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BoxyCharm April 2016 FULL SPOILERS!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.18.54 PM

We have the full April 2016 Boxycharm spoilers thanks to Courtney!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11

The box will include

FYI – There is typically some variation in Boxycharm boxes, but we know all subscribers will receive the Blinc Black Lash Primer.


What do you think of the full April 2016 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of past Boxycharm boxes to learn more about this subscription box.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (80)

  1. Wth am I supposed to do with this green (Bali) eyeliner? Wait for St. Patrick’s Day? ?

    • This is for May idk how I went back to April lol

  2. Unfortunately, last September, I got a year’s subscription for myself for my birthday. I read reviews, did all the research and decided on BoxyCharm over GlossyBox. And now I’m stuck and not digging most of the boxes. Disappointing.

  3. Hmm is it me or is our products getting smaller and smaller? Got the liquid lipstick as a sample but in previous boxes we got the same ofra lipstick full size…….

  4. I cancelled after the pathetic Feb box, and was so glad I did when I saw what was in the March box. I actually really like the looks of the April box…Blinc is my mascara of choice, so I’m happy to get this Blinc primer! I just reactivated my subscription. Now I’m just hoping that they send me the April box, rather than the loser March box, which is shown on the website (though it says April). Keeping my fingers crossed,… I’ll be so bummed if a leftover March box is what I get!

  5. I’ve been subscribing since last March, the 2015 boxes were SO much better curated. I honestly feel bad for the people who subscribed based on the products and reviews featured in last year’s boxes. I’ve been so underwhelmed with the February and March boxes-even Ipsy has an ofra pan going out in some of the April boxes. The only thing that keeps me holding on is FOMO! I’ve only been subscribing month-to-month, but I have never paused my subscription from the beginning. I’m hoping they return to their old formula and mix it up a little bit with some of the brands they feature. At least this April box truly contains full sized items which is a vast improvement over struggle boxes sent out in February and March!

    • I totally agree! A handcream and lip balm in one month? Such a bummer. These all feel like fillers instead of real products. Bring back old BoxyCharm!

  6. Now it just looks like they are shoving left overs into the boxes. didn’t we just get an brown ofra lipstick. ummm fall is over. I’m so done with this box it’s starting to turn into BB5. Step it back up BoxyCharm.

    • The ofra lipstick is pink.

      • Actually I got Americano, which is a redish brown (I’d call it terracotta) color. I’m not sure what other colors were sent out. I love this color actually but I don’t plan to wear it until the fall.

  7. I’m all for an ofra lip color but do they have to do the brown colors? A couple months ago I got a brown one too. Not everyone gives a sh** that Kylie Jenner wears a brown lip.

    • Hahah I agree.. I personally could care less about the Kardashians and wish they would stop brainwashing the public into thinking they are of some importance. I know that’s mean to say but really tho…

    • I’ve loved brown lipstick since I was a kid in the early 90s…I’ve never seen Kylie wear brown, but I don’t keep tabs on her

    • The lipstick is pink.

  8. so very disappointing! yet again….BoxyCharm needs to step up there game.

    • H

  9. I canceled just in time lol

    • You and me both !

    • ditto!

    • I didn’t cancel in time. 🙁

  10. Disappointed in this one. I don’t need anything relating to lip moisture, even in the winter. I really hope that eye shadow isn’t blue. I don’t like the blinc formulas at all. I just organized all my samples and I have a TON of lotion now. A drawer full!

    I am holding out that next month will be a better match for me though.

    • I did that with February and March when April spoilers came out I tried to cancel but no luck. I figure now that I’ve spent $63.00 I could have taken that money and surprised myself with something that I would at least be excited about.

      I feel like they must have lost resources or contracts or something because they sure have gone down hill these last 3 months. I was holding on thinking it was slump. I’m now thinking something has changed.

  11. Sadly they don’t ship to Alaska

  12. Please be an April fool’s joke Boxycharm!!!! This is not thrilling AT ALL!

  13. Not quite too sure how to feel about the hand cream since I don’t usually use that in summer but I may be able to save it until winter or give it away. But it says “butter” and if it’s got butter in the name or the recipe I’m usually good with getting it hahaha. I’m SO excited for the OFRA lipstick! I got one in Americano last year and loved it all fall. I went and bought 3 more with the 40% off discount from my Ipsy as well. Now they’re sending me Pasadena?! BOXY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I still have yet to use all of my YourMinerals setting powder from last year though because I wasn’t a fan. Hopefully the eyeshadow is better. I was *this* close to buying a $36 lip treatment until seeing that Boxy will include by PurLisse, no less! They occasionally have a real funny way of sending me the exact item I need hahaha. Idk what to think of the primer though? Blinc is now my mascara. Like it’s all I use. But I have a holy grail primer I would kill for rather than give up lmao but maybe this will work better with the Blinc mascara. I did notice my primer turns the mascara fairly dry. CANT WAIT for this box though. I love boxy so much more than any other sub box. They may give me some misses once in a while but the good products almost make me cry hahahaha

  14. I loved the Blinc and Ofra products I received from Boxycharm in the past. Really looking forward to this box.

  15. I checked the “charms only” page on the Boxycharm website today because they often offer for sale items that will be included in the upcoming box before the box contents are disclosed. I’m hoping that the Tarte Maracuja Bronzing serum and Tarte Lipsurgence lip crayon that are currently listed as available for purchase on the website may be included in the April box instead of one or more of the products shown in the photo, above, some of which I have already received.

    • I don’t think they will be. They are from last years box that they still have for sale so I’m guessing they haven’t been able to sale those boxes. Maybe some new subscribers will luck out and receive them.

      • Perhaps, but they are the first 2 items shown when you sort by “newest.”

  16. Although I love surprises, I’m so excited for this months box! I’ve been waiting for them to put Ofra lippies back in the box, their formula’s are long lasting. I’ve been a subscriber for three months now and they never disappoint. Can’t wait to get my box. ❤️

  17. I LOVE this month box!! The blinc primer and it’s amazing. I personally paid paid $26 on Sephora’s site. I don’t have the Ofra lip colors they show so that’s exited. I mean come on all this for $21?!?

    • I understand, of course if these are products that you like or are interested in trying then yes it’s totally worth the $21 price. Unfortunately for me, it’s not worth it. I already own some of these products and don’t want extras. So I did cancel. Hopefully I will like boxes in the future so I can get those boxes but for me, I’ve wasted enough money on boxes I don’t like. ?

  18. Let me know if anyone wants this box. I am in SF.

    I just cancelled – the last 2 months and now this is just sad.

    • yes! me!

  19. I too just cancelled, I love getting full size products but it’s not worth getting full size products that I won’t use. I have never gotten anything amazing from boxycharm so bye bye, at least for now. ?

  20. Cancelled after a year and a half, just not worth the price anymore ;(

  21. I never signed up for this box and I’ve regretted that decision numerous times. But this? This is a lame, lame box.

  22. I just cancelled. I doubt like the last 2 months AT ALL and now I’m grateful more than ever that I was able to see what was in this month’s box before they billed me. I am all set. June would have made a year I was with them. I was happy with these boxes and loved loved lived boxycharm but now, I’m just all set

  23. Until the last month’s box, I adored Boxycharm, and April’s box looks even more depressing. Sad when the only item I am remotely interested in is a hand cream. Bummer!

  24. Wow, I’m happier than ever that I cancelled 2 months ago. Didn’t they just send the Ofra liquid lipstick a few months ago?

    • Yes, but it was a different color.

  25. I’ve been regretting the 6 month prepaid subscription that I bought during their Black Friday sale. The past several boxes have been complete duds. This is the last of the line for me. Enough with the OFRA, already. The Americana was a horrible color and really drying. I don’t want another one. I received the Pur Lisse lip balm last month. What’s up with the same product two months in a row?! Does anyone know if the Blinc primer is any better than the Blinc mascara? I was not a fan of the mascara. That leaves a loose eyeshadow…which I probably will never use since I’m a palette gal, and handcream. Meh. Too bad there’s next to nothing in stock to use my points on.

    • I bought the 6 month sub during Black Friday and have regretted it ever since! So I guess May is the last? I wanna make sure I cancel before getting re-billed.

      The purlisse lip is very runny. It’s crap. Nothing great at all about this box. Same companies every other month.

      • Desiree, if you bought the box during the Black Friday special in November, November was your first box under that six month plan. They double billed me for four months (I previously had a month to month plan) before figuring that out. Your last prepaid box should be the April box. They told me that the six-month subscription would automatically renew if I failed to cancel prior to May 3.

      • Thanks Cheryl! I was a month to month until the Black Friday special deal..they also double billed me for a 6 month and continued to bill me monthly for two months. I’ll be cancelling as soon as I receive April’s box.

      • Hey there, first time commenter long time lurker. I remember reading that with boxycharm if you cancel a long term subscription (6 or 12 months) at any point your subscription keeps going until the end date. It’s prepaid so even if you canceled the month after you ordered they will keep sending the boxes until the amount of time you prepaid is up.

  26. FYI – that picture is not what Pasadena looks like at ALL. Ofra has terribly inaccurate color representations on their website. It’s a really natural pink nude. Not brown.

    I’ll actually use everything in this box other than the eye shadow. I’m excited!

  27. I just cancelled. January was my first month with Boxycharm doing the 3 month sub. !st box was definitely the best and been downhill since. I ended up spending more money to buy a Z pallet after getting pans the last 2 months. So this month just does not seem to have even the $21 value to me. I will definitely keep my eye out for future boxes though, but will only do single month if I do reactivate my account.

  28. Thought I would use points before canceling my subscription and they are out of everything I even remotely want.

  29. Though Boxycharm always has a good retail value, I don’t feel very excited about the items they usually offer. I guess I’m not really their demographic.

  30. Yep, I cancelled also. Hugely disappointed in this sub. Rather spend my money elsewhere! I’m down to Allure for me and ipsy for my teen daughter.

  31. Ofra has really been trying to unload the brown lippie in sub boxes lately. Guess it didn’t sell well at full price…

  32. Tempted bythe primer alone,and since its value is five bucks over the box it’s like them giving me four more items and five dollars! Wish we knew what color the shadow was, soo hoping not another nude brown samples are where I want bold color!

    • I’ve gotten 3-4 cream colored eyeshadows (small sample pans) in my last few boxes! I’m over it too! I got 2 of the same color last month?? I didn’t see the sneak peeks so I don’t know if everyone got the same colors or not but why 2 of the same color?? I’m so close to canceling also! It’s been so sad the last few months that I haven’t even been checking for sneak peeks (until today lol) or doing reviews for my charms!

  33. I wish I never pre-paid for a 6 month sub back at the end of November. They used to be my favorite! I’m in it until May ?

    I will only do a month to month for subs now..

    • Yes, I did the same. I love a deal so almost always opt for longer term subscriptions but when a company has a real downward trend in products — as Boxy has lately and they all do eventually — you’re stuck. It’s funny, my fave box since the beginning has always been Allure, and yet it’s the *only* box I’ve ever bought month-to-month. I’m playing hard-to-get with them and it’s been working for over a year! 😀

  34. I cancel and resubscribe to boxycharm whenever they offer something tempting. The last couple months have not tempted me at all, and at first glance this box doesn’t either. However, I have been wanting the Ofra liquid lipstick in Pasadena anyway, and it’s almost $20 on its own, so I may go ahead and subscribe for that and promptly cancel once more. I’ll probably wait to see what other variations there are first though.

    • FYI – on Boxy’s page, they actually said that it would be 1 of 3 Ofra products… Pasadena, Honolulu or Manhattan. As long as I don’t receive Honolulu, I’m good… it’s way too dark.

    • So do you resubscribe when the spoilers come out and then unsubscribe before the end of the month again. I would love to know how that works as the only way I’m giving Boxycharm a chance again is if I have some idea that I can get something that I can use or even want.

  35. OH wow, I just canceled. After getting that super expensive anti puff cream that caused a MAJOR allergic reaction (never happened to me with anything before that) last month, and this totally boring box (Hand cream, check. Plain lip gloss, check. Ofra item, check.) I logged into my account and canceled. This has been the most disappointing box out of all my subscriptions.

  36. Just canceled. Nothing in this box excites me.

  37. I signed up a few months ago when they had the Smokey shadow palette. I promptly cancelled thinking I would reactivate the sub if they had another box that I wanted. I have yet to be tempted. This box won’t do it either.

  38. Not Thrilling, I will be trading most of it. There is nothing that I’m looking forward to trying. Just kind of there. I wonder if it’s to late to cancel. I keep thinking that about every 3 months they do a cool pallet. Of course I could save 63.00 and buy it myself.

  39. What a wonderful box! All great products. I’ll use everything. I love boxycharm.

  40. I’m very excited about this box. I can use everything in this box. Boxycharm did it again! I can’t wait to get mine.

  41. Really hoping for the Ofra! Looks like a box I will be happy with IF I get what is pictured.

  42. I do not think this box is so bad. I have no need for any more lip stuff but I will use the other three items.

  43. Great, another lippie in a hideous color.

    • I own Pasadena, and it works well for me. I received the Americano in their box before, which was terribly hideous on me.

  44. Not excited at all. The past boxes were awesome, what happened????

  45. I’m really disappointed about this…they were my favorite beauty I’m thinking of canceling this and Glossy Box and sticking with Allure and Jouer and Julep, at least I can choose my makeup with Julep.

  46. Not thrilling, but I will use everything pictured and totally worth it!

  47. Nothing here is making me jump for joy 🙁

  48. So glad my 3month subscription ran out in March and I cancelled. Very disappointed in boxycharm lately. The first box was great then after that the boxes kept getting worse an worse. Seems like they are doing repeats to.sticking to allure and ipsy thinking of trying a natural beauty box but not sure which one I want to try.

  49. I have been very happy with glossybox. I went back and forth on which nicer makeup sub to get and have been pleased so far. Seeing this makes me think I made the right choice.

  50. Very disappointed ? Cancelling after April’s box.

    Hope this is a April Fools joke.

    • So glad I cancelled. 🙂 this and their bad customer service.

      • Their CS is the worst. I emailed them two weeks ago about my missing MUG shadows, never got a response, then messaged them on Facebook where they told me that CS never received my original email.

    • When I saw what it was this morning, I TOTALLY though this was an April Fool’s joke. Between the stuff in the box, the fact that it’s out way early… I don’t know though, since it was posted yesterday!

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