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Allure Red Carpet Bonus Beauty Box Review


Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. (Previously known as Sample Society). Each month they send out a mix of deluxe and full-size samples from mostly high-end brands!

This is a review of the BONUS BOX that many (but not all) subscribers received. (I received this email on February 16th letting me know I would be getting this box).


You cannot buy this box, here here is the info on the regular Allure Beauty Box subscription:

The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get a free Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Full Size) with your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

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Each box includes an info booklet that details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box. This box also included a Covergirl COUPON: Limited Time Only! Get a free Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit (Full Size) with your first box! No coupon needed - just use this link.



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – 1 oz Value $39.60

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask – Value $17

Wow! I can’t believe that these are in a free bonus box! This treatment essence is a quick-to-absorb liquid. I didn’t notice any major hydration differences in my skin from one use, but fortunately, this sample is large enough for me to give it a fair chance. (I read a review advising to not apply with a cotton swab since you will lose quite a bit of the pricey essence to the cotton!)

The mask is refreshing and hydrating – and I only had to leave it on for 10 minutes!


Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil – 1 oz Value $11.80

Allure described this oil as being almost impossible to overdo, and I would agree with that. It’s a very lightweight formula and didn’t make my hair feel greasy at all.


Covergirl Plumpify Mascara in Very Black – FULL SIZE! Value $9

I was not impressed with this mascara. With a wand like that, and a name like “Plumpify,” I was expecting major results. Instead I got good lash definition, but not much at all in volume or length. (I ended up layering another mascara over to save my makeup for the day!)

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner  – FULL SIZE! Value $7

This eyeliner has a pretty slick design. Depending on how you hold the liner, you can get a thin or thicker line. (Swatched below).


Covergirl Trublend Face Primer Combo Skin – FULL SIZE! Value $8.50

This primer looks like a white sunscreen out of the bottle, but blends in clear. I like the finish on my skin, and I’m not very brand loyal when it comes to primers (most seem to do the job for me), so this is going in my makeup bag!

Covergirl Colorlicious Oh Sugar Balm in Punch – FULL SIZE! Value $5.50

This lip balm is one of my favorite drug store discoveries in a while! It has a good amount of pigment, and the lip balm provides a shine, too. I think my favorite part is the flavor – it reminds me of the lemony sweetness of the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm.

Here it is swatched with the eyeliner:


Believe it or not, these swatches were done by a 31 year old! I need to work on my straight lines!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $99! That’s insane for a free bonus box! I’m hoping Allure Beauty Box sends out more bonus boxes in the future! Are you an Allure Beauty Box subscriber? Did you get this bonus box?

If you haven’t signed up for the regular monthly Allure Beauty Box yet, use this link to save $5 off your first box! (The March box has sold out, so your first monthly box will be the April box).

Allure Beauty Box

How do subscribers rate Allure Beauty Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (92)

  1. I signed up over a month ago with Allure and have never received a box. I did receive emails asking me to rate it however. Does it usually take this long? It doesn’t sound like contacting them gets you anywhere.

  2. It is as if Allure loves to tease me. I received both emails letting me know I would soon be receiving a bonus item in the mail. I never received any bonus items or this bonus box. Today, I get an email from Allure asking me to complete a survey about the bonus box. Please send me the box and I will gladly review it.

    • Sorry for you, but glad to know I’m not the only one! I’ve gotten the emails promising the boxes, but no box ever turns up. What’ up with that, Allure? I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 14 months, why you wanna ignore me like that?

      • I’m done with this box and this company. I find it hard nowadays to trust or give my money to a company that cannot manage their emails or respond to inquiries. They are probably making a ton of money off of their subscribers when you look at the how much it actually costs to curate a box. At almost $16 a month with no perks (even though I received the emails that I would receive them) or a chance to receive review points, it is not hard to say good-bye at almost $192 per year.

  3. OK, I’ve received 2 emails alerting me that a box was on its way and never got a box, so I just asked CS about it (via chat). She told me that because I am a “Legacy” subscriber – that is, I subscribed when it was Sample Society from beautybar, and stayed with it when Allure took it over — I won’t get a box! “Legacy” subscribers won’t get boxes! What kind of nonsense is that?!?! As to why I still got the emails, she doesn’t know and encouraged me to call, which I will do and report back. Maybe we “Legacy” subscribers should quit and then sign up again, so we lose that “stigma.”

    • Here is our exact exchange:

      Ashlie: Do you know what I mean when I say that your order was a Legacy order
      me: No, but I can guess – it carried over from beautybar?
      Ashlie: Yes, that’s exactly right. Your order, the monthly order was a legacy order.
      me: ok… what is the significance of that here?
      Ashlie: Those boxes will not be sent to Legacy customers

    • So the people who have been with them the longest are getting shafted? Yeah, that seems fair.

  4. Hi, I received the bonus box (recent BB subscriber) but none of the emails that went out before until today, I got a survey asking me about the box, etc for anyone who gets it 🙂

  5. Hi,

    Is anyone interested in selling their box?

  6. Anyone interested in Cover Girl $4.00 coupon for Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette? I won’t be using mine and it expires 6/30/16. I saw them at my local drugstore for $10.99, so it will be a good deal if combined with sale. I would like to send it to someone who didn’t receive the bonus box, if possible. Please comment with your email below mine. Thanks!

    • Hi Kay, i would love to get the coupon. I really wanted to get a small and easy to carry trunaked palatte 🙂

      • Hi, HIra, please write your email address here and I will contact you.

  7. I cancelled Allure beauty box in February. They still charged me for the month of March and would not cancel and return my money.

  8. Has anyone who is a monthly subscriber received the bonus box?

    • Yes…i go month to month…sometimes cancel then renew again if I like the spoiler and I received the Red Carpet box.

  9. I wish I would have received this box. Why did some get it and others didn’t?

  10. Wow, hope Allure figures this out and all subscribers get the bonuses.

    That being said…this is an absolutely amazing box. Would’ve been worth paying for ?. I’m impressed, Allure ?

  11. I love my bonus box!!! Thank you so much Allure 😉

  12. I was so surprised when I received this box. IT was AWESOME!!!!!

  13. I’ve only been a subscriber to the Allure box for about 6-9 months. I’ve gotten both bonus items. I was shocked when this one was a whole box though! I figured it would be like the last one. I also subscribe to the magazine. Maybe it really is just random like they are saying.

  14. Thank you Liz. My estimate was off so I love how you estimate the pricing. I got this box for free so no matter the total it was super amazing. I was unhappy with Allure out of the gate when last month was my fist month and I got my box nix the lipstick and had a very hard time contacting them to get it strait but they did eventually send a new one. I put my box on hold this month because of traveling and still got this box perfect timing when I arrived home. I now have hope for the Allure beauty box being a better sub box than some of the others out.

  15. I am very happy with my bonus box and I hope Allure continues to surprise us! I know Allure covers all product ranges from drugstore to high end ones, but I would like to see more high end products in their monthly box as they are more risky for us to buy full-sized products without trying them. We have Target boxes to cover drugstore brands 😛

  16. I am one of the few who did not receive an email or a box. I contacted customer service out of curiosity since it seemed so random. They told me – “It is a random drawing for the red carpet box.” Fair enough. I then asked if they could check to see if I had been entered/won/whatever and she said that “We don’t have that list, unfortunately”. So…….yeah.

    • I too contacted allure about all of the emails, extras, and special boxes others are getting. They did not even bother to respond to me and it has been more than a week. I feel really bummed, as a long time subscriber, beauty blogger and avid instagrammer to not be included in any of this while brand new subscribers who signed up b/c of me have received some or all of these special extras. As much as I have loved my beauty box sub from day one; I am pretty miffed about this as well as their lack of customer service. 🙁

      • Yeah, I contacted them by email and no response at all. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for over 2 years. I even received the email that I would be getting this box and the previous free samples. I’m not looking for handouts, but it isn’t cool when you say your sending something and then don’t follow through. Their lack of response leaves a lot to be desired when compared to excellent customer service from other beauty boxes. I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.

      • Are you an annual subscriber, or do you subscribe monthly? Just wondering if that is the difference.

      • Monthly, never cancelled or skipped a month.

      • Agreed, same here. I’ve never even received an email from them though. I guess, if you are a long time subscriber as well then it can’t be due to our being excluded due to their former partnership with beauty bar/old billing like I constantly here people say… I’ve emailed a second time but do not expect to hear back. It seems that those who have get little for answers as to why some are not getting anything, others get some and others everything…one person said they were told it was a ‘loyalty’ thing which certainly can not be the case as brand new subscribers are receiving things. It just seems like a poor choice to do something such as this and exclude those of us that have been subscribers for a long time with no explanation and there is never an excuse for poor customer service. 🙁

      • Really bummed about all this so I cancelled. No idea what their game is but I’d been thinking about downsizing and they gave me the perfect reason to quit them first.

        Great marketing plan Allure!

      • I was scanning the comments to see if anyone else got the email, but not the box. Was just kind of bummed cause i was all excited because i got the email. i never win stuff. oh well, maybe next time.

      • I received the emails both times, but no box or additional samples. You will probably continue to receive these random emails -like me, but end up with nothing. It may be the Beauty Bar billing….which is a bit of a crock. Is anyone being billed by Beauty Bar, getting the emails, and receiving these items? It was not my understanding that only random subscribers would receive extras?

      • Hey so I got the email on February 16th that said that there were more goodies coming and I didn’t recieve the box.The email didn’t make since either. From what I seen it looked like they were sending out a few things and you could win 1 of 10 boxes worh 88 dollars. But they they send out the whole box. That was cool for many that recieved it. I did recieve an email in January though and did get 3 super sweet items. I call on the phone because when I send an email half the time it can take some time.Also if you get the right person that is taking care of the emails. I bought a gift subscription as a gift and she hasnt even recieved her February box and it is now March. Also she never recieved anything extra. My subscription has been great and I love it even without these extra gifts. I feel like they are trying to do a nice thing by sending the extra goodies but in the long run something has changed. People are signing up because it. Maybe people are very happy and some not so much. I would rather it be fair. If you send out extra then send to all subscribers.

      • I just signed up last month and did not get one. So it’s not just going to new subscribers. And I don’t think that just because you blog and Instagram you should get one. I pay for this sub just like you.

  17. Got this out of the blue the other day, thought they perhaps sent a box early or something–signed on to MSA and found it was a surprise box, YAY! What a smart marketing move promoting good will and good products while solidifying and expanding the customer base. Other Subs take note!

  18. OMG i want that coupon for covergirl! I bought one of the palettes last week at Target and I LOVE it! With the coupon it would only be around $6 which is a STEAL. I have to stop myself from buying the other 2 palettes.

  19. I have been with the beauty box over a year. I received the January email but no surprise. I have not received anymore emails or surprises. I had to contact Allure to change my credit card and inquired about the January email I received and did not receive anything, I was told the email was sent to me in error. I told the gentleman that other people were receiving bonus items, so supposedly I am receiving something. This was 2 weeks ago and I still have not received anything. I sent an email to Allure yesterday with my annoyance to how loyal customers are being treated about the bonus items. I am sure I will not receive a reply and that they could care less. I think it is a shame if it does have something to do with beautybar vs. allure billing because Allure told us not to worry with changing anything when the switch happened. Now the older loyal customers get nothing and fresh newbies that have only just signed up to receive boxes are getting everything. Not good Allure. Very disappointed.

    • I too, have wondered if it had to do with the switchover and those of us who were subscribers since the beginning when still combined with beauty bar. What an enormous error that would be: to dis their long time loyal subscribers who have helped pave their way to many new subscribers; by rewarding only the newbie subscribers and ignoring our inquiries. It is definitely a good way to lose subscribers.

      • I subscribed right after the switch, received both emails saying I would get a bonus, but haven’t received anything extra.

  20. Is this something they do often? I have never heard of any subscription boxes sitting out free random goodies But I only get Ipsy, Boxycharm and beautycon. I have been thinking about getting this box but I’m not sure if I’ll like it . Suggestions do you think this box is better than Ipsy??

    • I have ipsy as well and have been disappointed with it compared to my allure box. I got a free detangle brush and gave sample in January sent separate from my box. Then got my Feb box and this bonus box. I love everything I get and is deff better then ipsy and way worth the fee extra bucks. It ships faster then ipsy as well. I highly recommend getting allure!

    • Yes, this Beauty Box is 10 million times better than Ipsy. It’s worth the extra $5.

    • Personally I think Allure is 10 times better then ipsy. Ipsy is cute with the bags they send and they do a great job balancing out what they send me but the products I recieve usually go in the trash. Allure seems more grown up with the products they send. I enjoy sampling more expensive skin care.

    • I dropped Ipsy and Birchbox to pick up this sub, I like the variety, size and amount of samples much better. I have yet to be disappointed or receive a box with products I gave away or didn’t use. I subscribed around 6 months ago and I have not gotten all the freebies but I did get this bonus box plus a bag of 3 extra goodies in January. Haven’t had this with any of my other subs (Boxycharm, Birchbox, Glossybox, Target, Walmart, Beautyfx) which is awesome. I’m a very happy and satisfied subscriber.

  21. there is a rumor on Makeuptalk that if you are still paying for Allure through Beauty Bar you are not eligible for these free gifts- so if you still pay that way and didn’t get one/are bummed you might want to cancel/resub through Allure directly.

    I got this box yesterday after the post office lost it for a few days and was really impressed.

    • Well that explains why I didn’t get the last one either. I was so excited and then nothing. Giving them a call today.

    • huh- that’s really poor customer service, since we’re the ones who have been loyal subscribers.

  22. I was so happy to receive all the freebies they have sent out this yr. Allure is definitely my fav box along with boxycharm. I also love the magazine, its one i read cover to cover each month. I have entered their contests and even won prizes there too. Thank you allure. You have a subscriber for life

  23. What a surprise! I grabbed the box and it was so heavy. I was shocked. The mascara and liner (mascara wand was impossible to hold without my hand cramping up, and the tip was gigantic..not something easy to put near your eye, and the liner tip was awful. I’m really really good with liquid liner, and this shape was just terrible, although the formula seems great, sadly) were a fail for me, but everything else is pretty awesome. $100. For FREE. Wow, thanks Allure!!

  24. I have to say I have always loved Allure boxes but they have definitely taken the top spot with my PopSugar boxes. PopSugar isn’t for everyone but I love it. Now back to Allure, I received this box along with their “surprises” in January. It seems every time they send out bonus items I receive them. I love this subscription and I hope they keep the surprises coming. I was very impressed with this box along with some confusion until I remembered that they would be sending out special boxes and I did receive an email that I would be receiving it. I am also an Allure Beauty Enthusiast on their panel. I’m not sure if this bumps your chances up or not but I’ve received everything extra that they have ever sent. I love it, keep em coming!!!

    • I only subscribed to the box for one month last year and still received the box. So I doubt belonging or subscribing makes any difference.

  25. i have some serious box envy. I received both emails about the bonus boxes, however I have not received any extras.

  26. Oh wow, SK-II in a free beauty box! This is a definite winner.

  27. This was my second month into my annual subscription and I received the box… I love this sub!

  28. I received one of these bonus boxes and am so excited to try everything! I still can’t believe I got one. The first thing I tried was the Covergirl oh sugar balm in punch. I LOVE that it’s a balm and that it actually has some color to it. I also tried the sk-II facial treatment essence and did notice my face felt hydrated and very soft afterwards, loved it. I used the Wella oil on my hair and loved that it did not make my hair look or feel greasy and had a soft vanilla scent. I can’t wait to try the other items!

  29. I must say the Cover Girl primer is awesome! I have used two days in a row and my make up stayed put all day – this never happens!

    • I agree….I have had a terrible time trying to find something to help with my concealer creasing. I even got the famous Bye Bye undereye concealer and still had horrible creasing. wasn’t until I tried this primer that makes it stay on all day with no creasing! This primer has made a huge difference and also gives me that flawless look. Love it!

    • Oily or combo formula?

      • I was wishing for the combo one, but I got the one for oily skin. Works like heaven! Still can’t believe it! Love it! <3

  30. Never thought I would say this but I think Allure has taken 1st place in my beauty boxes. I didn’t think anyone could beat Boxycharm but Allure has blown us away this month not only with our monthly box, but the bonus box was AMAZING! Allure YOU ROCK!! <3

  31. I contacted customer service to question how some users received bonus boxes/items and others didn’t, especially the ones who no longer subscribe to them and was told that those who longer subscribed were probably already “in the works” and it is based on loyalty. I asked how much loyal did one need to be as I’ve subscribed to several of their magazines and the beauty box since day one. He did not have a response.

    • The same here I’ve been subscribed for more than a year and no email or bonus box 🙁

    • It cannot be based on loyalty-my first ever allure box was December, maybe even January and I received the bonus box. My vote is it is completely random.

    • C, I inquired the same from Allure and my response from them was a bit different:

      “Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for contacting Allure Beauty Box.
      The bonus box is only sent to random Allure Beauty Box subscribers.

      If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

      Thank you,
      Allure Beauty Box Customer Service
      [email protected]


      • I received that exact response from the exact same person just a bit ago. I responded, in length. I should hear back in a couple of weeks. 😉

      • Let me know if anything informative comes up from the dialogue. While it’s awesome many were surprised with this bonus box, is unfortunate for the ‘random’ subscribers who are missing out.

      • I definitely will!

  32. I received the bonus box. I was blown away! I love every item. Well, not the mascara. I had to use another mascara on top of the Cover girl mascara. I thought that the mascara would be awesome because of the wand, but it wasn’t.

  33. I’m not sure if I’m getting this or not (have a feeling it would come today or tomorrow if I am, bad storms where I am) but I received an empty tracking email sometime in the past week. So there’s a chance! But I did already receive a Valentine’s bonus of this wonderful pigmented lip balm! I think it was Clarins so even if I don’t get this bonus box I’m still happy with the value. Although I’d love the bonus box!!

    • Same for me too. The tracking email I received had a tracking number of ‘0’ and I’m thinking I should be getting it today, maybe tomorrow, if I am getting it. I did also receive the bonus gift earlier this month too.

  34. What a beautiful surprise! My bonus box arrived this week and I love everything. I hope Allure continues this trend.

  35. How long did it take for the Bonus box to arrive? I only received an email (last Wednesday) with an invalid tracking number saying my box had shipped. Hoping I’m still getting it since I seemed to have received any emails from Allure after everyone else did about the bonus box.

    • I got the email too, but have yet to receive the box.

  36. No bonus item or bonus box for me either. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year. I got all excited when people started sharing they were getting bonuses, but nothing….

  37. I recieved the extra goodies in January but not this month. I pretty sure I would of had it by now. Yes maybe next time. I love Allure Beauty Box either way and think 15 dollars a month for the normal subscription is Sweeeet. ???

  38. I was surprised when I got the bonus box it was great especially because I missed out on my fen box due to my credit card being stolen that’s all corrected updated can’t wait fur my March box I loved everything in the wonderful suit use box especially the wella oil I live Allure beauty box I cancelled Ipsy replaced with allure a much better beauty box sub

  39. Have to say Allure is rocking it on the boxes?

  40. I received my Bonus Box Monday. I as so impressed. I love all the products. I actually loved the mascara. I actually layered it and I had big beautiful lashes. And I usually wear false lashes. I will be buying more of these products. I love the Wella oil too. Thank you Allure and thank you to our ?Queen box addict Liz. ??

    • So glad you loved the box! 🙂

  41. One of my favorite Allure boxes ever! Can’t wait to try every product!

  42. This month no bonus gift or box kind of bummed out I would love this box! Although I did get a bonus gift last month so c\an’t complain. 🙂

  43. I received this surprise box in the mail, but had not received either of the “bonus” emails many have posted about! I am a current subscriber and was thrilled to receive it!! 🙂 Thank you, ALLURE!! 🙂

    Thank you, Liz, for the review as well! 🙂

  44. I got a light pink lip color, which I’m not crazy about. I haven’t tried any of this box yet; it’s my busy time so I’ll wait until things settle down before I play. But I am looking forward to it!

  45. Seeing Cover Girl in the same box as SK-II is just weird.

    Meanwhile, it figures they’d send out a bonus box after I cancelled. 😛

    • This is a Procter & Gamble box and CoverGirl, SK-II and Wella are all owned by P&G

      • Ah! Well that makes sense. Sometimes it seems like every brand ever is owned by one of three or four companies.

  46. I did not get a box either. I am not a fan of Covergirl so I am not too disappointed. Maybe next time.

  47. You are not alone – I can’t draw straight line to save my life !

  48. Well this is disappointing. I didn’t get the bonus item, nor the bonus box. Been a subscriber for around two years. If people, whom do not even have a current subscription start posting they received this box, I’m really gana be sad.

    • I have been a subscriber for over 4 years, since it was Sample Society, and I never get any bonuses either. I wonder if it is because we were part of the switch over? Does anyone know?

      • I just cancelled my subscription but I had to go thru Beauty Bar as my Allure account did not have my current subscription information.

        So there might be some truth to the “switchover” accounts not being setup correctly with Allure.

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