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POPSUGAR Must Have Box February 2016 Billing Details

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Thanks, Jennifer for letting us know that the POPSUGAR Must Have  February 2016 Box will be shipping earlier than other boxes, so billing will be happening sooner as well.

I’m guessing they are trying to get the boxes to subscribers by Valentine’s Day, but the email also says: *We will ship all February orders as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee delivery  by Feb. 14.


Last’s years February Box wasn’t explicitly for Valentine’s Day, but it definitely felt special and holiday appropriate. Hopefully that trend continues this year!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I found it funny I even got the email considering I cancelled my sub after I never received my holiday LE

  2. When is the target box shipping? I thought they were supposed to ship out by today. I still don’t have a tracking.

    • Me either….. 🙁

  3. So what does this mean for potential new subscribers? I don’t want January, but I do want February… should I sign up January 24, or will I end up with both? The last time I subscribed to PSMH (more than a year ago) I could select whether I wanted to be waitlisted for the current month or start with the next, but I don’t see that option any longer.

    • I’m wondering the same thing….I’d like to start with the February box being my very first popsugar box….

    • If you want February, I’d hold off on subscribing. They usually send an email when there’s “less than 100 January boxes left” or something like that, so sign up on PSMH for their emails (and MSA bc Liz always keeps us updated too). You can just keep checking their website too bc they’ll usually post something when 1 is sold out.

      • Thank you.

  4. I thought that part of the debacle about people getting double boxes in December was because they said if you ordered in that month you got that current month’s box? Or at least that’s what they told me when I got 2.

  5. I do hope I get January’s box soon with this notification. They sometimes seem to get ahead of themselves. I do appreciate the notification and think they tried to do this the right way.
    Obviously, they are trying to get our boxes out early for a reason next month and I am sure people will be upset both ways.

  6. Glad I cancelled PSMH. Loved them for a while, but then this past autumn their CS took a severe turn for the worst. STILL WAITING for a missing limited edition mens box. 🙁

    Was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine… now here it is January 15th and I cant get answers to where it is. Great. Just so soured by them, I cancelled my monthly PSMH account. I figure if I ever love any of the products they feature Ill read about it in reviews here at MSA, then Ill spend full price and buy my own. They just lost a loyal customer for their subscription service. 🙁

    • I have had a bit of a problem with PSMH customer service,too. They said they were going replace a broken product, but no more correspondence since December.

    • Their CS sucks for sure. They know that too, but there are subscribers that will stay on for their good boxes (like me).
      You are better off getting refunded from your credit card company.

  7. I swear if I get charged for February before I get my January box, I am going to be fairly upset. I have not even gotten tracking on January let alone my Target box, those were supposed to be shipped by today!

    • Glad I’m not the only one whose target box hasn’t shipped yet! I was starting to get worried.

    • My fedex app shows I have package coming from Popsugar but I haven’t received a shipping notification and it still shows processing. I contacted them and they couldn’t tell me it was the monthly box or Target. However…it does look like things are getting shipped out! Maybe download the FedEx app since they seemed to know more than popsugar 😉

      • FedEx App is awesome. Didn’t know that was an option. Thanks for the info. My Target (I assume) box shipped today according to FedEx although nothing shows on Popsugar.

  8. Maybe the early charge means February is going to be amazing and they are just so excited to send it out…. hopefully. I’m actually pretty excited.

    But on another note, I haven’t gotten any of my subscription boxes yet. Ipsy, Birchbox or POPSUGAR. It’s odd because I usually would have at least my Birchbox followed closely by Ipsy and then Popsugar. Maybe they will all be there today?! Although I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification from POPSUGAR…. hmmm.

  9. I also purchased the 6 month special in Dec. Never received my Dec box (although they generated a tracking number, it never left shipping. Last week they agreed to start me with January. Have yet to receive Jan tracking information. At this point debating contesting the charge for the six months since we are almost 5 weeks from my paying and I have yet to receive anything.

    • This

  10. I’m just hoping that if they’re going to be charging us sooner, it means they’ll be shipping sooner…

    But it is kinda short notice for some.

    Has anyone’s Target LE Box shipped yet? Mine still says “processing”…

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing…mine still says processing as well.

  11. I’ve been signed up with PSMH for quite some time now and I’ve had very little issues with them UNTIL this month. First, I was double charged for the Target LE box only to find out that I’m not getting one at all (I did get the charges refunded thankfully) due to their mistake. I should note it took them FOREVER to get back to me to tell me this. When I complained to them, they basically blew me off and told me to just order the upcoming Resort LE (not even kidding). Now, I’ve been charged for the January box and like most others I haven’t even received any shipping notification from them. The 24th is 9 days away and we are about to be charged AGAIN for the Feb box? I really hope they ship it out so we get it the first week in Feb! Sorry about the venting….I just have been so frustrated with PSMH! :/

    • My problems started last month with the TODAY SE. It was a mess – the inside box- and the compact was broken. I contacted CS, and was told they would replace the compact – no correspondence or compact since. I watched a few unboxings for the Today SE, and they were in the same condition. I notice they are now running a contest where you can win that box. Guess I’ll glue the compact and lower my expectations. I have ordered the Target SE. I believe that when we spend 75 bucks for a subscription box, we should get a good product.

  12. I just want one of those cupcakes right now lol! :0

    • Haha love this!

  13. …that being said, I can’t wait for February!

  14. So…I’m still waiting for December’s PSMH box, from the Ru La La special. I’ve read this company is notoriously late, so I haven’t contacted them yet, but should I be concerned by now?

    • Not sure when you ordered yours, but I ordered mine 12/14/15 and received it 12/21/15. Ru La La sent a voucher you had to enter on popsugar’s site if I remember correctly.

    • Hi Jennifer, once I filled out the voucher info in the PS site my box arrived in less than a week. I would definitely contact CS to sew what’s up. PSMH is usually pretty predictable in their deliveries. An entire box often comes very quickly but when it comes to replacing items I’ve waited up 6 weeks for replacements. As if right now I’m waiting for new tapers AND a missing Tarte quad. I contacted them weeks ago about these items! That being said, again I think you should contact them regarding your outstanding box. Those boxes came very quickly once ordered (via Rue La La voucher)

      • Thank you from me as I have been waiting on a product replacement.

  15. Getting charged for next month’s box before you have even received this months tracking info? Classic Popsugar.

    • I never receive my box until the end of the month so I don’t have high expectations of February being early. Only bright spot is my subs are spaced out so I get at least one a week!

  16. It’s always annoying to be charged for your next month’s box before you have received this current month’s box (I’m talking to you PSMH and Kloverbox!). Like one of the other commenters, I haven’t received a shipping notice or tracking for January yet.

  17. It is a little bit of a let down to be told a week before it happens that you will be charged twice in one month. Especially since you plan on this expense just once a month. For some people an extra 40$ makes a difference in their budgets.

    • This. Completely agree. Im debating canceling because I feel like they never have it together, but I am afraid I won’t get my January box I already paid for if I do that… Has anyone had any issues with canceling and not receiving their last, already paid for box?

  18. I still haven’t received my January box or any tracking info, so this is kind of frustrating for that reason alone.
    But like others have said last years February box seemed really great. Hopefully, they’ll keep up with how they’ve been doing and it will be even better this year!

  19. Do not appreciate this move. It catches me off-guard. For those of us who get paid once- month (teachers, retirees, ) or twice a month – lots of folks, it can be a problem. I have been debited so far for my regular subscription and the Target special edition. 39 bucks more is not fun for me. PSMH customer service has left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

    Sincerely, Donna Jean

    • Not a comment about the box or change in policy, but isn’t getting paid once-a-month or twice-a-month the norm? Am I in the dark?

      The only difference I’ve ever heard was that at my firm, the directors get paid 4 times a year.

      Very curious!

      • I agree that this is the norm. Even those that get paid weekly, its not like they are getting more money, its just smaller amounts more frequently. In both situations you still have exactly X amount of money for the month.

      • I guess what she may be saying is that the 39.00 extra for February this month may not be in some persons budget that may get paid once a month. That is kind of pulling a fast one on everyone, most get paid on the 15th and 30th or 1st and 15th.

      • I just meant that when you are retired, or you have to budget for subscription boxes (I do) , it is a hit in the old pocketbook. Not only will popsugar must have be debiting me twice, another box, I can’t remember which, is also debiting again this month. That is a bit of a problem since I will not have another pay-day this month. Oh whoa is me – ; )

  20. I’m so obsessed with last year’s February box! If anyone has the whole box (or just the cheese board, bubble bath, and Tarte blush) for sale — do let me know! 🙂

    • Believe it or not, I have the entire box still. It’s no longer packaged up but I have those three items, unused. I moved out of my boyfriend’s house (actually, it was more like moved out, then back in, then back out more times then I care to remember) so I’m not 100% sure where everything is. If you want me to search it down I certainly can. Just let me know …

      • My comment must not have gone through! I’m very interested!! 🙂

    • I still have the board and the tarte blush listed. I gifted the bubble bath in dec though.

  21. Have there been any spoilers for what may be in the Feb box that anyone has seen?

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