty of lipsticks, balms, glosses, etc.

  7. One of those candles with the jewlery inside. That would be cool!

  8. I would love a bath box.
    – high-end bath salts/oil/bubble soak – for 4 – 8 baths (enough for a month.)
    – scented candles
    – loofahs and natural sea sponges
    – super soft egyptian cotton wash cloths/towels (in neutral colors)
    – cute hair wraps
    – moisturizing socks (for afterward)
    – bon bons/truffles/anything dark chocolate
    – guilty-pleasure chick lit novels
    – a do not disturb sign for the bathroom door

  9. OK who is going to call PSMH and pitch a three box “guest residency” for all of our MSA curators?!?! I WOULD BUY THAT!!!

  10. I would love to see a necklace organizer, foundation (skin-tone specific), quality placemats, iTunes gift card, coffee mug warmer, coaster holder, shoe deodorizer, and I like the ideas already posted of jewelry cleaner/cleaner tool, desk organizer, car freshener, and luxury deodorant.

  11. I didn’t read all comments so this may be mentioned, but I would love to see a box that featured up and coming cleaning products/ normal household items. I get a box for just about everything. I don’t even necessarily mean organic/green products. Average household names like Clorox..gain…windex…bounty..charmin

  12. I would like to see someone offer a rotating subscription box service. Every month there would be multiple boxes to choose from. Make up, nail polishes, facial care, bath products, food/snacks, socks, men’s, children’s, etc. we could choose a price range or pay after you’ve chosen. My worst problem with subscription boxes is that it doesn’t take long for me to get saturated with the items. I have more lipstick and mascara than I will ever use.
    How about a lefty box? Scissors, manual can openers, and countless other items that are used regularly and taken for granted by righties are difficult for lefties to use.
    I would also like a k beauty sub, and a pedicure box would be nice.

    • There are several K-beauty subs out there. Beauteque is my fave, but 3B is also nice. There are more that I haven’t tried.

  13. Okay, this is a plea for not so much contents but style. I am feeling a little deflated after the March Popsugar box reveal and the FabFitFun spoilers so far, so excuse me if this sounds whiny:

    Could someone, some magical fairy person, create a lifestyle box for, let’s say, plain-living, not-so-girly, sarcastic women who wear a lot of black?

    I feel like PSMH is for Barbie and I’m her creepy little sister who would rather die than wear a teal tassel necklace or anything beige EVER. I would really enjoy a similarly high value lifestyle box if it had a very modern feel and maybe just a dash of goth/punk, but there is NOTHING like that! I’m not talking Hot Topic, more like Skandicrush, lots of black and white and grey, geometric and minimalist designs. And mostly consumables! I don’t like a lot of clutter, but I love useful things. So, my perfect box: one modern home decor item, a swanky, non-brown makeup item, a clever stationary item or office supply, something chocolatey or otherwise sweet, a low-key, modern accessory (solid color scarves, gloves, plain silver jewlery), and something to experience, like an off-beat book or film. PSMH for weirdos. Please, please, someone. I would give you my money!

    • try the happy rebel box, I think that is what your looking for

      • Not quite… the jewelry and pricepoint both turned me off, but still, yay for something a little edgier than I have otherwise seen. And thanks for the suggestion!

  14. 1. An affordable home decor box

    2. More color customization in boxes

    3. Eye shadow that’s not blah-colored (e.g. “Bare” “natural” “base” “neutral”)

    4. An embroidery box that’s less than $20 a month

    5. Toddler arts and crafts (ages 2-3)

    • For toddler arts and crafts you should definitely check out Koala Crate reviews. And they almost always have some deal or special going on for a discount for new subs.
      My son got Kiwi Crate for a couple years and I just switched him to Tinker Crate. But I got my niece Koala Crate for her 3rd birthday last fall and then added onto it for Christmas bc she loved it so much. They send awesome projects and really good quality supplies. Its about $20/month and completely worth it. I’m always surprised at all that they include for just $20.

  15. I feel like there aren’t any options for my teenage sports-loving son.
    Everyone in my house has sub-box mail – from beauty boxes, tea boxes, snack boxes, pre-school boxes – and even my other gamer teen son has many options. But I don’t see any good options for fun mail for him- something for the sports fan would be great!

    • I agree, I’m surprised we haven’t seen anything like this. I don’t know what they could include, but I would think SI or some sports brand could come up with something. Even if it was just quarterly. I love watching NFL and was surprised that there hasn’t been anything like that. It would obviously have to be customized to the person’s favorite team(s). Especially with the push to have kids/teens/everyone “Play60”, they could include some sort of outdoor activity based on the sports season… football, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, whatever the person is into. Maybe include a wearable like athletic shorts, shirt, socks, hats, etc.

  16. I would love to see more office supplies. I swear I have a weird addiction to the stuff. I think it is great to get new items that are practical. Like cute post-it notes, a pretty pen, more of the 3 x 5 Fleur de Lis type note cards we received from Luxor Box.

    Would also like to receive a wireless charging pad for a cell phone, a bluetooth wireless keyboard. It would be great if sub boxes like Popsugar and Fabfitfun would ask “Android” or “Apple” in their profile so that they could send out electronics accessories that are applicable to each individual subscriber.

    Haven’t seen enough electronics organization items in sub boxes. Either the elastic banded boards, a zippered / hard-sided earphones case, other kind of cable management system. I actually even like those velcro straps you can attach to a cord to allow you to wrap them up neatly.

    • I like all of these ideas.

  17. I know there will be duplicate with others, but here is my wish list:

    – fold-able/pack-able sunhat
    – universal lip liner (I have received many red or bold lipstick colors and I wish they included this type of product, so someone like me will be less scared to try bright lips.
    – ballet flat shoes (a voucher redeemable for your choice of color/size with free shipping)
    – brush cleaning items
    – toner/essence
    – cleansing balm
    – quality notebook
    – jewelry cleaning items
    – high quality top/base nail coat and nail polish remover
    – flower vouchers (I think LLB did before and I thought it was great once in a while)
    – either laptop bag or backpack (I am having a hard time finding a laptop backpack that are lightweight and roomy, but has PC section and also look feminine/stylish… I will love some recommendations here!)

    This is a fun thread!

  18. I would love to get a subscription that had only strong scented candles and melt as well other smell-goods for the home plus a couple of makeup samples too. I would drop all and get this because it is all thing I love in one.

  19. Most of my ideas have been mentioned here, but I’m chiming in anyway! I’d love to see more of the following:
    – Brush cleansers
    – Refillable rollerball pens
    – Shoe pads (the kind to put in your shoes to keep your heels from slipping, etc.); This may be because my feet are currently killing me from wearing heels all day!
    – Manicure set (I need new clippers!)
    – Decent to-go coffee cup
    – A large (dishwasher-safe and not super-cheap) water cup with lid and straw
    – Nice compact mirror
    – Rice/oil blotting papers
    – Lingerie washing bag
    – Since I hope we all use them every day, maybe a toothbrush? Seems boring, but I’d rather have that at this point than another dry shampoo or mascara
    – On that note – a toothbrush sanitizer (like Steripod)
    – Purse hook (the kind you can use at a restaurant to keep from putting your purse on the floor or the back of your chair)
    – Make-up organizer
    – Frankly, any kind of organizer to help store my massive stash of beauty-box products

  20. I haven’t yet seen a box for teachers. We love our office supplies and thee are so many other goodies that would be fun to receive in a monthly box.

    • You should check out Pampered Teacher! They put cute office/classroom supplies, jewelry, and other fun goodies in their boxes! It is a great subscription box for teachers.

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