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Miss Tutii Subscription Box Review + Coupon – March 2016

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Miss Tutii is an international beauty subscription featuring popular products from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland (?) and more.

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The Subscription Box: Miss Tutii

COUPON: Use code FIRST10 to save 10% off your first month (month-to-month subscriptions only).

The Cost:  TutiiMask ($12/month, receive 6-8 masks); TutiiBag ($15/month, receive 4-5 deluxe samples and/or full sized products); TutiiBox ($29/month, receive 5-6 full sized and/or premium samples).  This is a review of the TutiiBag.

The Products: Popular skincare products, masks, and other beauty items from Asia and beyond!


Ships to:  US (free), Canada ($5.95), International ($8.95)

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The bag came with this information card, which included directions for each product (the labels were not in English so this was helpful) as well as the products’ intended effects.


It’s Skin Mini Bebe Creamy Foam Cleanser in Pomegranate (30 mL) – Value $4.99

This product is from Korea.

Multiple scents of this were sent out.  I got pomegranate which is fine by me, though I probably would’ve liked any of them.  This is a foaming cleanser.  You put a little in your hands with water and rub together to create the foam.  It’s more of a second step cleanser for me as it doesn’t remove makeup so well.  (If you are looking for a good first step oil cleanser, I like this one from Sephora.)  I found it gentle and non-drying.  Apparently it can also be used as a hand wash, although that may be a translation issue…

It is a bit difficult to find a full ingredients list but this has (I think) a milk protein extract that helps to create the bubbles, plus aloe vera for moisturizing and green tea extracts (which will contain some antioxidants).

Natur SC Egg Sleeping Pack (1 pack) – Value $2.24

This product is from Korea.

I think the packaging is seriously adorable.  There is a little yellow “yolk” ball floating in the clear gel (although there is also a yellow dot printed on the package to make the egg look more dramatic).  You take the little spatula and stir up the egg, then use it like a typical sleeping mask.  There was a LOT of product in the pack, probably more than I needed for one use, although there is not a good way to save what’s left over so I just slathered it on.  I was definitely feeling moisturized when I woke up the next day.  This was a fun and appropriate inclusion for Easter.

This contains egg yolk extract, which will have lots of protein and fatty acids for moisture.  It also has egg shell powder; this is listed as having pore tightening and firming properties but egg shells are mostly calcium so I am not sure about this.  Unless the egg shell membrane is also included, because there is some collagen in those membranes and that is often touted as having firming properties.  This also contains arbutin, which inhibits an enzyme in the pathway that produces melanin, so this is often used as a skin-lightening agent.  (I don’t worry about those too much because I am so pale.)

Etude House Real Art No Washing Cleansing Water (15 mL) – Value $0.66

This product is from Korea.

This is a micellar water.  Although I have a few samples of that from other boxes, I haven’t started using them yet.  So this is the first one I tried.  I first used makeup remover wipes on my eyes and lips, then a solid cleansing gel and a separate cleansing foam, and then I poured some of this on a cotton pad and wiped it over my face.  It got off some foundation that all my other products hadn’t, so that’s great.  This would be a good alternative if you can’t handle astringents or toners, although if you have oily skin like I do, this may not get rid of all the oil.

This has all kinds of interesting ingredients including many silicones.  It also has snail slime (for moisture), niacinamide (for brightening/evening of the skin tone), dragon’s blood (Croton lechleri resin extract) which includes some antioxidants, and an algae extract which may have anti-aging effects (too soon to tell on that!).


Tonymoly Tony Lip Tint in Delight (full size!) – Value $6

This product is from Korea.

I was first introduced to this in the K-Beauty Birchbox curated box a few months back.  And I loved it.  So I bought three full-sized ones in three colors.  Now I have two of this one.  What I like about this product is that you can build the color for varying intensities and once it dries, it does not come off without some serious effort.  I do usually put a clear or lightly-tinted gloss over it for moisture.

This has a lot of ingredients that should make it moisturizing (argan oil, trehalose, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, etc.) but it is really not super moisturizing once it has dried.

RiRe Vvvic Lip Scrub (10 mL) – Value $3.45

This product is from Korea.

It is funny, but I was almost out of lip scrub so I ordered one from Ulta (if I use drying lip products and need to exfoliate or am trying to get the last traces of a tint off, I find scrubs really help) .  Then I received two in subscription boxes like the next week.  But this is a little different than other lip scrubs.  It doesn’t have sugar grains or anything.  Instead, it is a product you rub in (kind of like the Real Chemistry 3-Minute Peel) and then dead skin will bead up and can be wiped away.  This is going to be super useful for when my lips are already chapped and peeling.

I am having one heck of a time finding an ingredients list.  Every site that has this reviewed or for sale, copies and pastes the same set of directions and not much more.  Whatever is in this did not cause irritation but it is probably something to use a few times a week and not every day.


Here is a swatch of the lip tint.  It is very long lasting (some of it was still there the next day…).

Verdict:  I calculated a value of $17.34 for the March 2016 Miss Tutii Bag.   This is a little more than the cost of the bag, although please be aware that prices are all over the place for Korean cosmetic and skincare products.  I personally am happy that I got to try four new products (and gained a backup of a favorite lip tint) and I am enjoying this subscription quite a bit.

I said this last time but it bears repeating: there are a few things you may want to be cautious of (with any Asian beauty subscription, really, not just this one).  If you have allergies, you should know that the ingredients are not available on the packages in English for some of the products.  You can almost certainly guarantee that some of the products will have animal-derived ingredients (honey, donkey milk, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.), so this would not be for vegans.

What did you think of the March 2016 Miss Tutii Bag?  Do you get any K-Beauty or Asian Beauty subscriptions?

Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. it’s worth noting that skin-lightening and whitening products from korea are often labeled that way but meant for hyperpigmentation. they’re a misnomer that leads a lot of people to rightfully assume they’re bleaching products 🙁 i’ve been using korean skincare for a long time now and it’s evident that this is just a really unfortunate way of naming products (which does ultimately stem from that awful mentality of pale = good, dark = bad) because those products don’t lighten my skin to any degree. i’m also very pale but i have a lot of very small freckles on my face and those don’t fade or disappear due to lightening products either. lightening products do, however, do a great job on acne scarring and other hyperpigmentation for me!

  2. the ingredients list for the cleansing water on etude house is incorrect. The actual ingredients label of the product does not contain snail slime or things like that, it is an herbal cleansing water…

    • If you click on the link to the Etude House micellar water, it will take you to the Etude House page for the product. On that page is a tab for “ingredients.” And the first thing in the list is “snail secretion filtrate.” So I got the ingredients list for that one directly from the manufacturer.

      In general, micellar water HAS to have something in it besides water. Micelles are little fatty droplets (this is an oversimplification) suspended in water.

  3. A great lip scrub without any harmful ingredients can be made by mixing olive oil and either sugar or salt into a paste and rub onto your lips. I use a spoon and mix up just enough needed for one application.

  4. Collagen is a large molecule, and cannot penetrate the epidermal cells. *If* it has health benefits, you have to eat it to get them. Smearing it on your skin will do exactly zero.

    • True! But collagen is still a good moisturizer so it’s got some benefits.

  5. I got the Tutti box and was really happy with it.
    It had the same Tony Moly lip tint as the tutiibox but everything else was different.

    Holika holika Smooth Egg skin cleansing foam – full size
    Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher – full size retail $23
    Banila Golden Aloe sheet mask
    Elimina Eye Kiss gel eye mask – Already ordered more.
    Missha bubble maker

    I will use everything except maybe the bubble maker. I had already purchased the same lip tint from Birchbox so I am glad to have a back up.
    I cancelled my tuttibox subscription but only because I have soooo much product. I think I will definitely sign up again in the future if they keep up the quality.

  6. Thanks for the review. I’m totally fascinated by Asian Beauty. Although, I’m going to stick to the less “icky” ingredient name of snail secretion filtrate (rather than snail slime). I have no objection to using this ingredient but when I really think about it, it does sound gross. (And, I worry about the snails….are they free range? Also, who collects this secretion? Can you imagine that job description on your resume? )

  7. Great review, I tried the FIRST10 code but it only took 10% off…

    • Maybe that is a typo? FIRST10 sounds more like it should be a 10% code…or try SUB20 and see if that works. (I don’t always insert the coupon lines in these reviews. Sometimes that is done for me.)

      • No worries ?

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