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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2016


Note from Liz: Thanks to tons of reader requests, and a strong commitment to customer care, we will be reviewing Little Lace Box again in 2016!

Little Lace Box is a bi-monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each box is curated around a specific theme.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $59.99 for a single box (Ships every other month)

The Products: Fashion, beauty, or home items, with one item highlighting an up and coming designer.

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of that box. This month’s theme is “Love Letters.” In 1812, Ludwig van Beethoven penned letters to his one true love who remains a mystery to this day. The last paragraph of the last letter he wrote contains the words that inspired the items in the February Little Lace Box:

What longing in tears for you — You — my Life — my All — farewell.

Oh, go on loving me — never doubt the faithfullest heart

Of your beloved

Ever thine.

Ever mine.

Ever ours.


On the inside of the letter each item included is detailed, complete with retail value.


Also – they revealed the theme for the April box. The theme is “Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch.” Little Lace Box said, “We love Broadway musicals, and March and April mark the “unofficial” start of the new season on Broadway, so we couldn’t think of a better time to highlight Broadway and New York, than in our April box. New York is a magnificent city, home to amazing food, iconic landmarks, stunning fashion and a remarkable spirit. It’s also home to many undiscovered artisans and designers. …”


The red box in the first picture in this review came inside an outer shipping box. This first item was too big to fit inside the red box and was packed underneath the red box inside the outer shipping box. To me, it is a good sign when all items can’t fit inside the regular box!


“I Love Hearts” Canvas Tote by Vine Street Market, USA – Value $35.99

This is the largest and most durable canvas tote I have ever seen! It is made of repurposed and organic materials in the USA. The strap is really wide which makes it comfortable to wear. This is crucial if you intend to test out the company’s promise that it can hold up to 60 pounds. Little Lace Box stated that the retail value for this tote is $35.99, but Amazon has it for sale at $38.02 currently. I am going with the Little Lace Box price since you can purchase totes from their shop and get free shipping.


The tote can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder. It folds up into its own pocket for storage. When the tote is in use, the pocket is hidden inside and can be used to easily access a phone, keys, etc. In the picture above, I purposely left the pocket out of the tote so you can see the size of it.


The card gives coupon code LLBVSM20 for 20% off Vine Street Market, USA products in the Little Lace Box shop. This can’t be combined with other offers and expires March 31, 2016.


Letters to My Love by Lea Redmond – Value $9.46

This book is An Oprah’s Favorite Things Pick for 2015. Per Amazon:

Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten love letter. Like a dozen grand gestures in one, this innovative format invites romantics to declare their affection to their beloved in 12 fold-and-mail letters to be opened in the future. Ideal for wedding anniversaries, long-distance relationships, or engaged couples, this paper keepsake captures a moment in time and serves as an enduring expression of love.



This book contains 12 papers that can be removed from the book, written on, folded into self-contained envelopes, and then sealed with the stickers included. Some of the letters have writing prompts such as “I knew you were the one for me when…” and “What I love about us …”. A couple of the letters are blank with no writing prompt. I thinkI will use these to write a letter to my husband every month for the next year, starting with Valentine’s Day this weekend. What a great inclusion in this box!


Ever Mine Red Metallic Executive Pen – Value $8.99

Little Lace Box decided to include a custom pen in this box inscribed with a reminder of the theme. It is a ball-point pen that writes in black ink. The pen is comfortable to write with and not too heavy. Perfect for using to write Letters to My Love! I appreciate Little Lace Box taking the extra step to have these inscribed for the box.



Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter Cups by Katrina Markoff – Value $2.99

Wild Ophelia is a fair trade, non-GMO American craft chocolate line that uses all-natural, and often organic, ingredients sourced from small farms and artisans. I received the Caramelized Bananas version of the peanut butter cups. The bananas are grown and hand-picked by a family-run business in Kauai. Other versions of the peanut butter cups include Crispy Chia Seed, Toasted Coconut, and Smoked Salt. Bad news for me: I love all fruit, except bananas. Good news for my family though!


Porcelain Inside Out Heart Tea Cup and Saucer – Value $8.99

This is another item that made the list of Oprah’s favorite things. It is from Yedi Housewares. The inside of the cup is shaped like a heart. The pictures tell the story here.




I am going with the retail value stated by Little Lace Box because the closest item I can find available online is a set of six multi-colored ($54.99) or just pink ($59.95) cups and saucers. I love this! I actually thought the value would be higher than what is listed.



16” Throw Pillow by Deny Designs – Value $39

The box came with a card telling subscribers to check their inbox in the next few days for a special one-time, single-use redemption code to pick out a free 16” pillow from the 9000+ designs on the company’s website. Shipping is included. The code will expire April 19, 2016 which is good because it could take until then to look through all the options!


Verdict: I think this is a fabulous box! It is well-curated and stuck close to the Love Letter theme which is perfect for February! I also appreciate that they sent the boxes out early this month so that everyone could receive them before Valentine’s Day. The value is about $105, maybe a little more. I think that’s a good value for this subscription box and I especially appreciate the option for everyone to be able to customize it to their own taste by choosing their own pillow. Great job, Little Lace Box!

What do you think of the February Little Lace Box?

UPDATE: For now I’ve decided to close comments on this post. (I’ve also included a comment in the discussion section of this post to answer questions). At this point I believe everyone has had the opportunity to share their views. If you have any questions/concerns please email me – [email protected]

Little Lace Box

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Written by Chris Acree

Chris Acree

Chris is a moderator on the MSA forum. Her current favorite subscription boxes are Box of Style, RawSpiceBar, Julep, and My Pretend Place although the list changes frequently. She cannot resist a spoiler.

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Comments (150)

  1. I’m going to just go past the controversies pro/con being expressed and simply review this box as is.

    Love this months box. Even though I’m not a regular fan of too many heart images, it’s natural to expect that motif in a February box, and I think this box was very well curated.

    Love, love, love the canvas bag! So very practical, fits well cross-body, quality, bold, USA – one of the best items from a sub ever for me! Will use the discount to get another one, I’m so very pleased with this.

    The Letters to my love and pen are so very cute! They are not for me, but for someone in a long term relationship, celebrating special anniversaries, I think this is a fun way to be creative and express yourself. I will gift this and hope the recipient finds it as much fun and thought producing as I think it might be.

    The heart shaped teacup/saucer is adorable! I am a tea drinker and I’m torn between keeping it for myself or using it as a nice gift.

    A good friend came to visit today for lunch and we had the high quality chocolate/banana cups for dessert – she loved them, so was happy to share with a serious chocolate fan.

    LOVE the pillow gift code. So luxurious to have so many choices! It’s almost overwhelming. Nice job being so expansive! So many wonderful choices, I’m having a hard time choosing!

    I think this a fabulous box for LLB. I’m fairly forgiving about the nature of each item – not all items are going to appeal to everyone each time, so I don’t get too concerned if not everything is something I will use myself – I consider it almost like a personal shopper for gifts, and I think LLB usually does a good job at curating boxes. The few times I’ve needed to contact LLB customer service for issues, such as broken items – these have been occasional, and LLB has done a satisfactory job at resolving issues.

  2. I vaguely remember this fall out, but I think as a blog that does these reviews (and the largest that I know of) I think its important to remain neutral and provide all info good and bad. This is a really cute box that’s really well curated IMO. I think people speak more loudly with their dollars, if you’re not satisfied with the business practices don’t subscribe. I sort of think its out of line to tell the bloggers to not do reviews on a certain box because of past experiences.

    Another box that kind of fits this bill is the Bianca Jade box. I know there was a pretty big fall out between her and users but I’d still like to see reviews of her box as I always enjoyed reading them (and subscribed for a short time).

    I see MSA as a source of information – if I’m interested in a review I click it and read it, if I’m not I don’t. If I really like the box I spend my money on it, that’s the ultimate testimate for any of these businesses.

  3. It’s great to see a review of this box here, whether people like it or not, get over it and go outside and get some fresh air. If you don’t like the box, don’t read about it and move on. Unless you actually own this website, you have no right to be “disappointed” in MSA, the people here are writers and they can write about anything they want, your approval isn’t needed and they always do their best to review boxes that people are requesting. They can’t stop reviewing boxes because a few people get butthurt over it. Geez people

    • Though I’ve never quite understood the meaning of the term “butt hurt” … The point some of us are trying to make about our disappointment (and yes, we do have a right to it, Lynsy) is that members of our little community of sub box addicts was stalked down and harassed by this company for their opinions. Liz has created this great little community of people with common interests to discuss and share opinions. LLB would stalk anyone with any sort of contrary opinion down and cancel their subscriptions, sometimes with the addition of brazen insults. It was nice to see Liz stand with the members of MSA’s little community and not have any sort of relationship with a company that was treating her readers in that manner.

      • It seems to me that, unless we want Liz to be influenced by every experience posters here have, we should kind of stay out of it and not try to influence her. The past experience with a few posters on this blog is available for anyone to read who wants information about the box. But in all fairness, at the time this happened MUT was full of comments about the “negativity” and “snarkiness” of the posts here– no one wants a warning about MUT. Kloverbox was taken to task on FB last month about removing negative posts- no one is trying to get Liz to put a warning up about that box. Popsugar has had a lot of customer service problems- no one wants a warning about them.
        Let’s all be governed by the spirit of positivity and human kindness. No guilt, no questioning, just fun reviews of boxes that you can read if you are interested!

  4. I have had nothing but good CS experience with them. I have bought from their website and shipping was fast. Once I received a broken candle and it was replaced within 4 days of my initial email. Their email replies were always courteous. I love my LLB sub and really hope Serendipity is open again so I can gift to my mom and BF. The vocal minority is not always right.

  5. I upgraded from a bi-monthly to an annual a few weeks ago (to get that throw) yet did not receive a February box (which I’m fine with–I don’t love it and would trade all but the chocolate and pillow code). I reached out to them via Facebook and two separate emails to check on what was going on to no avail…. sigh……

  6. I tried to sign up for 12 months of Serendipty (I already get the LLB) but it looks like it isn’t open right now. Does anyone know?

  7. I’m disappointed to see LLB reviews back on MSA as well. I believe in second chances and yes, it’s been almost a year since this happened. But what leaves a bad taste in my mouth is that they have not apologized to Browning for the terrible email but it seems like they have reached out and shown remorse to Liz. Both women absolutely deserve an apology but it seems as if only the one that runs a popular (and fantastic!) subscription box review website is worth it to them.

    Im a former subscriber and had pleasant experiences with Kat the couple times I contacted her with an issue. However, I lost respect for the company as a whole after those terrible emails came out but had a few boxes left in my subscription. That terrible vase that was touted as the “most expensive item ever included” was the last straw for me and I cancelled just in time to miss the “authentically you” box filled with OFRA makeup.

    Their apparent business model of creating an exclusive cool girl club from a couple great boxes at the start and then treating any customer that dared voice a contrary opinion like “mud on their shoe” because there was another woman in line who would be just delighted to have the opportunity to get a LLB seems to have stopped working when women started realizing their sub box friends were being insulted and treated poorly. Paired with a string of lackluster boxes at higher prices, I bet LLB is really missing the extra exposure on MSA!

    I respect Liz and I know that if she continues to review LLB on MSA, it will have been a well thought out decision. She has always treated her readers with respect and appreciation — and we don’t even pay her for this! I just think this would be easier to swallow if LLB had also reached out to Browning with remorse for their insults.

    • My sentiments exactly. They never apologized to Browning, it speaks volumes. I still think MSA should review the box for the benefit of those who requested. I’ll just skip it, and spend my money somewhere else.

  8. I don’t plan on subscribing to this sub too much crazyness with customer service from what I read the last time Liz reviewed it. However, the items look cute!

  9. Love LLB and have since my 1st box Jan 2015. Never had anything except great boxes and wonderful customer service. I’m very happy to see MSA again reviewing. I’m sorry some have had bad experiences. But I’ve not seen another box pummeled like this one and it made me very sad. If poor experiences by some meant no more reviews then I’d expect PSMH to be canned – between the fashion box fiasco and the broken, unreplaced items from the holiday boxes? Kudos to MSA! I haven’t read but a couple of the comments here and probably won’t read any additional. They just make me sad and sick to my stomach.

  10. I had ZERO stake in this. They were actually complimenting me when they insulted MSA readers. I have not kept the email exchange, but the jist of their comment was:
    You obviously have a sense of humor unlike the readers of MSA. It is proven that a sense of humor is correlated with a high IQ, so consider yourself amongst the ranks of Tina Fey, Steven Colbert, etc.

    It was so odd that I read it to my daughter. Wondering why are these women randomly writing me ragging on the very website that gave me my first exposure and reason for subscribing to their company.

    I kept quiet until I saw that they were down right hostile and rude to other people.
    To question the authenticity of what happened to us and now to review them makes me wonder if LLB is having the last laugh with their comment.

  11. I’m another real human, LLB subscriber, 3 year loyal MSA gal, and HUGE fan of this sub box. I have never had any issues with their customer service; in fact, I’ve only had incredibly positive experiences.

    Certain people directly involved in last year’s incident went WELL above and beyond what they needed to do to prove their point, on multiple online platforms.

    I’m absolutely THRILLED MSA has decided to be neutral enough to review this box again. Liz and her team rock! As goes with anything else in the online world… If you don’t like it, don’t click on it.

    But most of all.. you definitely don’t need to *try to* spoil it for everyone else.

    • I wasn’t aware that having an opinion was *trying to spoil* it for someone else. The comment section is for comments and opinions.

    • I wasn’t proving any point, I was merely sharing what occurred.

  12. I am glad to see the review for LLB here at MSA. This is not our only choice for reviews and other sites continued to cover them both through blogs and you tube channels. MSA continues to review a myriad of boxes where customers are displeased with customer service. (If I had a nickel for each complaint about a PSMH broken candlestick I could buy a Luxor box!)

    If MSA were to cater to complaints of a few, ignoring the many, readership and membership for MSA will suffer. We look to Liz and her staff for their expertise. I appreciate their opinions and want them to feel free to post candid opinions, not what they wish the readers to hear.

    Just my 2 cents. Let the trashing begin.

    • I was thinking that, too! PS customer service constantly takes a beating in the comments here, but no one would suggest they not be included on a site dedicated to reviewing sub boxes. Bottom line is everyone gets to vote with their dollars and can decide for themselves which boxes they do or don’t want to support. There are many subs I have zero interest in that get reviewed here, and I just don’t bother paying attention to them.

      • Ironically it was a review for LLB that I found this site when a groupon offer came out for LLB. I was unaware of all the past drama and am glad I took the chance.

        Hopefully who had issues with them were refunded their subscription and the only outstanding issue with them is a grudge of past betrayal. If there are truly continued issues with them reach out to them and see if they can be rectified now. They really appear to be trying to gain customer trust and satisfaction.

        I hope MSA continues to review this box. For those who are unhappy it is relatively easy to skip a review of a box you are not interested in.

  13. I am also disappointed to see the return of reviews for LLB. The company’s history of mining MSA comments to target, antagonize, brazenly insult, and in multiple cases cancel subscribers is unforgivable, no matter how long ago it happened.

    These are not good people and there are better boxes to review.

    • I concur! Well said!

    • I disagree. Same comments as you described as being horrible were made from both sides. Worse from the few and not LLB

      • I do not believe Orlee’s point was the nature of the comments, but rather the mechanism whereby LLB came by the information that started the whole fiasco. LLB took comments made on MSA and used them to attack a poster via email. That was/is unconscionable and there is no defense for their behavior on that issue.

        As for whether or not MSA reviews their boxes going forward, that decision is Liz’s – her site, her choice. My choice(s) in the matter are: a) will I subscribe to their box (I will not), and b) will I read the reviews (I may or may not depending upon my interest in the theme).

      • I have had Popsugar, BeautyDNA, and two others email / talk/ upset @/ to me about the comments I made on MSA. All via email. They figured hildol to my name and email and emailed me. Every single box is looking on blogs to see what is said. It is smart business practice. I just hate seeing this literally dragged back up as it truly was beaten to death last year. I feel bad for both who it happened to and LLB as both made mistakes. Then it was a gravy train for bashing LLB and it was flat out wrong, distasteful and horrid comments made. It is what it is. They have the right to cancel people. You have the right to be upset, sure, but harboring all of these feelings for a year, dragging them all out isn’t healthy and truly looks like an attempt with harbored anger to make sure others don’t sub to them. I’m glad to see it reviewed. It gives many that want it (like me and I AM REAL) to read them as I left her blog, discovered other blogs in doing so because I WANTED to read the reviews of LLB. If it is based on Customer Service, I could call out a few companies UGHHHH POPSUGAR yet we all want the reviews, all want or have, do or will sub to them at some point. MSA stalking? All of them do it. Many emails go out because of it. We just don’t necessarily share them on tons of online outlets. Again my heart hearts for both parties involved but it is time to move on, or don’t click and read/buy. It really is quite simple.

      • If you were treated via email by Popsugar, BeautyDNA or the other two companies you reference the way Browning was for voicing her opinion on this site, then those companies should absolutely be called out for unprofessional and indefensible behavior. Emailing someone to follow up on their post on an internet forum to see if you can “make it right” or get additional information is vastly different than emailing them to launch a personal attack because you did not appreciate or agree with their opinion.

        As for harboring feelings one way or the other, as I said before – MSA is Liz’s site; she gets to decide whether or not to review boxes.

  14. I really like LLB and I am a subscriber since Jan 2015. I have never experienced any issues with their customer service. When I had broken item, they replaced it right away, no question asked. I forgot about the canva print and when I reached out to them asking if they would make an exception at the beginning of Jan 2016, their customer care (Kat Taylor) explained why they couldn’t help with the print, but sent me a Serendipity (their other ‘box’ which is $10 bi-monthly) as a consolation so at least I had something. It was really nice of them to do that because forgetting the canva print was really my own problem. My interactions with them had always been pleasant.

    I totally recommend LLB based on my experience. They might make mistakes, but they deserve a second chance too.

  15. Sigh. I won’t sub to this company after what happened.

    I do think that by having reviews back up on MSA we will see how sincere the company is about changes. More people will be able to post their thoughts and experiences (good and bad). If LLB is truly trying to change time will tell.

    As they say “give them enough rope…”

  16. Hmm. Real human here. I love this sub box and have been subscribing for quite a while. I have found it irritating that LLB, which has been frankly one of the best curated and most consistent and timely boxes, has not been reviewed here for a long time. MSA is a business and needs to start reviewing more boxes and more frequently to keep us as an audience. I believe I see signs of MSA moving in this direction which is wonderful!

    I actually have no idea what is going on with who said or did what — and I really don’t care. Everyone agrees whatever it was is old news. People can subscribe to a box or not. People can choose to sell their box to us or not.

    I have heard privately from two major sub box companies that they actually fear the damaging (and frequently unfair) commentary on this public part of MSA. Both times I had reached out as a customer after a perfectly lovely box was derided (potentially frightening off would-be customers).

    These are typically small businesses that live or die based on our commentary here. Why not choose kindness?

    • “Why not chose kindness?”
      Perhaps the reason that some of us are so adamant is because this company failed to do just that. Warning others is ethical, and the way I see it keeping quiet is akin to committing the unkindness myself. Maybe it is best you find out what happened.

    • The “why not choose kindness” question is too ironic. Hopefully LLB employs this strategy in the future.

  17. Yay! So happy to see this review! I love LLB and have been with them for over a year and I just love their boxes and have never had any issues with costumer service.

  18. I guess I will pass on this sub. I always wanted to try it, but since Liz did not offer reveiws on LLB I decided not to try it. Just logged on and saw the box and got so excited. But after reading the reviews, I will have to pass.

  19. I’m going to read reviews as a consumer if it is MSA or another site. This is what MSA first did before swaps and everything else. The drama is pointless. A great review is priceless!

  20. I have loved LLB from the beginning and have had the best experiences with them. I am a real person who requested reviews from Liz again. To each her own I guess but I love more things than not in the boxes and their customer service (Kat) has been wonderful. I could go on and on (really, I could…) but they have done right by me and I’m sticking with them, and up for them. This was one of their best curated boxes in my opinion.

  21. I am glad MSA are reviewing LLB again. I was a Member last year and had to give it up due to health issue. While a member I received excellent customer service. I received a broken item which they replaced right away. They answered all my email promptly and professionally. I miss their box and I like reading about it here. I can only judge on the service I received and they never were late sending out boxes and I got more than my money’s worth. Thanks Liz

  22. Hi, my two Pesos worth… I think LLB has a talent for curation and it seems like they provide nice items and surprises in their boxes for the most part, with a great cost vs value ratio. I was all ready to subscribe a few months ago but kept reading old (and NEW) problems with LLB management regarding a lack of customer service… and worse.
    I think there are two sides to the story, and I am sure not every bad interaction was the fault of LBB, but it is worrisome when you keep hearing the stalking, canceling, email rudeness and verbal attack claims made from paying customers by the owners of this company. This is one of those instances where someone like Liz who is trusted and experienced in this realm could facilitate a posted response by LLB to those of us who are open minded but would like a little reassurance and a commitment to a new and improved LLB. As other LLB supporters (there are quite a few, which speaks to the company having some good qualities!) pointed out, they can’t go back and erase all past mistakes but can they assure no repeat performances while pointing the business in a positive direction and vow to make a fresh start?
    I appreciate hearing from an employee willing to stick up for this company and explain the reasons for some troubling behavior. It would be better if the owner (s) posted a message to assure those concerned, reasonable MSA “citizens” they won’t regret giving LLB a try. I would like to think everyone deserves a second chance, and hope they can earn back trust and a better second chapter in the future. Peace out!

  23. That tote is awesome! But it seems a bit lazy (smart but lazy) to crib multiple items from Oprah’s favorite things list. LLB has always been too suburban for my taste.

  24. I didn’t realize this box still exists. I signed up last March for their waitlist and never heard from them again. Judging by what I’ve read here, that was probably a good thing.

  25. I’m so upset with LLB!!! I purchased a 3 month sub and it clearly stated that it would auto-renew. I received an email on 2/4 stating that my sub was cancelled. I immediately tried to contact customer service and didn’t receive any response. By that time the February box was sold out. A few days later I tried to contact customer service again and I get this response that they don’t want to just randomly charge people so they send an email stating that the sub is set to expire and since I didn’t resub they gave my box to the next person in line. I explained that I never received said email and can actually prove it since I don’t delete any of my emails from my subs and other important subjects…I then received an email stating that they understand if I don’t resub but basically tuff sh&t and stop emailing. REALLY?!?!?!? What an awful way to treat your customer!!!

  26. I’m a real person who loves subscription boxes. I also had the same issue with the pictures I sent not being the right size for the canvas. I sent numerous emails to LLB and they were never rude to me. They were very nice in telling me the picture was not the correct size and advising me on what size picture to send. Even made the comment, “by the way, kids are really cute”. I was unaware of why MSA stopped reviewing their boxes, I even sent Liz an email when I received my 1st. free Serendity wondering why she didn’t review it. I do believe in giving them a second chance, no criminal activity was ever involved from what I’m reading. We are all human who at one point in our lives has said something we wished we never said. If you don’t want to see the reviews then skip over them.

  27. I was a subscriber back when all the drama went down and I cancelled my subscription as a result because I don’t feel the need to give my hard earned money to people who treat their customers that way. That’s my choice.

    I feel like it’s fair to review the box again. If you don’t want to support them you don’t have to subscribe. I’m sure people who are potential subscribers can ask here about experiences and hear all the good and the bad things people have to say and make a decision for themselves.

  28. Thank you, Liz et. al., for providing a place where nothing is censored, and therefore everything is at our disposal to make up OUR OWN minds. I am grateful for your assumption that your readers are intelligent beings capable of critical thinking and analysis!

  29. Truly LOVE LLB – and Serendipity – and have had nothing but excellent customer service from them! Any questions I’ve had regarding my subscriptions have been met with the utmost of professionalism. The curation of both LLB and Serendipity is top notch as well. I was so pleased with them that I subscribed for my mom as well…. I’m writing this from Turks & Caicos on vacation – can’t wait to get home for the “unboxing” of what looks like another fabulous month. Forgiveness is key – and anyone can have a bad day and respond in a manner that wouldn’t happen normally. The pride that LLB take in their company is apparent. Reading ugly comments makes me sad for those who could write them – not very Christian to say the least…. Looking forwarding to continuing this stellar subscription!