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MorpheMe Brush Club Subscription Box Review – February 2016

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Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club is a monthly subscription that exclusively sends you cosmetic brushes.  They guarantee at least $30 in brushes in every delivery.

I used to work at Sephora, and one of my favorite things I learned in my time there is that the “rules” for what to use brushes for are definitely “guidelines.” There are some general features to brushes that affect their performance, but if you find a way to make a brush work for you that you like, use it like that! Plus, the internet is an amazing resource for usage tips and tutorials!


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The Subscription Box: MorpheMe Monthly Brush Club

The Cost: $19.99/month or annual for a one-time purchase of $239.99 which also gives you one of their 350 palettes for free.

The Products: a minimum of $30 in Morphe brand brushes in every delivery.

Ships to: US & CAN for free, worldwide at additional cost.

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M334 Brush, Mini Angled Buffer Brush – value: $5.99

For synthetic bristles, this brush is very soft! I like this kind of brush for a transition color/color you want on a large part of your lid, or even for highlighting with a liquid highlighter. For example, I love Benefit’s High Beam and I can dab that on my face and use this to blend it well, or put it on the back of my hand and use this to apply + blend.

M495 Brush, Duo Deluxe Fan – value: $9.99

Fan brushes are great for lighter application of powders. I like to use them for powder highlighting, or even setting powder. With a fan brush this big, you’ll want something you don’t need precise application for (like blush).


M224 Brush, Oval Camoflauge – value: ?

Some of these brushes are out of stock on their website, so I don’t really know where to estimate price points (especially because some brushes are $2, some are $15, so there’s a wide range that I don’t know where to guess from).

This brush is great for concealer. I’d probably recommend this for spot-concealing more than under-eye because this has dense bristles and will be able to apply a good amount of product where you’re using it and you’ll want to be careful to not cake product in your under eye area.

M218 Brush, Blending Fluff – value: $2.99

This is a great brush for blending eyeshadow. Once you’ve initially applied your shadows, using this with a light touch will help blend them together.

M165 Brush, Angle Liner/Brow – value: $2.99

This brush has very dense bristles, so it will pick up a lot of product and therefore place a lot of product where you use it. Great for brows and eyeliners!


M333 Brush, Chisel Shader – value: ?

This brush is a good one for smudging shadow or eyeliner (think for smokey eyes and such). It’s dense bristles, again, mean it’ll pick up a lot of pigment, so you can also use it for a cut crease or something, too.

M169 Brush, Round Crease Brush – value: ?

This is great for applying eyeshadow to – you guessed it! – your crease. This shape of brush really helps you get precise about where you want your pigment.

Verdict: My first impression of the MorpheMe Monthly Brush Club is a good one! I like the quality and feel of the brushes, and it seems like a really nice value as well. I wasn’t able to do any kind of precise estimate because some of the brushes are out of stock, but from the prices I do have, it definitely looks like I have over $30 in brushes here.

What do you think about this brush subscription?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. I’ve been a subscriber with MorpheMe since the beginning of the year, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I didn’t have many brushed and was in desperate need of some. And when I went to look online for sets or individual brush the prices were unbelievable. So I eventually heard of MorpheMe and decided that $19 a month wouldn’t break me. Best decision I could have made! The quality is great don’t get me wrong, some of the brushes come a little batter and bruised, but for the most part I have a wonderful array of brushes from crease to powder to highlighter, even some elite brushes which are incredible. And each month instagram shows what the next set will be. I like it! I don’t plan on keeping it forever, just until I see that I have a nice collection. In the future, if I see that a particular set is nice I’ll just buy the set for $19 instead of receiving the same brushes after my first year of the subscription is up.

  2. How much is it? $10 max their brushes aren’t that good. And their shadows suck.

  3. I totally agree on the review! Excellent! I was just thinking I need to print this and study it and get to practicing lol!

  4. I’m not a blogger & I got the same brushes. Some months have more brushes than others though. Seems like a good way to build a brush collection so far.

    • Also, I think everyone gets the same brushes, because they post a demonstration each month to show how to use them

  5. Once again, a sub box that gives bloggers more than regular consumers. She got SEVEN brushes when most people only get 3 to 4.

    • Diana, I looked on Instagram with the #morpheme hashtag and it looks like a lot of other people received the same kit. Maybe they’re all bloggers, I have no idea =)

    • No, everyone gets the same amount of brushes ans the exact same brushes.

  6. This looks like a great subscription for someone starting with makeup and not knowing what brushes to get. Or who wants more brushes than some basics and not knowing where to go from there. Or the brush enthusiast…There something in for everybody it seems!

  7. I agree that I would quickly go into brush overload with this subscription. But several posters have mentioned it costing $30/month when it’s actually $20/month – well, $19.99, and they are promising a minimum value of $30 of brushes each month.

  8. Does everyone get the same brushes? Or is it all random for each subscriber? If it’s the same, I want to sign up for this month’s brushes!

    • It us the same for everyone!! If u get your months package and notice u got less than others simply call or email liveglam and they will send u the remaining u didn’t receive!!

    • Great review!!! Let’s see what brushes we get in May!

      I just sign up yesterday. Let’s see what brushes I get and when!! I live in Koreatown. I’m excited.

  9. I saw someone say in the comments good for. $10 Subscription & I agree but where are you getting the $10 subscription fee the one it shows is $30 a month..,

    • Heathery didn’t indicate in her comment that it was $10 a month but simply stated that it might be a better business model to have 2-3 brushes every month for $10 vs. what they are doing which is a handful of brushes for $30.

      This seems like a pretty nice sub, but I have SO many eye brushes already, this would one month would put me in overload. I’d love a fan brush and there are definitely other brushes that I could benefit to adding to my collection (blush, contouring, buff etc), but I wouldn’t want to spend $30 a month and mostly get eye brushes.

  10. What exactly is their 350 palette?

    • It’s an eye shadow palette made up on very warm tones. Some matte, some shimmery. Beauty “gurus” on youtube RAVE about it so it’s very hard to get and usually sells out within minutes once restocked. It has 35 shadows in the palette.

      I own it, and I have to admit that it has become a palette that I constantly reach for.

  11. If one subscribes to the brush club, are the makeup discounts available to the subscriber? Because… those are some good discounts.

    • You don’t have to subscribe. Their sales/discounts are open to everyone. A good number of people have posted (on other sites) that they only subscribed to get their hands on the 350 palette.

    • I did forget about the pro club. You can sign up for that and it save you 20%. Believe the cost is $25 for the year.

      • Sorry, I am wrong about the pro discount. That is only for professional makeup artist. I had to go back and double check it. Sorry again for the misinformation on that.

  12. I love the Morphe brushes. I have been using them for about a year now. I didn’t do the subscription since I have my favorites already. I will order a new brush once in a while when I see rave reviews on a new style. These are great quality brushes for the price. Getting the hard sought after 350 palette with this is a huge bonus. Also a big fan of their eye shadows. They have really stepped up their game in this area. Very highly pigmented and again you can’t find this high a quality for the insane low price. They have been having some issues with late shipping but I believe they underestimated the huge amount of growth they have received in just the last 5 months. Beauty bloggers have been raving about their brushes and shadows and it seems to have overwhelmed them. Hoping they get all of that resolved soon.

  13. These look like good brushes, but I’m not sure I understand the business model of the subscription. They send a LOT of brushes, so I feel like it’s something people would only subscribe to for one or two months. Then they’d have all of the brushes they need and drop the sub, thus affecting the profit of the company. A $10 subscription and sending 2-3 brushes a month seems like a more long-term solution. In any case, I wish them well and hope their sub does well.

    • I was hoping for something in this price range! I’d love a small brush sub!!

    • Heathery I agree! This shipment alone would double the number of brushes I own. I don’t blend eyeshadow or wear concealer/foundation though, so my primary brushes are for eyebrow filling, blush, and eyeshadow with a few I never use.

    • I agree about the $10 idea possibly being a more attractive concept for most. For myself, I would not want to commit to $30 a month for what, this month anyway, looks like mostly eye shadow brushes. Ipsy has been loading me up on those of late so I am good on the eye shadow brushes. I do want some new face & lip brushes. For a lower price point, I might be willing to take a chance to get 2-3 a month for a few months, on a month to month sub. At the rate shown above, I would think a full year would definitely put you into brush overload and then some!

  14. Great review Haley! Thank you for explaining what the different brushes are good for, I really never have a clue what to do with anything other than a big blush brush and typically grab whatever for eye shadow (with varying degrees of success). That info makes this sub much more appealing!

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