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Play! By Sephora February 2016 Subscription Box Spoilers!

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Play! By Sephora October 2015 Subscription Box Reveal

The reveal for the February 2016 Play! By Sephora subscription box is up for subscribers! Thanks to isairisflores for these spoilers!

(FYI – Play! by Sephora is only open to subscribers in certain test markets right now, but you can sign up on their waitlist to get notified when you can sign up. Boxes are $10 a month).

The February 2016 Play! By Sephora box includes:


(Sample sizes of products unknown)

What do you think of the February 2016 Play! By Sephora box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got my invite…. And see online it’s open for subscribers!! Go get your box ladies and gents!

  2. I was not on the wait list. . I received an email asking me if I wanted to participate. . As I had already heard people were on a waitlist, I jumped on the opportunity. I am pretty sure my invite was due to my VIB Rouge status.. thought that small detail might help out those that have been waiting for a while.

  3. Neato! So in the olden days Sephora would give out these samples for free. Buy something and you’d find at least three samples in your black and white bag. I know they will make samples of you ask for them, but that doesn’t really introduce me to something new. So now we get to pay 10 bucks (after we wait on a pretend list to make us feel like it’s really a big deal) to get 6 samples that really should have been free in the first place. That’s what samples are. Free advertisement for a product. neato.

  4. Been on waitlist since day one…. live in Georgia and still waiting… hope I get off list soon. <3

    • I’ve been on the waitlist since august… I’ve still yet to get an invite. 🙁

  5. I was excited about this box at first, but it’s been in beta for so long that I’m just not interested anymore.

  6. I’m VIB Rouge and live in the Orlando, FL area and just got off the wait list as well. I’m super excited for this sub! 🙂

  7. I know this is a thread for February, but I’m thinking for March (based on on Sephora’s website) that we’ll be getting a primer (the picture shows a little bit of a bottle, might be the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil), and a liquid liner (the photo looks like Kat Von Dee’s Tattoo Liner which I am in love with!). I’m hoping the other products are good, since it’ll be my first box. I’m a little bummed I won’t get the February box, but oh well.

    • *Kat Von D’s*

  8. Just got off the waitlist! WOOHOO!!!! I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I also cancelled ipsy right after signing up.

    • How long were you on the waitlist???

    • I’m from Milwaukee as well and just got off the wait list over the weekend!

  9. I just received my email I’m off the wait list. I’m from Kentucky right next to Cincinnati Oh. I didn’t sigh up right away but I decided to yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m going to love this box or not. I wasn’t really happy with what was in February box but I’m going to get it a try. I already get Ipsy and Boxycharm so I guess I might as well add this to my list lol

  10. I just got an email saying I’m off the waitlist. Does anyone know if I sign up, if my first box will be February’s or March’s? Just curious. I’m thinking of cancelling Ipsy and trying this out instead. Anyone have advice?? Thanks!

    • I also got off the waitlist and my account says that the first box shipped will be the March box. I’m currently subscribed to Ipsy but will be dropping it when my year is up in a few months, as I haven’t been very happy with my bags lately. I think I’ll like the Sephora products a lot better and will prefer higher quality and smaller sizes to poorer quality products in larger sizes.

  11. Just got my email a little bit ago that I’m off the wait list! (I’m in Iowa)

    Not as excited as when it first launched… but I’ll still probably sign up and try it out.

  12. Just got an email saying I’m off the wait list! They’ll be starting me with the February box. So excited!!! I’m in the suburbs of the Minneapolis, MN area.

  13. I am finally off of the waiting list! I live about 25 minutes north of the Cincinnati area. I signed up as soon as they launched it and had given up hope. I was so surprised to get the email today. I’ll give it a try and see how they do. $10 is not much.

    • Me too! I just got the email and signed up. I’m in SE Wisconsin.

      • Yay! I hope it’s worth the very long wait!

  14. While the Make Up Forever lipstick is the exact same one they used for the 2014 Beauty Insider birthday gift, I am stoked! I was bummed when I used mine all up, and was so excited to have a new one!

    Also love all things Lancome and Tarte, so 3 outta 6 aren’t too shabby!

    I have enough dry shampoos, so up for swap went the Bumble & Bumble as well as the Tom Ford perfume (nice, but potent!) and the Bare Minerals lip balm (too pink for me).

    • What box number do you have?

  15. Just got my first box yesterday and honestly I’m under whelmed. I signed up as soon as the wait list opened and forgot about it until i finally got the email last month. Now that ive seen past boxes and received mine i called and cancelled. I feel that it’s not worth it. I got some of the same brands i got in the past from ipsy or birchbox but at least with the other companies i also had other deluxe or full size products as well. While with play they are all tiny sample sizes… I’ll personally stick with the competitors where i get more bang for my buck, quality is essentially the same and i can manage my account online instead of being on the phone for 27minutes.

    • i completely agree with you

  16. I got my box in! However, my Lancôme eyeliner was in Noir Intense, instead of Parisian Nights, which made me very happy! I love me some black eyeliner.

    • Got mine too. My first! Love the 2 lips products. I’ll use all of it. Interesting hair product. Perfume is sample vial.

      • what box number do you have?

  17. The anticipation for me is over, for both this box and Macys. It’s just annoying at this point, so I’m no longer even interested.

  18. I thought they had said more roll outs in 2016 but when I emailed and asked now it’s 2017. Do depressed about this! I would love to have this box! I have been very unimpressed with a lot of other beauty boxes as of lately. I’ll always love Birchbox cause even if I don’t like everything the point system is my fave part. I also love sochoix because it’s all lux samples you pick and with the stackable $5 off coupon it’s sure worth it. I’m also wanting Macy’s and have contacted them last month they said maybe more in a few weeks and that I’m on that list but haven’t gotten an email yet and now it’s been 4 weeks : (.

    • If it gives you all more hope, I just got off the wait list a couple of weeks ago and this will be my first box! Hang in there. I think they are slowly opening it. I am a Beauty Insider but otherwise I’m not sure why I got it.

  19. I guess this one is still not publicly available… Too bad, kind of wanted to try it.

  20. Yeah… I am tired of waiting for this. The items they are offering do not even interest me anymore. Meh… Sticking with Boxycharm and LaRitzy.

  21. Over this. So upset with them. And Macy’s has ghosted everyone.

    • I was wondering what happened to Macy’s! They just stopped sending out boxes? Out of nowhere?

  22. Still waiting :/

  23. I was a subscriber, but I cancelled so maybe a few spots will open up. It’s nice to see that they still have a healthy stock of those MUFE lipsticks from the birthday gifts lol.

  24. I get the box and I know why it would be hard to roll out. Each month they have a play party in their stores. It must be a lot of work to pull those together. Also, I would guess there is concern for those who don’t live close and would miss the opportunity to attend a play! party. The card in the box also gives extra points with purchases and there is likely some concern about fraud. The reviews and pictures don’t give the full story of this box.

    • Are the extra points given when you purchase a full size item from the box? I don’t get the box (yet!!!) but want to know the full extent of what’s to come.
      By the way, I live close to a Sephora store and would totally be up for a Play! party. Clearly, they should be offering the box in my region, lol.

      • You can buy anything in the store and get the extra 50 points. I just hand them the card with my purchase. I wish they would let you use it online.

        I want to add another possible reason for the delay on full launch is that they are still training employees. Without fail since September (with only one exception), the employees don’t know what the bonus card is and have to ask someone about it.

        • That is what the card says, but I tried to give it to someone at the store when purchasing something last week and they told me it can only be used on items listed on that particular card.

          • That’s too bad. I’ve never used it to buy the products from the boxes. Last time I used it when I bought something that was only a few dollars. Just shows another reason it’s good they haven’t launched nationwide if they have people telling us different things in the store.

          • That employee was definitely wrong. I’ve been subscribed since the first box and there has been some confusion with how to apply the card in store, but you can purchase ANY item. I believe it says so on the back of the card. If there is an issue next time, you could call customer service and explain what happened – I did that once and they gave me the 50 points, no problem.

  25. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this spoiler! I guess I’m feeling kind of meh about this box. I’m very excited for the bumble and bumble product because I love their stuff and wanted to try this particular product for a while. Also their samples are usually very decent sized! The bare minerals item looks intriguing as well! I’ve gotten many lights camera lashes samples and while I love this mascara I find that the sample sizes usually seem kind of dried out to me. I’ll be happy to have another black eyeliner to add to my collection And I’ve never tried a Lancôme product so that is cool (and the point of these boxes) but I am not excited about it. I hate seeing the reddish color lipsticks as well as perfume in this again! I’m really hoping the Perfume isn’t a trend with the Sephora boxes. I just have SO many samples of it.

    I wonder why they included two lip products? I know I’m only dreaming here, but imagine if they had included a single eyeshadow ???

    • I am pretty sure, that there are two different lipstick colors. Like with the masks in the last box, some people will get just one color.

    • They said at launch there will always be a perfume sample in the box as a bonus, 5 items + perfume sample. I think the eyeliner is a midnight blue or dark blue. That’s what it says on my page.

      • I would LOVE the midnight blue thank you for the clarification. I can’t see my products yet. I also
        Must have missed the perfume thing. Oh well!

        • No problem! I’m over perfume samples too, have way too many. I’m happier with the dark blue eyeliner over black and I hope that doesn’t change when I get the box!

    • I’m not in a testing area so I’ve not got to try these yet, but I’m right with you guys on the perfume samples. Also the dried out mascara samples. Ugh, eye creams, somehow I always get stuck with eye creams even though I don’t choose them as my samples (I rarely get the samples I choose, a minor annoyance but enough already)! They only last so long before they go bad (unless filled with icky chemicals I’m not putting by my eyes, let alone my skin). I’m in the process of trying to find women’s shelters to donate unwanted perfume, hair, makeup, personal care items (the ones I think harmful go in the bin). IMO it not only would make women feel good about themselves with a little pampering, but be helpful if they’re trying to get back on their feet and going on job interviews. Every little bit helps for those less fortunate than myself, so I’m hoping I can find a good charity.

  26. I wish they would take me off the waiting list I have been on the waiting list for at least six months now

  27. I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am with this beauty box. I have been on the waiting list since day 1 and still nothing. Tired of waiting tbh. <3

    • Ditto. Longest beta rollout ever. I just don’t understand what’s so hard about opening it up.

      • same here …i have been waiting forever for this and the macys one ..

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