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The Taste Club from Eat Feed Love Subscription Box Review – February 2016

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The Taste Club is a monthly subscription box from Eat Feed Love.  Each box contains gourmet kitchen items with recipes to be used for a feast or a dinner party!


This box was sent to us at no cost for review.  (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: The Taste Club from Eat Feed Love

The Cost:  $39.95 per box with discounts for multiple months.  US Shipping is Free.

COUPON: Use coupon code mysubscriptionaddiction to save 50% off your first month!

The Products:  Artisan products from all over the world

Ships to:  There are many countries in the drop down to enter your address, so if you are interested in this box, I would suggest emailing the company to see if they ship to your country!

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Every month, this company chooses a charity to share in the proceeds from each box, and this month the charity was Child Fund International.  It is a child development organization that helps children experiencing deprivation, exclusion, and vulnerability.   

Eat Feed Love always packages their boxes with extreme care.  This month, there were a lot of packing materials to cushion the glass items and each glass item was individually wrapped.  I appreciate the attention they dedicate to ensuring each box arrives safely!

I have to give a shout out to Derek this month – my box was sadly, taken from my porch the day it was delivered.  I went through the rounds with my Post Office, and they said they weren’t able to do anything since my mail carrier (who is great, by the way), scanned it at my address (they use gps coordinates when the package is scanned, so they can see it was delivered).  I did not expect to get a replacement box, but Derek went out of his way and drove it to my house, since he lives nearby!  I do not know many companies that would offer that kind of customer service.  If you were considering this box, and great customer service would tip you over the edge to purchase – hesitate no more.  They are awesome!

This box is themed for Valentine’s Day, and I think they did excellent with the curation (as always).


Chado Rose Black Tea – $5.28

I made the raspberry rose tea that they have on one of the recipe cards.  It was delicious!  I was afraid it would be a bit flowery, but the rose flavor was very light, and it added something really delicious to the raspberry!  I didn’t have lemongrass to add to mine, but I’m sure it would be excellent in this!

Stash Original Honey Sticks – $5.29

I seriously can never have enough honey.  I love using it in my tea and in my cooking, so 20 honey sticks made my day!  I was so excited when I pulled these out.  I love Stash tea, so I knew I would love their honey just as much – and I do!  Can’t wait to use these in my tea regularly.  


Beanilla Tahitian Vanilla Extract – $11.99

Vanilla extract can be exorbitantly expensive, so I started making my own a few years ago.  The upside of making your own is that you just top it off with vodka every time you use it, to keep the bottle full – the downside of making your own is that when you run out of vodka and you keep forgetting to buy more, your vanilla extract begins dwindling.  So I had to restart mine about a month ago, and was settling with using regular old vanilla extract from the grocery store (which there’s nothing wrong with!), but because of that long drawn out story, I was so excited to get this!  I’ve been stalking Beanilla’s website for a while, and have wanted to take the plunge on several of their products.  If they’re all as good as this extract – they have a life long customer in me!

Whole Spice Rose Sugar – $7.00

I really love flower-flavored foods, which sounds weird, but I like culinary lavender, rose flavored syrups, and violet flavored candies!  I have my own lavender sugar that I use every now and again, so to have rose sugar, just is icing on the cake.  The tea recipe that I made required some of this, and it definitely has little rose pieces in the sugar.  So don’t expect a super clear tea unless you strain it with cheesecloth after straining the tea leaves out! 


Buttermilk – Red Velvet Pancake mix – $12.95

I came home from school and made these for dinner – so I got dinner and dessert in one.  Score.  They were definitely bright red pancakes!  They were also delicious.  I, personally, love red velvet, and these were right up my alley.  

I will admit that I found the batter a bit weird to work with.  It’s thicker than my normal pancake batter, and it burnt on the bottom before the edges dried out enough to flip.  Even adjusting my burner, changing skillets, and changing spatulas didn’t help.  The ones I salvaged were delicious even with burnt spots.  Will I use the rest of the batter?  Yes.  I won’t buy it again though because out of one batch, I only got two good pancakes.  I’m not adept enough to use it, I guess.  I started making pancakes at probably 5, and have never had this big of a failure batch.  I will probably try to thin the batter next time, or just use it in my waffle maker!

Hampton Chocolate Factory – Sweet & Salty Crunch Bar – $8.00

This chocolate is packaged so pretty!  The black packaging feels so luxe and the colors are gorgeous!  Inside, the chocolate bar is amazing!  It’s sweet and salty (as you would expect from the name…), but the chocolate itself is so good!  The additions are salty pretzel nuggets, buttery toffee pieces, and roasted peanuts. It all works great together.  

Verdict:  I think this might be my favorite Taste Club box I’ve received.  The value was right at $50.51, which is around what I’ve come to expect with this box.  I loved the rose products, the vanilla, and the delicious chocolate.  The pancakes have potential – I just need to work with them a bit.  The curation was spot on for Valentine’s Day, and all of the products were high quality. I really love the fact that they include recipe cards that use the ingredients in the box.  The recipes I have tried come out great, (even though there are occasionally some typos, so watch for those!) and they are always unique combinations that I never would have thought to throw together, like the rose tea I made this month!

What do you think of The Taste Club from Eat Feed Love?  Did you get this box?

Written by Bekki Menzies

Bekki Menzies

Bekki first discovered subscription boxes in 2014 and they quickly took over her life! (Not quite, but pretty close.) She started with POPSUGAR Must Have, then moved to Little Lace Box, Birchbox, Hamptons Lane…the rest was history. Her favorite product find is Beekman 1802 Fudge (so, so good) and her favorite boxes are Birchbox and Hamptons Lane…but she’s always looking for a new subscription to try!

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  1. I started this subscription in November and loved that month. December also went through without a hitch. January’s box was never shipped and trying to get a response from the company was like pulling teeth. I followed up and followed up to find out what happened but never got an answer. I asked for a refund and cancelled my subscription. I got that refund but because of currency conversion I lost over $5. I was then charged for February’s box! When I contacted them again I received an email saying they would refund me but for a different amount than I was originally charged. That is over 2 weeks ago and the money was never refunded. The only response I’ve received is stating that fulfillment has moved to USA and that they couldn’t help. What company takes a customer’s money and doesn’t give them the product or a refund?! I’m now in the process of disputing the charges with Visa.

  2. It seems like they are deeply concerned and sincere about wanting to help the customers who had trouble. That says a lot to me. This subscription looks amazing and like a lot of fun. I will definitely be signing up! Unfortunately things happen and go wrong occasionally but willingness to make them right is the most important thing to me.

  3. Received my box the other day! Love it! I had a little trouble as well with the red pancake mix, but After i thined the mix a little it was great! I got a dark coco mint chocolate bar in my box. So delicious! Love this box!

  4. I’m not sure who told u to call olivethesenses but I find that unfortunate. You can personally email me and we will find a resolution to this for you. Our customers are very important to us.

    [email protected]

  5. I love Beanilla’s vanilla pastes! I tried them at a chocolate festival a few years ago and they are all I cook with anymore. Each one has a slightly different scent/flavor and I LOVE the Madagascar vanilla. Their products are well worth the price. Their other extracts are great too. I use the peppermint to make fudge 🙂

  6. I am quite disappointed in this company. I signed up in January and received my first box that month but then another company named Olivethesenses took my money for February but sent me an email saying they were refunding me my money with no explanation. I emailed them 2 times and they never responded and on top of that never gave me money back like they said they were! I had to dispute the charge.

    • I had the same problem! Finally posted to Facebook and they responded. Still waiting on my refund, thought I’d give it a few more days before I call. All they had to do was communicate but guess it was too much trouble.

    • We had been working with Olive The Senses for fulfillment until January 31 and have parted ways. I’m not sure why they’re not responding to emails or refunding, but I assure you that Eat Feed Love won’t be working with them in the future. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at 310-359-3038.
      I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience,

      • You should know I considered subscribing after reading Bekki’s review (though the pancakes sound like a disastrous product!) but after reading these accounts of unfulfilled boxes and non-compensation I am steering clear for now. It would make me feel more secure if you could actually step in to help these people resolve this issue since it was your association with this company which caused the problem in the first place. My two cents worth, but there are many other subscription boxes out there and until your problems are solved I will look elsewhere for a safer alternative.

        • Hi nursermk, Kristin, Beware

          I’m one of the owners of Eat.Feed.Love, just wanted to reach out and apologize for the frustration you are having. This is not at all our intent. We recently moved from Canada to Los Angeles, and the transition has been a little bumpy, as derek mentioned “OliveTheSenses” was a company we worked with in the past, but are no longer affiliated with. I wanted to let all of you know, that we are working around the clock to resolve all of these issues and refund anyone who has been charged by OliveTheSenses. We deeply apologize for this, and hope it doesn’t ruin our relationship moving forward. All we want to do is create delicious subscription boxes, feed people in need and make our customers happy.

          – Miguel Gauthier
          Owner of Eat.Feed.Love


          • Miguel,

            I completely understand the difficulties you are having but all you needed to do was communicate. I was told to call olivethesenses if I was concerned about my refund. I left them a message and will see if they respond to phone calls.

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