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The Box: POPSUGAR 2016 Target Box

The Cost: $75

The Products: “Time to get motivated and make this year your healthiest yet. POPSUGAR and Target are back again! We’ve teamed up to bring you everything you need to get a jump-start on a healthy 2016. This exclusive box is fit-focused and filled with fun and functional essentials to get you motivated to move!”

Here are the full spoilers thanks toΒ KristinΒ in the forum!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.26.12 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.26.25 AM

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m looking to sell my Target Box (unopened)…email me at rikki.reyna[at]gmail[dot]com if interested!

  2. I may want to get some of the items off of my hands. How long does it take to be accepted to the swap site? I applied a while ago and am still waiting.

  3. I’m happy with this box but so disappointed that their customer service department picks and chooses who to take care of. I’ve been nothing but nice and understanding as I’m still waiting on the candle from November that was broken, the broken candles from FOR HER and the missing bracelet (which I love and really want) from FOR HER. I’ve emailed them almost every day this past week, and they just responded to me two days ago and said they will be giving me a $25 credit to make up for everything? ? $25? AND I’m glad they’re making up to everyone, or so it seems, for this debacle, but I was promised an extra gift in December and nothing. And now $25 credit for 3 items? I’m so frustrated all I can do is laugh. I paid $100 for the FOR HER for candle holders (with 125 candle fragments to go in them), a perfume sample, lotion, and earwarmers?

    • I am excited for this box! As a side note, did anyone else get broken candles in the holiday for her and get sent the November mercury glass candle as a replacement? I was confused when I opened my box yesterday and it had that in it! I liked that one better, but still have no tapers to go with my candle holders. The extra was a set of thise gorgeous kendra scott earrings. They are up for sale in the swap site since I already had a pair.

      • I just got replacement tapers with no extra. Hmmm…. πŸ™

        • Same here.. At least I got the candles.. Was not holding my breathe on this one!

      • My candle holders came with deep gouges in them, but the candles were surprisingly fine. I received the replacement holders today and I had told them the bracelet didn’t fit, so they also sent the candle/jewelry box from the November PSMH (unfortunately even in bubble wrap a small corner broke off), the Deepa Gurnani necklace from the Special Edition Fall box, and some Kendra Scott earrings, not sure which box they are from. I’m happy with my replacements, but I think they only sent them because I sent a reminder last week about it and let them know it had been over a month.

    • Amanda, are you on MSA swaps? Because (it’s not fair you haven’t received your things yet, but) there are several up for swap now. I haven’t worn mine yet (it’s really tiny and technically fits, but haven’t decided on keeping it yet, though I love it) and may swap/sell mine.

  4. I’m thinking that if not for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck, ha.

    My PSMH Jan. box is ” in town” more or less.

    The fitness box?? In freaking New Jersey. It has made it ALL the way from NY to NJ in 3 days.
    And now some sort of storm is really worrying everyone who lives in that area.

    AND did I mention that my LUXOR BOX, which did ship out, is LOST in Atlanta? I’ve contacted Luxor, they can’t do anything. I’ve contacted the USPS, they are trying to track it.
    And this was supposed to be a 2 Day Priority Mail shipment.

    I have wanted this box so badly and now pffft. Lost in Atlanta. I’ve lived there. I know how mangled packages going through their hub facility get. It’s worse than here in D/FW area.
    I’m so sad.

  5. Mine shows label created but still has not shipped :(, this is frustrating…

    I’m contemplating selling the tracker and keeping the rest.

    • I will happily take the tracker off your hands!

  6. One quick question – do ya’ll think I should be alarmed that mine is showing it’s traveling but the weight is still saying 1.7 lbs? Did everyone else’s switch to 3+ lbs? Thanks!

    • My weight hasn’t changed either… mine still shows 1.7 lbs

    • Mine came today same box and it said 1.7 the whole time

  7. I would love to buy this box if anyone is interested in selling. My order was put on backorder, and then cancelled by PopSugar. If you are wanting to sell, please email me at- Trish N Whitaker at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

    • and I will be receiving a Today Show Box instead (WOW! Incredibly gracious, PopSugar!! SUPER IMPRESSED!!! Thank you! I was just really wanting to gift the Target Box to my mom). If anyone would like to trade the Target Box for the Today Show Box, I would be happy to do that, as well as pay in some money as well.

  8. Alright everyone, I was one of the ones who got the back order emails, and I just got this email update from Popsugar:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your patience regarding your POPSUGAR + Target box purchase. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure additional inventory and will not be able to fulfill your order.

    We sincerely apologize for this, and as a result, your purchase will be refunded. Additionally, we will be sending you a complimentary Today Show + POPSUGAR box.

    We truly appreciate your understanding. If there is anything else we can assist with, please email our team at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to help.


    POPSUGAR Must Have Team

    Truthfully, I am very impressed they’re giving me a free today show box. I knew there would be a free gift, but this is far better than I expected!

    • Holy **** that is a nice sorry for the inconvenience. They must have a ton of extra boxes. I wanted to buy this box but it was sold out before I saw the post here on MSA that is was available. I will be on the lookout next year.

      • I agree–it was quite a shock to me to see THAT’S the “free gift” they planned on giving us! I really feel they went above and beyond on this one. I know people are disappointed, and I totally get that. But these are human beings on the other side of that screen, which means there are going to be errors made sometimes. There was obviously a tech glitch that allowed us to still get the boxes after they’d sold out. I know they would never have wished this disappointment and hassle on any of us, and I think they’ve more than made up for the mistake. I honestly thought they might send an item of leftover inventory from one of their past boxes; the fact that they’re sending an entire limited edition box, with a value of $150, is just amazing to me! And I got this email on the same day as I got my replacement candle in the mail from the November box–with a pair of Kendra Scott earrings included as a special bonus for the wait. GREAT Popsugar day for this girl!!!! I will GLADLY bear with a few glitches from any company that treats me this well!!

    • As long as they ACTUALLY SEND IT this is fabulous. At this point they could either follow through and win back a bunch of people, or continue on this streak of broken promises and make sure everyone is pissed off at them. I really hope you get it!

      • I believe they’ll send it–they definitely will want to win back all the customers that have been burned by this. I’ll post an update when it gets here letting everyone know!

    • I received the same email and agree that the Today Show box is way more than I thought they would give us, but still upset that I’m not getting the item I ordered and received a confirmation for. Also I may be wrong, but I thought the Today Show box’s were recently on sale?

  9. I’m happy with the spoilers. Bummed we didn’t receive a gc like the one in last years box but the value is def. there. I missed out on it last year and kicked myself for it all year (loved the print on the yoga mat)…so I wasn’t going to pass up the chance this year. My husband has mentioned a few times how he wants to get fitness tracker and I just smirk inside because I know this is on the way.

    I really do not enjoy infused bottles so I won’t use that and I’m not a fan of lip balms but I’m super excited about the headphones. I have a great sounding set that I love but they always fall out when I’m running and had even thought about buying a different pair. lol

  10. I’m actually really happy with this box. Bought it for the Tracker so the values there in that alone. I got Headphones in FFF but my Fiance seems to go through a pair a month because he uses them all the time, and he’s a fan of the skull candy brand. I love that the snack s included are gluten free (bonus for me because otherwise theres no value in those for me). Everything else I’d use too. Wish there was a giftcard or coupon but overall I’m happy with this purchase.

  11. I missed my chance at this box. Now seeing the contents, I’m okay with missing out. But that is only because I already have a fitness tracker. I had a Jawbone Up that lasted me almost two years and I loved it. I ended up getting a Fitbit after my Jawbone finally died, and I think Jawbone is far superior. The Jawbone app is awesome. And the bracelet itself is more subtle than fitbit. You guys will be happy with your decision to buy the box once you start using that Jawbone.

  12. Darn more headphones! I am headphoned out at the moment but who knows maybe some will break.

  13. I just got mine and I’m happy. I wanted a new Fitness tracker and I love this color so that’s pretty much the $ of the box. I love the water bottle, I needed a new infuser one. I always wanted to try those cooling towels, so that’s good. I hate when they throw in food. For those wondering it’s a pack of 6 bars. I’ve haven’t tried it, but it is a flavor combo I normally like.

    I got earphones in the FFF box so I wasn’t looking for another. These seem to be better quality. t’m big on colors so I’m not crazy about the earphones. Mine are a hot pink/Red/Orange kinda color. It’s sealed and in the box. Maybe I’ll see of someone wants to trade colors.

    So far 2016 Popsugar is off to a good start in my eyes. I liked the Jan box. I was so disappointed with the special edition boxes last year and some regular boxes. Some of my items are still in the tissue paper, I never bothered to open them.

  14. I received my box today. I’m happy with it, I’ll use everything to some degree. I agree some things are repeats if you are a box fiend like me. No gift card. Yes, it’s a box of Luna Bars. Yes, it’s a tin of 4 lip balms. I’m going to wear the jawbone and my fitbit at the same time and see what happens πŸ™‚ Who will win? Whichever one make me think I did more…or looks better…

    • Love this – I’ve always wanted to put a humidifier and a dehumidifier in a room and let them battle it out.. just on someone else’s utility bill.

  15. Thinking of selling this, or putting it up on swap. Pretty disappointed with the rest of the box, such standard sub box items. If you subscribe to a few or have been for awhile it’s hard to want more earbuds, etc.

    • I will buy this from you!! Email me at cristinaduron1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

    • Did you sell this yet? If not I’m interested in buying it.

  16. I’m gonna sell the jawbone if anyone is interested

    • I am! How much though?

      • I’ll probably ask around $50. Obviously I’m not gonna ask the retail value of $99 since I didn’t pay that much. I just got a fitness tracker as a gift, so I don’t need two.

        • If you haven’t sold this yet I am interested!

  17. This box was a perfect steal for me! I’ve never cared enough to own a fitness tracker, but for as often as I work out I thought it would be a great way to figure out where I can push myself in the new year. The snacks will be ideal when I’m rock climbing or at the gym, the towel will be perfect to clean myself gross self up in the midst of a dance class, and I honestly don’t believe there’s such a thing as too many earbuds or water bottles (at least not in my life). Also, I’ve been on a chapstick frenzy lately and keep losing them, so another win for me πŸ˜€

  18. My box is “scheduled” to arrive on Saturday the 23rd, but with the snow scheduled here in the DC area, not sure that it’ll actually be here then. I bought the box mainly for the Jawbone since I want to try to be more active. I do run around with a 2 year old all day so it’d be cool to track that activity, but I have freakishly small wrists so I don’t even know if it’ll fit. The rest of the box seems useful but I’m still on the fence if I really want to keep it or sell/swap it.

    • If you decide to sell I’m interested in buying it!

  19. I’d love to buy it from anyone as well! Mine got back ordered too :/ my email is kwhitteberry (@) yahoo (dot) com

  20. I though i posted this before…but maybe i hadn’t hit submit.

    I lost my jawbone camping over the summer so this box is so worth it to me. All the other stuff is just icing. The Luna bar is good and yes there are 6 in the box. I look forward to trying out the towel. We are always in need of headphones so there are never too many pair floating around our house. The wipes will get used for removal after work before hitting the gym. Lip balms will be put in purse and car and other places where i need one and don’t have one. LOL. I’m not much for headbands but i’ll give them a try. What did i miss…Oh yeah, the fruit infuser. On the fence about it. I love fruit infused seltzer water but not flat water. I may give to my mom.

  21. Just received my first LE box and I absolutely love it. Pkg is actually closer to 4lbs (I weighed it). My jawbone is a dark grey color, very thin & sleek. Lip balm is a pack of 4 (peppermint, cocoa, citrus & cinnamon), Box of 6 Luna bars (dark Choco hazelnut), headphones is a nice green color, dried strawberry slice is 1 oz bag, headband & towel & cleansing cloth & water bottle as pictured. Got a tiny extra item: sample pkt of SW Basics exfoliant made from organic oat flour, almond flour & sea salt.

  22. I lost my jawbone camping over the summer so this box is so worth it to me. All the other stuff is just icing. The Luna bar is good and yes there are 6 in the box. I look forward to trying out the towel. We are always in need of headphones so there are never too many pair floating around our house. The wipes will get used for removal after work before hitting the gym. Lip balms will be put in purse and car and other places where i need one and don’t have one. LOL. I’m not much for headbands but i’ll give them a try. What did i miss…Oh yeah, the fruit infuser. On the fence about it. I love fruit infused seltzer water but not flat water. I may give to my mom.

  23. I’m sorry that I missed this one! If anyone wants to sell, let me know reed_da (at) hotmail

  24. My box got bumped from Tuesday to arrived Saturday but with this snowstorm I wont be able to get the box from the PO until Monday. Cant wait.

  25. Hi ladies! This is a long shot, but if for any reason you don’t like your box, I’d love to purchase it from you. I was one of the girl affected by the backorder glitch and I’ve been so down about it ever since. Thanks so much! lily.abolghasemi (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I told myself I wasn’t going to look… but here I am. :op I pounced on this because of the fitness tracker… but now I’m not really sure I’ll make the use of it. I had a fitbit from work that died sometime before Christmas (just needed to be charged)… it still sits on my nightstand waiting for me to follow through. This looks less “fitness-trackery” so I thought I’d be more into it but now I’m wondering.

    The rest of the box is “ok.” Just got a cooling towel in a different box, have more earbuds than I know what to do with as it is (and have a bluetooth pair that I LOVE!) and can buy my own snacks. Headbands never stay on my head but I’m willing to give them a try. I’m a fitness coach so I may be able to use some of these as giveaways for my next challenge group at least. The value is definitely there but I’m kind of feeling blah about this one. No “wow” factor.

    • I’d love to buy this box from you!

  27. Finally! The spoilers. lol

    This is my first PSMH box and I bought it specifically for the fitness tracker. So, unless I get one of the god-awful colors (teal or purple), I’m pretty excited about the box.

    • I just got it and was relieved the tracker was grey, hopefully that is the case for anyone, I haven’t seen anyone saying they’ve gotten any other color yet….

  28. I wish the tracker was the pretty purple one but I guess black goes with everything. Can’t wait till mine gets here. Fedex still says it’s won’t deliver until 1/29

  29. So since it says “lip balm FLIGHT” I assume we are getting all 4, and not one of the 4?? Did you all take it that way? I’ve had a flight of beer, but never a flight of balm. πŸ™‚

  30. I’m pretty happy with this box as it’s going to my 13 year old daughter! This is a great deal, granted I liked the one last year better. Still a bargain, so I’m happy and my daughter definitely will be!

  31. Trying to decide if I want to keep the box and give the UP to my son who actually ran over his fitbit (after getting it back from it’s first adventure) with a forklift or just get rid of the box completely because I don’t want to be shipping parts here and there….. over my swap limits until … ?

    • Kristin, I would be more than happy to purchase the entire box from you!

  32. more earbuds…*sigh*

  33. For that price, the lip balm must be a multi pack – right?

    • It says its a flight, so there should be all four of them! πŸ™‚

  34. I bought this box specifically for the fitness tracker since I don’t have one yet. With all the other stuff, I am happy with the box in the end. I just bought a pair of high end on ear headphones, but I needed a pair of ear buds for work. So this works out well. I needed a decent water bottle too. The other stuff will go to use as well since I always eat the snacks and use up cleansing towels.

    Now I just need my box to actually ship. :/

  35. This is a much better box than I had thought it would be!! Excited to get mine in 8-9 days when the Pony Express makes it to Texas.

    Probably the only things I would change would be to change out the 100th set of earbuds for 2 or 3 pairs of good sports socks and change the facial cleansing cloths to the Simple brand Micellar ones that were in the last Target ( for Target ) box.

    VERY glad to see the Jawbone in gunmetal and not a bright or pastel color.
    Much classier ( if a Jawbone or Fit Bit can ever be considered classy- ha) in a slight metallic finish.

    • Socks! Yes! That would have been a wonderful substitute for earbuds!

  36. I ordered when they revealed the initial spoiler because I have never had a fitness tracker before. Now seeing the rest of the box I am SOOOO excited! I think everything in here looks awesome and is a GREAT value for $75. Patiently waiting for the 29th when my box is scheduled to arrive!

  37. No gift card like the last PS + Target box? Bummer.

    • Yeah, I was def hoping for one of those too!

    • I don’t think the gift card was on the info card last year. This is the scan of the info card, so fingers crossed it might still be in the box.

  38. I’m not over the moon, but I’m excited to try most of these items. I need to learn how to wear headbands. Maybe its the shape of my head but they just slide right off! πŸ™‚

    • I have the same problem, I think it’s a combination of the straightness of the hair and the shape and size of the head. But I never say die. I buy headbands like crazy in hopes I’ll find one that holds my hair long enough so I can wash my face.

  39. Not impressed but not too disappointed as I needed a fitness tracker so everything is a bonus and I actually wanted that bottle since I can no longer drink flavored drinks.

  40. I wonder if the Luna Bar is actually more than one, because they definitely don’t cost almost $6 each.

    • It looks like a box of them and it’s a new flavor. I just had one the other day and it was delish!

  41. This box looks ok, but personally I liked last years better. Why is the luna bar over $5 ? I buy them all the time for about $1.50, is there something special in this one ?

    • Maybe it depends where you live/buy Luna bars because they are over $3 by me.

    • Hi! I’m the Kristin that posted the spoilers. It’s definitely not just one Luna Bar, I’m pretty sure it was a small box.

      • Thanks Kristin!!

      • Giftcard included Kristin?

        • I didn’t see one! πŸ™

          • Sadness! )’:

    • It is supposed to be a box of 6 bars.

  42. yeah, alright I’m fine w/ missing out. Already use a fitbit. Rest is just blah. Thanks for posting!

  43. I’m actually incredibly happy with this and I’m so glad I decided to get this box! I don’t have a fitness tracker yet, so that’s perfect. Plus the water bottle was something I ever wanted for a while but not super motivated to get, so that’s what nice surprise too. I could always use more headphones, and skull candy works great for tiny ears. So all around an awesome box for me!

  44. Ho hum. This is a great deal, and if I had been in the market for a new fitness tracker I would be thrilled. But all of these things are so overdone in sub boxes. In fact, we’ve gotten some variation of every single thing in this box from Popsugar before! (Maybe not the strawberries?) We were all wondering what new fitness things they would come up with for this box. The answer is apparently nothing. Nothing new.

  45. First glance at it, wasn’t overly thrilled with headbands and freeze dried berries, but the rest is pretty good for the price paid. I was a bit concerned since the weight was so light, but the items I don’t like can definitely be given to my 16 daughter or gifted to others.

  46. I think this is only a good deal if you didn’t already had a fitness tracker.

  47. Hmmm, I passed on this then regretted it thinking I’d missed out on the best box ever since it sold out so fast, but now that I’ve seen it it does seem kind of redundant. We’ve seen the 2 big items, the fitness tracker and the earphones, in other boxes before but just different brands. If you are brand new to subscription boxes this is a screaming deal, but if you’ve been at this for a while, there isn’t much here to get excited about here.

  48. Well $203.42 for $75 isn’t all that bad. 2 food items. Well I guess I’ll be adding some to swap!

  49. Glad I didn’t order this box. I already have a Fitbit and nothing else is really that interesting.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • I totally agree.

    • Same here! I was upset that I got screwed out of this box BUT now that I see the full spoilers I’m glad that I didn’t get one, lol πŸ˜‰

    • I’m glad I didn’t buy it, too. Nothing remarkable..

  50. Wow, this is another winner! I didn’t get it because I use the Fitbit from last year’s box, but for anyone who doesn’t already have a wristband this is a great deal.

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