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Play! By Sephora March 2016 Subscription Box Spoilers!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

The reveal for the March 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box is up for subscribers! Thanks to Jessica and Emily for these spoilers!

(FYI – Play! by Sephora is only open to subscribers in certain test markets right now, but you can sign up on their waitlist to get notified when you can sign up. Boxes are $10 a month).

The March 2016 Play! By Sephora box includes:


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Murad Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30
SEPHORA COLLECTION The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


(Sample sizes of products unknown)

What do you think of the March 2016 Play! By Sephora box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I also got an email today!! Less than 30 mins ago to be exact!! I am so excited. I have also been waiting since day one. I live in Virginia Beach, VA. Where does everyone else live? I’m just curious to see how far they’ve branched out and opened the service!

    • Got an email in our today too! I’m joined. I even called to confirm, the bummer part of it, I was told I wouldn’t get March, I’ll get April’s which sucks cause why show me March. Not cool. Why send invites out randomly now. They said they were testing certain areas too. I guess I should be happy. I am, I was. I just hope April is as cool as March’s box. Such a tease. So disappointed. Lol

      • Also I’m in Chicago and I was on the waitlist. Got email invite today abs joined today.

  2. I’ve been on the wait list since it was announced. I finally got an email today saying I could join!! I hope it’s worth the wait!

    • Make sure you call them also! I saw where others missed out because they didn’t call as well as confirm. Congrats!

      • Even with an email confirmation about subscription? I didn’t see anything about needing to call them. I better go back and read everything again! I’m in the Chicago suburbs for those of you wondering and are still on the wait list.

        • I know, sounds crazy. Read these comments. Someone said they thought they were good to go when they got the info. But when the package hadn’t shipped thy called and said BC they hadn’t called to confirm their spot they missed it, or missed it that month? I’m not dire. Call to be safe. It’s in earlier comments.

          • *sure. Not dire. Siri hates me. LOL

  3. A couple of questions.
    1) what exactly should I be putting into google? My results are always “no spots available, you’ve been added to the waitlist.” I googled this: Play by Sephora Join

    Secondly, Anyone a subscriber from NC, (Raleigh region)? How do they know what market you’re in if you can’t get passed inputting your email? Ive been trying to subscribe, even randomly since day 1 (months ago)… 🙁

    If anyone doesn’t want their box, Ill buy. Just email me. Congrats to those of you who lucked out 🙂

  4. Have also been waiting since day 1….. and grrrrrrrrrrrrr I want a small bottle of that Beach perfume so. When I could I was collecting the tiny samples of it but now I don’t see those anywhere… i love this frangrance so much but it is very much out of my price range!

  5. I live in Sioux City, Ia I’ve been on the wait list since Day1… After I read what the other gal said I googled “Play by Sephora Join” It automatically took me to the subscribe button I put in my credit card. Clicked the Agreement that’s it I’m in!! Ladies she’s right just check it or googled what I did. If you click the Link Liz has for some reason it’s to the Oct 2015 box & it says join Waitlist. It’s now 11:37 pm Central time & it worked just google “Play By Sephora Join” I’m FINALLY a member!! Good luck Ladies!!

    • I do have a question since I signed up in March does anyone know if I will recieve Marches box or will April be the 1st? Thanks!

    • OMG it works! I’m now a Play! subscriber. Who would believe it would be that simple?? Thank you sooooo much ?

      • Yayyy Helen!!! Guess what? We are getting the March Box!! ??

        • How do you know we are getting the March Box?! I just got the email too and am SO excited I really want March!

        • Yes, how do you know it will be the March box?
          I would love it if it was!
          For those of you asking, I’m in Ellicott City, Maryland. It seems pretty random who is eligible at this point.

          • Helen, I worded it wrong. I’m getting the March Box because I swapped with Carol. Since we signed up after March 9 we will be getting the April one. Is there anything in The March Box you want Helen let me know what I don’t use I will gladly send to you Hun. I already have your Address since we swapped before. New Billing starts in April they will Bill from April 1st -4th & so on every month but since we signed up we are already paid for April so our next Bill cycle will be between May1st- May 4th.

    • I got: There are currently no spots available. We’ve added you to the waitlist and will notify you when a subscription is available. Again with the waitlist. 🙁

      I’m glad that you all where able to get in, it must mean something good. 🙂

      • Me too! I tried seven email addresses for three people and a restaurant!! Lmao! I AM trying on mobile, though. Only thing I could think of that is maybe going on?

        • LOL. I am not having any luck either. I have tried a desktop, laptop and mobile and no luck.

          • I think it was sheer coincidence that I was able to sign up for Play! by googling Sephora Play join. I received an email from Sephora very soon after to tell me I was off the wait list anyway.
            It seems they opened up a few more markets for the box this week.

      • Thank You! Just keep trying off & on & remember don’t click the link Google Play by Sephora Join good luck!!

        • I am confused. I am not sure what link I should and shouldnt click. When I google “play by sephora join” it takes me Is that the right link or is that the one I shouldnt click. And if its the wrong one, which one should I click. Thanks in advance. Any help is extremely appreciated.

          • Yes you are clicking the right link when there’s openings Hun it will say Join ?

  6. I would really appreciate an invite if anyone has one to send me. I have been waiting for five month’s to get on their list. Thank you. My email is [email protected]. Thank you.

    • Girl, me too! I joined the waiting list back when the launch was announced. I think that was November… Now here we are in April and I just received my email letting me know I’m off the wait-list. Why these companies even have a wait list puzzles me.. Even Ipsy put my daughter & cousin on theirs. Anyhoo, I’m in SC for those of you who are keeping track. Anyone else from SC who received an email?

  7. So earlier in the month I got an email from sephora saying that I needed to update my CC info for my Play! and I did. I called this morning and they told me that since I didn’t call before the 15th I wouldn’t get it this month. She gave me 250 points but the PSA is that if you get the email you really have to call not just update online. Boo! I would have traded my makeup sponge too. 🙁

    • Oh that sucks! Who would know that you have to call when you have an updated card on file?
      At least you’re getting next month’s box! ?

      • Yes. You’re right. I’m lucky to get any of them 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Has anyone’s March box shipped yet?

    • Mine did, I’m supposed to have it by Wednesday.

    • Mine shipped last Friday and I actually received it yesterday.

  9. So… The “lucky” people who snagged a subscription get to invite their friends (who may or may not have had interest in the box), but loyal customers that have been waiting and trying since day one are stuck begging for invites? I hate it when companies do this! People who have tried to sign up since day one should be sent boxes before anyone else. What about the old saying: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”? The first few months I thought it may have been an inventory issue, but it is clear this is a “golden ticket” build-the-hype marketing FAIL. (Stern parent voice) Sephora, I’m not mad at you. I’m just…disappointed. ☹️

    • I signed up for the waitlist on their website and got an invitation about six weeks later. I just cancelled as my dog has some health issues $$$
      Maybe you’ll get my spot.

    • Amen! I hate those wait lists! What a crock of crap!

  10. I was going to try to randomly invite a few of the commenters here to Play by Sephora, but the link they sent me a couple months ago no longer works (the email also mentioned only inviting friends who lived in my area, which is Austin). I love this box so much that I finally dropped Birchbox.

    • Thank you for explaining that, Beatrix. I’m one of many who thought that current Play subscribers could refer anyone.
      It makes sense that they would also have to live in one of the areas offering the box.
      I may move. lol

      • I live in rural WI and was able to sign up. Weird.

        • I live in California and haven’t been able to sign up. I wonder if there is a list of locations that they offer. I would like to stop getting excited about this box only to find I can’t get one.

  11. Just an FYI for the invites. I used 3 of my 4 invites, and when I tried to do it again for a friend, it would not let me use the link again.

  12. I was in the wait list for approx. 2 weeks or less. While on the wait Ki st, I’d randomly check the site out, and I lucked out and was able to sign up, without ever being notified I was off the waitlist. My advice would be to randomly attempt to join.

    • The same thing happened to me tonight. I’ve been on the waiting list for weeks. Then tonight I go to the Sephora site and I see the Play logo and click it…and wow — I am able to subscribe!!

      • OK, after ALL this complaining over the past few months on my part, I just followed your advice thinking it would be a bust yet again. Lo and behold, it actually “let” me subscribe! So we’ll see if it goes through. But I call shenanigans on it going by region at this point anyway.

        As a side, I’m really disappointed in Sephora right now. I placed an order Thursday morning at 4:30 a.m. PST, and per their Flash program, it should have shipped that same day. It didn’t ship until Friday late afternoon, so I politely emailed to ask what the delay was. Nothing back yet. Last night, my 500-point reward had leaked all over the rest of the box, ruining everything inside, so I called their 877 number and got a “we’re experiencing higher call volume than usual.” Tried calling again this morning but they were closed still. Sephora is off its game lately, and it’s really disappointing. As I said earlier this week, probably going to start putting that money into Ulta, as I’m already their highest tier and it’s only been six months.

  13. if anyone still has an extra invite i would love one please!!!!! [email protected]

  14. Do you have to have an “invite” to get a beauty box from Play! By Sephora or live in a certain area? Month after month i keep being told im on the waiting list!!! I am subscribed to 3 other beauty boxes and i get them every month and there’s not a “waiting list” so why is there one for Play! By Sephora? For one time, i would love to get a beauty box…Thanks so much!!!

    • Nope. Sign up for the waitlist on their website. It took about six weeks to get off the list. I am not VIB ROUGE or anything fancy. Also live in a rural area, so I think it is open throughout the US now.

  15. I would love for someone to send me an invite & I promise to be nice and invite someone when I get in ♡♡♡ please send invite to [email protected]

    thank you thank you thank you April

  16. Please send me an invite too.. I’ve been waiting for this sub since it was announced :'(!!! [email protected]

  17. If anyone has an invite you haven’t used I Would be grateful!

    [email protected]

  18. This is my third box and the only one I’ve been super excited about. I normally use the original pink beauty blender and I’m looking forward to trying sephora’s sponge. I had never heard of sephora’s play box before December when they sent me an email to sign up because space was limited so I was unaware of a wait list but if they send out invites for friends again I’ll definitely send an invite to someone on the wait list

  19. I am offically over this, I live a stone throw from D.C. and have been waitlisted since day 1 how is D.C not in yet? If its done regionally, which I am seriously starting to doubt. I’ve said this before if walmart and target can have boxes running smoothly, whywhy why can’t sephora? I am done caring, it feels like a big marketing trick to get all of us on the hook then bam! Lower quality or smaller samples. No thanks, I just wanted to try it out, sephora isnt really close to my house so its not somewhere I shop often, so I wont lose sleep at night.moving on to another sub.

    • I’m there too. I have been signed up on the wait list since day one. I keep trying and nothing. I figured it might be a region thing because I live in Idaho. But if you are in DC and not getting on I don’t think it’s a region thing anymore. The closest Sephora is 2 hours from me. And, to be honest, I already subscribe to Ipsy,Boxycharm and Beautyfix. If they don’t want my $10, cool. I’ll just put it towards something else.

  20. I have been on the list since day 1, and would prefer this box over many subs I have. If anyone is kind enough to throw me an invite at [email protected], I’d so very much appreciate it.

    Those of you who don’t wish to keep their box, I’ll buy! Email me!

  21. If anyone who is getting this box is willing to swap the beauty sponge, PLEASE let me know! I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands on one but don’t want to spend $20 on it 🙁 I would appreciate it so much!!

  22. I GOT A GOLDEN TICKET!!!! After waiting since literally day 1 I have finally obtained a way in via an invite from a friend…. but I’m still in!!!! 😛 Hope to get some referrals to help my subscription addicted friends get in too.

    • ?Congrats!!

    • Congrats lucky you!

      • Kim, Thank you!! I would love & appreciate a referral Please! My Email is [email protected] Thank you so much!! xo

        • I meant Victoria lol.. I too have been waiting since day 1 & nothing. ?

  23. Would love to sub to this one & Macy’s but what’s with the waitlist?!?! – It’s been over 5 months for me, and I know so many others have been waiting even longer. The sub looks great, but honestly, since I’ve been on their list, I’ve subbed to 3 other boxes (I know, I have a problem! 🙂 ) By the time I get an invite, it may not be in the budget any longer.

    Maybe by the Black Friday/Cyber Monday, it will be open to all with a discount for the extra l-o-n-g wait! (Psst, Sephora – hint, hint! ☺)

  24. I wish I could get an invite I have been on the wait list since they announced it. In case someone has an invite my email is [email protected]

  25. I would love an invite. My email is [email protected]. Thanks for anyone who can help. It is for my daughter, who is a makeup fiend.

  26. I would love an invite and it would be very appreciated! my email address is

    [email protected]

    i know its a long shot but if anyone has any invites left and would be willing to send me one that would be amazing.

    [email protected]

  27. Sephora VIB rouge and I signed up from the list multiple times from the onset. I’m so disappointed in The perks of Rouge and could care less if I make the cut this year. I would have thought we would have gotten some kind of perk or invite for this box.

    • I definitely agree. VIP Rouge here as well, two years running and have been a loyal Sephora-ette for well over a decade. Currently have more than 2,000 points, if that tells them anything (it should). Still waiting for Play to open and the perks are so minimal I’m thinking about moving my loyalty elsewhere. 🙁

      • Same. Rouge for the second year in a row, have over 2k points, and can’t get off the waitlist for the box. I couldn’t care less if the staff at my local Sephora are prepared to help me play with my box. Frankly they are rude, inept (e.g., grossly incompetent matching foundation for v fair skin), and seem like they couldn’t give a rat’s a** that I’m Rouge. I’ve even tried another Sephora store in my area and the experience was similar. As for Rouge benefits, at the verrryyy least they could give us a few more samples when we checkout online… There’s an Ulta near me and I think their reward system is better. I’ll use up my S points, but otherwise I think I’m done with them. Waiting on the list for the Play box was the last straw! (Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest!)

        • Ulta has a MUCH better loyalty program where you don’t earn free samples in exchange for points but instead literally get money to spend. I had $82 at one point and was able to make several orders for free. I’m also Rouge and have been for going on 4 years. I’m yet to get any perk (other than free shipping that anyone can buy for $10/year). Offering a very few Rouge-only products a couple of times a year hardly makes it worth it. It’s not like they’re free or anything anyway. I always find multiple freebie codes for kits/travel size products and get better items that way than if I relied on my Rouge benefits alone.

          • Hm… Good to know. I’ve been with Sephora for a while because they have a brick and mortar store (JCP) close to me, but they’re building an Ulta, so I might be switching once that’s open.

    • Seriously. Being a Rouge is such a bust.

  28. I feel like I’ve been on the wait-list for this box FOREVER! The MMM Replica Beach Walk is my favorite spring/summer scent, so I’m a bit bummed about not being able to get this box. I’ve just about given up on Play, though, especially since Allure has been kicking some sub-box butt lately!

  29. If someone could toss me an invite I would much appreciate it.

  30. This will be my first box. Based on previous boxes I’m not overly excited about this one. I am looking forward to trying the liner and the sponge! I have been wanting to try a beauty sponge for quite awhile now. The Murad is coming at a great time since we are going to Florida in a couple of weeks. I’m not planning on using the oil on my face. I haven’t had any good luck with any face oil but I will use it on my cuticles. I’ll keep my subscription for a few months to see how it goes. I’ve been so disappointed in my Birchboxes lately so I want to give Sephora a fair chance.

    • If you’re not keeping the Sephora makeup sponge I’d love to swap for It! I was shopping at Sephora last night and they’re out of stock on this one. ?
      Maybe because they’ve sent them all out in Play boxes. lol

      • Oops! Scratch that last comment. I only read as far as, ‘I’m not overly excited about this one’ and ran with it!

        • I think I saw somewhere that they are redesigning the sponge. I’m going to guess the ones they are sending out will be the old inventory ones. It’s not the most exciting box I’ve seen of theirs but it’s better than my Birchbox. I haven’t been very impressed with those lately.

  31. If anyone has any references left I would appreciate it. I’ve been waiting since the beginning:( [email protected]

    • I think it really depends on your location, for some reason. I was not on the waitlist very long at all and I got in, I signed up way late too. I’m in Houston, which is a big market.

      • Ooh, Stephanie, if you’re ever able to refer people please keep me in mind. [email protected]

  32. I’ve been with Play since the beginning and I’m always excited to receive every box. It’s easily one of my favorite boxes!

  33. I’m open to swapping my entire box if anyone is interested 🙂 It’s listed in swaps. I should be receiving it early next week.

    • I am Emily! My email is dddhokie at yahoo dot com . Would love to!

  34. I was going to cancel after this month, but then Sephora had to go and put together this fantastic box! I typically swap almost all my Play items but this one is a 100% keeper.

  35. I would love an invite and it would be very appreciated! my email address is [email protected].

  36. i know its a long shot but if anyone has any invites left and would be willing to send me one that would be amazing. [email protected]

  37. I’m one of the few people who has received this box since the beginning. This is the first box I’m actually not looking forward to. I dislike that liner and cleanser, I’m allergic to most sunscreens, so that just leaves the primer oil and the sponge (I always disregard perfume vials as a sample).

    This is still by far my favorite subscription though!

  38. I’m kind of over waiting for this. I signed up in August, am VIB Rouge, and nothing. Worse yet…I went to check on my status and received a message that they had taken me off the list!!! I asked CS and their response “Sorry, here’s the link you can sign up again.” Really???

    Not impressed with much about Sephora lately. When I became Rouge, which was a big deal and exciting for me, they never sent a welcome kit. When I asked CS, I got 4 different answers, the last of which was another “sorry, we are out of the 2015 gifts. We can’t give you a 2016 gift. But, as good faith, you can pick 3 samples.” Gee, thanks, you mean the free samples we get? That’s what $1000 spent gets you? Needless to say, I fought them and finally got a 2016 gift. Not much appreciation for those “valued” customers. Sorry…didn’t mean for this to be so long.

    • Agreed, Sephora has definitely declined in customer loyalty/rewards. Since becoming Rouge, I hardly get any emails anymore or see less benefits as well. I just spend my money on this site instead 😉

      • I agree also. I joined the waiting list back when it first opened, but at this point, I don’t really care if I’m on it or not. The box contents are usually fairly nice, but nothing I absolutely need.

        I’m Rouge and I might make it again this year at the rate I’m going, but my goal is to spend much less there this year than last year. The rewards are seriously lacking and the only thing I really like is the free Flash shipping, but my town is getting an Ulta soon and then I’ll be shopping there a lot more.

  39. It annoys me tremendously that I am Rouge and I can’t get off the wait list. And this experience has significantly decreased my loyalty as a Sephora customer!

    • Same. A friend of mine subscribes and was able to invite me to join. That’s the only reason I was able to.

  40. I signed up on the first day. I live in the target area. I’m still waiting!

  41. Play is becoming my favorite sub. I was just about to order a new Beauty Blender, but will give this sponge a try first. The soy cleanser is the cleanser I typically use on non-scrub days, so I’m definitely happy to get more.

    • So jealous… id love an invite [email protected] if you have one please

  42. I’ve never tried any of these products, so I’m happy about this month’s box. I just wish they would open the lists up, but then again I don’t think the employees are necessarily ready neither, they still don’t know what to do when I bring in my play pass.

  43. Come on, Sephora, make this available for ALL your loyal customers!

    • Everytime I see the reviews for this, I want to pitch a toddler-level fit, stomping my feet and screaming. I don’t CARE about the in-store parties. JUST GIVE ME THE GOODS.

  44. I used to envy this box… But now it looks like every other box out there. I think I will stick with the “natural” and vegan beauty boxes. They have become the only boxes I have been impressed with lately.

    • Agreed, I don’t see much difference compared to other boxes, and I got tired of waiting, I just don’t care anymore lol.

    • What vegan/natural boxes would you recommend? Sephora is the only beauty box I’ve tried so far but I’m not impressed. I’ll probably switch over to something else and maybe other people can give it a try.

      • Petit Vour, Goodbeing, and LaRitzy are my favorites. Vegan Cuts is not bad either, I just prefer the other three. I have heard good things about Terra Bella and Glowing Beets but have not tried them.

      • I get Petit Vour and Pearlesque Box every month and I usually love everything in both boxes. I’m starting to prefer those over Sephora and haven’t even bought anything at Sephora in months because I’m getting pretty much everything I need in subscription boxes. I also get Birchbox and Ipsy, and am finding that the more I review and like natural products, the more I am getting in those boxes as well.

    • Also agree. I was in the test market area and got one right away, but canceled after three boxes. My main reasons were (1) many samples were the same as from the Beauty Insider birthday and point selections (meaning I already have a lot of them), (2) all nicer brands but nothing new/edgy/unusual, (3) I am also trying to be totally cruelty-free (no buying if parent company isn’t). The booklets are comprehensive but no value added to run to Sephora every month for free makeup lessons or to scan the booklet to watch videos.
      Ulta used to be a joke, but their house brand is cruelty-free, they have redone their rewards so you get cash back to spend on anything, and they have brands that aren’t available at Sephora like It and Lipstick Queen. And I like that you can check out their current ads with all the specials and new stuff on paper or online in one place.

      • I too have found that in recent years Ulta has far-surpassed Sephora! I have been loyal to Sephora for many years, but, perks have all but disappeared, and the 6 month+ wait time to get a Play subscription knowing how much I have spent at Sephora over the years really ticks me off as well! Ulta continues to step up their game…..hope to see an Ulta sub box hit the market! Sephora needs to re-group and step up their game… yesterday!

  45. They are really dragging out the launch of this sub, makes me wonder why.

    • They have opened it up in more states, not sure when they’ll do it nationally…I live in a super small town in WI and got off the waitlist a few weeks ago. I had been on the waitlist since day one, don’t know if that mattered at all.

    • they are probably dragging it out bc they have horrible delivery issues. Mine come whenever it wants. the 9th, the 17th, the 20th. Once I got it a month late. Still waiting on shipping confirmation for this box that they billed on the 8th.

  46. I really hope they pull it together. I’ve been on the “waitlist” since the practically day 1 aaaaaaaaaand shocker, still nothing. In the meantime, I get to see all the monthly reviews of the sub box I’m not being allowed to sign up for :/ *tears up* I guess ipsy will have to keep taking my money instead.

  47. This is a great box. The soy cleanser is an absolute favorite of mine and I’ve heard good things about the eyeliner

    I’m disappointed that I’m still on the wait list after months, and then that whole “refer a friend and they’ll go to the top of the wait list” while so many people have been waiting their place in line thing was annoying.

    I have a gut feeling that they’re pushing out high value initial boxes and keeping it “exclusive” as a marketing strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the box quality plummets once they start letting more people in.

    • I don’t know if the link is still active, but I received an email to refer a friend and she is getting her first box this month. If you don’t mind sharing your email address, I can see if it will still let me refer someone.

      • I would love to get an invite ☺

      • [email protected]

        Would love an invite! Thank you for trying either way!

      • That would be awesome! Let me try to figure out how to send a message lol. Is it region restricted?

        • It looks like I can’t send messages so I’ll just post it…its [email protected]

      • Do you have any invites left? My email address if you do is [email protected]

      • I’d love an invite! My email is wldflowur13 (at) gmail (dot) com

      • can I get one sent to woodworthma at yahoo dot com

  48. Maybe one day they’ll allow me into their elite group. LOL

    • LOL ? I hear ya!! I have been waiting since day one & Nada!!

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