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BeautyCon BFF Spring 2016 Box FULL SPOILERS + $10 Coupon

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Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.11.11 PM

We have a full spoilers picture for the Spring 2016 BeautyCon BFF Box! (Thanks for the head’s up, J. Michelle!)


Items included:

What do you think of the spoilers? Use this link to save $10 off your first box.

BeautyCon BFF is $35.99 a box (ships once a quarter). Check out our reviews of BeautyCon BFF to learn more about this subscription box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This company is HORRIBLE i have cancelled my subscription have the email saying its cancelled and they keep billing me and sending me these stupid boxes. Im finally having to file a complaint with c.c. this stupid box is not worth the price i already have several of the items from other boxes im so irritated.

    • Have you tried deleting your credit card from your account page? I bet they wouldn’t them for free!
      (I didn’t read all the commments, forgive me if you already answered this.)

  2. I still don’t have my box or even tracking email. Do most of you have yours already? Urg.

    • I don’t have tracking yet either. I’m an annual subscriber and this will be my second box.
      I’m beginning to think everyone has their box and I don’t even have tracking yet. Very frustrating!

      • I never got tracking, emailed them ever heard anything back and it magically showed up in mailbox today. Hope yours arrives soon!

        • That’s very encouraging – thank you. Here’s hoping I’ll get a nice surprise very soon!

          • Try sending their customer service a message. I emailed them and they sent me the code, it had actually shipped out the day before I emailed them.

  3. Is anyone else having issues redeeming the dollskill gift card?

    • Yeah, mine keeps telling me it isn’t valid.

    • I was able to use mine with no problems.

      • So I was trying the gift card on the mobile site through my phone. Once I tried it on the computer it worked fine.

        • When does the gift card expire? I’m concerned because I haven’t even gotten and email with tracking on it yet for my box.

          • The gift card expires August 2016

          • Hmmph! Wonder if I’ll have my box in time to spend it by August.

    • That website is awful and so slow.

  4. I just received my box! And I absolutely LOVE it! What a great box. And i love the doll keychain. Everything in here is awesome. I’m in love with the Pallette. Just did my make-up and love it! I thought I was going to cancel, but no way. Also love the designs on the nail wraps. Thanks so much Bunny. ?????

    • Mine was missing the wraps. So bummed. I hope they will send some but no one ever answers my emails. Are the so cute?

      • Hello, did you ever get your nail wraps?? I just got my box today and no wraps 🙁 I emailed them, hopefully they write back

        • Oh duh I just noticed you wrote this yesterday. I hope we get our wraps!!!

      • Mine is also missing the wraps! At least I’m not alone, so hopefully they will correct all of the ones missing them

  5. I still haven’t received the spring box and I signed up last month.

    • I haven’t received mine either. Does anyone know if they send out tracking info, or any way of knowing when the box ships?

      • I emailed them and got the response below. (IMHO – You may want to email, just so you have a record of inquiry on you box.)

        Dear Beauty,

        Congratulations onsecuring the Bunny box. Due to the overwhelming response to the Spring Boxcurated by Grav3yardgirl,shipping is taking a bit longer than expected and Ican assure you that your box is going to ship very soon. You will receive an email with your trackinginformation once it has shipped.

        Beautycon Support

        • Barbie, I just got my box today, but they are also shipping another batch as they had overwhelming response.

          • Thanks Bella! Just got my tracking info this morning. I think I’m one of few actually looking forward to receiving everything in this box. (Well, minus that weird little keychain! 🙂 )

      • Hi Stephanie, they do send out tracking number and also when the box ships. I just got my exciting box today. And I’m thrilled.

        • I got a tracking number but it’s not linkable. You have to copy and paste the number to the FedEx site to track the package.

  6. I was very close to signing up but decided to read the comments first and I’m so glad I did! I’ve had problems with customer service and canceling with other companies and I swear they put off answering you just so they can charge you for another month. I quit using my bank card and bought a green dot prepaid card so that way I can keep them from charging me sometimes. You just got to know the dates that each subscriber charges you on. Since using a prepaid card its helped me from getting surprise charges that screwed up my checking account and it helps in case of fraud, which did happen and if it had been my bank card, I would of been screwed. I’m just trying to warn you all so it doesn’t happen to you too.

    • Where do you get that dot card? I have been trying to find one that can reload, I would like to try a sub from Canada and Japan but I don’t want to give my info out of the country.

      • You can get the dot card at Walmart and I’m pretty sure 7-11

        • There is also the Net Spend card that you can attach direct deposits to as well.

    • That is a good idea. I think most boxes even end up with two months $$ before they ship the 1rst box. I swear I spend more time micromanaging my subscriptions then anything else. I should just start going to the stores.
      But then what would I track online?

  7. I am waiting for a response from them, however reading these comments apparently they are not going to care. Crossing fingers though. I started the sub at the END of February knowing the spring was coming March. I figured I shouldn’t wait until March because I wouldn’t get it, but it was 1 week before March! They shoved off a not sold out winter box to me. ALL the FAQ section answers state when you first sign up you will receive your gift the next season! Since it was AFTER the last season shipped which was DECEMBER, mine according to the FAQ was guaranteed to start March 2016. I feel they stole money from me to send a box that started selling in October, November that either they didn’t sell out of or they made more. I purposely waited and nothing in the checkout lead me to believe winter would be sent! Has this happened to anyone else? Did you start for March annual sub and end up getting winter?

    • Their customer service is terribly slow. When I e-mailed to cancel, it took them 10 days to get back to me (to tell me they wouldn’t process my cancellation).

      • Oh so sorry they where not pleasant to you either. I still want answers and there is nothing we can do is not going to be exceptable. I read the cancellation info, however I don’t even think it’s legal. As far as I know by laws, you have a right to cancel anything you put with a credit card. Especially if you received no goods, the goods are not what you ordered and so on. Your actually billed in advance for this so you should still have the right to cancel and or return to sender the box (that’s scary though because you don’t sign for the box) . Especially if you cancel before your even billed. A copy of the email sent and reply submitted to your charge or bank is sufficient in a claim. I did a full year so now I am really worried they won’t care. I have been regected in the past for cancellations with other companies….submitted claims with proof of emails and it was founded and they had to refund. Good luck.

      • Just so you all know, I emailed them, sent them a message on instagram, and sent them another email that I wanted to cancel before they charged me for the March box. I received my reply in less than 2 days and they did cancel it. I also left my account without any money so the payment wouldn’t go through. I did that about a week ago.

      • Im also trying to cancel. I got my spring box today and it was pretty creepy and awful in my opinion.

    • They are still NOT responding to my email.

      • I have never ever ever got a email response from them.

  8. I was able to cancel Spring before it billed. Close call. I would have been bummed out.

  9. Staring at this….it looks like Glam Glow Youth Mud. And is that peek of blue and white tie-dye a hair tie?

  10. Well that’s a disappointing box, especially for $36. Glad I didn’t sub!

  11. Not too happy with this box :-/ I was excited until they opened it. Sucks.

    • I’m so disappointed.this box sucks.

  12. I think the palette is by Maybelline

  13. I love the box, it’s a great value, even at full price…which I did not pay. I got an annual sub at 50% off, so with the shipping cost for each box, it’s only $20 a box and that is a steal. It’s a little more product heavy than the others before it, but I’ll still use everything in it.

    If you know it’s a tween box, but sub anyway and then cry about it when it arrives because it’s too young for you, then sheesh, you only have yourself to blame.

  14. Are there any coupon code or discounts for this box?

    • When my last box came they included a card saying ‘Give your BFF $5 off, use code BESTIE5’.
      If that doesn’t work, they’ll be sending another code out with this latest box. I’ll be happy to post it here.
      They don’t currently have a referral system in place, so I won’t profit by sharing the code.

  15. This box is not for me. Should have canceled last month. But they talked me into giving it another try. Not again. Already sent request to cancel.

  16. Anyone who gets this and hates the creepy doll keychain, hit me up.. that’s something I’d swap for.

    • I already hate the Keychain lol

  17. I just won 2×Social Package tickets for Beautycon Dallas on March 19th…………and I can’t not attend :-(.

    • I got that email too – I’m a little skeptical…

      Did you enter any contest to win them? I didn’t.

    • I got that email too. I did not enter any contest. I can’t attend either.

      • I know I didn’t enter since I live in NY… if it’s not legitimate, anyone know why they sent it out to a bunch of people??

      • If anyone wants to give their tickets away I would gladly go.

    • I just received that email too, and to tell me I entered a contest when I didn’t is rediculous. I’m not even that area and here….as far as I know anything given on a contest win must be filed with your taxes. I just got a 1099 for a drawing win. I was going to read their faqs again because maybe I missed something such as every subscriber being auto entered. (However the email doesn’t state that). Still would seem unfair as I’m sure it’s because I’m a new subscriber then and nothing to do with luck of the draw.

    • I got the same email and never entered a contest.

    • I got that email too.. If you don’t accept it they can’t give you a 1099, Im just going to ignore it..

    • I did too and I can’t either, I’m all the way in Oregon! I’m wondering if we can transfer them to people…I’m so sad!

    • I got the same email! I think their ticket sales are very low so now they’re either giving them away or offering them 50% off on their webiste.
      It’s still two free tickets… so I’m thinking about going. A tote with some free goodies, couple of good makeup brands, I could stay for two/three hours and not feel bad about it.

  18. I like it!

  19. Glad I cancelled. Fortunately my tween doesn’t follow Bunny so she didn’t want to get this box the way she wanted Bethany Mota’s. And really, there is nothing there that would make her be particularly happy.

  20. Such fun! That creepy baby will look awesome attached to a restrained designer bag. And I’ll be stalking the swap site for more Dolls Kill coupon codes.
    NCLA wraps – sweet!
    The Benefit mascara and mini Beauty Blenders will be used.
    Yup, colour me happy ?

    • I’ll probably be posting my Dolls Kill coupon code on the swap site.

      • I will be willing to swap some stuff for the dolls kill items. I use that site a lot.

        • How do you swap?

        • I might not use my code…everything is too mature for my kids. They left out the nailwraps of my box which reallly pisses me off because they don’t answer emails. Anway…will u use your wraps? My 11 year old wanted them. We can trade.

      • Ooh, Gina, look out for a request from me! I swap under my name – Helen Whaley.

    • I’ll definitely be wanting to swap some things, what site do you guys use?

    • I most likely won’t use my doll kills code

      • Are you a member of the swap site? I’ll look out for you.

  21. I think the NYX is the matte finish setting spray (matte finish fini mat)

  22. I like the contents of this box so I’ll probably sign up. I was reading the FAQ and their cancellation policy is different than any other I’ve seen. In order to cancel and not be charged, you have to cancel within 7 days of receiving your last box. So it looks like you can’t wait until you see the spoilers and decide if you want the next box before canceling. To play it safe, you have to cancel after each box you receive, rejoin if you like the next one, repeat. Has anyone had issues with this policy before?

    • That is exactly the policy. If you try to cancel outside that 7 day window, they’ll tell you that you can’t and have to wait until you get your next box, and then cancel within 7 days of getting it.

      It’s a ridiculous cancel policy. As they don’t disclose it on their checkout page, their cancel policy is also illegal.

      • I got nasty with them about it and they cancelled mine anyway. I think they know it’s ridiculous. I signed up again with the 50% off code.

  23. This will be my second box – I got roped in when Bethany Mota curated last time. Was pretty happy with the value of that box because I actually used the $20 Nike GC. I’m not liking these full spoilers at all. I hope those are tie-dye hair ties behind the Dolls Kill card – that would be my favorite item in the box. The Doll stuff is so creepy. Too expensive for a drug store beauty box! Hate nail wraps. Ugh!

  24. Very excited for this one!!! I really feel Bunny’s influence on this box, and the items look excellent! I think I’m looking forward to every single thing ?

  25. I may be wrong, but it also looks to me like there are hair ties behind the dolls kill card? It said there are 12 items and with the hair ties that wold make 12. The ties look tye dye.

  26. I already have 3 items from this box :/

  27. The creepy doll keychain doesn’t surprise me seeming as Bunny collects creepy dolls!!! Probably just her way of showing the box was hers!!

  28. I just signed up for my first box on Tuesday. I don’t know what I was hoping for. I do hope when I open my box it’s more exciting in person. I’m not sure about a creepy doll keychain? I’m scared of creepy dolls ?

    • It’s not.

  29. Definitely prefer this box to the Mota box.

  30. A creepy baby doll keychain? Lmao!

  31. This is my very first box and I’m very disappointed. Maybe that will change when I have it in hand.

  32. Looks like there’s also a Benefit mascara in there. Either a full or sample size.

    This will be my first Beautycon box…I don’t know that I’m impressed. I’ll have to see it up close to make a final judgement.

    • Oh yea – I totally missed that! Thank you! 🙂

  33. I bought a year sub when it was 1/2 off otherwise I would skip this box. Nothing looks springtime to me! Highest value ever?? I don’t see it. I think she meant to say 5 minutes not 5 months!

  34. Nice box, definitely better than the previous. Everyone should have a creepy doll on their key chain 😉

  35. That eyeshadow palette looks like the Maybelline The Rock Nudes to me. The colors are awesome, but it definitely requires a good primer.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  36. So glad I cancelled!

  37. GlamGlow is either Youthmud or YouthClease. NYX spray looks like the Matte Finish one.
    Glad to see they included a weird item like the baby keychain, very accurate to Bunny’s personality!

    • *cleanse

    • It’s probably the mud. All of the sample size I have of the cleanses are in cylindrical containers.

  38. Are there any promo codes for this sub?

  39. Looks more grown-up than their past boxes. Maybe they’ve realized that the tween market isn’t the one with cash to burn on sub boxes.

    • The curator this time is Bunny from YouTube. Her fan base is definitely broader and less tween than Bethany Mota’s.

    • That’s why I’ll be cancelling…adult women have TONS of boxes to choose from. I subbed last month because it was tween for my 14 year old. This is way more stuff that I would use and less so for her. Sad because I had hoped this would be a keeper for her. The price of about 10 bucks a month was perfect too!

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