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POPSUGAR Target Box Shipping Update – Check Your Email

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Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.41.50 PM

A few MSA readers have let us know that they received this email today regarding the POPSUGAR + Target box:
Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.43.51 PM

The subject of the email is: “Update Regarding Your POPSUGAR Must Have Purchase” if you want to search your inbox for it.

Fingers crossed that they get the inventory for everyone who needs it – and also that the special gift is a good one!

I’m still waiting for tracking on my box. Anyone get a shipment confirmation email yet?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am so done with Popsugar. I ordered their holiday box as soon as it came out and I never got it. When I emailed them they told me I would get it by 12/24. I never got it. They refunded me the money but I actually wanted the box. And I didn’t get a conciliatory gift. I’m also still waiting for a replacement of my Today Show candle that came without a wick. No matter how good a box looks I am not going to order from them again.

    • My candle came without a wick too! They said the candles are on backorder. Hoping I still get it.

      • I was owed candles too so I mentioned that in my email to them about the Target box and they said the candles are on backorder and they will be issuing me a $15 credit. Guessing if I did not follow up repeatedly I would have just never received candles OR a credit. I am now wondering if they meant $15 Popsugar account credit or $15 back to my bank account since they did not specify.

        Also, finally received tracking for my Target box and it is saying arrival on 1/29. Talk about slow!

        • Same. I think if I hadn’t repeatedly followed up, they would have just left me hanging – no candles and no refund.

          Also, I don’t want $15, I want an item. My candle holders are now useless without those candles, and that’s 1/3 of the box at this point. Stupid.

      • And my apologies – I’m referring to the candles from the Holiday for Her box, not the Today Show box. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. I signed up for Fedex Delivery manager, and my box is in transit set to arrived Monday, January 25th. I purchased the box at 11:00 am central time on the dot. I ordered only one. Thank you for the FedEx suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jackie – curious if you know what time you got your confirmation email from Popsugar? I got mine at 11:29 yet I am one of the people that got the email saying it’s back ordered.

      • I also got mine right when it went live–I had to leave my house at 11am CST and refreshed the page one last time just in case. Got lucky. And my confirmation email came at 11:01am CST.

  3. This is a long shotโ€” but I was one of the girls that received the โ€œdreaded email.โ€ If anyone happened to order an extra box by accident, or ends up just not liking itโ€ฆ Iโ€™d love to purchase it from you! (Again, long shot) โ€ฆsigh.

    • I just received 2 email notifications that mine shipped. Not sure how I happened, but I’ve been billed for 2 & have 2 on the way. Only thing I can think of is that maybe I refreshed the page & it went through twice.

      • They have been double billing me for the last 3 months. Thankfully, my credit card issuer has credited me so far.

  4. Thanks to whomever suggested the Fedex Delivery Manager. After getting no where with PSMH customer service, I was at least able to sign up on FedEx and find that there was a tracking slip made for my boxes! Of course this is supposed to arrive only one day before they bill me for the Feb box (not giving me much time to make up my mind). And of course there is a major snowstorm slated for Sat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My Fitness Box has now shipped from NY, and y’all, the estimated delivery date is 9 days from now. ROFLOL!

    This entire box has been one pain after the other, and it’s just so sad.
    I hope they partner with someone else next time. Too many people had their orders cancelled or backordered which may mean the same thing. I hope not.

    • FedEx does that a lot with shipping, it will arrive before 9 days and the delivery date will update when the box gets closer.

      • I hope so!
        However, although I live 30 miles from a major city, it takes approx. 4 days from the city to the USPS in my town.
        Smart Post is DUMB. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I just checked Fed ex and I have a popsugar box coming. Delivery date of 1.26, weighing 1.7lbs. I don’t sub to Popsugar so it has to be the Target box. Kinda light for a fitness box lol

  7. Hmm.

    Just had a look at Pop Sugar’s FB page, and they are giving 10 Today Show boxes which will ship with the January box. is their link.

    I wonder if that’s why my January box shipment says 3.5 pounds?
    I already have the Today Show box.. in a closet…
    ( I ordered it before I knew what was in it).

  8. I need to streamline my question, which was in the midst of a comment, to hopefully get help from you Subscription Sisters.

    What is PopSugar sending me that weighs 3.5 pounds?

    I highly doubt the January box weighs 3.5 pounds, and the only other shipment pending is of course, the 1.7 Target box with a label created but not shipped. ( I doubt I ever see this box).

    Help greatly appreciated regarding the 3.5 pound box, which really seems very odd to me.

    I know they said they were charging us early for the Feb. box, but they have never said they were shipping it early. I could see 3.5 in a PopSugar current shipment IF they were smart and helpful enough to bundle January and February’s boxes together, since they are charging them early, but that is not the way they operate.

    I did not have any broken or missing items in any of the LE boxes or the Dec. PSMH box and none of the boxes are missing either, so this is not a replacement shipment.

    Thanks for any help! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My tracking for the January box says its 3.3 pounds – that’s using the tracking # from the Popsugar website and email they sent. (and haven’t heard/received anything about my Target box)

    • When I track my January box (I know it’s January because Popsugar actually emailed me tracking info on that one!) it’s showing as 3.6 lbs (makes sense if there is a heavy hardcover book in there). That one shows that it’s coming from Gilroy, CA.

      The other processing shipment in my FedEx account is coming from Wappingers Falls, NY and shows that it’s 1.7 lbs which must be the Target box.

      I hope this helps! Last note-I am waiting on replacement candles from the holiday must have for her but I am not sure if I will ever receive those :/ I don’t imagine they could weigh 1.7 lbs anyway.

      • THANK YOU both!! Helps me a lot. I found out they are giving away 10 of those not great Today Show boxes, and since I was a dummy and ordered mine before I knew what was in it, I definitely want other people to get the 10 giveaway boxes.
        ( I guess they couldn’t sell them).

        This is the most I think any PSMH box has weighed, and I’ve subscribed since July 2012. And, I do not want to fold my clothing like origami, so I have no use for book about folding clothing sideways.

    • Dont want to spoil it but there are 2 items in the box that each weigh 1 lb and also one another that is probably about 1/2 lb. A friend who ordered after me somehow got hers a week before me. It’s a pretty decent box at least with quite a few practical items.

      • Did you post the spoilers somewhere????

        • Yes, please post a spoiler! I’d really like to know what we’re getting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I just signed up for the Fed Ex delivery manager and logged in. It shows that my package from WAPPINGERS FALLS, NY shipped today and that it arrived at the FedEx location in NEWBURGH, NY today 2:34 local time. Expected delivery date is 1/28. It also shows that a package shipped to me from Gilroy yesterday and was in Sacramento today with an expected delivery day of 1/22 by end of day. I live in Northern California. I have received no notification from Popsugar that either of these package had shipped. I also did not receive the dreaded email from yesterday. Hoping that while their communication might be a little behind the ball…that they are still getting the packages out :o)

    • Just checked FedEx again and now mine has shipped (it hadn’t as of an hour or so ago). Now it shows a ship date of today and delivery date of 1/23 (I’m in Illinois). Yay!

    • Same. I’m also in the Bay Area and my expected delivery day for my Target box (1.7 pounds) is 1/28. I also have two January boxes coming that are expected to arrive on the 22nd.

    • Wow! I live in Wappingers Falls (a town north of NYC right across the river from Newburgh) but most of my popsugar boxes ship from Cali! That’s wild, I would love to learn the reasons for all of their shipping issues.

  10. I don’t really buy the eBay seller theory. Just doing a general search today and the items coming up seem to just be ones people want to get rid of (same as the ones with tons of listings for swaps). If you’re buying to make max profits (beyond just recouping what you paid for the box) Popsugar boxes don’t seem to be the way to go.
    I think it’s just a massive fail on Popsugar’s part. Seems like ever since their ‘upgrade’ they’ve had major issues. Everything from billing to shipping to customer service has gotten bad.

  11. I don’t subscribe to PopSugar nor have I ever purchased one of their special edition boxes, but I just can’t for the life of me understand why they would sell something they don’t have?

    For example, if you’ve got 100 boxes, why are you selling 125 of them and charging people immediately for them? I can understand selling 100, and opening up 25 waitlist spots and holding off on charging those 25 people but to charge 125 people for 100 boxes?

    Seems like a shady way of doing business.

  12. Haven’t received the backorder email or a shipping confirmation…just checked my account and it still says processing. I was so excited about this box too…

  13. It would be karma if the rumored Ebay resellers were the ones to not get the dozens of boxes they ordered (that maybe prevented so many of us in the sub box sisterhood from getting ours!!!)
    Hey maybe this will scare them off from future orders…..and if PopSugar is smart about this, the resellers with the many multiple boxes should just get one or two IMHO.

    • That’s definitely what they SHOULD have done. When they realized they oversold, they should have retroactively limited the number of boxes per person to 2 max. I can’t believe they would be okay with people buying a dozen boxes to resell them on ebay.

      • I’m not sure how the resellers do it-buying tons of boxes at one time I guess, and ship them all to the same address? Or do they do it a different way, create multiple accounts but order at same time, that would be harder to crack down on.
        I’ve heard scalpers for tickets use dozens of computers/modems to grab all the tickets the second they come out.

  14. Can someone please post this FedEx link? Every time I try to track, it prompts me to pay for one of their services. Thank you!

    • I just did a google search for FedEx Delivery Manager. They made me sign up for a regular FedEx account (no money involved) before I could sign up for the Delivery Manager service. It’s not tracking, because you don’t have a tracking number. It just searches it’s system for your address and let’s you know what shipments are coming to you.

      • Fed Ex didn’t make this extremely easy or streamlined. To get my exact tracking info, I totally left the Fed Ex site. Then, after selecting the USA page, the page which came up was kind of a general purpose Fed Ex page which probably all of us have seen.

        However, because I signed up for the Delivery Manager, I now have a log in email address and password for Fed Ex. total site.

        I went to the Tracking section and it did track my 2 packages ( well, listed the creation of the label for one) but tracked the other one with today’s date. The purple arrows are all up except one.. but I don’t have a CLUE what they are sending me which is shipping now and weighs 3.5 pounds.

        I get PSMH monthly, and bought the Holiday for Her, Holiday for HIm, Neiman Marcus box and the Today Show box, and I’m very sure some of the above could have weighed 3.5 pounds, but they should not have a date for pick up as last Friday and show ongoing movement now. I had all my boxes delivered on time and none of my items were missing,damaged or broken. Can’t believe it.

        >>>Does anyone have any idea what could be showing up with a weight of 3.5 pounds? The shipper is definitely PopSugar, Gilroy CA.<<<<<
        I know the monthly boxes are about a pound and now I know that the Target box, which I am completely OVER, btw, weighs only 1.7 pounds, which is exactly what the transmitted info from Popsugar to Fed Ex shows for the box which will ( or should) ship from Wappingers Falls, NY.

        Thank you!!

        • I think the target box is 3.5 pounds. Only my January box has shipped, and it is 1.7 pounds.
          Hope that helps!

          • It can’t be the January box because I do not sub to Popsugar and just get the special edition boxes and my shipping notice for the only popsugar box I’m supposed to receive is 1.7lbs!! So it is the Target box.. Wow!! I thing my $5 Target beauty box weigh more!

    • Got info that my boxes are on the way. Supposed to be here by Friday with that huge storm expected. OK! Did I read this right, people buy the SE boxes and then resell on eBay? Wow .

  15. Thank you to those who posted about Fed Ex Smart Manager and Delivery Tracking without a tracking number. I never knew this was possible!!

    I have concrete info which may help most or some of you.

    One of the first things I do when trying to figure out what a company is sending me is to check the weight of the package, which Fed Ex always displays and UPS sometimes does.

    I have the following showing, both from PopSugar:

    1/18- Popsugar Gilroy CA
    A shipment weighing 3.5 lbs was shipped and is tracking movement.

    1/13- Popsugar Wappingers Falls, NY
    LABEL CREATED- NO shipment at present.
    This package only weighs 1.7 lbs.

    Based upon the weight of both packages, and possibly also the locations they are shipping for, does anyone know which of the 2 boxes ( Jan. PSMH or Target box) weighs more?
    Common sense would tell me that the Target box SHOULD be the 3.5 pound box but I have no reference to verify this.

    That would mean that the January PSMH box has a weight of 1.7 pounds.

    Can anyone match ONE of the package weight to the package contents?
    I believe this is how we can tell what has shipped and what they are sitting on.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Laura B.

    • The 1.7 has to be the Target because I have that one coming from Wappingers Falls, NY as well and I didn’t order the January box ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep, I too noticed the 1.7 pound weight. I didn’t get the January box, either, so the 1.7 pounder from NY is definitely the Target box.

      • yikes…1.7 lbs. not a very big box.

        • I know, right? My thoughts exactly.

          • I’ve had birchbox boxes that weigh 1.7 lbs and they aren’t very big!! This scares me… we know how big the Jawbone UP2 box is, and it obviously isn’t that heavy…but dang, what in the world could they put in there that would only weigh 1.7 lbs? This better be good for all this hassle!!

          • My daughter bought herself a fitbit and it’s on it’s way to us–I just tracked it and that package weighs .4 pounds. So there’s roughly 1.3# of extra stuff after the Jawbone. Fingers crossed for good things come in small packages. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully it would be as good as last years…

        • my order still lists as processing, I ordered in the first 10 minutes too. I still haven’t received a refund for 3 stocking stuffer boxes from December after 3 emails…and 2 replies saying they would issue the refund. This is ridiculous.

    • My January box that I received last week was 1.4 lbs according to FedEx. My only other FedEx package from NY is 1.7 lbs.

  16. The constant shipping drama with PopSugar has really turned me off of them. Sort of like Quarterly. I’m just not sure it’s worth the grumpiness/babysitting to make sure what they tell me is going to happen actually happens.

  17. I want to post exactly what their email to me said. I have omitted the “Dear ____” which is my name as it appears on my sub boxes but they also omitted their name in the same email.

    Thanks for reaching out! We just took a look at your account and your boxes are currently processing in our warehouse, but they should be shipped out within the next few business days. We are shipping a larger volume of boxes this month and there has been a bit of a delay, but we are working hard to get your boxes out to you as soon as possible! Once they have been shipped off you will receive an email with your tracking information. Hope you enjoy them!


    • I emailed them this morning regarding my boxes, and got this same email word for word that you posted signed by Ann P, this email came in at 3:56pm today. Funny thing is, then at 6:39pm I got another email with my shipping info for the Januarya box, this email had info showing they shipped the box last Friday.. Obviously they checked nothing and cut and paste a generic reply.. Makes it real hard to continue a subscription with dishonest people.

  18. This is so sad. I wonder, with sad amazement, what has happened to this company? It was the best of the best for several years. Now, they take money, don’t send boxes and then oversell them.

    I wrote them yesterday about where my January PSMH box AND my Target box is. I got a reply that they are in processing to ship out. Same reply every time there is a delay.

    Also, I got a BLANK email from them last night. I think the header was ” Check this out” but it was from Pop Sugar, and it was blank. I clicked on it and was just taken to their general site. There was possibly a connection to their upcoming Resort Box, or so I thought at the time. Now I’m wondering if I got waitlisted as well.

    How did they oversell? Did Target not send the right amount of merchandise? I don’t understand what has happened to Pop Sugar, and this makes me so sad, and a bit angry, too. But mostly, sad.

  19. This was my first box with them. Order was processed and card was charged right away. No email yet as to whether it is shipping or I’ve been canceled. I checked my account and no info there…. It’s very discouraging to read all of the issues everyone has had with the company. Will probably be my last box with them – assuming I even get it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I haven’t gotten that email or a tracking number yet. I want my Jawbone Popsugar!

  21. The email I received stated to look for a tracking number this week.
    But who knows.

  22. Waiting for shipping confirmation on January box and special edition box. Very frustrating.

  23. I ordered this box within 5 min of it going on sale. I don’t subscribe to the monthly PSMH box, but I’ve bought a couple individually in the past. I talked my mom into purchasing this box for herself, so I’ll feel terrible if something goes wrong with her order! I noticed some of you have said that you can see that it’s about to ship. Where/how can I do that? Thanks!

    • You can go fedex and sign up for fedex delivery manager, it allows you to view packages addressed to your address and name shipped via FedEx.

      • does this not work for PO Boxes? I have everything sent to my PO Box and I keep getting an error when I try to enter that as an address…

        • For PO Boxes, what you can do is put the street address of the post office and then your PO Box number. For example, 12 Main St #555. The post office will sign for it and make sure it gets to your box ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Awesome – thanks!

          • It won’t allow my to use my PO box, so I tried your tip and it rejected it saying it was a business address and I must enter a residential one ๐Ÿ™

      • Thank you! I never thought to do this and it’s working like a charm! It’s showing me two packages shipped from Wappinger Falls, both at least a week out as far as delivery. That must be the Target and the January box. At least I have something to go by, unlike my PopSugar acct which tells me nothing but “processing” !!!

        • Does it actually show that they shipped? Or just that a label was created? I also just signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager and it shows that a label was created from PopSugar on January 15th, but FedEx hasn’t actually received the package yet. For reference, I also have another package that is to be delivered by FedEx tomorrow. It shows a ship date of 1/18 and a delivery date of 1/20, with 3 purple arrows on the status bar. The PopSugar package shows a ship date of 1/15, “pending” on the delivery date, and only one purple arrow on the status bar.

  24. Ha! Another promise of a gift to make up for their lapse. All of us with the For Her LE from Christmas are still waiting on an apology gift we were promised a month ago!

  25. They must have really oversold these boxes. I had ordered in the first few minutes, my card was charged, and the my order was canceled and refunded a week later. Popsugar didn’t even send me an email, I had to contact them to get an explanation for the refund back to my card.

    • Same here! I was actually charged for 2 and I had to contact them to get one refunded to me. Then when I didn’t see any sort of info about my order on their site, I had to contact them again (I should note I sent them 3 emails) before they told me I wasn’t getting one. When I said I was really upset about this whole situation I was told to “be on the lookout for the Resort LE box”….Ugh!

  26. I just checked my FedEx account and I have a package coming from PopSugar so I’m guessing it’s the Target Box.

  27. I was tempted to order this box, but I’ve never subbed/bought anything from PSMH. All of the negative comments about their customer service kept me from ordering, and at this point I’m glad I didn’t! For those of you who did, I hope popsugar gets it together and you receive the product you ordered!

  28. They should look at all the people that ordered more than one box & cancel one of theirs. How did they decide which orders to put on back order? Knowing Popsugar it was probably a random & unorganized process.

    • Why should those with more than one get cancelled or postponed? I ordered two. One for myself and one as a gift. I paid for both so why should I only get one?

      • There was a thread somewhere on this site suggesting that eBay resellers bought these boxes by the dozen. Two seems reasonable to me, but I’d love to see PS crack down on purchases like that. I was one of many who wasn’t fast enough for this box.

  29. I got tired of their empty promises to replace the broken items from the holiday LE box from over a month ago and just started the process to contest the charge for the box. After 5 responses saying “we’re shipping them soon!” and no follow through I’d be an idiot to ever give them another penny.

  30. I am still waiting for the jewelry from my must-have for her box. Also I am waiting for a refund for the candles that were broken. I still have not received a refund for that they will not replace the candles because they don’t have anymore. I do not know what is going on with pop sugar but it is not good! They need to get their act together!

    • Hey just curious, how did you find out they don’t have any more candles? My candles from the holiday for her box are supposed to be getting replaced and they have not sent me any info saying they are out… Thanks!

  31. No email. I’ve been billed already.

  32. Sooooo I received the email today but I just got this email from their support team?? I’m so confused….

    Hi Lily,

    Thanks for reaching out! We just took a look at your account and your Target box is currently processing in our warehouse, but it should be shipped out within the next few business days. We are shipping a larger volume of boxes this month and there has been a bit of a delay, but we are working hard to get your boxes out to you as soon as possible! Once it has been shipped off you will receive an email with your tracking information. Hope you enjoy it!

  33. I never got this email or a tracking update, but I logged into my fedex account and saw a new tracking number was added today from Popsugar

    • How do you check fed-ex?

    • Never mind I figured it out, I have one coming from Gilroy which I imagine is the January box and one from NY I’m sure it’s the target box…

      • Yeah my target box was from NY

        • Did you already receive your box?!? Or just the shipping info??

          • Received info from fedex website… it shows tracking info created.

        • My regular Jan box was from NY. They must have multiple fulfillment centers which is why most east coasters got their January box and west coasters are still waiting.

  34. My order was processed at 12:30 central time and the money removed from my bank account right away. I received this back order email today. On the upside, maybe I’ll get to see what’s in the box before I have to decide whether to cancel or not. Maybe its a sign from God that I need to curb my spending.

  35. What gets me is that these were supposed to ship out 3 days ago. I just logged into my account to see (and now I’m hoping that wasn’t a mistake), and mine also shows “Processing”. I ordered mine just a few minutes after launch and got a confirmation email and my card was charged on Jan 6th.

    Did you know that you can dispute a charge on your card if a company doesn’t deliver/ship and item to you on the date is was promised? Here’s the info from Consumer Reports:

    “The law

    The federal Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Trade Regulation Rule requires stores to ship telephone, mail, fax, and Internet orders within 30 days. If the merchant promises an earlier shipment date, it must meet that deadline. If the retailer has a reasonable basis for not getting your order out on time, it must obtain your consent to the delay. And if you don’t respond or consent, the merchant must issue a refund. Merchants have more timeโ€”50 days instead of 30โ€”to make the shipment if you’re also applying for credit.

    You should know

    The clock begins running on shipping deadlines when the seller receives a properly completed order, including any advance payments. The merchant can’t add any of the days it took for your check to clear or for its bank to credit its account with your payment. And it doesn’t matter whether a fulfillment house or drop shipper the merchant used to handle orders caused the delay.

    So if you’re expecting a shipment and the retailer tries to contact you about a delay, be sure to respond or your order will be cancelled, even if you still want it.”

    Bottom line, Popsugar promised to ship these by Jan. 15th and clearly, they haven’t honored that promise, hence the emails they are sending out.

    This all makes me sad. Why can’t Popsugar get it together?

  36. I got my order confirmation email 6 minutes after they went on sale. My order still says processing… No charge back on my card yet and I also haven’t received this email. I guess we’ll see what happens…

    • so the charge went through for me but i have not received any tracking yet and i purchased mine with in 10 minutes of them going on sale….. and when i look on the website it says tracking processing…

  37. Why is it on back order? They probably didn’t had enough boxes, did they only made 50 of this limited edition box?

  38. I haven’t received this email, but no shipping either. Question – those of you who got it, did anyone order right away or were they later orders? I had mine within 5 minutes of going on sale. I would be so frustrated if they back out.

    I just sent an email requesting a phone call. I am still waiting on a broken candle from November, and a missing bracelet and broken candles from the FOR HER. I keep getting ‘stock’ responses and generic promises for an ‘extra surprise’. They are really plummeting fast, and although I love them and am looking forward to January, it just makes me sad because if they continue like this they will not survive. Ugh.. so disappointing!

    • I know, I’m scared they won’t survive either because I love their boxes! I received the email and I ordered within 15 minutes of the page going up :/

    • I didn’t get the email either (yet) and my order was processed at 12:21.

    • I think the broken candles are being shipped. I have a shipment coming from San Francisco due to arrive on the 21st. I have another one pending coming from NY. I assume that’s the Target box.

      • I have one pending from NY as well, nothing else (besides my January which is being delivered tomorrow). What a mess!

    • Regarding the missing bracelet from the For Her box, I got this response just this morning after more than three weeks of back and forth and finally calling out their recent customer service as deplorable:
      “Unfortunately, due to a host of issues from the holiday season we were not able to get your bracelet shipped. Instead, I have uploaded a credit to your account so that you will receive 1 free month on us. Sorry for everything.” I have tiny wrists. I actually wanted that bracelet. They sold that box for more than a week after I submitted my request to get my missing bracelet and now they’re out. Not cool.

      • So after my email last night I received a response today.. they said they are out of the candle from November and the candles from FOR HER, so they are giving me a $10 and $15 credit respectively, however they said they would process the order for the cuff from FOR HER today and I will be receiving that!?! Bizarre that on the same day they tell customers such different things about the same item! I even said I would rather have a credit, and they said no!

  39. I received order confirmation at 12:37 pm on 1/5 and it is crazy I received the same email!?!? They went on sale at noon??? Unhappy if this is correct:(

    • Same :/ I got my confirmation email at 9:34am PST

  40. I haven’t gotten any emails about the box yet…

  41. Mine was showing as “processing” a week ago when I checked. I don’t know if it was a fluke thing or not, but I logged in to check the status again today as I’ve been extremely anxious to receive my very first POPSUGAR box and had expected it to ship by the 15th. It was still showing as “processing” then just a few minutes later, I received the exact same email as posted above. Notice it specifically states, “Thanks for visiting POPSUGAR Must Have!” So, did my logging on prompt the email I received….idk. I’m extremely bummed, but I’m also not sure what to do. I certainly am okay waiting, especially if I receive an extra gift. However, after waiting for almost two weeks to receive my first communication from them regarding my order, I’m a little hesitant as to how long it may take to replenish their stock…if ever….and if not, how long will it take them to notify and refund everyone? After having read about several customer service issues on here, I’m not very hopeful. ๐Ÿ™

    • I was wondering the same thing! I logged into my account to check on it and then I thought afterwards that maybe I shouldn’t have done that….

      • Same here!!! I received the email right after I checked my account!! ๐Ÿ™

        • I didn’t get the email yet but I’m not checking again….

  42. yeah, but to be fair to them… i heard about people who had them in their carts and were able to order hours after we all god a “sold out” notification. They processed and were charged. I’m certain that they went on timestamps for these. not everyone I’m sure was in that category..but a few that I know of definitely were.

  43. Mine has shown processing since Jan 5th. They sure seen to be having a lot of issues lately and it’s too bad that this is happening right after the holiday problems. Hope it gets figured out,

  44. Popsugar reeeeally needs to get it together. This is all just bad business… Billing errors, sending out easily damaged merchandise without timely replacements, poor/unresponsive customer “service”, shipping delays beyond the expectations THEY set, etc.

    It’s really disappointing considering I’ve been online shopping for um, say over a decade and I’ve never seen this many countless issues from one merchant. I guess they get away with it because we all keep buying. Ugh why am I so addicted to this subscription?!!

    What are your girls’ favorite comparable lifestyle subs?

    • I dropped PopSugar last year for FabFitFun. I’m much happier with this sub.

  45. They also promised me a “special gift” when my holiday box stuff showed up broken.. It took Repeated contact with them for the replacement and low and behold when it FINALLY arrived the special gift was missing. Raaaaawr!!!

    • Same here! Finally got a pair of unbroken candles but the promised “additional item” was missing!

      • When did you get your candles?

        • I got them this past Saturday, and the first email I sent them asking for replacements was December 11th(?).

          • Mine was around 12/15. I have broken candles and missing links on the ombre bracelet.

  46. I received this email. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that we all get one. ๐Ÿ™ what a headache, I was looking forward to this box so much…

    • The best part is just yesterday they told me that my box is processing and will be shipping out any day ๐Ÿ™

  47. I got the same email. So frustrating. ๐Ÿ™

  48. oh, em, gee.

  49. Still waiting on my shipping confirmation, too!

  50. eek! didn’t get one of those and hoping i don’t. … depending on that fitness tracker for a birthday gift! that’s such a bummer. hope that gift is a good one to make up for it.

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