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POPSUGAR Must Have Resort 2016 Special Edition Box Details!

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Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.07.23 PM

Thanks, Karen for letting us know that the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort box will be launching soon:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.07.02 PM

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Resort Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Travel-inspired favorites!

Launch Date: TBD

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Are you going to grab a Resort box? Check out my review of the 2015 POPSUGAR Resort Box, and my review of the 2014 POPSUGAR Resort Box to see what has been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I recieved tracking mine shipped! I hope it’s good the weight is 6.6 pounds so whatever is in the box ( Or Multiple things) it’s heavy!! My reg popsugar box left & it was only 2 pounds. So this is my 1st ever LE Box and I’m getting excited to see what’s in it!! ? Liz any news on your Box or Spolers?

  2. Just got an email that it launched. Subscribers only pre sale.

  3. Would anyone like to bet on whether or not I actually get the holiday LE one (ordered Nov 11 ) before this is actually released?

  4. Yeah, I am waiting for a replacement item too. But I will say that, in the past, the level of customer service has always been excellent with pop sugar. I’ve never ever had any issue with them fixing any issue I’ve ever had or sending me a replacement item. So I’m sure I will see the item. Its taking much longer than usual though…

    • Like a lot of us, my candles were broken. I have e-mailed numerous times, normally getting the usual “we’re really busy” response. Today I got a response saying they couldn’t send replacements but will put a $15 credit in my account w/in the next 5-10 days. Not quite sure what to make of this, as I have a 6-month subscription and am not sure I will renew it, nor am I sure I will buy another LE box.

      • I just heard from PS about my candle and blush and they said it would be shipping this week plus a extra bonus goody. I have been trying since the first part of December, this was for my NBC box. Kinda crazy responses but I guess it depends on the items in question to give you a 15.00 credit and to send others replacements.

  5. I purchased the November box with the voucher from Rue La La so it only cost me $20. I ordered on 12/1/15 and received my box on 12/18/15. My candle box was shattered and everything else had glass shards on it. I actually put on work gloves while separating the other box components to avoid severing any arteries. I emailed them that same evening. They responded on 12/21 that they were sorry and ‘more than happy’ to send a replacement. On 12/25 they sent me a tracking number via email- unfortunately it was the tracking number for the box I had already received with the broken candle. Responded the next day informing them. Emailed again on 1/6/16 asking where my candle was and received this response:
    “I am so sorry that your replacements have not arrived yet. Unfortunately, due to the busy holiday season, we have been slightly behind on providing replacement items. However, now that the holidays are over we will be shipping out all replacements and you should be receiving yours very shortly. Thank you for your patience. Please do not hesitate to reach back out if you have any other questions.”
    There are other companies with slow and sometimes untrackable shipping (hello, FabFitFun!) but this is pretty much the worst customer service I have ever received. Some of PopSugar’s boxes sound great but I’m not willing to put up with their poor CS. I’m a little tuition-poor right now, so it’s easier to avoid temptation when the boxes are in such a high price range (for me anyway). I hope that I get a little extra along with my candle. but unless I get another Rue La La or similar deal, and there’s nothing made of glass in the contents, I don’t think I’ll be ordering from PopSugar any time soon.

  6. I, too, have a pending issue with PS. I’m hoping it’s solved soon.
    I got out my 2015 Resort Box to see if I really liked what was in there, and I truly do. Because of circumstances beyond our control, we didn’t take a vacation in 2015, but we did have several ” staycations” together. 🙂

    I view the Resort box as I do the Resort collections from some of the best fashion houses. It’s not usually about the TRAVEL ( there’s for that), but it’s about a resort atmosphere and sun, sea, tropical drinks and so forth. I will order this box and hope that Pop Sugar clears up their snafu regarding my account. Mine is not a broken item issue, it a billing issue.

  7. Their customer service is really making me angry. I am waiting on a replacement Mercury glass candle from the NOVEMBER box! Waiting on a replacement for a chipped tray from the Neiman Marcus box! Waiting on a replacement for broken in half taper candles from the special edition holiday box! All I keep hearing is we are out of stock and they will be here soon. Then after a full month today I emailed again and heard it’s been crazy over the holidays. How does a business run this way?! I’m disgusted and when I finally just asked for a refund for the broken items since it feels I’ll never get replacements they ignored my request completely…

  8. I doubt the Resort Box will go on sale in January, last year it went on sale February 22nd or 24th. I loved last years box and used all my stuff for our annual trip to Mexico.

  9. After 6 emails and reminders to customer service- I finally received my broken candle! The also sent me a Baublebar silver arrow necklace in the box. That was a nice surprise. It did take some time and pestering but the replacement arrived. So hang in there if you are waiting- and keep emailing them!

    • Has anyone receive the “necklace” they were going to send out because the cuff bracelet from the SE box was too small?

      • Nope, and if you inquire, you’ll get a form letter about how busy they’ve been but they’re catching up, any month now…

      • Nope!! I have emailed them a million times and I have yet to receive it. I got the same generic “we are busy from the holidays” email. I’m so beyond aggravated

  10. I actually want to buy this box but have yet to see the replacements for my broken candles and bracelet arrived missing a stone. If anyone from PSMH is trolling this site, PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Then you can have my money!

  11. I second, third, and fourth the comments about missing LE box items and terrible/utterly non responsive customer service. I finally had to call my credit card company for a refund due to missing items in my LE Men’s Holiday Box. Caveat emptor!

  12. No Popsugar, you can not take any more of my hard earned money until you get me the replacements for broken and damaged items. Besides, I don’t have time to travel so I doubt this would be very useful for me. Thanks anyway!

  13. So a limited edition fitness box and now a special edition resort box, all within the same month? I’m sorry but this doesn’t feel very special to me, releasing two special edition boxes back to back is ruining the fun for me.

  14. I always thought that they release the resort special edition box during the summer.

  15. I have a new MO when Popsugar releases a LE box. I transfer the cost of the box into my savings account and wait excitedly to see what everyone else got. I’ve increased my savings balance by $700 bucks since November and am THRILLED to have that instead of all those boxes.

    • That is an awesome idea! 🙂

    • This is brilliant. I love it! I’m totally gonna do it!

    • Genius!

    • Love this!! Congrats on your savings – I might have to adopt your MO!

    • Totally stealing this idea

    • Awesome. I did that with glossybox, allure, and boxycharm and pay into my car loan instead. I might have to cut goodebox. Pretty bad lately, this month it was 3 items from the same brand.

  16. I’m not into this one. I don’t travel much anyway, but I’m also unhappy with PopSugar’s customer service and don’t want to purchase anything from them right now.

  17. For some reason I am not as tempted as I normally would be- just burnout maybe? Combined with not being happy about the holiday for her box and Dec box. I did grab a target box and am excited about that! I doubt I will jump on this one.

  18. Last year’s resort box was m first LE purchase and I loved it. I will definitely be ordering this one too. Like most other, I did find the holiday box to be disappointing. I luckily passed on the Today Show box. After seeing the hero item for the Spring Rachel Zoe box, I cancelled that sub.

    In December I reviewed FabFitFun, PS Holiday for Her and Rachel Zoe box of style in the same week! 2 of them on ththe same day. I have a few more prepaid boxes with FFF so I was hoping to cancel either RZ or not purchase the PS LE box. So I was kind of happy when I didn’t like the RZ spoiler item.

  19. I don’t subscribe to Popsugar so I don’t have direct involvement with their customer service. Although this box appeals to me, I will not be buying it because many comments here say that they do not replace items or solve other issues that need fixing. It’s too bad.

  20. I’d have to see a spoiler or two first. Last year’s box doesn’t do anything for me. Although my husband and I are starting to travel quite a bit, I have a train case I absolutely love, so I have no need of another one. The rest of the stuff was just kind of meh.

  21. As someone else pointed out, they’ve been doing a ton of special edition boxes these last few months. I’m tapped out. . . the Holiday for Her box was kind of a bust. That bracelet is so painful to wear (it’s very tight, even on my smallish wrists). I think they are spreading themselves too thin. . . if there’s a good spoiler I’ll be in, otherwise. . .nope.
    Did anyone else get charged twice for this month’s regular PSMH box? I just checked my account and one charge went through and there’s another pending.

    • that bracelet just barely fit my 5 year old nephew lol

    • My bracelet fit just fine, and I don’t feel like my wrists are particularly small. I wonder if some of them ran differently?

  22. Like several others, I am also waiting for replacement candles. Feels discouraging that they can keep putting out new boxes and not take care of those that have already paid and waiting for Popsugar to make things right.

    • Yes! I swapped my candles without opening the box – to avoid breakage! – and a swapper friend is being super patient, but I am just annoyed that the CS is giving canned answers and we have no updates on any of our replacement pieces while they are marketing NEW boxes.

    • they are probably chasing all the money they lost due to chargebacks for failing to deliver holiday deliveries–that they guaranteed. They are using the ‘hype’ of PSMH to try to make as much as possible by throwing out box after box, and getting new customers to replace the ones they treat like trash once they get their money.

  23. Still waiting for 2 broken items from my NBC Box. And it was 2 of the spoiler items, the blush and candle. So far I have paid 75 for bubble bath and travel texture spray!!! The candle was meted and had no wick and the blush fell out during shipment and was broken. Arrrr!

    • I had the exact same problems with my Today show box!!! How do you send candles without wicks??? It really annoyed me that they were also selling discounted Today Show boxes while I still am waiting for my replacement items from my full price box….

  24. signing up for these emails is pointless. they stagger them so much. By the time I get them they are sold out (and others got the emails earlier). I too am waiting on broken items from Today box.

    • Hey Mish do you have notifications so you know when an email hit your phone? I didn’t before but once I did I found that I got all the emails from MSA in time to pull the trigger on a box or not! Also target always sells out super fast but resort doesn’t. It does sell out but not in the hour span that target seems to!

      • I got Liz’s notification before PS. But I will look into that. Thanks for the advice!

  25. I agree with other posters. I want my replacement for broken items before purchasing another LE box.

  26. This is getting ridiculous. There are too many special edition boxes. I just bought the Special Edition for Her, the Fitness one, and signed up for a six-month sub. Just too. much. stuff. It’s not special if there are four (including the Today box) in a two month span!

  27. As tempting as this sounds, I would really like my replacement candles before I dip my toes in the popsugar pool again. A spoiler would also be nice.

  28. They are releasing alot if se boxes lately

  29. Want to see spoilers first

  30. Well count me in for sure! I’m addicted so I can’t say no 🙂

    The last two resort boxes looked amazing and I love traveling so this will hopefully be perfect for me

  31. Yes, i’m for sure getting one, I really loved last years!

  32. Be aware that while Popsugar often has very neat sounding boxes and the spoilers are often tempting, their customer support is VERY poor. I am still waiting (7 weeks) for the replacement of a broken item from the Nieman Marcus box. I have contacted them multiple times and get boiler-plate “you’ll receive it soon” type responses, but so far haven’t received a thing.

    • Yes, me too. Slowest ever at sending replacement items.

  33. I’d really like to get my replacement items before they release anymore LEs

    • So much this. I always thought it was weird that people complained about PSMH so much on social media, because I’d never had an issue in over a year… until recently. Broken items, broken promises, broken addiction haha.

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