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FYI – POPSUGAR Target Box Launches Tomorrow 1/5!

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Exciting news! The POPSUGAR Target Box is launching tomorrow, 1/5! (Thanks Kim and HappyWife!)

The Box: POPSUGAR 2016 Target Box

The Cost: $75

The Products: “Time to get motivated and make this year your healthiest yet. POPSUGAR and Target are back again! We’ve teamed up to bring you everything you need to get a jump-start on a healthy 2016. This exclusive box is fit-focused and filled with fun and functional essentials to get you motivated to move!”

FYI – the last Target POPSUGAR sold out in one day – make sure to buy this quickly if you are interested! These boxes typically go on sale around noon-1 PM ET

Check out my review of the last POPSUGAR Target Box to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yes. I caved. I knew I would. Dang resolutions, anyway. My resolution to not buy LE boxes is, in this case, countered by my resolution to trick myself into working out. They cancel each other out. So it doesn’t count. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up Liz. I just ordered mine. Happy New Year!

  3. Whew! Got the box! I missed last year’s box and was bummed about it. I am looking forward to getting AND using the items. I really need to start a fitness program and this box will jump start me toward a plan.

  4. Eeek, I bought one! I wonder what color the tracker will be. Fingers crossed for Oat!

    • I went to and looked at all their Jawbone F2 models. My bet is on us getting the $69 ORCHID one. It’s the only one Target has priced that low. I’m fine with whatever color they send as long as it’s not neon.

  5. They are available! Just bought mine on the elliptical at the gym haha so excited! ?

    • Ha! Now that is dedication – to sub boxes AND fitness! 🙂

  6. So happy they listed the tracker. I have a Fitbit HR and don’t need another one. I hope everyone else loves what they get. I really do have an addiction however because I am tempted to still order.

    • I don’t need another tracker either but I plan to sell it and keep the rest so my box will be free at the end of the day!

  7. Good deal, but I’m out….just got the Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas. Although it is a pretty nice looking tracker (ack….I do NOT need this, I do NOT need this…LOL)

  8. I just ordered mine ? I missed getting last years Target box, so I hope this box is good!

  9. Bought mine! I was a PopSugar hater…. However… This year I’m saying YES! To Popsugar!!!!

  10. The box is live!!! I just ordered mine 🙂

  11. I just grabbed one!

  12. Wait, it doesn’t matter if I spoil it because you’ll see it when you go to buy, DUH! The spoiler is:

    Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker. Sugg. Retail: $99.99

  13. I just bought one. According to PS, each box contains an UP2

  14. It’s for sale now!!! AND there’s a spoiler on the link when you go to buy it – I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for anyone but maybe Liz will make a new post!!!

  15. Is the link live yet or is it sold out? It just took me to the general page which lists their current box and the His/Hers ones.

    • it just went on sale.. I checked earlier and no mention of it. Now you can buy it.

  16. I hope they send out a Fitbit Blaze! Lol

  17. THIS I’m really excited about. I told myself I’d save money, but oh well.

    Also, have they still not released the inspirations for January’s box?? It seems SO late…

  18. I’m sooooo conflicted. I loved last year’s box, and fitness items are my total favorite…. but dealing with PS lately has been a nightmare. They say they’ll send replacements for broken items (“it’ll ship this week!”) and when I follow up several weeks later, they take forever to respond and say they’re really busy, so it hasn’t shipped yet. I hate to give more money to a company that keeps screwing me over.

    I also have been less and less impressed with their LE boxes this year, so I can’t decide if it will be their usual over-inflated stuff, or if working will Target will keep them on track with awesome items.

    Aurgh!!!! haha

  19. I STILL can’t even get PS to respond to my email about broken items from the holiday box 🙁 My candles were broken into 6 pieces. Normally I’d jump on a box like this but between the price increase, zero spoilers, poor customer service and broken items as of late I’m over it!!

    • Ya, I’ve gotten several broken items as well, including those candles, it’s been very frustrating that they would pick such fragile items to send, and it takes weeks to get replacements, I didn’t order this!

  20. Did anyone have trouble with their ps stocking stuffers not showing up? I ordered mine on 12/17 and it’s still showing as processing. I’m now in that loop where ps refuses to respond to my notes. I’m debating on whether enough time has passed to dispute with my credit card, which I’ve never done before. I also just broke down and ordered the Neiman Marcus box from them and I don’t want to make them mad until I have that one in hand.

    • How much was the Neiman Marcus box

    • I had the same issue, but they finally contacted me. My order was sent out on 1/4, and my order was refunded {glad I saw your post, I need to verify it was refunded!}.

  21. Do we get a spoiler before buying box or is it a wait and see what you get in mailbox.

    • Doubt that they will give any spoilers for this box BEFORE it sells out, if they do at all. Like Liz mentioned earlier, this box usually sells out the first day.

      • I feel like there will be a Fit Book it in for some reason 🙂 I purchased mine at Target and need to use it more!

  22. The last one was $65 but this one is $75, I wonder why the price increase?

  23. Last year’s PS/Target box is the ONLY Popsugar Limited box that ever interested me at all, and of course I didn’t buy because they’re usually such big misses. SUCH terrible box envy! I think I will have to go for it this time. Crossing my fingers for something amazing!

  24. lol, I know it is a lot to ask for but my wish list for this box:
    Gaiam Toeless Socks
    Foam roller
    Yoga matt wash
    Perfect Fit Protein from Tone it Up

    I am thinking positive and hoping this is a good box.

    • Ooo I like those ideas! Have you tried Perfect Fit Protein? I’ve been thinking about trying their protein mix, tea and quinoa crisps!

      • not yet…one of my friends uses the protein and says good things about it. I really like that it does not have soy. I would love to try it from the box instead of paying full price.

    • Ohhh I am a tui girl too. Does Target sell their protein powder. I am always running out and forgetting to order in time.

  25. Arrghhhh……I wish I had a clue as to what the “big” item might be. I am wearing my new Fitbit Charge HR so I really don’t need a tracker (seeing as how I also have a Fitbit Zip).

    I looked up Target’s fitness section and they now have P90X….but NOT the DVDs so that’s out. I would imagine no item can be too heavy because of shipping costs. (I’m thinking about this too much!)

    I also had issues with Popsugar and billing…billed 4x for 1 subscription. No responses to emails, etc. Did file dispute but they finally did get back to me and gave me credit (now I’ve had to go cancel the dispute).

    • Same here. I have a Withings Pop and a Withings scale – which I’m quite fond of. I have a yoga mat that I like, a gym bag that I like, and a Beachbody subscription for home. I’d love to have some new fitness stuff, but just can’t imagine what it might be. If there was a spoiler, I might jump on it.

  26. I don’t knowwwwwwwwww. I just joined a crossfit gym so some new fitness gear would be awesome…. I’ll probably cave.

  27. Hmm, I guess we are all different. My candles arrived in perfect condition, as did the candle holders.
    My crystal bracelet fits just fine.

    I’ve never gotten a PS LE Fitness box, so I’ll be extremely happy with something like a Fitbit.
    I also need a yoga mat, but not a tiny travel sized one.

    I will be online and I will buy the box, because I do believe in Pop Sugar, and the one time I didn’t get a regular monthly box before the end of the month, they refunded me AND sent me the box a bit late.

    I don’t see how a company could do more than they have.

    • I’m glad you had a different experience. I promptly and politely addressed my issues (broken candle, cuff too small and I’m smaller than the average woman) and although they offered to send replacements they did not. I’m hoping they will follow through but I worry given the number of unaddressed concerns mentioned in the comments. This was my first PSMH box and the jury is out to see if it’s the last.

  28. I am excited, this is the 1st limited edition box I want. I love Target and I wasn’t into sub boxes until about 8 months ago. I hope it’s not a fitness tracker in the box as I got one 3 months ago as a gift.
    But no spoiler alarms me considering the LE boxes of 2015. But hey, new year, hopefully means renewed creativity in item selection that made Popsugar so great.

  29. This might be a stupid question and if so I’m sorry in advance ? But how would I order this box? Is it through popsugar or through Target? If it’s through popsugar do I have to subscribe to them? I’m sorry I’m kinda new at this ~ Thanks! Candie

    • No need to be sorry! This box will be for sale from POPSUGAR, and you do NOT need to be a POPSUGAR subscriber in order to buy the box. Hope that helps! 🙂

  30. Does anyone know if this is available through target itself? I got some target gift cards for Christmas, so it’d be great if I could use them for this. Alternatively, can I pay with PayPal?

  31. I am so excited for this box!! I also already have a Fitbit but am so excited to see what they put in this box a bosu ball would be awesome but I also think maybe a Fitbit scale but I have one of those too but it would be an awesome gift or swap!!!!!

  32. Last year the smaller items were food, beauty, headband, and a water bottle, which I imagine will appear again in slightly different forms. The larger items were a fitness tracker, a yoga mat, and a gift card. While the gift card could definitely be repeated, I’m drawing a bit of a blank as to what large items they might include other than a yoga mat and a fitness tracker. Any guesses?

    • I am with ya. I just dont know what they can mail. Maybe gloves? jump rope? resistance bands?

  33. I went from loving PS to detesting them. I never received my LE box and they have had my money since Nov 18 and are still to refund it. I keep getting excuse after excuse. I’ll never buy another box from them

    • If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about getting PS to refund your money. Just dispute the charge on your credit card or with your bank. You paid for something they didn’t provide. Open and shut case. Your bank will refund your money and go after Popsugar. Easy peasy.

    • Did you talk to your bank about a refund? That’s what I did when GB and Julep messed up. In fact, when something goes wrong with a sub I never wait for the company – I always go to my bank first.

    • Two orders never shipped, zero responses. Had to file two chargebacks?

  34. I still can’t get Popsugar to respond regarding the broken candles in my first and last Popsugar box. The only response I got from them was they were really busy with emails and would get back to me when they could. That was the middle of December. This leads me to believe they have little regard for their customers after you have spent your money. What a shame.

    • I received my replacement candle about a week and a half ago. They sent an extra item with it.

      • What was the extra item?
        I emailed them about broken candles and they got back to me the next day saying I’d get replacement ones plus an extra item.

        It has only been a week since I emailed them so I don’t expect the package to be here yet, I’m just curious what I might get.

      • I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for my replacement and reached out again today and they said they will be shipping soon, but I’m holding out on buying another box until then. I also was just let down in general by the LE box so I’m also going to wait until I see a great spoiler before I consider another box.

        • I just emailed them about my broken candles that I was told on December 15 I would be sent a replacement. Well, they just told me there is none available, back ordered, and they would ship it when they receive next shipment, with an extra item for the delay.. So I can tell Popsugar is giving us the runaround because they tell some of us they will ship replacement, and others that there is none available at the moment.

      • They promised replacement candles to me about 3 weeks ago and they never showed up. Oh well. I’m pretty fed up with PSMH customer service and I will be skipping this box.

    • I had the same issue with the NM Popsugar Box. I purchased 2 of the boxes and both had damaged clocks in each box. I contacted them immediately and they promised they’d send replacements. After a couple weeks and no replacements, I contacted again. They promised the replacements and “an extra special gift” would be sent to me the next day. A week later – nada. I contacted again several times after that and they quit responding to me. I was ticked at that point. After a month and a half I was ready to dispute the charges for both boxes on my card.

      So – funny story… My husband works in San Francisco several times a year and it just so happens that his office in the city is right next to Popsugar’s office. In fact, he doesn’t even have to walk outside to go to them. He’s literally right there. So, I called him and told him to go find their office and check it out in person (since you can’t call anyone there). He went up there and talked to someone in person. He told them what was happening how we were getting no response, etc. They told him they were just very behind and so busy because of the holidays (this was on December 17th) and that they would take care of it right away.

      The next day my items were mailed to me – from their office in San Francisco! Minus the promised “extra special gift”, but hey, I was just glad to get my replacements at that point. 🙂

      • Way to go BF!!

  35. No thank you! I have no faith in PopSugar after multiple let-downs from limited edition boxes this year. If I see something I “need” in the box, I will just use it as shopping inspiration and get only the items I truly like.

    • This is my new attitude about PS. If there is something I like, I’ll buy it myself with the money I saved on the the useless stuff in the boxes. I cancelled my Must Have box and was so mad at myself for ordering the Holiday box without waiting for a spoiler. There wasn’t one item I liked.

  36. I was happy I missed last year’s box as it contained a fitbit and a yoga mat (things I already have) but I’m excited about this years box! Can’t wait to buy it! Especially since I missed out on both Target boxes this morning. 🙁

  37. Yaay! I also hope there’s a Fitbit in this year’s edition…I missed out on last year’s Popsugar+Target collaboration and experienced some serious box envy.

  38. Count me among those who hope there *is* a fitness tracker, since I missed out on last year’s. But I can understand how getting another one would frustrate those who got it.

  39. Wow last year’s box is pretty awesome. I have an appointment tomorrow midday so I guess I will see if it’s available after that.

  40. Was there a spoiler last year? Did people know there was going to be a Fitbit in it? I’m just trying to figure out if it’s likely to sell out in less than one day again.

  41. So torn-last years Target box looked amazing…but then again last years holiday for her box looked amazing and this years was a dud. Not sure what to do!

  42. But I got a fitbit for Christmas…

  43. I doubt there is another fitbit since they had that last year, wouldn’t be fair to the loyal PS customers…but last year’s box looked amazing…I so want this one! I wish I had more $ post holidays…ugh I’m probably still going to get it. Not sure if there would be discounts or anything if I waited? Or will it likely sell out?

    I know so many of you have always loved popsugar, but since I’m a sale shopper most of the time I’m glad I don’t get it regularly. But the last target collaboration makes me really really want this one….

  44. O-M-G. Now this IS exciting!

  45. No spoilers? No thank you! I’m sure because Target is involved it’ll be decent, but PSMH has lost my trust after the LE for Her fiasco. I still haven’t seen tracking on the replacement item I was promised on 12/19.

    • What was the fiasco?

      • There were 2 really nice candles that arrived broken. The metal candle holders has openings far too big an uneven for the candles anyway. Both item were of no use at all

        • Oh how sad! My candles arrived fine and fit in the holders perfectly! I love them and they have been on my dining table since the day I got them. The LE winter box was my favorite from popsugar in over a year. I used everything asap!

        • I thought the candle holder openings were too big too. Then I flipped them over and put the candles into the smaller holes, which took a little bit of finagling, but then they fit and stayed in place well.

      • The child size bracelet they sent. My wrist is 6.5 inches and the only way to force that Keebler-elf jewelry on to my wrist involved some serious pain. The necklace is a “replacement” item.

        • Ba! Ha, ha. ^Exactly this, down to the wrist measurement! You had me at “Keebler Elf!”

  46. So so excited for this box!! I hope there is a Fitbit in there – I missed out on last year’s box.

  47. Oh WOW never seen this box I would LOVE a fitness tracker.

  48. I really want to buy this, hopefully there’s not another fitness tracker though! You only really need one…

  49. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. I wonder what time? Eeeekkkk. 🙂

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