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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Available Now! (AGAIN!)

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Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.15.46 PM

This sale should be back up!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise is available now!

Good to know: All Stylish Surprise items are Final Sale. These sell out VERY quickly – make sure to buy ASAP if you are interested!

More details:

Stylish Surprise – Dresses, $20, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Apparel, $20, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Shoes, $15, available in sizes 5.5-10

Check out our Stylish Surprise reviews to learn more about this offer from Modcloth!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first, and probably last, time doing this. I took a risk and I don’t like anything I got. I ordered two clothing and one shoes. My daughter wears the same size shoe I do, so I thought, if I don’t like them she might.
    I received these ankle boots that neither one of us like, in a 10.
    And a shirt, XL, from Effies Heart this is just awful.


  2. I feel like I was one of the lucky ones! I recieved a gorgeous Steve Madden winter coat in burgundy, Diagonal Alley. (I can’t seem to paste links). And a cute sleeveless Ixia dress, cream with dark blue flowers, Bookmaking Brunch. Both 1x and fit fine. I won’t be able to use the coat until this fall but I don’t mind! After hearing what other people received though, I’m not sure I’ll do it again.

  3. I got my stylish surprise today.

    I got this jacket in heather grey. And I have to say, I’m in love with it. Summer is right around the corner but it’s still snowing here in Michigan.

    I also got a really cute Doe & Rae shirt dress. The only problem is its too tight on my chest.

    I will definitely be ordering again, but next time I’ll order a size up!

  4. Well, I got my 3 pairs of shoes today. All three are bunny shoes πŸ™ One is black, two are gray. I got my money back for the dupe pair, and they are not requiring me to send them back. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these!

    Last time 3 out of 3 pairs were a hit with me. I got bad luck this time πŸ™

    • I got two bunny shoes too, one in black and one in grey and I will never wear either. Super disappointing and the last time I’ll do stylish surprise. I also got two of the same dress. I like the dress but I have no use for the duplicate and wish I would have gotten another different one. Hopefully I can get my money for that.

  5. I just got my dress, top, and shoes yesterday and I love all of them! All three were something that I probably would not have bought but I ended up loving all of them. A lovely long black lace with nude underlay dress, black lace up boots, and a black skull button down shirt. I will definitely do this again!

  6. Oh Dear Lord. Just received my box. This is what I received:

    A coat by BB Dakota that sorta/kinda looks like this.
    It doesn’t have the buttons on the collar, but does have them on the faux pockets.

    The only problem is…they freaking sent me TWO of the same coat!!!! At first I thought it was a different color, but NOPE, both of them are Navy. Not happy about that.

    Some funky high heel shoes. These are it:

    They actually look better than the picture, but can’t say I’ll be wearing them. I just don’t wear heels that often.

    Volatile Women’s Ralla Boots. These are it:

    I might wear this. Can’t decide if I really like them or not.

    Next is this Au Lait, S’il Vous Plait Top:

    Not really my style, but it does feel comfy with lots of give. Only thing, as you can see, is it was on sale for $11.99 on Modcloth and I paid $20!! Again, not happy about that!

    Lastly, I received this Iron Fist Women’s Skull Cardigan:

    Apparently, this is a CHRISTMAS SWEATER! OK, maybe I AM an old fart, but really, Christmas?! hahaha Maybe I just need to get more hip. I AM going to try to wear it though.

    Not sure I’ll ever do this again, but the excitement was fun.

    • You should definitely get in touch with ModCloth customer service and let them know they sent you two of the same item! I’ve read comments from other people who had the same thing happen, and ModCloth gave them a refund for the extra item. The apparel item I got this time around was not even close to being true to size, so I let ModCloth know and they gave me a refund, which I really, really appreciated.

  7. Just got my one apparel item. It’s a comfy oversized Fervour mustard yellow sweatshirt with asymmetric zipper. Fits great and actually a fun surprise, so I’d do a stylish surprise again!

  8. I was soooo nervous after reading these comments but i am totally in love with 3 out of the 4 items I got. I received a 3/4 black shirt with a sheer overlay–perfect for work, a short sleeve button down sweater in cream, a pair of brown/rust heels with strings and a pair of silvery blue strappy wedges (which i unfortunately will not wear). I really hope they dont up the price again though bc I dont think it will be worth it at that point, knowing most of the items received are 70% off. With what I got this time, I will probably partake once more in Stylish Surprise πŸ™‚

  9. My box is coming today and I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. I’m convinced I’ll love them and they won’t fit, or they will be hideous and a perfect fit. LOL

  10. Sooooo completely annoyed with ModCloth! They “oversold” the stylish shoe surprise and only sent me the shirt that I bought (not a surprise item). They should have asked if I still wanted that item. Seems like such a scam. I will NEVER buy from them again. Wouldn’t it have made sense to limit others orders to 2 each.

  11. I guess I mostly lucked out this time! I ordered 5 pairs of shoes and though 4/5 of them are boots they are all boots I would actually have bought myself:

    2 pairs of high Machi boots in slightly different Lily styles – one black, the other a reddish brown.

    Restricted booties (

    and Soda boots (

    The 5th pair are kind of dressy black flats with gold metal bows ( They are a bit too tight and the gold bows seem to have a few dings so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them.

  12. We got ours, and I’m mixed on it but I knew it would be clearance stuff. My dd got a dress with foxes and squirrels on it but we ordered a medium, she got a large(it was marked medium on outside bag, large dress inside) It’s cute, reg $99 dress( ) . She chatted with Modcloth and they are refunding since it they sent the wrong size. For me, I got a Madden Girl wool coat but it fits like a 2X in the chest(I ordered a 3X) Mine was orig. $89.
    I think we kind of lucked out because they are both nice items.

  13. Just received by surprise box (1 dress, 1 apparel, and 1 shoe) and must say it was a great success over all!

    The dress was the real star of the box and I can see wearing it all summer dressed up or dressed down. (

    Shoes were my next favorite. Not a style I would have picked for myself, but I’m sure I can get use out of them. (

    And finally apparel, where I received a gray and black poncho, which made me laugh as summer is just around the corner. It’s cute and hopefully I can pair with skinny black pants, boots, and a neutral long sleeve top. Can’t find it online to show.

  14. I received mine today: one dress, two apparel, and two pairs of shoes. I got a nude cami (Wtf!!), a 3/4 length t-shirt, two pairs of boots that look the same except one pair has fur in them, and a maxi dress that is about 2 feet taller than I am. I can now say that I’ll never buy another Stylish Surprise. The last time I received an elf dress (dress version of this thing, and I should have learned my lesson then. I am mostly upset about receiving a cami because I would never, ever spend $20 on a cami. Never. I feel like I’ve been scammed, big time.

  15. Well…I just got mine today. First time shopper. They were right — I was VERY surprised!

    I received a green and white dress with snowflakes on it. (

    and this red/white dress, which looks way cheaper in person (like cotton pajamas, actually — the white piping makes it look like something you’d pick up around the holidays to wear to bed):

    The snowflake dress is comfortable and I like the style of it…but, really? Wear this is the summer and look like a moron? I’m not a fan of the other, but without putting it next to the snowflake dress, it could be dressed down to look like “Christmas”y.

    I complained and they said they could offer me a “one-time courtesy” of shipping the items back for store credit. But the stylish surprise has ended, and I’m torn about hanging these in my closet for 8 months or putting the $44 towards something I can wear now…

    • I think the dresses you got are very cute! Compared to others I’ve seen, prom dresses, wedding dresses…yours are wearable!

    • That red dress looks like an “I Love Lucy show dress” – Lucille Ball.

      • Actually I guess it kind of has a cute retro feel though:)

    • I love both of those and they are very typical ModCloth. Stylish Surprise is never going to be on season necessarily. It’s clearance and ModCloth makes no bones about it.But I frankly think neither of those dresses are necessarily winter dresses, especially the red one, which looks summery. Look at the styling in the photos on the bottom right- that is a summer picnic dress.

    • I really like the red dress – so wearable! I got a very prommy dress that I will donate to one of those great charities that give prom dresses to girls who need them! What size is the red dress?

  16. I ordered a dress, hoping for something cute I could wear to a friend’s wedding later this month. I received literally the ugliest dress that I, my family and my friends have ever seen. It is orange, brown and mustard yellow with a camo/tree pattern. Did anyone else get this dress? The company should be ashamed of themselves! I literally can’t give that ugly thing away. On the upside, the 20 bucks may have been worth the entertainment value of laughing with everyone I showed the dress to!

    • Post it to swaps!!

  17. Got my stylish suprise dress today and I love it! Sleeveless Gilli brand with a dark red top and roses on the skirt with a black background. It makes my boobs look awesome haha. Much better experience this time around, last time I received a homecoming gown.

  18. Just got my box, and all I wanted was for at least 1 of my 3 items to be great… And I mostly got my wish. The one apparel item I got is HIDEOUS, and it’s completely the wrong size. I ordered a 2x but I measured the top I got and it was 4x measurements! I would be totally OK had it been the right size (it’s marked as a 2x, but it doesn’t match the size chart at all) and hadn’t been flattering on me, but this isn’t even close. I actually just wrote to ModCloth to let them know I’m super disappointed by their size chart.

    I also got two shoes and one is some brown suede ankle boots with tons of fringe, so it’s way too comically country for me, but I don’t even care because the other shoes I got are GORGEOUS. (Blue patent leather pumps with a nude trim.) I don’t have anywhere to wear them to where I currently live, but they’re just so pretty that I’m gonna be happy just staring at them in my closet, haha!

  19. I decided to take a chance on this since it seems so popular. My box came today and was a total bust. πŸ™ The shoes are uncomfortably small (I wear an 8-9 and ordered a 9). The shirt fits great, is super comfortable…but it’s covered in skulls…. So disappointed.

  20. Well, my SS was delivered today. 2 pair of bootie heels( same, but different in color) a pair of gold ( wedding like) heels. Two dresses with awesome style, but hideous patterns, and a skirt that I wouldn’t know what to do with. I was hoping for boots or a coat/ jacket. I liked 2 out of 6.

    • Bummer … swap time! And thanks for sharing.

    • I got two pairs of boots with heels–what size do you wear?

  21. I had a major hit last time and a major miss. Got a lovely sweater and then a skirt that was probably 4 sizes too small. I think this will be my last stylish surprise, esp if they keep the prices higher or increase them more.

    *fingers crossed for good ones–I got 2 apparel and 2 shoes*

  22. I didn’t get any this time. I have previously. First time was a dress that I loved. Second time I ordered a dress and shoe surprise. The dress was pretty but I haven’t worn it yet. The shoes were awful! They had pizza slices printed on them.

  23. I keep seeing people complain that what you get isn’t worth it. Am I the only one who only buys the stylish surprises with (mostly an) intent on reselling them on eBay for a bigger profit? A dress can get me $50+ each, and I usually get 4 to 10 of these each time. I keep what I like, but what I don’t like ends up on eBay and I always make my money back AND extra!

    • if you don’t mind my asking, what do you typically list them at? I buy a lot on ebay but have never sold so I’m not sure what you’d have to list it at to make a profit after ebay takes their cut. One of my dresses can only be worn with shapewear and is still uncomfortable lol. Would like to try and sell it.

  24. I finally got in on this last time and bought 2 apparel items. I ordered up to make sure things would fit loosely. The sizing turned out to be so far off, by at least a whole size, if not more, that things either didn’t fit at all or were tighter than I’d planned. I got one button-down shirt that was OK and I would have liked well enough if it didn’t run as short as a petite (and wasn’t way to small to button). The other thing was a flowered blouse that, from a certain point of view, looks like a polyester nurses top. It also didn’t have a tag, which didn’t seem right to me. I contacted Modcloth about it but they never responded to my email. There are no non-special circumstances returns on these items, so I’ve been stuck with it.

    I suspect this ends up being a ripoff for most people. The shirts I got would sell for around $10-$20 in person, if anyone would even buy them before they were on clearance, and they’ve just found a way to trick you into getting them.

    Ugh, I don’t mean to sound like a sour-puss (maybe I am one), but the items were bad AND they don’t even fit? I simply can’t justify taking a gamble on this again. I wouldn’t know what size to order. I can find better deals elsewhere. I wish it was worth it because taking the gamble is super fun, but it’s not fun if the chances of it paying off are so extremely low.

    The shoes might be worth it if you aren’t hard to fit (and if they don’t give you 2 identical pairs like they did to one of the reviewers on this site). I wear a size 11 and have a hard time getting shoes that fit well, so this won’t be an option for me personally.

    Ok, rant over. I hope everyone who bit the bullet gets great stuff! As you can tell, I’m sad that I can’t justify this and that I think I’ve proven to myself it’s a bad deal most of the time.

  25. I got one apparel just for fun. Hopimg for a nice coat, but if it’s a disaster, at least it’s only $20…ok 27 with tax and shipping.

    • I’ve either heard great or disastrous things about the items people receive so I thought I’d start simple and just try for a pair of shoes. With a lot of the reviews I’ve seen the shoes can be either really cute or really…something lol. If it’s terrible than I can justify $20 (shoes plus shipping).

  26. Just ordered a single shoe since I need a new pair anyway. I had to sign up to buy it and I ended up with a nice coupon for the site so either way I will be happy!

  27. Last time I got 3 blouses that were cheap quality and just meh. Not worth $20 imo. Hating those price increases. I got some shoes and if they’re not worth it, this will be my last stylish surprise.

  28. I know this is such a gamble, so the thrill has worn off for me. I’d much rather buy things for the same price that I choose myself, on sale; I’ve gotten some great things on Modcloth for this price and cheaper when they have super sale. Those items are usually not returnable, but at least I get to choose them myself. The mystery totes I got from Golden Tote last month were also a big disappointment. Luckily I can sell some things to my local Buffalo Exchange to make some of my money back. And then there’s the entertainment value of being surprised.

    It’s probably the fact that I’m moving in a few months that makes me wary of acquiring more things.

    • I agree about the Golden Tote Surprise being a disappointment. I haven’t worn anything at all from my tote and I ordered it last year. I did order one shoe surprise from ModCloth and hoping for the best,if I don’t like what I receive then lesson learned:( Good luck in your move!

  29. I love dresses and have always looked but never bought from ModCloth so I’m excited to see what I get. With friends and family in about the same size as me it should find a nice home if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit!

  30. I have been trying to get this for the longest time, but I always miss it! I ordered 1 dress, 1 of the shoes, and 1 apparel. I am so excited! I love their stuff, but it’s out of my budget. So this way, I can finally get something at an affordable price. I also love surprises, so its a win-win!

  31. I ordered two dresses, two shoes and one apparel. Hoping I like at least 2 out of 5!

  32. Woohoo! Finally got shoes in my size!! I just missed them every single other time this sale has happened. Yay!!!!

  33. I got 4 dresses, 4 apparel, and 4 shoes. There are five females in this household, so we share. πŸ™‚ I refreshed right at noon and never saw apartment as a choice at all. I’ve never been able to get them. Oh, well. I’m excited and can’t wait for them to show up! πŸ™‚

    • I ordered five minutes before noon and never saw the apartment option! I think it was never an option to begin with…

      • I saw it out there and actually had it in my cart but by the time I checked out, it said it was sold out

  34. This will be my first time buying. I bought two dresses. I hope they’re nice!

  35. Yesssss, I finally got it!!!! Ordered 3 dresses & a pair of shoes!

  36. I bought 2 apparel, 1 dress and 1 pair of shoes. I sized up to an 8.5 for the shoes this time. I usually wear a size 8 but my last pair from stylish surprise were too small. I bought a pair in 8.5 from them for a wedding recently and they fit just right.

  37. Prices doubled for apparel and went up $5 for shoes… Easy pass since all my items were a bust last time.

    I’m assuming the higher prices means it might be more winter items, boots and jackets type of stuff.

    • Yeah, I was surprised to see apparel for the same price as the dresses!

  38. I just impulse bought a surprise dress – I absolutely love their designs so I really hope it fits!

    • I sized up this time. I’m hoping they fit!

      • I normally wear a L/XL but since I gotta bust that could bust some buttons, I sized up to a 1x! Hopefully, I made the right decision *fingers crossed*

        • Same here! I’ve bought large, XL from them a 1x…crossing fingers. Mod Cloth really knows how to make a woman feel fat!

          • Ain’t that the truth! I had a little heart-to-heart with myself in the mirror before buying the dress – “It’s not you, it’s the constricting-nature-of-the-dress’s-torso-region.”

          • Could you post when you get it and let us know how that worked out? I got a Large but now wondering if I should have done what you did.

  39. What do you think apparel consists of?? I’m on the fence!

    • In the past I’ve gotten t-shirts, blouses, skirts, and coats. It’s pretty much anything that’s not a dress, I guess. πŸ™‚

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