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The Firework Box Subscription Box Review – January 2016

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The Firework Box is a brand new subscription box from Fire & Wind Co.! It is targeted for female entrepreneurs (though it can be for any woman), encouraging them to “build a business and lifestyle full of soul and success.” Examples of possible featured items include prints, a journal, candles or strategic resources. The founder, Ashley, calls this her “big high five” to you.


(I think the actual box looks awesome, and I love that it’s covered in affirmations!)

In addition, every month you order the Firework box (for you or a friend), you get access to an exclusive digital bundle made of things like backgrounds for your electronics, resources, downloadables, prints, and always a video from the company’s founder, Ashley. (You receive the code to access the digital bundle via email.)

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - all items

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - all items 2

Subscription Box: The Firework Box

Cost: $39/month, $117/3 months, or $234 for 12 months; Shipping is $6 to US, $12 to CAN and $15 everywhere else

The Products: 4 full-size items (plus surprise items) to encourage and inspire you

Ships to: Worldwide

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THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - info 1

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - info 2

Each box comes with an info card listing the items featured that month, as well as discussing the monthly theme. This month is titled “You Deserve It” and is really just an introduction. Next month’s theme is “self care.”

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - items 1

Pocket Mirror – value: $5

This mirror is a disc with a saying/design on one side and a mirror on the other. I dig the message! The other designs in their Etsy shop are really cute, too.

Yay! Card + Envelope – value: $4

I like this card. It’s simple but can be used for so many occasions, or just because!

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - items 2

Birthday Cake Lollipop – value: $1.25

This is my kind of grown-up lollipop! They’d make awesome party favors, too. Here’s how they describe their Birthday Cake flavor:

“Our birthday cake is our wonderful lemon cream combined with a pinch of fresh ground cinnamon. It taste just like white birthday cake and frosting!”

I am sucking on this as I write and I have to say that I’m impressed with how spot-on they got with the flavor.

Wooden Mini Bowl – Value: $8

This bowl is cute; I will probably use it as a ring-holder or small catch-all for earrings and coins or something. (The outside bottom half is painted – photo below.)

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - items 3

Here’s a better photo of the bowl – the bottom half is painted a pretty aqua shade.

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - items 4

5×7 “Confetti Moments” Art Print – value: $8

This is pretty and playful. I think it’s a stylish reminder to celebrate the little victories and small things.

THE FIREWORK BOX JAN 2016 - items 5

Encouragement Card & Stickers from Hello Paper Co. – value: $2.50?

These items are listed as bonus items on the info card. I adore the stickers and I’m looking forward to sending the card to a friend!

Digital Bundle (not pictured)

I think including a digital bundle with this kind of box is really smart. This month, there’s a art print PDF, an inspiring wallpaper for your phone and desktop, an artsy, fill-in-the-blank 2016 manifesto PDF, and also a video from the founder.

Verdict: The first Firework Box was a lot of fun for me! It’s so colorful (seriously, I love the packaging) and the mission of empowering women is one I’m passionate about myself, so that makes me really happy. I think it’s smart to include the digital content, too. The value is tricky to evaluate, though, especially because the purpose of this box is not to provide you with material items or get you a good deal, but to provide inspiration, energy, and empowerment which are intangible things. The contents of the box itself add up to $28.75 this month, but there’s also the digital content to consider. I think the overall value of what this box is worth to you is very subjective to each individual. However, I’m personally excited to see what future Firework Boxes hold!

What do you think about the Firework Box? Are you going to grab next month’s “Self-Care” themed box?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. I came to this site to see a full review after seeing an Instagram picture of the contents and thinking, “That cannot possibly be all that was in that box!” But, apparently it is all that was in it! I almost subscribed to this box (because I love the idea of it) but held off when the creators would only give vague examples of possible contents. I am so glad I did not subscribe; I would have been angry to receive such a poor value (in both functional terms and monetary terms). Not only are the items “fluff” (and not directly relevant to being an entrepreneur, IMO), some are just puzzling. If the box is supposed to be a high five and encouragement to ME, why does it include multiple cards that I would presumably be writing out and giving to OTHERS. Not that I don’t love a good card and a nice handwritten note, (I do), but that does not seem to fit the theme of the box, at least in my mind. “Here – some cards – so you can do yet another ‘nice’ thing for someone else when you should be spending precious time on your business ;).” What???

  2. omg, I’d be furious if I spent a penny more than $10, shipping included, on this stuff. I do think that it could have potential…as a box for tweens or young teens who need encouragement. I can see a 12 year old girl loving this! But, again, the price is beyond absurd. The price is a legit ripoff, and anyone who purchased it would certainly have cause to demand refund immediately.

  3. I feel more inspired and empowered by the Happy Mail prints and card messages. Easy skip!

  4. I couldn’t possibly take a box for entrepreneurs seriously if they are starting the letter out with “Hey Gorgeous.”

    • That came to my mind too.

  5. wow this is an all-time low. send me $40 a month and I will send you a bunch of cra- err “inspirational” items. i think i will put $40 a month in a savings account and be inspired by that instead.

  6. I LOVE all the items in this box…but not for this price point. Also, I do not feel this meets the theme. I understand that handmade items, and those sold on Etsy, will sell for the individual prices listed…to some people. I, personally, rarely purchase those types of items from Etsy for this exact reason.

    I think the items are very uplifting, and would be perfect for the right demographic. I’m not sure entrepreneurial women fit into that demographic.

    Also, the online content doesn’t work for me that well — and I’m a system developer! I certainly know my way around a computer, but I do not place a very high value on the types of digital content often related to subs. Somehow it just falls flat. And that’s even though i KNOW it takes time, etc. to produce that digital content.

    Overall, while I like the items, I will not be subbing to this box. I am very captivated by the encouragement, but I cannot justify spending that much on items that will impact me for a short period of time, until I rotate to something new.

  7. I just cant see anyone wanting to pay for this box, at this price point. There is nothing empowering about wasting hard earned money on a few cheap items. I know some boxes are more about the curation, or supporting small businesses, but these items are just plain cheap, nothing special. I doubt this box could last past a few months.

    • amen

  8. nothing but a bunch of junk I wouldn’t use

  9. The only female entrepneur this box is helping is its creator. This is so heavy on style, so light on substance. While I give her points for presentation, nothing in here looks worth the money, or useful to me.

  10. This box looks pathetic. What a rip-off.

  11. I can’t speak for everyone else, but as a female entrepreneur I can’t help but feel patronized by this box. I don’t need prints and stuff telling me that I can do it. I’d rather have business books, financial advice, and guides to investments.

    • Exactly!
      I’m in business and feel wildly insulted by this. If this is to inspire me, where’s the smarts? Why don’t you teach me something instead of plucking some cuteness you bought in bulk on etsy in a box telling me I’m ‘very enough’?
      What the Hell does that mean?!

  12. Wow, $39 for that?! I feel the same as most other commenters. The items don’t seem to have much to do with the theme of the box, either.

  13. Frankly, the contents of this box are insulting. If the goal is to appeal to female entrepreneurs, why not include an advice book on how to start a company or some office supply sorts of things? Even an idea journal! They needed to include things that would actually help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and instead they filled a box with “rah rah” fluff.

    I feel like the low-monetary value of box is almost less troubling than the lack of thought and consideration they gave to the needs their audience. A female business owner (or hopeful business owner) doesn’t need a wood bowl. She needs help navigating the business world, and this offers none of that.

    • Thank you, Susan! This is exactly how I feel too.

    • Oh, I could not have said it better!

  14. Snort. No entrepreneur worth her salt would ever pay more than $10 with free shipping for this box.

  15. I have to agree with everyone else. Items are cute and encouraging, packaging is great, but that price – I feel like I could go to a craft or drug store and put together something very similar, and still walk away with $20 – $25 in my pocket (not including the shipping).

    • Cute and encouraging – if you are going into Junior High.

  16. Yikes – this reminds me of the “loved + blessed” box, where it’s just a bunch of cards and unframed quote prints with one “item”, but I think that one is about $15/mo?

    I’d be really disappointed if I got this box in the mail. I don’t even really see the items as cute or useful as some others are stating. It’s all stuff that’d get thrown in drawer. I do love stationary and stickers, but I’d probably only make use of the yay! card.

    The packaging is nice!

    • I personally don’t find anything yikes-worthy about “love and blessed.” It’s a subscription box that’s supposed to encourage and teach the word to religious folks or even those that aren’t, and I think it serves its purpose well. Not to mention the price is fair. This new subscription, on the other hand, could probably improve their prices or items.

      • My apologies, I wasn’t saying “yikes” to the Love + Blessed theme, I was simply comparing it to something that has similar items (a lot of cards and printed quotes with an item) that is significantly cheaper.

        The “yikes” is the fact that they’re charging $45 a month for paper and a small wooden bowl, when another box does something similar for $10.

  17. Not seeing any empowerment in the box. I would feel like I’ve been had if they threw a cheap wooden bowl at me (get in the kitchen?) and cheesy card stock.

  18. Why was my comment removed?

    • Oops, sorry – it wasn’t. My mistake.

  19. If I had bought this I would be so upset!!! That is a $20 AT MOST box. Way, way, way overpriced. It’s a similar price to Popsugar and look what you get in that vs this.

  20. Majorly overpriced. Would not subscribe.

  21. The paper products (on this sub, and others alike) seem really overpriced to me. A 5×7 piece of cardstock with print on it isn’t worth 8$ and i don’t buy that a small, plain greeting card is worth 4$. Not trying to be a party pooper, but this box is weak.

  22. I agree with everyone’s comments but what I find funny is that this is supposed to be a box for entrepreneurs and they can’t even price it properly! Even if you estimate the digital content to be worth $10, which I think is generous, this box is lacking in value (but definitely not lacking in perk!) I think for maybe $30 it would be cute.

  23. I would be so mad at having spent $45 on this… The items are cute and useful, but not at that price point. This is more like a $15-20 box. It reminds me of Peaches & Petals, which is only $15.

  24. Definitely doesn’t wow me at that price! Cute stuff though….but not worth the $$.

  25. This looks like an awesome box. I like everything in it. If they have a promotional price I will sign up for sure.

  26. One of the basic tenets of being a woman entrepreneur is knowing that when you’re growing your business, throwing $45 a month on a gamble of lollipops and useless crap is a bad, bad use of your hard-working money. You already know what specific things will help you be refreshed/inspired/encouraged, and you plug them into your calendar and into your budget consciously. This box is laughable in how insulting it is to women entrepreneurs, IMO.

    • THIS!!!

  27. I keep looking at the review, seeing if I overlooked something for the $45 monthly price. – First boxes I get excited about, because normally first boxes the value is high and items have a WOW factor. – For me to subscribe, value would have to be higher, their would have to be more unique items in the box. There is no way I d subscribe, unless the value gets higher. If I purchased this box at this price, I’d be upset.

  28. This just seems so severely overpriced– with shipping this would end up being $45/ month for these low valued items?? For a first box this certainly doesn’t “wow” me. Maybe next month will be a better value…

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