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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the Spring 2016 Box of Style thanks toΒ balenseeaga! (Thanks Ann and Andrea for the head’s up!)

The box includes:

Jules Smith Pave Bar and Stone Cuff (In silver or gold) Retail Value $45

LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds – Retail Value: $100

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Retail Value: $20

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues – Retail Value: $5

Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag – Retail Value: $150

Jouer CrΓ¨me Eyeshadow Crayon – Retail Value: $24 (one of eight shades)

And a BONUS deluxe sample of The Concentrate by La Mer!


What do you think of the full spoilers? FYI – this box is still available for sale if you are interested! Use this link to get a $10 coupon off your first box!


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my first box from Box of Style, I do also get Luxor, but I am very excited to get my box! I have a lot of subs, but Luxor is my only other high end box. I like the bucket bag, super excited about the cuff bracelet!!! (Hoping for gold, but will take silver) Just hoping that I don’t end up with a repeat color of the Jouer eyeshadow stick (THEY ARE AWESOME!!) I have my tracking number, now I need my box!

    • I haven’t quite figured out how to use the Jouer eyeshadow stick without looking like a 6th grader newly discovering makeup. Any suggestions???

  2. I haven’t received my box yet but I find it interesting to hear all the negatives. Maybe people should limit their subscription boxes and then don’t have to worry about overlap. There are only so many products to appeal to a large audience. This is my only sub and am excited for some cool earbuds and dry shampoo. If you like the hero item, you are ahead of the game. Everything else is a bonus!

  3. I don’t know what it is that keeps me from buying these boxes, but here is another box from her that I’m not excited about….I’m really picky about which boxes I purchase. I’ll still keep reading the reviews though…you just never know when that hero item will be too much to resist πŸ™‚

  4. The hero item is nice (not big enough for me personally, but looks like great quality etc). That being said, earbuds and dry shampoo……..I think we are all pretty much over these. If you’re ANY degree of a box-a-holic you probably have tons of both and because Zoe has done such a great job of curation up to this point, getting both of these is a little deflating, even though the overall value of the box is still strong. Just my .02.

    • No “we are not pretty much over these” πŸ™‚ I am excited to get new quality earbuds and I can always use more of one of my favorite dry shampoo:) Also can use a smaller purse on occasion – love the true value of this box too.

    • Remember – not everybody gets a lot of boxes – I have never received earbuds in my boxes.

    • I think maybe that’s it. They’re definitely higher value/quality than what’s been coming out in other boxes, I’ll give them that. But I view RZ as leading the style wave. So when you’re getting products that were featured in other boxes months to a year ago, it’s kind of a let down (even if you don’t subscribe to a bunch of boxes). I look for new, exciting, “the next big thing” from RZ, not just higher brands of what everyone else has already done.

      • I don’t think the items are higher quality/value than what we get in other boxes.

        The headphones seem of comparable quality/value to the ones in the FFF box. Klorane and Jouer products appear in all sorts of boxes. The jewelry piece seems neither more special nor costly than what you get in your regular FFF or Popsugar box.

        So really, this box as it stands is all about the hero item. If you love it, then everything else is a bonus. If you don’t, then it’s blah.

        I don’t subscribe to this box but I’ve followed the reviews and this one seems to be going downhill. Or perhaps it’s Popsugar MH and FFF that are going uphill πŸ™‚

        • I agree with you 100%

    • I get tons of subscription boxes and I’m actually super excited for these earbuds and dry shampoo. At first I was disappointed about the earbuds as I am currently using the FRENDS ones sent out in the last FabFitFun box, but then I looked them up on the website. They’re actually pretty cool and kind of unique. I like that they’re wood with gold details. My FAVORITE part is the in-line volume, playback, and microphone control! It will be so handy when I’m standing during my train commute and I don’t have to keep taking out my phone to adjust volume or skip tracks. Love when companies add some extra functionality to earbuds.

      Also this will be my 1st time trying the Klorane dry shampoo. Somehow I have yet to receive that one in my boxes and I didn’t want to pay retail price at Sephora to try one. Now I finally get to see what the hype is about πŸ™‚

      • I just got my box and I’m really excited about the earbuds. My ears don’t like my iphone earbuds-they always fall out of the left ear. It drives me nuts! These look like they are more suited to my weirdly-shaped/small ear canal! Also-I agree about the dry shampoo. I’ve never gotten it in a box and didn’t want to pay full price for it. These boxes may send a lot of dry shampoo, but I work full-time and go to school full-time. I use a lot of dry shampoo and am always glad to get more. Dry Shampoo=an extra half-hour of sleep!!

  5. Haven’t gotten my box yet but if I get the silver bracelet, anyone want to swap?

    • Yes!!! I want silver…so if I get gold I will swap with you!!

      • I received a silver bracelet, I am willing to trade for gold!

        • Hi Julie,

          I received a gold bracelet. If you’re still wanting to swap I would LOVE the silver!

  6. The Hero item is not my style so I passed on this box, but if it was it would be a great box with a great Value. One thing I love about her box is you know the Hero item before so I never get disappointed about wasting my money. I love her boxes and look forward to seeing what’s in Summer!

  7. I’m glad I decided to pass on this one,. The only two items I like are the bracelet/cuff, but I would be sad if I got gold – and the dry shampoo (it’s my favorite), but I already have a ton.

    The bag isn’t my style and also too small for all the items I need to carry with a toddler, I have more eyeshadow than I could ever use in this lifetime, I don’t need yet another set of earbuds, and I have very sensitive skin so would be hesitant to try the La Mer.

    Maybe summer will be a better fit.

  8. I wonder how they order their shipments. This will be my third box (quarterly, not annual subscriber) and I’ve not even received shipment notification but others have started receiving their boxes obviously. Usually mine arrives about 2 weeks after the spoilers. :o/

    • They send all the annual subscriber boxes first, it’s on the site when you sign up.

  9. I’m actually more excited for this box than I was the last one. I gave most of that one away. This one looks great IMO! I don’t subscribe to FFF and I haven’t bought any Birchbox special edition boxes so this will be my first pair of earbuds. They sound like good quality. πŸ™‚

  10. I am a new subscriber and received the $50 giftcard yesterday in the mail.

    • What was the gift card for?

    • I’m not a new subscriber but I received a gift card to, $50 to Rachel Zoe website

  11. I just got ear buds from FFF, which I haven’t used yet. Another dry shampoo? Jules Smith jewelry is so overpriced and overrated imo. I cancelled when I saw the hero item and I am sure glad that I did cancel. I would be happy to resubscribe depending on what the hero item will be for Summer. These items just aren’t to my taste.

    I will say that I have tried a ton of dry shampoos over the past two years and the Klorane one is one of the best that I have tried, if not The Best. I just don’t need more. And if the other box items were to my taste, then I would be semi interested in the Jouer eye crayon as well.

  12. I can’t believe all the disappointed subscribers for this box. To me the box looks amazing and the value can’t be beat! I can’t wait to receive mine, I am happy with all of the items. I thought that was the point of subscription boxes, you get to try stuff you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself. In the end, you may find something you didn’t know you liked, or something you thought you would like, but didn’t in the end. All of the RZ boxes have introduced me to items I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for the box. Thank you RZ!

  13. So excited for this box! I have a pair of LSTN headphones (from Bespoke Post) and they’re really great quality and look beautiful, so I’m super excited to get the earbuds. Everything else looks great too!

    • Me too. The sound quality is terrific and they are super comfy. I was excited for the FFF earbuds for travel as I do need a more portable pair sometimes, but they were shaped in a way that didn’t fit my ears comfortably so I could not be more pleased that we are getting these. I actually have two boxes coming and this is the product I’m most excited about getting double of.

  14. I love Rachel Zoe and I love my Box of Style subscription more then any other sub, but I have to say I’m super underwhelmed by this ? The bracelet is cute so I’m glad to have that, but so not thrilled with the earbuds. I’m not an earbuds person and I just got a nice pair anyway with fabfitfun. Thankfully these aren’t girly so they will be going to hubby! The bag is cute, but feels very “fall” to me. I’m still a loyal subscriber though ?

    • I so agree. The bag feels very fall to me as well. Would have loved the navy polka dot one for spring. Was hoping for some fun sunglasses and maybe a citrus lip scrub/ gloss.

      • I agree. It really doesn’t scream spring to me either. More like fall.

      • She already did sunnies in a previous box that were pretty awesome.

  15. Not overly thrilled with the earbuds, but I’m sure they’ll get used! That’s actually my favorite dry shampoo, too! I’ll use it all! I hope I get a gold bracelet, but I wear both, so it’ll be fine.

    It’s a useful box. Wish it’d get here this week – I have a 3 hour flight Saturday and actually COULD use the earbuds, but if not (it won’t), I have a pair already packed.

  16. If those LSTN earbuds are anywhere near as good as the LSTN headphones, they will be the best earbuds ever!

    I very rarely have reason to use earbuds, but the bf *should* love them.

    Like most of us, I am pretty sick of dry shampoo. But when I do use it, this Klorane stuff is easily the best I’ve ever used.

    I think this is why I continue to get this sub: the products they include are just about always of a good quality. And that’s becoming more and more important to me.

    Meanwhile… Has anyone seen the bracelet in the gold and black combo?? I’m seriously hoping for that one. πŸ˜€

    • I hope to get the gold/black bracelet too! I think that one looks more “expensive” than the other 2 variations. The gold and turquoise one looks a little cheap for some reason.

      • I have the gold cuff. It’s not cheap looking. It is dainty and delicate.

  17. I love everything. I cannot wait to receive! Great surprise after a long day at work.

  18. My rule for RZ is to only subscribe when I adore the hero item. I’ve loved the boxes I received (bc everything after the hero item is just super cool extras) and have never been disappointed to miss out on the others.

  19. I’m in Australia and as this was the first box that was available to us overseas, I jumped at the chance. Praying I get a gold bangle, because it will be spensive to swap with someone from overseas! I haven’t received a shipping confirmation yet, so looks like those of us on the otherside of the world will need to wait a little longer. I actually don’t mind the box. The dry shampoo and the blotting paper I could pass on, but am excited to try the earbuds (fingers crossed they work well!).

    • If you check Fedex, your shipping label may be created. That’s what I did and I’m local, close to fulfillment center, still waiting for that shipping confirmation! You may get it before me, postal service can be seriously s-l-o-w here. Hoping for silver bangle pictured…so pretty!

  20. Aside from the dry shampoo (I don’t use it, and I already have several cans) this is probably my favorite RZ box so far. It might not be the most exciting, but I think everything is useful and great quality. I look forward to this every season.

  21. So disappointed. This sub seems to be getting like the others. Nothing that screams “Rachel Zoe”. This one and the last one or so haven’t been like the first ones. I think I’m out. The value seems to be there just not pow!

  22. I am actually really excited about the earbuds *(for the first time ever!). I received a pair of LSTN earbudy in Causebox I believe and they were amazing quality, AND they were the cheaper ones. So hopefully these are even better!!!! I am happy about this – just hoping for silver on the bracelet πŸ™‚

    • I got the silver bracelet and blue eyeshadow crayon. Did you get gold? If so I can trade both for your both other colors! Thx melissa

  23. Totally excited! I’ll use everything. I have been meaning to get earbuds and those look vert spiffy πŸ™‚ I was kind of unsure about the bag since I love huge totes but when I run errands it’ll be real useful!

    And seriously have been thinking of trying dry shampoo between washes so that works as well.

    The bracelet kind of unsure of but hey I can always swap for something I really want. All in all a good box, I can’t wait to get it!

  24. Is there a $50 gift card?

    • Yes, and a few are up on the swap site. I ought to add mine really.

      • I wanted to give my card to my daughter. She also received one. Called RZ customer service and was told that the two $50 cards could not be combined.
        Apparently each card is coded to the person to whom the box was mailed to.
        I would hope to be proven wrong on this.

    • Where/how did people get that card?

      • maybe annual subscribers? Don’t know. I got one and I have been annual since box 1. Any quarterly people get it? It arrived in the mail this week.

        • I’m an annual subscriber and I didn’t receive it:(

      • Mine came in the US mail today. In a silver plastic envelope. Nice gesture, but I won’t use it I’m sure. It’s up for swap.

        • Thanks for the info!

      • Card comes separately with the post. In very nice black envelope.

  25. I can’t remember, but did we fill out a preference form when we signed up for this box? Like if we want silver or gold? I’m really hoping for gold, otherwise I’ll be swapping.

    • I am hoping for silver. If we get the reverse, want to swap?

      • Absolutely, Amanda!

        • Hey Angela, I’m still waiting on tracking.. did you receive yours yet? Which color?

          • Hey Amanda! Mine is set to arrive Friday, so I’ll keep you posted πŸ™‚

          • I received gold. I’m hoping you get silver!! But if you don’t, there are a ton of people trying to trade their silver bracelets for gold.

  26. I am always tempted to get this subscription because it seems like a good value. However, there’s always something about the hero items that doesn’t quite work for me. Like the color, the size, etc. The only thing I would use from this box is the eye crayon. I’ve tried the La Mer product before and am ambivalent about it.

  27. I was excited about the hero item–as I have been with all the previous boxes–and the bracelet is another item I’m sure I will love. Also looking forward to the eyeshadow and La Mer, so this box is (another) big win for me. But I am disappointed that $100 of the box’s value is from those earbuds. I would much rather gotten an actual style item for $100, or a $145-value bracelet instead of the $45 bracelet and the $100 earbuds. But still, RZ Box of Style has been a hit for me since my first box.

  28. This is my very first box. I really like the bucket bag in the original caramel?? color when the first spoiler came out. Now, I’m getting a bit discouraged because it seems every picture I see now has the bag in the darker brown color. I have never swapped either ( I donate a lot of things πŸ™‚ ), but I hope I can swap out the bag and any gold for silver. I’m still hoping for a good experience overall when I receive the entire box.

    • Same here. Maybe it’s the lighting in some of the pics making the bag look darker. Hopefully I’ll love it when I actually have it.

      I’ll totally swap with you if I got a silver bracelet πŸ™‚

  29. So many complaints about getting earbuds – well I haven’t received ANY – so I’m very to get them:) Some people get a lot of boxes so of course they are receiving similar items – can’t really blame the box curators.

    I like this box.

    • I agree with Laura…there are a lot of complaints about getting things that those of us get in other boxes. As one who gets more boxes than I really need I am very much aware that I may get similar items in boxes. There are ultimately only so many items that can go into a beauty/lifestyle box and it is probably impossible to please all of us 100% of the time. And the fact that I get multiple boxes is fun for me and I’m completely aware that I may not always be blown away by every item and I will probably get duplicates. This results in me never being disappointed and sometimes I give things away and it’s so fun to make someone else happy. Rachel Zoe does a well thought out box with both practical and fun items. I’m excited to get my box and see everything in person. My only regret with this box is that I missed out on the first one.

  30. This is my first box, as I had severe box envy on the last ones. I am excited to try the La Mer and like the bag, but am underwhelmed with everything else. :/

  31. Oh gosh earbuds? Dry shampoo? If you have ever gotten a subscription box before, chances are you already have these things! I still like the box and it was $80 for me since I had a coupon.

  32. How responsive is Customer Service with this company? I changed my account shipping address but the “order” shows the wrong address. It doesn’t appear that it has shipped yet, but I have no faith the Post Office will forward it and the person who bought our house will probably be mean and keep it!

    I sent an email but I’m worried.

    • They are pretty responsive. I contacted them in Dec and got a reply back the same day.

    • Response is slow. Also, their solutions are not very helpful. They don’t seem to think about the issue much at all.

  33. Theme 100%
    Me 50%
    I agree is does not feel auper luxe or special save for the le mer. Not terrible but not super exciting either.

  34. La Mer saved this box in my eyes… I will try it with pleasure. I really hope to love the bag. Otherwise nothing else interesting. As others I have tons of blotting papers, dry shampoo and earbuds already.

  35. I’ve given away two sets of earbuds recently and still have 3 or 4 yet to be used not counting the ones I will be getting in this box. Wished the dry shampoo concept worked for me but it doesn’t. I was really hoping for a pair of sunglasses too-now that is something you can never get too many of because I am always lying them down and leaving them somewhere.

  36. I’m not terribly excited about this one… But hoping I’ll like it more when I have it. Looks like a decent box, just a little boring (dry shampoo and ear buds? Sigh… And Klorane just doesn’t work that well for me; I’ve been spoiled ever since I tried Living Proof’s dry shampoo) and I knew the hero item wasn’t going to be for me when they announced it. The perils of an annual sub!

    The bracelet does look pretty.

  37. Oh man. There is nothing in this box that I love. πŸ™ Maybe the bracelet and maybe the eye shadow. The only ear buds I wear are my Bluetooth ones for running and I’ve got at least 2 other unopened pairs from other boxes. Don’t use dry shampoo. So disappointed. Hopefully I’ll be able to swap some stuff.

  38. I really loved her first two boxes. Fall’15 was ok…. But the last two boxes haven’t had that luxury feeling present in the first two.

    I still think is a very nice assortment but does not contains anything that makes me feel I’m wearing something hand picked by Rachel Zoe.

  39. This box is just OK – it just doesn’t have the same feel or excitement as her past boxes – which I loved! :o(

    • Yep, I agree. It’s a very “safe” box. It’s not controversial but there’s no spark either. There’s nothing unique in it, like the wooden watch in the March Luxor Box. Kind of ho hum.

  40. It’s a good box but I just feel like it’s not as exciting as past boxes. Useful items but they just don’t feel special.

  41. Sorry, but boring and uninspiring. Haven’t we seen these same items in every box recently. She should change the name from box of style to box of bore. Unless next season’s spoiler is amazing I will be dropping this one.

  42. I still can’t over the items we get for $100 from this sub! The bag and Le Mer are great enough for $100, but to also get that bracelet? That’s a great box.

    • agree! expectations are a little high for some folks.

      • I don’t disagree that the retail value is there. For me, it’s more the personal value that is lacking. Not one item jumps out at me as being worth it. I realize we knew the hero item going in. I haven’t loved the hero items of the last two boxes but still found a lot to love about the other items. This box, not so much.

  43. I got this box with the $20 off coupon. I just adore the small bag. I carry a huge bag while out with kids so when I’m solo I love to carry a small cross body. I’m a little disappointed by the headphones but I think my husband will love them. I hope the cuff I get will be in gold, I don’t wear silver. If I get silver hopefully I can swap for gold. The other things I’ll definitely use. I love dry shampoo and due to samples I’ve never had to buy a full size so this is great. This box seems like a huge value! I think I will stay on a few months!

  44. Love this box! The bracelet is my style to a T! I wasn’t excited about the eyeshadow till I bought one at the Birchbox sample sale and I LOVE it. klorane dry shampoo is a great one and I can never have too many. Same with earbuds. I have a big stockpile but Im always losing or breaking them. The bag is good. Not my fave but will be swappable, giftable or usable for sure!

  45. Hoping I get the silver bracelet over the gold one (I’m more into cool tones). Overall I like the box. While I have more dry shampoo then I know what to do with at least this one is full sized. And while I don’t need yet another pair of ear buds (fab fit fun box, birch box LE box) it doesn’t hurt to have a spare pair lying around (though I really was hoping for some sunglasses).

    • Tori if you get the gold and would like to swap let me know. I recieved the silver

      • I received a gold bracelet. If you want to swap let me know

  46. I like this box, but I don’t love it the way I have some of RZ’s past boxes. At least most of the items in this box are useful, even if I don’t totally love them (like the earbuds and the dry shampoo). I do wish that the bracelet was something else, but mostly just because it looks a little cheap in the photos–maybe it will be nicer in person.

    This is still my favorite sub, but it makes sense that each individual box isn’t always going to top the last.

  47. Hmmm. First…thanks SO much for the post! I’ve been so curious about this one.

    I think I like it. Or better said, there’s nothing in it that I don’t like (but there’s nothing in it I absolutely HAD to have either). And it’s definitely a great value. But I must say, how many earbuds can one person use????? We seem to get another pair every month or two!

    But all in all, I’m happy I subbed for this one.

  48. The items really match the music festival theme. Gold/turquoise accessory, headphones for music, portable glam items for travel/camping out, and boho bucket bag. I fit the demographic spot on this time!

    • I agree. My daughter goes to a lot of these music fests and the dry shampoo is crucial. The only thing that might have added is fun chic sunglasses.

  49. Oh man. Well, this was the last box of my yearly subscription and I’m not a huge fan.

    If the cuff is in gold and black I’ll definitely wear it, but otherwise…

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many unused earbuds, dry shampoo, and blotting tissues I have lying around.

    The bucket bag isn’t really my style but I’m sure it’s gorgeous in person.

    I’m sure I’ll use the eyeshadow (although I have too much eyeshadow already!) and the La Mer serum.

    I get the concept of “spring festival” but as I’m more of a rock concert gal than a festival one, this box doesn’t blow me away. I’m sure I’ll love summer a lot more. I just hope that there will be a coupon off the yearly sub or some extra perks for being a yearly subscriber.

  50. Wow, Klorane has a dry shampoo spray?! Just kidding, I suppose you can never have too many cans of it πŸ˜‰

    • I have never tried dry shampoo. I hope I like it.

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