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FYI – POPSUGAR Target Box Available Now! + Spoiler!

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Exciting news! The POPSUGAR Target Box isΒ available now!

The Box: POPSUGAR 2016 Target Box

The Cost: $75

The Products: “Time to get motivated and make this year your healthiest yet. POPSUGAR and Target are back again! We’ve teamed up to bring you everything you need to get a jump-start on a healthy 2016. This exclusive box is fit-focused and filled with fun and functional essentials to get you motivated to move!”

Spoiler Alert!

Each box contains a Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker. Sugg. Retail: $99.99

Boxes will ship by Jan 15 via FedEx Smartpost.

Check out my review of the last POPSUGAR Target Box to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Tuesdays are busy for me until around 1 pm ET. I missed out! I can’t believe it sold out so quickly. I hope everyone enjoys their boxes.

  2. Missed this one, but can’t wait to see the reviews for it! Living vicariously through your shopping y’all πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow – I can’t believe how fast this sold out! I was lucky enough to grab one – I got busy at work right when I saw the email come through, I’m glad I didn’t wait, I really thought it’d be at least a few hours before it was sold out.
    and I think its awesome that they did release the Jawbone spoiler – for those who got it last year. I didn’t know about the wonderful world of sub boxes a year ago so I was hoping for a fitness tracker of some sort.

    So excited for this box! Thanks for the heads up and updates Liz!!

  4. It’s already sold out, I wanted this box.

  5. Sold out! Was able to pass on this one, but only getting one spoiler at the last minute made this one easy to resist. Congrats to everyone who was able to get one! I’m sure I’ll regret not grabbing one when the review is posted. lol

  6. Ugh, so sad I missed it!

  7. It sucks for me who live in West coast with the 3-hour time difference. I wish companies in East coast can consider that. I can never be fast enough to get those deals when they start at 6-9 PST in the morning.

    • I know what you mean, but I do believe Popsugar is based out of San Francisco.

    • How funny, I always wish the opposite! I am on the east coast and right in the middle of my work day at noon, unable to buy anything. I wish I could buy them in the morning before work!

  8. I grabbed one since last year’s was the bomb. I will be putting my jawbone up for swap/sale since I just got a fitbit charge. If anyone is interested in it let me know! [email protected]

  9. Anyone else show they were charged for 2 on their bank account but only ordered 1?

    • Someone else mentioned a double charge. May be that’s why they sold out so quick? They sent double orders! ;-). JK. I would contact them and depending on response contact CC company and dispute double charge.

      • That’s what I was thinking too! Lol
        Email sent, hopefully its an easy fix for them.. I’ve heard horror stories.

      • Just received the following message from PopSugar – WTG with the quick response!

        Sorry about that. The double charge was the result of a glitch we are working to solve. I found the 2nd transaction and refunded it you. Please look for that to appear in the next 7-10 business days.

        You should only receive 1 box.



    • Yep! Just happened to me. I have 2 pending charges. This happened to me with a November box and after weeks of emailing Popsugar’s customer service, I ended up having to do a chargeback through my bank.

      This time I just emailed Popsugar’s customer service and included a screenshot of my order # (showing that I only ordered a quantity of 1) and a screenshot of my bank account showing 2 pending charges.
      I pleaded for them to please correct this on their own so I don’t have to deal with the hassle of another chargeback!

      Good luck :/

      • Just received the following message from PopSugar – good luck to you!

        Sorry about that. The double charge was the result of a glitch we are working to solve. I found the 2nd transaction and refunded it you. Please look for that to appear in the next 7-10 business days.
        You should only receive 1 box.

        • Update: Popsugar’s customer service did contact me and the duplicate charge was removed. I already saw the credit in my bank account. Glad I didn’t have to go the route of another chargeback.

    • Yes, I was charged twice, but my first comment replying to you was deleted for some reason ???

    • I was only charged once but I remember that I almost hit submit twice by accident but I didn’t. So maybe it charges you twice if you hit submit twice while it’s still processing your order. I was only charged once.

      • Nice, I think I may have accidentally clicked twice in excitement πŸ˜‰

        They already got back to me that the double charge was the result of a glitch and they have refunded me for the second!

        • I’m glad they refunded you! I think that with so many people ordering at one time will cause all those glitches. My order was really slow to go through and I’m glad I didn’t hit submit again when it looked like the page froze lol.

  10. I am so disappointed that it’s sold out already. They should have more boxes available to meet the demand πŸ™

  11. Wow that sold out fast! I checked right at 12 and got one. Decided to buy another for my mom and it was already sold out. So excited about this one!

  12. It’s already sold out?!!?!! Whaaaaat. I got in within the first 10 minutes :(.

    • I know! I received the email, from PopSugar, at 11:15. Didn’t see it until noon. Figured I had enough time to make myself a latte. Signed into my account at 12:15. SOLD OUT. WTH?!??

      I hate Jawbone so maybe I dodged a bullet here. πŸ™‚

  13. Sold Out, guess I should look at the positive saved $75.00.

  14. Wow! that sold out *fast*. Didn’t get one but looking forward to seeing the full contents.

  15. I was stalking this since early AM. Finally get a moment to take a quick shower (dealing with two sick kiddos here). See the alert. Too late. Sold out… Oh well…

  16. I got the email at 12:15 and by the time I saw it at 12:30 it was sold out! Bummer–but I have the same UP tracker and love it..

  17. I paused when I saw the spoiler for the Jawbone UP2 since I already use a FitBit (from last year’s box). But then I remembered my fitness loving friend who uses 3 or 4 different activity trackers and makes a game of comparing them and playing that game helps her get more activity and I should really try something like that because I need more activity in my life but do I really need another activity tracker and then crippling FOMO set in and I just knew if I continued to hesitate they would all sell out and then where would I be? Sitting on my butt with no PMSH + Target box, that’s where.

    I got my confirmation e-mail at 5 minutes after the hour. I am so weak.

    • That’s what I thought! I already have a FitBit HR but this one is more fashionable and every time I’m going out I look at it and don’t wanna use it lol. I think that I can also add it to MyFitnessPal account and then track boths?!? Not sure but I’ll try!

      • It’s worth a shot! I use Weight Watchers eTools and I know I can only connect one at a time on their site. But I’m planning on changing it every week for a bit to see which one gives me more points. πŸ˜‰

  18. I got one! I don’t have any fitness trackers so I’m excited to get this.

  19. So glad I looked at the spoiler. I LOVE my FitBit. I just saved myself $75!

  20. The link was live before noon, that’s why it appears that it sold out so quickly. I grabbed one and then decided to buy a second … no luck. Oh well, at least I’m getting one.

  21. It is sold out now. Glad I was able to grab one. I have a Fibit which I love, but I don’t mind trying the Jawbone especially for its value.

  22. WOW. sad i wasn’t paying closer attention to this. Sold out already. Sheesh!

  23. I’m really disappointed with this. I tried since I got the email from Liz, on-the-dot to get one. It just kept cycling thru the shopping cart screen and then I clicked place order. Back to the shopping cart screen. Must’ve tried 20+ times to place order. I know there’s nothing wrong with my card because I used it this morning. This kinda feels like an Allure BBox situation :,(

  24. It’s already sold out, man that was fast! I’m glad I checked right at 12pm and grabbed my box.

  25. I caved and bought this box even though I already have a fitbit. I’ll decide which one I like the best and then give the other to my husband to use. Hopefully the rest of the box is really good because I seriously do not have the money but…I couldn’t resist…

  26. Sold Out already??

  27. Really glad they published a spoiler as I already have a Fitbit and don’t want to deal with trying to sell/swap a jawbone. Otherwise I would have gotten this box (and then been really bummed!)

  28. Very excited about this. I just got a Fitbit HR from a from of mine but I can give the Jawbone to my hubby if he wants it. Either way.. two of my favorite things. Fitness and Target. I can’t wait.

  29. I gave in.. my very FIRST LE BOX! I am a monthly subscriber. Wow, must have placed my order just in time, can’t believe it is sold out!

  30. And … it’s sold out!

    • I’d try again–literally just purchased one 10 seconds ago.

      • Man, I misspoke–now it does say sold out. That is SO WEIRD. I was able to add it to my cart at 12:35 and I checked out right away, got an order confirmation and everything. That’s after other people were saying it was sold out. Heh, I’m sure I’ll get an email being like, “sorry…computer glitch…here’s a refund…etc”. Fingers crossed though. Can’t believe how fast it sold out!

  31. Okay, ignorant question. I’m trying to understand which Jawbone UP2 tracker is actually getting sent. I’ve never heard of Jawbone, so I did some research. When I look it up on Amazon, I see several different UP2 types, and some get terrible reviews. To see what I mean, type in “UP2 by Jawbone activity tracker, black” at and three options come up. The last one says it was discontinued by the manufacturer and gets absolutely awful reviews. If that’s what we get, I definitely don’t want it! The other two have better ratings, but different straps, and also different prices. One’s on sale for $60, versus the other one that’s pretty set at the retail price.
    I wish they said which one we were getting so I could know the TRUE value of this item! Anyone have any thoughts?

    • In the announcement email I received from PS this morning, they showed a photo of the redesigned UP2 band with the thinner strap (retails higher). So, hopefully they really are including the better one!

    • The first Up band that Jawbone came out with was a couple years ago, then following it was the 2nd Up, which was called the Up2, then they had the Up24. Last spring Jawbone realeased their new bands called Up2, Up3, and Up4. It’s odd that they named it the same as one that was out a couple of years ago. I had the Up3 for a while and liked it, especially for the sleep tracking, but got an Apple Watch and do not use it anymore. It’s a decent activity tracker, though.

      The one in the spoiler is the one that was released last year (newest one). It has a great design.

      • Thanks! That’s a relief to hear!

  32. I will either swap or sell the jawbone.. No problem there! Just got a Fitbit charge HR for Xmas.. Or I can give to the hubby on his bday!! Win all around!!


  34. Tried to get one but it’s sold out. I already have Fitbit Surge, so I guess I didn’t need another tracker!

  35. Got mine! Man those sold out fast! I don’t have a fitness tracker, so I was excited to see it included in this box.

  36. I was hoping that it would be a Fitbit Blaze but I will still get this.

    • Fitbit blaze ? That hasn’t even come out yet….and not to mention 200$

  37. I ordered!! Even though I have a FitBit, I’m excited about everything else that I hope to find in this box.

  38. ugggh…I ordered before I saw the spoiler. oh well. Swap alert: Jawbone UP2 fitness tracker up for grabs…LOL. Can’t resist LE boxes, plus I need a lil motivation in my life right now. It can’t be ALL bad.

    • Amy, I would love to trade for your Jawbone!

  39. I pulled the trigger so fast I didn’t even look at the spoiler. Bummed because have a recent Fitbit charge HR so kinda wish I had not ordered. Will try and sell I guess…

    • same here…oh well. I was trigger happy. The bright side: it’ll look great on your swap page =)

      • You are right! I should look on the bright side- hopefully can swap for something great with it! : )

    • It’s already sold out
      As I was trying to check out and it wouldn’t let me.
      I’m so disappointed

  40. Alright I caved?. I had a Fitbit but it broke, I’ve always been interested in the jawbone and for $75 that’s an awesome deal. I think for lent this year I may have to give up subscription boxes…this is getting out of hand! Haha

  41. Yes I got one. Popsugar Special Edition boxes make me smile ?

  42. I think I’m still going to get it and just swap the jawbone. I loved this box last year and it’s too good a box to pass up.

  43. I really wanted to get this but I have a Fitbit one and an Apple Watch so I don’t really need another tracker. And with that being the big ticket item I don’t think it’s worth $75 for me to get it for the other items. I was really looking forward to this.

  44. I didn’t think they were going to include a fitness tracker since the last one had one, but i’m glad they did since I never jumped on that bandwagon. With this and hopefully a gift card to Target, plus some smaller extras, I’m happy I got one.

    • While i will probably be able to use everything, if someone ends up really wanting to buy anything from me, I will take offers. I’m technically on the swap site but haven’t actually used it, so I don’t know if that affects who might be willing to swap with me. If you’re interested in anything in the box once all the contents are revealed, email me at christenclee at Gmail and we can talk.

  45. I keep trying to click Place Order button but it stays in the shopping cart screen. Anyone else having problems?

    • YES! I had the same issue and when I checked my CC I was charged twice and never received anything to say I even got one? I emailed to see what the deal is!

    • I had that problem and when I stopped and looked at the page again, it turned out it was trying to tell me I had entered my credit card information wrong.

    • It sold out, so that may be why.

  46. Darn it – was about to purchase when I saw Jawbone Up was included. I’ve burned through three Jawbones – they have a habit of dying after about a year. Pass.

    • I have the little Jawbone, the Up Move. Got it for Christmas 2014 and it was dead by August 2015 – turns out the gold plating at the battery holder had rubbed away. (Which is bizarre.) But I called Jawbone and they sent me a new one right away and a mailer for the old one.

    • I’m on my third Jawbone as well and the past two (one UP24, one UP2) each made it about 6 months before breaking. Fortunately Jawbone’s customer service is top notch and they quickly replaced my device each time! Hoping this new thinner strap design will hold out better. …if that’s the one we’re getting πŸ™‚

  47. Ugh! I should have read this before I ordered mine! I already have a fitbit charge HR.

    • Or at least what the description said on the Popsugar site.

    • I have a fitbit too – I was able to sell the fitbit in the box last year for the price of the box, so the rest was free! Hoping to do that again this year.

      • Yeah, there’s always a bright side. I can always give it to my mom, I know she would love it.

    • I’ll buy your box from you! I’ve had the page open on my desktop since yesterday and then I left my desk for 30 minutes and missed it!

    • I guess I can always give it to my mom. The other items may make for the tracker.

  48. I still use my Fitbit from last year’s box…so I think I’ll pass. πŸ™

  49. Says every box will include a jawbone up2 fitness tracker!!

  50. Aw man I was totally gonna get it, but I own a FitBit flex…so I guess I shouldn’t.

    • I know me too, ugh. I love my Fitbit Flex!

    • Ditto.

      Kind of doubt the rest of the box would make up for the hassle of trying to sell the Jawbone.

    • Same. I was ready to pull the trigger, but there’s no point in having 2 fitness trackers. I’m sooooo glad they did this spoiler – I think they would have had a lot of mad people who did both years in a row.

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