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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2016 Subscription Box Review


The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a subscription box from Rachel Zoe. I am a huge fan and love her taste, so I this is one of my favorite style subscription boxes!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The packaging on these boxes is always amazing so I might have taken a few too many pictures…



(Each item is individually wrapped in black tissue paper.)


The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $100

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews!


The box comes with an info booklet with Rachel’s styling tips, and a letter from her introducing the box.


The items in the box this month are inspired by music festival season.

Brands also included coupon codes for Box of Style subscribers.


Shaffer LA Leather Bucket Bag – Retail Value: $150

This is the hero item of the box! (Each quarter, Box of Style reveals one hero item – it is a great way to see if the box is for you and minimize risk!)

I’m very impressed with the quality of the leather of this bag. One thing to mention, though, it isn’t lined, so you get a more of a raw look:


Here it is on:


There is no zipper or clasp to close the bag, but I found that tying two knots with the tassel part does the trick:


And I’m happy to report that I can fit my phone, lipgloss, wallet, and hand sanitizer in this bag easily! (Now if only I had a festival to go to!)


Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Value $20

LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds – Value $100

Dry shampoo and earbuds are two items I have in excess thanks to subscribing to way too many boxes, BUT these are both quality brands and products, so no complaints here. (Plus, they both work really well for the music festival theme.)

The Klorane dry shampoo smells good, goes on clear, and does the job of eliminating excess oil.

The earbuds are really well designed, and I love the extra sizes included:


I think the smaller ear bud set is actually the perfect fit for me. And I just love the gold details:


These earbuds also have microphone and playback/volume control options too!


Jules Smith Pave Bar and Stone Cuff – Value $45

(Subscribers will receive either the gold or silver version.)

Here is a closer look at the stone and pave detail:


And here it is on:


This bracelet has some give to it, so I think it should work on a variety of wrist sizes, but it still seems to be on the small side compared to some bracelets.


Jouer Crème Eyeshadow Crayon – Retail Value: $24 (one of eight shades)

The Concentrate by La Mer – .17 oz Value $58

Here are the items out of the packages:


The shade I received in the Jouer eyeshadow stick is Rococo. (Swatched below.)

I’m so excited about this La Mer concentrate! This is a product that I could never justify spending $340 for the full size unless I already knew it did miracles for my skin, so getting to sample it is awesome!


The pigment on this eyeshadow stick is great – there’s a lot of shimmer in this shade too. It works as a highlighter, and is very wearable for me, so I’m happy I got this shade!


Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotting Tissues – Value $5

And in each box Rachel includes a stylist tool item. This quarter we have oil blotting tissues!



Verdict: I think the value of the Spring 2016 Box of Style is incredible (a little over $400), and I think they did a great job with the music festival theme. I wouldn’t consider this theme as a perfect match for my style, but I like that it pushes me out of my comfort zone a little bit with quality items!

What do you think of the Spring 2016 Box of Style?



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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (99)

  1. I have the discount card 50$ for Rachel Zoe. It will expires on 3/31/2016.i will not use it. I don’t if can be use by someone else . I hope so
    If someone want to use it let me know and i give you The card number

    • Can it be applied to the Zoe Report? I was looking to purchase a subscription for her birthday (which is today)…..I know, I’m last minute =-)

      • It actually expired 3/31/16. They didn’t give a whole lot of time to use them.

      • Yes, it is ?

  2. I would never use this bag for a music festival, I don’t trust it. I feel like it would be so easy to steal from. I live in NYC and I don’t even want to use this in my daily life lol. Going on the subway with a bag that doesn’t really close doesn’t thrill me.

    • I have the discount card 50$ for Rachel Zoe. It will expires on 3/31/2016.i will not use it. I don’t if can be use by someone else . I hope so
      If someone want to use it let me know and i give you The card number

    • Would you consider selling it?

      • Are you still looking for the bag? I have one.

  3. This is my first box of style and I am a little iffy on it. Just because the box is pretty pricey (they even charge you for shipping).

    +The bag is cute. It’s perfect for a little store outing, or the little bag you use for going out for drinks with friends. I like the bag. It’s small, but cute.
    +The cuff, is pretty flimsy to me and I def. wouldn’t value it at $45. I don’t know who, really, would pay $45 for it… Given that, It’s an overall cute bracelet.
    +The dry shampoo is nice. I use dry shampoo frequently. So, it’s nice to have this on-stock. However, It’s not as good smelling nor works as well as KMS or Living Proof dry shampoos. I def. prefer those.
    +The creme eye shadow shade that I got is called “venetian” and it’s like a dusty/moss green. It’s cute, I just unfortunately have very similar products, I wish I had gotten a goldy one!
    +The headphones are really awesome! They are like soundproof! And, I use headphones frequently at the gym ( I am normally just using the apple ones that came with my phone). I think it’s crazy though to pay $99 for a pair of bud earphones! I think the most I would pay is $40.
    +The blotting tissues are a score and thank you Rachel Zoe for introducing me to these. Great find.
    +I love La Mer sample! I thought that was AMAZING that was included. Probably my favorite thing of the box.

    Overall, I was just underwhelmed by the box. 🙁

  4. Hey does anyone want to trade bracelets with me? I received silver and I really wanted the gold one!

    I thought it was a great box, I love the RZ boxes though! Only missed the very first spring 2015 one. I wanted it!

    • I got the gold and want the silver. I’ll trade!

  5. Does anyone who received a more caramel colored bad want to swap for the brown? Vdocter at Gmail!

  6. Finally just got my box and have been avoiding this post to not see full spoilers. I opened my boxed and loved everything about it. The bag is perfect for a quick light outing. I live in a city so it is perfect for bar night out or when I just don’t need a lot of stuff. I got the venetian color which is different, but will go with my eyes and make a different smokey eye if I ever decide to do that. Ear buds are cool and nice to have a back up quality pair. I love dry shampoo, excited to use LeMar and blotting papers I don’t seem me using but I love that they packed in 100 so if I did use them I would get a lot of uses out of them. I think this is a great box. I was frustrated it was mid March, but since this is the first box I didn’t know how long it would take. Thanks for a wonderful curated box!

  7. Finally got my bag after several emails. I love the earphones, silver cuff and dry shampoo. The Jouer eye pencil isn’t bad. The oil blotting papers are useless for me, but that’s ok, can’t love it all. I am disappointed with the bag, as it is teeny tiny, my wallet will never fit and the drawstring top seems unsafe.

    • I agree, the bag looks cheep, wouldn’t pay 20.00 for it!:-(
      I was so disappointed in the box, not worth 100.00! I am giving it one more chance before I cancel.

      • Would you consider selling the bag?

    • Would you consider selling the bag?

      • I would consider selling my bag or trading it! – Natasha

  8. I still haven’t received a shipping notice & unlike others, they never reached out to me or offered expedited shipping. They did respond to my email last week “with a sorry we had issues” response. I only wanted this box for the bag & it’s sounding less diserable every time I read a comment. I asked for a refund & I hope they will gladly give it to me since they are having issues. I’m sad because this was my favorite subscription but it seems to be going downhill with every box. I hope it’s not a repeat of the Nina Garcia box.

  9. I love the RZ box but I don’t always love everything in it. But that’s with all of my subscriptions. But, by the time Christmas rolls around, I have a lot already put up for gifts. The purse is entirely too small for me but it is a nice luxury gift for one of my daughters-in-law. I wouldn’t want to spend that much on a purse for someone else so it makes it great that I can gift it. I have a gift closet that I keep items from all of my sub boxes in and it’s great for any time a birthday or other occasion rolls around that I forget. And that is how I justify all of my sub boxes to my husband! lol

  10. Is there anyone looking to swap a silver bracelet for a gold one? I received the gold and would prefer the silver!! I also received the eye shadow in Granite and would be willing to trade for a brown or blue. I am not on the swap site so will have to do it this way, lol.

    • I’ll swap with you

  11. I have my box! Love everything. Will put a drawstring cloth bag inside my bag so that I won’t stain the leather. Makeup or ink will ruin this. I was curious why the earbuds didn’t get a leather wrap to hold the earbuds together. Not sure if I will use blotting papers. Love the percent off coupons for brands. This is my third box. I love something in every box.

  12. Email I got from customer service:

    “We only shipped out one shade of the Shaffer LA bucket bag however, the brand has explained to us that since each bag is handmade here in LA, leather is natural and takes dyes differently and will have small variation from skin area to skin area. These may be the differences in color you are noticing.

    The brands logo is a diver and embossed on full priced products not co-branded items – they provided the story of the diver on our co-branded tag so customers know what the logo means. Any future Shaffer LA products will be identifiable by a diver – sometimes in an obvious place and sometimes hidden.”

    I don’t know though…my bag is VERY dark. Maybe they ran out of the lighter color and are just using this as an excuse? Oh well.
    As for the logo…that disappoints me. Makes me feel like we got a “knock-off”, and the hero item wasn’t advertised that way. I thought we were getting the real thing from the designer’s site like we have in the past (the bracelet from the first box, the watch in the fall box, etc.) I hope they aren’t going to switch to “exclusives”/knock-offs in the future.

    • It is still made by LA Shaffer – it isn’t a knockoff.

      • Mine doesn’t have that diver logo, but on the inside there’s a rectangular leather tag (about 1″ by 2″) that says shaffer Los Angeles. Does everyone’s not have this?

      • It’s visible in a pic above.

      • When I emailed them because my box is late (and it still hasn’t arrived!) they said it’s because the hero item is handmade and they ran out. Hopefully they didn’t cut corners to speed up production. I wonder if the first box recipients have the diver logo on their bags?

    • I see it more like the “outlet version” than a knock off. It’s still Shaffer but a slightly lower quality/cheaper version. But I agree, that when it comes to subs “exclusive” almost always means a cheaper version of the actual product. I think the Nanette Lepore watch in the current PSMH box is another example. But to be fair RZ did list the value of the bag as $150 and not the price of the actual Shaffer Greta bag.

    • Mine is very dark brow too… Not like the shade shown at all. Also my purse strap is really short. Really short. Makes it basically unusable. Am I the only one with this issue? Everyone else’s looks much longer. Also, I should add. I’m only 5’4″ and 120 lbs…so that’s not the issue.

    • @Angela I loved everything, too.
      But you are SOOOOOO right about the Diver symbol on the bag! Other companies (Luxor box ) have no problem with putting their label on it! There’s a knock-off at American Eagle that looks exactly like this bag… size and all!
      But I did love my bag.. it’s quality leather. …

  13. I really liked this box and it was a great value too. I wish the straps were adjustable because my bag is also long but hey its a leather bag in a subscription that cost you $100 or less. The only thing I was sorta bummed about was getting the blue eyeshadow although I guess it will probably work as I have blue eyes. I am just more of a less is more makeup kinda girl so would have preferred a metallic neutral. I also got the gold bracelet and that seemed to be something that the ones who got their boxes later seemed to get and it fit perfectly. I’m sure Ill use everything in this box and not many other subscriptions can I say that about. I don’t know many boxes that offer $10 or $20 off a box and it also included a leather bag that you knew about ahead of time as well as other name brand items. Not to mention the quality of the packaging. I can think of several from $150-$300 plus that would not give you nearly as much good stuff as her subscription does. It may not be a win for everyone but this box was definitely my style. I cant wait to see what the summer box will have in it. I don’t think she can top what she did last year 😉

  14. Thrilled that I got the gold bracelet! My bag is a little darker than expected. Looks more brown than caramel. Overall I’m pleased with the box. May cancel and then resubscribe for the yearly rate.

  15. I like everything except for the bag. The strap was way too long on me and I didn’t care for the color and the interior enough to have it adjusted. My Jouer is a dark blue which is perfect for me.

    • There are definitely variations of this bag. my strap is unusably short.

    • Would you consider selling the bag?

      • There is a bag on eBay up for sale for $35. Search box of style.

  16. I like the purse more than I expected, but unfortunately it’s too short to wear cross-body. The photo Liz posted makes it look like a really long strap and I don’t feel mine looks that long. But then again I’m plus sized so of course the strap seems short to me.

    Anyone have any measurements of the strap from shoulder to the top of the purse?

    • I wonder if the leather straps are indeed different lengths. Mine came shorter than I expected, and I measured my strap end to end and it was 50″ if that helps?

    • I’m 5′ 4 and 120 and can’t use mine the strap is so short… These bags are clearly all different. Totally let down.

  17. I got my box today and would say I’m impressed with everything except the bag. It is small and not very polished, but I was most frustrated that it wasn’t all leather! The strap and cord (not tassels) for draw string look like fake leather. Even the thickness and backing of that material is different. I certainly wouldn’t ever spend $150 for this bag. Maybe $30, at most. The rest of the items make this worth the $100.

    I’m really hoping for a better hero item in the next box. I’m still hating that I missed last spring’s cuff. Anyone have one of those they would swap?

    • Would you consider selling the bag

  18. My box finally arrived today. Like another poster the bracelet technically fit but looked odd. So that went up for swap along with most of my box. Still trying to decide on the bag and the eyeshadow (I got serene – a light pink). I’m not sure I’ll get much use out of either but feel I should keep something out of the box… This was a total miss for me. 🙁

    • Would you sell the bag?

  19. The bag is certainly much smaller than it looked in the spoiler. Not sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it but I love it and I look forward to creating an outfit to go with it. Mine is the same color as the spoiler and I think it’s a great color for all seasons. It doesn’t scream spring but it’s very much in keeping with Rachel’s style. If I didn’t like her style I wouldn’t get the box. Everything in the box fits the theme and I think it’s a great box. RZ does a well thought out box.

  20. my least favorite box but still good – one thing is that the bag is the color you have in your picture NOT the color from the spoilers that I was hoping for. it’s brown not tan.

  21. 1st box from RZ! At least for me it’s better than the valentine Luxor box; I still have no idea what to do with the entire box of items I won’t be able to use lol. Got the silver one, a bit small for my big hand but still happy to get the color I wanted. Unfortunately, I got the marble jouer, which again, no idea what to do; probably gift away or swap it.

    • Lol! I have thought about using the red bag as a wallet inside this bag! Lol!

  22. I have the yellow gold cuff listed and I’m wanting to swap for silver if anyone is interested:)

    • I would love the gold one! I’ll swap my silver!

    • Yes I received the gold and would like to swap for the silver.

      • I would be happy to swap you, I have a silver one!

      • If you want to swap the silver bracelet, it’s yours! Kristin(dot)olinde(at)yahoo(dot)com

      • Sent you an email about the silver bracelet. I hope you receive it. I am looking forward to getting it as I don’t wear gold.

        Thank you.

  23. Still no response from RZ customer service about my missing items. While the dry shampoo and blotting papers aren’t high value products they were still supposed to be included. I really don’t enjoy chasing down what I paid for….I’ve been a huge RZ box of style supporter since the first box so I’m hoping they get it together and (1) respond to those with issues and fix them and (2) ship everyone their boxes already. It would seem like they grew too quickly, which would be understandable for a startup, but not for a well established brand with an existing e-commerce site.

  24. I’m looking to swap for the silver bracelet if anyone wants the gold!

    • I want gold and got silver. Please get in Touch if you still want to trade!!

      • I do! my email is clubqueen30(at)aol(dot)com


  25. I usually love RZ boxes, but I absolutely despise this bag! It just doesn’t seem at all what was advertised. It isn’t the caramel color, and it just looks like someone started making a bag and then stopped somewhere in the middle.

    • One thing I noticed about this bag is that it looks completely different in indoor vs. outdoor light. Take it outside and look at the color. 🙂 I think it is a carmel-ly kind of brown that looks surprisingly good with black.

      • They actually sent out 2 different colors, and I received the darker, brown one.

      • The darker one is a rich lux brown – perfect with every season.

      • There’s only one bag color.

      • There was supposed to be, but they sent out two. Due to the amount of orders they received they ran out of the caramel and sent out the dark brown as well.

      • Are you sure there are two different colors? The booklet only says “custom Caramel Leather”. Usually it specifies variations.

  26. Anyone interested in swapping the silver bracelet for a gold one?

    • Yes, I got silver and I really want gold!

  27. Looking forward to getting mine.

  28. I received the exact same items in my box, right down to the big crease in the bag. I’m hoping it will come out. It would have come in SO handy this past weekend, but I was away from home and it arrived on Saturday. Drat!

    I’m seriously pleased that the straps are long enough for me to use the bag. I’m large so cross-bodies often look really awkward on me. I didn’t think I’d be able to use it but I can! Yay! In the future, though, they should really REALLY consider adjustable straps for bags.

    The bracelet I was so excited about is too tight on my 7.5″ wrist. It technically fits but looks awkward, so it’s up for swap. 🙁

    I barely ever use earbuds but the bf lives in them so he got these. Super psyched by the brand!! He LOVED the LSTN earphones from Bespoke Post a while back.

    • I received mine today too and it had two huge creases on bag from one side to the other on each side. You can see it on the inside and out.

    • I was surprised by the totally squashed and creased bag too. They probably should have stuffed the bag with tissue paper for shipping. As a result it kind of looks beaten up already – like it’s been tossed around on a clearance shelf at a store for the last few months (even though I know they just made them!). Oh well. It’s still a cute little casual bag, but the damage seems so easily preventable, especially since RZ seems to pride itself on presentation (thus all the black tissue paper, which I love by the way…it’s like getting a whole box of presents in the mail!!)

  29. I am SO happy with my box. I had almost bought a mini bucket bag cross body style from Tory burch a few months ago. So I was really excited when I saw the hero item here. I love the bag. This was my first box of style. I can’t wait for the summer box. I love that this box is collapsible too. It’s such a nice box.

  30. Liz, can you find the logo embossed on your bag? On the tag it says that they emboss their logo on each bag, but I don’t see it on mine! Are you worried about the leather getting destroyed because it’s not lined? Any tips on how to take care of it?

    • Mine was on the inside of the bag.

    • I am not Liz, but I know the answer to your question. 🙂

      See inside your bag!

      • I looked on the inside! I see a leather piece that says Shaffer Los Angeles, but I don’t see the diver logo.

    • i emailed CS about the logo, because i thought it was weird they took the time and money to create an exclusive tag for the exclusive item for this sub, and wrote out the significance of the logo but then left if off. the reply i got was “the logo is only applicable to Shaffer products sold through them”. that leaves me wondering 1)why would they even put that blurb about the logo if it wasnt included, and 2) is this not an “official” Shaffer product? when a box terms an item “exclusive for” does that mean its branded by the box, and not the actual maker? IE: if RZ were to ask Essie to create an exclusive shade of nailpolish for her box, would it no longer be an Essie nailpolish, but a RZ nail polish? It sort of makes me feel like the retail value is inflated, if this isnt an actual product they consider from the maker.

      • Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m wondering. Generally name brands don’t tell you “look! we put the logo on!” It’s obvious that there’s a logo. It’s so weird that they made a special tag to tell you about the logo…and then there’s no logo.

        And Customer Service’s response is really disappointing. We’re getting a Shaffer product, but we’re not *really* getting a product. We’re getting the poor girl’s version. That’s not what I pay $100 for a box of surprises for….

  31. I still haven’t received tracking for this box 🙁

    • I had not received mine either and I am in AZ so expected to receive my fairly quickly. They had sent me an email 10 days ago stating my box would ship soon, so I emailed them and they responded by EOD with the following:

      “We are so sorry for the delay. All boxes began shipping first week of March but we have so many to get through it takes a bit of time to ship them all out. We also had a bit of a delay due to the handmade nature of the Shaffer LA bag, there was a slight production delay to ensure all bags had our quality stamp of approval.”

      Magically, they had my tracking info and I am expected to receive my box tomorrow.

      • Same thing happened to me yesterday.. I was bummed I didn’t receive the box before I went on my spring break vacation 3/5-3/13 but u thought hey at least I’ll come home to the box.. So not the case. So I emailed them and they sent me the same response and added that ALL boxes will be sent by 3/14/2016 and I did receive the confirmation at like around 8pm.. I live in LA and this is my second box! It should not have been that delayed in my opinion. But I’m happy I’ll finally receive it!

  32. Super excited to get my box. I hope I get the same eyeshadow. Does the brown color look better in person? Fingers crossed I get the silver bracelet.

  33. So jealous seeing everyone’s box. I still have not recieved mine. ?

  34. This is my first box from them… I am pleased with it.. was unsure about the bag. But when I went to the mall, after I had gotten my box, that bag has knock-offs everywhere! I am already a big fan of Jouer eyeshadow sticks! So glad I got a different color! I was going to post the dry shampoo without trying it out – but I tried it! I like it better than the current, more expensive one I have been using! Even better, next day.. I got up, still in pj’s, and hubby comes home and asked me where I had been so early! It lasted overnight!

  35. I almost got this because of the bag but then someone pointed out how small it was. Now seeing this review, I’m even more happy I didn’t get this box because the purse isn’t as cute as the spoiler picture. Love the shimmer on the eye crayon though! Will definitely look out for swaps!

  36. So disappointed with this box. I know boxes won’t please everyone all the time, but still I wasn’t happy with this. I’m not a fan of the earbuds so they went to hubby. I was most disappointed with the bag. It’s a different color then they advertised and is not a good “spring” fit. Hoping to love summer!

  37. Awesome curation but aside from the dry shampoo, none of the things included are my style or have a potential to be useful for me. Glad I skipped.

  38. I received a different box this time. It folds open. I wonder if they are switching their boxes?
    The bag is cute, but too long on me 🙁

    • I got the same box too! Does yours have magnets in it to keep it closed?

      • Yes, it seems like a much nicer box than before.

    • For the strap length, try tying a knot at the top. It you don’t like that look but still want to use the bag, take it to your cobbler and they should be able to shorten it!

      • Thanks Emily! I had not even thought of that (even though it’s so obvious haha) and was SO disappointed because the bag is way too long for me. Thanks for the tip!

      • I took mine today to get shortened and it cost about $15. Worth it, IMO!

      • Such a good idea! I’m going to take it to the cobbler…don’t know why I didn’t think of that?

    • Whaaaat?! I’m pretty sure my box was the same as before. Now I’m sad!! I’ll double check but I didn’t notice anything different…

  39. I’m with you on needing a festival to go to now. The box is a spot on curation for that.

  40. Can the straps be adjusted on that bag? I didn’t notice a way to adjust in the pics- my one hesitation was whether I’d love the bag or not- and i’m not crazy about bags that don’t have a more secure way of closing it or a zip pouch on the inside – the other items all seem great- hope you enjoy it but I’m not regretting skipping this one because I think I might have been disappointed with the “hero item”-

    • Sadly the straps are not adjustable.

      • However, It looks cute still with a knot in the strap to shorten it.

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