Doorstep Desserts Subscription Box Review + Coupon -Mar 2016

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Doorstep Desserts is a subscription box that sends dessert kits you can construct at home.


I reviewed a box from Doorstep Desserts back in October, right after the subscription launched, and I had some concerns about their price, packaging, and product.


Doorstep Desserts has since lowered their prices and improved their packaging, so I was excited to give the subscription another try.


This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Doorstop Desserts

The Cost: $15 per box

COUPON: Get your first kit for $3.75 with code MSA75!

The Products: Pre-portioned dessert ingredients and a recipe card with step-by-step assembly instructions.

Ships to: US

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Each week, Doorstop Desserts offers a choice of two desserts, and subscribers this week could choose between Red Velvet Cake and Eclair Cake. I picked Red Velvet Cake.


I received a recipe card with step-by-step instructions for constructing the dessert.


The other side of the card showed what the completed cake should look like. It was also marked with an allergy warning and a use by date.


On a separate card, I found nutrition facts and a list of ingredients.


Doorstop Desserts included two 5-inch, pre-baked red velvet cakes and all of the ingredients required to make them into a small layer cake.

To construct the cake, I began by cutting each of the cake rounds in half.


I layered Cream Cheese filling between each of the layers.


Doorstep Desserts included a piping bag for applying the top layer of frosting. I don’t really think a piping bag was necessary for the task, and, furthermore, I’m a little confused by what they sent. Instead of sending a piping tip to use with the bag, they sent part of a coupler, which is used to secure a piping tip in place (often used for intricate piping work or when you want to change piping tips without changing bags). A coupler consists of two pieces that screw together, and they only included the coupler base. I suppose a coupler base can be used as a piping tip, but it’s not the right piece of equipment for the job.


I spread the top layer of white buttercream icing on the top of the cake and finished it by sprinkling on some of the cake crumbs.


The cake was easy to assemble, and it turned out pretty cute!


The red velvet sponge was very soft, but I thought the cake was just okay. I didn’t get much cream cheese flavor from the filling, and both the cream cheese filling and white buttercream icing were VERY sugary.

The Verdict: I’m pleased to see that Doorstep Desserts has made some changes since the last time I reviewed it. The new packaging is a big improvement, and I’m pleased that the cake components arrived in good condition. I also think it’s great that they’ve lowered the cost of the subscription from $18-22 per box (depending on delivery frequency) to $15 per box. The instructions were easy to follow, and the cake turned out nicely. I imagine this could be a fun subscription for kids or for people looking to occasionally make quick, semi-homemade desserts at home. Unfortunately, for me, this box still misses the mark. As I mentioned in my last review, I think it’s fair to charge a premium for a dessert kit if the components are made with high quality ingredients, but I don’t feel that’s the case here. Based on the provided ingredient list, I think it’s safe to say that Doorstep Desserts relies on mixes and isn’t baking from scratch. (The ingredient list includes artificial color, corn syrup, and preservatives, and it’s very similar to the ingredients found in boxed cake mix.) Considering that a box of cake mix and a jar of frosting costs less than $6, $15 for this box still seems a little high. If the kits contained homemade cakes and frosting made from simple, quality ingredients (or the supplies to make those things yourself at home), I think I could better justify the price.

Have you tried Doorstep Desserts? What did you think of your dessert kit?

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

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  1. I could see this sub working for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time. Going to a restaurant, or buying ingredients yourself and then baking at home, takes time. That would be cheaper, and might taste better, and I do get that. But if you work an 8a-6p job, and have an hour commute each way, and have already spent time putting dinner on the table, I could see shelling out $10-$15 for an assembly-style dessert. It could be fun, kind of like those Japanese DIY candy kits.

  2. I love the concept of being able to create different desserts each week, almost a sweet version of Plated!
    This completely misses the mark. I think I’d even prefer it if they sent the cake box mix to me, so at least I can get the enjoyment of creating something, if it isn’t a high quality cake.

  3. i think yr review is pretty acurate. i just cant fathom paying even $15 for this, when i can easily bake a pre packaged cake for around $5. i would like this sub if they had more gormet desserts, creative mixes with fresh ingredients. i would love to discover new yummy recipes. i cant imagine people going for this. Perhaps as a one time thing, but its just not coat effective.

  4. The main thing that turns me off of this box (besides them obviously not knowing their equipment) is the lack of information on the recipe cards. I use my meal/recipe subs to get ideas, and part of their value is that I can make the recipe myself if I love the result. The whole “one container” thing…how much is in one container? What exactly is this? Coupled with the mystery cake (gives me huge middle school mystery meat vibes), the recipe card is almost useless.

  5. I am surprised the sub would send a trained pastry chef a box of cake mix and tub frosting! This is just a weird sub. There is nothing unique about it. For $10 more, I can send a college student a dozen made in house cupcakes or a fancy bakery cake!

    • Yep, you can easily get a fancy bakery cake for $15. I’m sorry, but I don’t see this sub lasting for long unless there are some serious changes made.

  6. i had higher hopes since you said it had improvements but upon getting to the bottom I realized that they were of the quality I was hoping for. It did look good and if it was higher quality ingredients…hmmm. so I guess everything comes prebaked? Maybe I’ll still check out some more reviews in the future and look for more changes. Your coupon for the first box does still seem pleasing. 🙂

  7. I don’t think you can make red velvet cake these days without LOADS of artificial color. The chemical reaction that turns the batter red doesn’t happen with the way the ingredients (cocoa) are processed these days.

    But it is so easy to do from scratch. I use the Paula Deen recipe for the cake (not sure that I care for her so much but she does know Southern desserts) but with cream cheese frosting all over.

    • I worked at a restaurant long ago where the pastry chef used red beets for coloring the red velvet cake instead of any artificial color and the cake was then topped with candied beets, so good! The color was slightly more burgundy, but very close and guests were always impressed with the creative use of natural ingredients.

    • You have inspired me! I’ve never actually made red velvet cake from scratch before so I’m going to try it!

      • If you want to do it without any added colouring, search for a cocoa that’s not alkalized and be sure your recipe includes either vinegar or buttermilk. It will be slightly reddish compared to a regular chocolate cake.

  8. This could be good for someone in college or who doesn’t really bake or have access to an oven. But for me it doesn’t look that appealing. I’d rather make my cake from scratch.

    • Even when I was in college there was no way I’d spend what little money I had on something like this! This subscription makes me mad because they’re clearly scamming people. Use Pinterest (or the internet) if you want easy and fun recipes that are inexpensive. There was a similar sub that was in Popsugar stating a small bag of sugar cookie mix with a cookie cutter was $12. I almost threw it away out of disgust for the company, but, sugar… If you want to spend $15 on dessert, just go out to dinner at a REALLY fancy restaurant or buy your own nice ingredients.

      • While I agree that you could get more for your money by buying mixes/scratch baking or a bakery cake, this still may be fun and worthwhile for some. Some people have plenty of disposable income. (not me though) I’ll give it a try for $4.00. Unless I am missing something, this is not a scam they have clearly posted the price/terms and are not deceiving anyone.

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