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Allure Beauty Box Red Carpet Beauty Bonus Spoilers!

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Thanks Kristin, Amy, and Kelly for sharing this email with us fromΒ Allure Beauty Box!Β Looks like some subscribers will be receiving a bonus box this month featuring products from SK-II, Cover Girl and Wella. And now we have a sneak peek at the box! (FYI – the box subscribers receive will likely not include all of these products – just a few of them. I’ve reached out to Allure to confirm and will update when I hear back).

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.41.45 PM

This email came fromΒ [email protected] if you want to check to see if you got one!

If you haven’t signed up for Allure Beauty Box yet, use this link to save $5 off your first month. (Regularly $15 a month). Check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews, too.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got an email weeks ago saying I’d be getting a Bonus box, but none ever came. Anyone else in the same boat? Feeling left out over here…

  2. do you know where can I use $4 off coupon for Covergirl Trunaked palette? drugstore?

  3. So far no one can answer my question. Why did I not get an email saying that I was getting the Red Carpet bonus box? I paid for my subscription just like everyone else. If it were a contest I would understand. I have chatted with allure customer service and I have spoken with a supervisor and no one could tell me why.

    • They said it was completely random; Not all subscribers received one of these. It was just a free bonus-nothing to do with whether you’ve paid or not. I’ve read posts from many people that didn’t get one. It’s also being said that it seems as if those subscribers that pay through beautybar aren’t/haven’t been receiving any of the bonuses for some reason even though Allure said it wouldn’t affect anything; a suggestion was made to cancel and resubscribe so you’ll pay through Allure instead.

  4. I’m very happy I received a bonus box, completely unexpected that Allure would even do this. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I didn’t receive the Cover Girl Oh Sugar! lip balm, which is something I would have really enjoyed. That was the only thing missing, but I don’t want to complain to Allure about it because that would seem really ungrateful. I’m just so happy to get one when It seems like a lot of people didn’t.

    What would some of you do in this situation if something was missing from a FREE bonus box?

    • I would email them thanking them for the bonus box and how awesome it was. Then say it was missing the balm and ask if there is anyway you could still receive it? They might have extras or would at least offer to send you something else (I would think!). Kill people with kindness? Hope it works for you πŸ™‚

    • I always send them and email. They’re pretty quick to reply but it might be a week or two before you receive your item! In this case, I’ve no clue tho!

  5. I received my bonus box yesterday! I didn’t receive the email communication, only shipping notification. I received oily skin version of the primer and lip balm in Punch color. I will use everything and and I am especially excited to try SK-II products.

  6. Holy insanity, this box rocks! Thanks allure, loving everything in it:)

  7. I received my Red Carpet gift box yesterday. It is amazing. I love that they even included the mini-mag to explain the products and how to best use them. It is a puzzle that some people are receiving emails and no gifts, and some people haven’t received either. Hopefully Allure will get it all worked out soon. I’m sure it is a lot of extra work for them to send boxes out twice in one month.

    • Received mine as well LOVED IT! Allure is my FAVORITE beauty sub box by far! Ditched ipsy and Birchbox. Now only have Allure, Dermstore and sometimes Popsugar if I think its worth it. I get the special Net a Porter boxes when they look good, too.

      • Oh and how could I forget the TARGET Beauty boxes. Between Target and Allure Im mostly all set. I just got too overwhelmed with perfume samples and eyeliner from Birchbox and ipsy. Sigh.

        • Mona Bella, I loved it too. I will definitely look for the Plumpify Mascara in waterproof. On your love of Allure Beauty Box, willing to add Dermstore!

  8. I will be swapping all of the Cover Girl items. Procter & Gamble = animal testing. Yuck.

  9. I received the original notification email, but didn’t receive an email with a tracking number. I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting one – I will be bummed! πŸ™

    • I wouldn’t worry Misha, I still didn’t get the first bonus box but got the Red Carpet bonus I feel the goodies are better in the new box but the fulfillment center can’t even tell you when they will bill you huh? It could easily show up without a tracking notice.

  10. Great box! I didn’t even “deserve it”. My Allure account was suspended, but I still got it.

    • Uh, I think we all “deserve” this box lol ? Got mine today and love everything! Can’t wait to try the new products especially the SK-II which is a super treat for me, the skincare addict ?

  11. I am impressed at the “gift” box I recieved today. My email was sent on the 16th. I got the punch version of the Oh Sugar Balm. I recently started the subscription back up ( on hold for a bit, too many subscription boxes ). LOL

  12. This box was amazing!!!

  13. Eeeekkkk!!! Got my box today and everything pictured was in the box! So excited! Love Allure!

    • Me too!! So amazing!!

  14. I just received my bonus box and it’s wonderful ! I received SK-II mask and facial treatment essence, cover girl plumpify blast pro mascara, intensify me liquid liner, true blend face primer, oh sugar infused balm in soda, and wella oil reflections smoothing oil. Very happy to get this bonus box ?

  15. Mine is still in York, PA

    • My box finally left York, PA and it is out for delivery. Yippee! I am so excited.

  16. I am super disappointed. I didn’t get anything. I am subscriber since January, March will be my third box. Would love to get red carpet bonus box but I don’t think they will send me one… πŸ™

    • I’ve only received two and I got the bonus box. Don’t lose hope!

    • Patti, you were right! I got my red carpet bonus box today, without any shipping notification, email etc! Completely surprise! πŸ™‚ yey! Allure rocks! I am happy with their monthly boxes too, this is exciting subscription I must say!

    • Don’t feel bad. I have been a subscriber for over a year. I received the January email but received nothing. I did not receive this email or any bonus in the mail. I am more than upset how they pick who receives a bonus box.

  17. Have you ever tracked a package for so long that you FORGET what you’re even expecting??? This happened to me today while looking at the USPS tracking information for the Allure bonus box (inner squeal of delight). It might also be due to the high volume of packages I’m receiving…

    • I got mine. So awesome! It’s awesome. So happy. A few things I’ve been wanting to try!

  18. Let me get this straight: this is a bonus box in ADDITION to our regular monthly box???? I am BLOWN AWAY! It’s as good, if not better than, their regular box. The Cover Girl lip balm is amazing and the perfect shade (Candy). Thank you, Allure!!!!!

    • My box is still stuck in York PA….FREE ALLURE BEAUTY BOX…I am beyond anticipating it’s arrival…LOL

  19. WOW!! And I am beyond impressed! What an awesome box! I never thought that they would include everything in the picture and more to get that four dollar off coupon was a great surprise. Way to go Allure! You are amazing! Cannot thank you enough!

  20. I got my bonus box today. It was way more than I expected. I thought they would have one or two of the items. I never dreamt that it would be everything in the box posted above. I’m so happy. This makes up for not getting the promised bonus last month. Did anyone get bonuses in January and February?

    • Almost everything in the box appears to be full size and a quick look at the value is over $100. Good job, Allure!

    • I got both! This box blows me away Allure always knocks it out of the park.

  21. YAY!!! Just went out to the mailbox to get my box. Everything in this bonus box is amazing. I will definitely be using everything.

  22. What an amazing box, Allure??? Mine has been stuck in Illinois for dayyys as well, but it’s typical with USPS. Hope it gets here soon πŸ™‚

    • mines too, but it just got updated this morning and will be delivering today. hope your come in soon πŸ™‚

  23. The box arrived today. It’s amazing! The “bonus” box is full of products — far exceeding the previous bonus gift bag that was given out last year.

    The box has the famous Allure mini-magazine with details on each of the 7 items (plus the coupon):

    $4 coupon for Covergirl Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette
    Covergirl branded items in box:
    –Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast (Full size)
    –Trublend Face Primer (1 oz) (2 versions) — I received the Oily Skin version (deluxe sample)
    –Plumpify Mascara (very black) — full size

    Other items in box:
    –Colorlicious Oh Sugar balm (punch cocktail) — full size
    –Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothening Oil – (1 oz)
    –SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (1 oz)
    –SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (1 mask)

    Thanks Allure!

    • did you have trouble with your tracking?? mines hasn’t updated in two days

      • Same here!!!!

        • it has been updated this morning. thank god. i was worried it had gotten lost

      • Mine hasnt been updated since the 17th either. Still showing at york pa. Hurry up and get here already! Seeing her review really has me excited now!

      • I had the same problem. However most of my sub boxes delivered by postal service also have spotty tracking.

    • Congrats! That’s sounds like an amazing box! Hope everyone gets the same πŸ™‚ Yes, USPS tracking shows my box stuck too, but that’s normal I think! It usually gets updated closer to my ship date :/ so patiently biding my time, trying not to go crazy lol

  24. is anyone having some problems with their tracking. mines has been stuck in the same state for the past 2 days? is yours doing the same thing?

    • Yes! My last tracking update says “arrived York, PA at 4:37am, Feb. 17th”. Usually when something coming to me is in York, I get it the next day or two at the latest. USPS hasn’t updated my tracking since then! I thought I’d already have it!

      • JessicaG mine is also in York PA with last update at 4:37 am Feb 17. I checked this morning and still no updates!

        • Megan, mine is still in York too, no update πŸ™ I got a little excited when I saw Kim’s post, but no joy πŸ™

        • My tracking FINALLY updated!! Yay!! According to it, I should get it Monday πŸ™‚ Hope everyone gets theirs!

    • Yes! Since January 17. It’ seems to be waiting to transfer over to USPS

    • Kim, is yours stuck in York PA too?

      • Dear York PA, free allure bonus Beauty boxes!

      • mines was stuck in Illinois

  25. I am a bit confused… This is the second month I ordered Allure, after last month I cancelled to wait for the spoilers and re-subbed on 2/7, right before the cut-off date. On 2/12, I received 2 shipping notification email with 2 different tracking number. Then, I received another shipping notification last night. I never received email about bonus item this time or last time. I thought I wouldn’t receive any bonus item last time as I just started with them. Anyway, the first 2 shipping should be arriving today, but I just found out from the tracking zip code that one is shipped home and the other is to my office… What is going on? I hope I didn’t get charged for two boxes…

    • I have had same issue with two boxes and two billings which they deduct for second billing. I plan on purchasing one of those loadable visas so they can stop double & triple billing my account. It became a problem once they changed over. I do hope this one is the bonus box because Allure is a favorite treat for me.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience. I just logged into my cc account and I saw 2 charges on the same date. I will wait until the boxes arrive and contact customer service. It never happened to me before, so I hope they resolve the issues soon. And I really hope the second shipping is the bonus items. I just logged into my Allure account and I don’t see any shipping info… I thought I saw one for January box.

  26. I received my shipping info. I have received my box this month, so this must be the extra items. I’m excited. This will be the first time I receive additional items.

  27. Got a shipping notification too. YAY!!!

  28. I just got an email saying my box has shipped. Excited since I already got my box for Feb. Loving AllureAllure?

  29. i received an email tonight with tracking info staying my package shipped and its a different tracking# then the one i got a few days ago for my Feb box. Super excited to see what i get! Love allure!

    • I got a shipping notice too! I received my February box very early in the month so this has to be a bonus. Yay! Allure is the best.

    • Me too! My Allure box is already on its way (should get it by Friday) but I just got another email with new tracking info for something else?!? I don’t know what it is but I sure am excited! Also, I didn’t receive any previous emails regarding bonuses, have only recently subscribed since December but I’m always doing Allure surveys/giveaways/Beauty Insider. Here’s hoping for anything lol. Truth! I would totally buy that bonus box!

  30. i just received a tracking for an allure box, i hope it is the bonus box

    • Good to hear Kim. Since then have a couple mo the wirh double billing double boxes … I got a tad worried but looks like we are getting the bonus box in a couple days. Wonder what will be in. I got last email for extra box but never got box so extra happy!

    • My box still in transit. did you get yours yet Kim?

      • hiya!! i am super excited. from watching the allure video that the posted on this box. i think we are getting everything, which is wonderful.

        i have been having some problems with my tracking it has been stuck in the same state for the past 2 days? is yours doing the same thing?

        • you can watch the video on their youtube page if you like

  31. I just got a notice that my allure beauty box has shipped! I sure hope this is not my THIRD monthly and the new extra box!!

  32. I’ve never received an email detailing extras although I’ve gotten a few items separately from Allure in the last two months. This evening I recovered a shipping notification from Allure telling me my box has shipped, complete with tracking info. My February box already arrived and it’s too early for March … I wonder!
    Did anyone else get an unusual ship notification?

    • I just got a ship notification too! And I was thinking the same thing – too early for March…

      • So I just got my box and it looks like I got everything pictured!

    • I got a shipping notification too. My tracking says it should be here tomorrow. I’ll let you all know what it is!

  33. I’ve gotten the emails, but no gifts yet. I’ve had really bad luck getting any emails back from Allure too.

  34. I received a bonus item for Valentine’s day but didn’t get a previous email.

  35. Has anybody found out yet why only some subscribers are getting emails, extra items etc. and some are not?

    • I wondered the same time. I feel like emailing them leaves me more confused. I was thinking maybe you have to be a active Allure Enthusiastic Insider, like doing the surveys that are sent out in emails??? And a subscriber of the Beauty Box, plus follow Allure on social media??? Also maybe if your always entering their monthly giveaways?? Who knows…. I recieved an email last month and shortly after I got 3 very cool nice sized samples which I loved. I also did get this last email the same day that it was posted here…… Again super excited. I love my boxes every month and they are never missing anything and I get my box the first few days of the beginning of the month…. But sadly the gift subscription that I got for someone has been pretty bad. Her first box came but missed the eyeliner. This month she hasnt gotten her box yet. I called on the 8th asking and said they would get it out. I called again yesterday the 14th and it still hadn’t gone out yet. I guess they only send out boxes ONLY ON THURSDAYS. I have had to call a couple of times a month. I feel so bad for my poor giftie… I got mine on the 2nd. My subscription has been nothing but great but I wouldn’t buy as a gift ever again. Sorry about the box I just wrote. ?

  36. Me too. I received an email but
    no gift πŸ™

  37. Man, I wish it was a special box we could purchase!

  38. No, this is for entering via Instagram. Note it states enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 boxes. No, we wont get this box.

    My email stated / implied I would only be getting like 1 or 2 “bonus” items. “Beauty Bonus Gift”.

    The box pictured above has a value of $88 and needs an action *hashtag your red carpet look on Instagram* to be entered to win.

    • I read it the same way you do. Liz, maybe you could take a second look?

      • Yes, I’ve reached out and I’m waiting to hear back. I think it safe to say those who received the email will receive some of the items pictured, but I can’t confirm that they will get the entire box, yet. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for clarifying!

  39. Now I’m really excited and hoping that I receive something. I love that Allure is sending out free gifts the last two months but I wish that they were more consistent. It seems like some people received a gift and no email, while others (like me) received an email with no follow up gifts.

    • I received an email with no gift either previously! :/

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