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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review + 50% Coupon – Jan 2016


Beauty Fix is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from This subscription was previously known as the Blush Mystery Beauty Box.


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Beauty Fix

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one-time purchase)

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products.

Ships to: US

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Each box comes with a card detailing the items included with pictures.


Karuna Age-Defying Hand Mask – Value $9

I’ve never tried a hand mask before, so I had to give this a try as soon as I opened the box. You just put on the gloves for 10-20 minutes, then remove the gloves and massage any remaining product into your skin. (Visual instruction picture below).

My hands were super soft immediately after using. My husband Eric even told me they were “almost freakishly soft” so that’s high praise… I think? A day later and I think my hands are back to normal, but I do notice that my cuticles are much more moisturized than usual!

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots – (12 dots) Value $6

These clear stickers are made with salicylic acid, and designed to help reduce and heal blemishes while protecting the affected area to minimize the spread of bacteria. I like this idea – especially the part that helps prevent me from accidently touching a pimple and making it worse! One thing to call out – these are clear, but not invisible. So they work for overnight use, but not going out in public!



DS Laboratories Revita LT – High-Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo – 3.4 oz (Travel Size) Value $30

This is some serious packaging! I feel like it belongs in a fitness supplement subscription box! Here it is out of the box:


And more from the company on what this shampoo does:

Completely safe for light and dark color-treated hair— Revita is a cutting-edge shampoo designed to stimulate hair while protecting existing hair from falling/thinning.

Ideal for men and women, this revitalizing hair treatment nourishes the hair and scalp with amino acids, strengthening the hair shaft for enhanced vitality. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients are employed in the fight against pollutants and chemicals that can lead to damaged hair and prevent healthy growth. Revita gives your hair and scalp the benefits needed for fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair.

I would say BeautyFix sends out more hair growth products than any other beauty box I subscribe to. This isn’t something I need currently, so I’ll be passing it along to somone else.


Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Luminizing Primer – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $32 (On Sale for $19)

This primer has a very subtle pearlescence finish – so subtle that if you wear a full-coverage foundation like I do you won’t see it. That’s fine with me since it works as a regular primer, and on days when I go light with just a BB cream, it will show a bit. (One thing to mention – the first few pumps that came out were completely clear liquid. I recommend mixing it a little bit before using, or just discarding the first few pumps.)


ARCONA Magic White Ice Hydrate – 10 ml Value $12

If you are looking for a lightweight moisturizer, this is a gel-formula that absorbs almost immediately. (And it is made with cranberry extract, so it has a nice berry scent!)

Medicell Labs Hydrating Calming Facial Mist – 1 oz Value $14

This mist is refreshing and gentle! The mist nozzle itself isn’t as even and fine as some facial mists I’ve tried, so I recommend using a greater distance from your face than you might use with other mists.


Danielle Creations Chrome Mini Mirror – Value $15

This is a quality mirror, but it is SO tiny! Here it is with an iPhone 6+ to give a better sense of scale:


I guess this would be useful for travel. (Or it could work as a gift to an American Girl!).


June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque – .5 oz Value $8.40

This mask is paraben-free, and it has an amazing papaya scent! My skin has been extra dry/sensitive lately, but I was able to use this mask without any irritation. And my skin is now super soft and smooth, so I think I will use this every week!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $113 (using the discounted price of the primer). I think BeautyFix almost always delivers a great value compared to the cost, and I appreciate the variety of items this month, and all the sample sizes are good too! My favorite item this month is the June Jacobs mask, but I think I’ll use everything besides the shampoo.

What do you think of the January 2016 Beauty Fix box? What are your favorite items this month?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (52)

  1. Update: I ended up getting a refund from DermStore for the old Tarina Tarantino product. I also contacted TT, as this was the first time I’d heard of the company and my first experience with them and I hated to see them being given a bad name when they might not have any control over it. They appreciated hearing about the issue and are going to look into it, plus they sent me a goody bag as a thank you. (I love the sparkly brown eyeliner!) If you weren’t familiar with Tarina Tarantino before, you might want to give them another chance. They also sell jewelry!

  2. Dear Liz. You listed a wrong price for shampoo. 180ml sells for $30, this is only 100ml. Even the link you listed takes me to the product page and it sells there for $19, not $30. Almost everyone On swap listed the wrong price…

  3. UPDATE: So my primer from January box was rancid and they sent me the replacement product (not the whole box). The replacement was also rancid like many of you experienced. So I contacted customer service again asking for a primer, but from different brand in similar price range, by saying you have a bad batch. They responded to me that I received $3 credit, but no product replacement. I am ok with the credit as I only paid half the price for the box. I will settle with this. But just wanted to report here. I also found out that Dermastore is owned by Target. I order and cancel often with BeautyFix and they don’t seem to care about it so far.
    Some people mentioned expired hand mask, but here is what I have:
    AHM150616 (possibly means manufactured June 16, 2015)
    EXP180615(possibly means expires June 15, 2018), exactly 3 years from manufactured date. Some brand list manufactured and expired date, which I love and should be mandated, but looking from the numbers, AMH150616 cannot be June 15 2016, which is the future date manufacturing. I guess we all need to learn the coding a little. Anyway, this is the first time I experienced rancid products from them, so I am not ruling them out for now.

    • I had the same issue as you with the primer. The first one was bad, and the pump was stuck in the cap and I couldn’t get it out. My replacement arrived today and it also smells rancid and is lumpy. Both of the primer packages say “distributed by Sephora” and I also found articles that said Tarina Tarantino’s relationship with Sephora ended in 2012 so the primers are at least three years old. I’ll be contacting Dermstore again, and hopefully will get better results.

  4. Buyer beware: I’m pretty sure this company buys really old products or uses their expired products for these boxes. You can see from the hand mask picture that it expired 6/18/15. Also, the primer is so old and so many people have complained about the smell, so why hasn’t the company issued a recall. Finally, the lip gloss from December’s box was causing my lips to crack and scab after each day I used it and it looks like it was manufactured in 2013. Be careful with any products they send you before you put them on your skin. I can’t trust their products so I canceled.

  5. I just picked up this box for $10 on a Groupon flash sale. Now that’s a great price even with the iffy primer!

    • I went to groupon and it won’t come up for me. Darn. I love that mirror and really wanted to try the hand mask and acne dots. $10 would have been a super great deal. Maybe next time.

  6. Has anyone else been having “quality control” issues with BeautyFix? The Tarina Tarantino primer that I received has a horrible stench of rancid oil, and is also very clumpy…it is clearly past its prime, and is unusable (I sampled it on my hand and was practically knocked out by the awful smell!) I just recently placed an order with DermStore…the store that runs the BeautyFix box. I just received my order, and there are quality issues with all three items. One item arrived broken and leaking due to how poorly it was packed. The 2nd item…a lip balm…was completely spoiled/rancid, and the 3rd item, a sunscreen, had an expiration date of March 2014 listed on it…almost 2 FULL YEARS ago! Customer service was very helpful and is sending out a whole new order…will have to see if the replacement items I receive are fresh/within their expiration dates or not. The fact that I’ve received 3 rancid/unfresh items from them within the past week, is pretty concerning to me. Has anyone else had similar issues with any of their products? Anyone else receive a spoiled Tarina Tarantine primer?

    • Yes my Primer also smelled absolutely awful. Glad I tested on my hand and not my face. I will be contacting the Derm Store. I believe everything else in my box was ok though I haven’t opened the shampoo yet.

      • A quick follow-up…I received my replacement order from Dermstore today, replacing the items that were rancid/long past their expiration date. The replacement sunscreen they sent once again has a March 2014 expiration, and the replacement lip balm is once again rancid. This is so unacceptable! I’ll definitely never order from them again!

      • Same here. The Tarlina primer smelled like spoiled oil.

    • I received a rancid primer as well and I sent customer service a complaint and they sent me another box with another rancid primer 🙁

    • Thank you for everyone who posted about rancid primers. I wouldn’t have opened it to test it otherwise as I usually wait to open anything until I ran out of my current one. My primer was bad. When I pulled off the cap, the pump itself came off as well as they were not completely on. The product was separated and the smell was definitely off. I just chatted with customer service and she offered either 15% refund or replacement product. I took the replacement product, but they are not sending a whole box, just the primer. Let’s see if the replacement is good. I just commented on another review, but the government should require all manufacturers to put a date of manufactured date and expiration date.

      • Same thing happened here. I’m waiting on the replacement box. Will see if the new primer is good. I do have to say, I contacted them via email and the service was excellent.

      • Received my replacement primer today…it is, once again, rancid. I’m really bummed because I really was wanting to try this primer. The customer service agents have been nice, but there’s only so much they can do if the wherehouse is full of spoiled stock. I’m going to call again, but will pass on an offer for another primer, as I’m sure it will be rancid, as well. I understand that things like this sometimes do happen…but the fact that all the items I received as replacements for expired/spoiled products were once again spoiled, I find really disappointing. 🙁

      • well i got a replacement rancid.

      • Same here. It was no better than the first.

      • Mine smelled funky too but when I went online to see reviews several people commented on Sephora about how awful it smells so I wonder if that is just how it smells. I put it on my hand and the smell instantly went away.

        Liz, did yours smell weird?

    • Not a Beautyfix issue, but I ordered a product from Dermstore (they had the best price + free shipping since it was over $50). It came today (super quickly) and does not expire for a year and a half (it will get used up long before then). So they are doing a few things right, too. Sorry for everyone who had issues, though.

    • The bottom of the primer has a Sephora sticker on it. I know Sephora stopped carrying this brand some time ago. No exp date anywhere. Disappointed in this.

      • Just looked it up, and Tarina Tarantino left Sephora at the end of 2012…meaning that the primers they sent us are at least 3 years old. Yuck.

    • Thank you for posting. I’ve been saving the primer and had not opened it. Mine was horrible…. it’s half empty, separated, the applicator?? broken off and it smelled awful!! So disappointing…I really like this box a lot! However, I’m now concerned that they have sent us a product that is three years old labeled for Sephora… now I’m wondering how old are other things?? Worried about possible unsafe or contaminated products… :0

      • Ditto on all points. My primer looked curdled, literally chunky. The smell was that of very old (past expired) cooking oil. I’m disappointed in the fact they sent such an old product. It felt like I bought primer blindly on eBay and makes me question how they do business. By that I mean are they buying up old cosmetic lots to resell? If so I’m out. Giving me a 15% discount to use in their online store at a time I’m questioning the safety and quality of their merchandise hardly fixes this problem.

  7. They sent me four of these boxes when I only ordered one! Let me know if anyone wants one.

    • They sent me 3! I don’t think I’ve been over charged either… Very weird especially when I’m so used to the opposite like companies like popsugar never sending out boxes I order and double and triple charging me!

    • Would love one! I have blonde hair that’s thinning, so am particularly interested in the shampoo! Are you hoping to trade, and if so, for what types of things (I haven’t figured out how to do the “trades” yet, but I sub to many boxes so do have a number of things I could trade…)

    • I would definitely love one.

    • I really wanted one. I’m on the trade boards. Are you looking for anything in particular? My email is milstarr @ (no spaces). Thank you.

    • I would love one if you still have them. frodosdojo at g mail.

  8. I’m so happy I subcribed to Beautyfix. It’s definitely become one of my Favorite subscription boxes. I enjoy trying out new products. I love how they send a variety of stuff to try from hair to feet.. I look forward to it every month:)

  9. Got this box today and its the best box yet. Keep it up dermstore, you have become my favorite beauty sub, and that’s saying a LOT

  10. I just got my box and I am pretty happy. The tiny mirror is cute and sitting at my work desk in my little beauty corner, lol. I purchased a few boxes last year and this is the first time I actually received a free sample mentioned on the shipping slip. It is a foil packet (10 ml) of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills, Color-Savor, Paraben-Free Conditioner. I am always happy with the value as I will think twice about purchasing these brands for the price before trying them. And I also like how majority of the items are sealed outside or have inner seal.

  11. I just received this box and am really happy with it. I read the spoilers and wasn’t that excited but the box in person was great. I love the little mirror – really useful for me. The shampoo is pretty exciting – wow to the packaging – I have very thick hair but going to use it to see if it helps hair growth – can always have my husband use it too. Reviews online seem really good. The acne dots are a great idea and I know my husband will use them. I am really excited for the hand mask – can’t wait to use it!

  12. I think that all of the dermstore items are significantly overpriced. The value of the beautyfix box is grossly over estimated so I cancelled my subscription.

    • Very overpriced for what I actually will use out of this-the mask and the moisturizer. After 7 months, I gave up and unsubed.

  13. A word of warning, if you update credit card info you run the risk of your next month being billed as a one time purchase, for over $12 more than the monthly sub price. I just happened to see the amount when I logged in to track my shipment. From what I’ve read elsewhere this happens often. I’m still waiting for a response to get the overcharge refunded….

    • Same thing is happening to me, two months in a row now. Thankfully, I got a refund both times but I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again in the future.

  14. The mirror is so cute that I signed up. Don’t really need anything else and I can’t be bothered to swap

  15. This looks like the best box for them in months, in my opinion. The Tarina Tarentino primer is awesome and looks beautiful without being too much (and you can control the results to your tastes). I wear mineral makeup and can use it under or over it, on my whole face or just in certain areas.
    Everything else looks great too. Hand and face mask (love masks and the brands are good), shampoo (I don’t care if it’s for thinning, can always use a nice shampoo eventually), I use tons of toner, love gel moisturizers, and think I don’t want to see my whole face magnified anyway!!!

  16. These dots are amazing! I received my box Saturday, and tried one last night on a breakout that had been bothering me for days, and it’s completely gone!

  17. On the fence now about whether to get this month’s. I totally could use that shampoo since my hair started thinning last year. I used to give all that type of stuff away and now I need it! The irony! I also wonder how well the hand mask would work on my dry winter hands.

  18. I already got my box! I love the little mirror I think it would be great for doing your eyebrows are tweezing other small areas LOL like my husband said his nose! Beauty fix is such an amazing value for the money. Sometimes they send weird brands and things like dandruff shampoo or losing your hair products but, other than that they are better than any other beauty box by far!

  19. I have a Dermstore account, but have NEVER signed up for the monthly beautyfix box. I just logged into my bank account and noticed $27 deduction to dermstore. They shipped me a beautyfix box without my subscribing!! Needless to say, I am pretty pissed and their customer service is closed today. Has anyone else had this happen?!

    • I got charged for and sent 2 boxes before. They’ll likely refund you and let u keep the bo, they must have some bugs in their system.

    • They sent me two boxes one month and claimed I signed up for a second one. Uhm. No, I did NOT. They cancelled the second subscription, but I was pretty mad.

      • I spoke with the Dermstore customer service today, and apparently their was a glitch in the system that ultimately ended up subscribing people to their monthly box. My recommendation would be to take a look at your bank accounts if you have a dermstore account! They are refunding my money, but it took a bit to receive acknowledgement that this was a system error as they initially wanted me to report it as fraud to my bank.

    • Lauren, I placed an order on Jan. 26 and today received notification that my Beauty Fix had shipped. Apparently they haven’t yet take care of this ‘glitch.’ I immediately contacted DermStore to request a refund. I cannot find instructions on the website as to deactivating my account, so I will be emailing them again about that.

      • I should clarify: I placed an order for products — not a Beauty Fix.

  20. So excited to get my box now! I just signed up and got the discounted price. I think I will like everything. Thanks as always for your detailed reviews.

  21. Liz, it’s funny that you mention American Girls in the description of the mirror. That’s exactly why I bought this box! One of my daughters is totally obsessed with all things American Girl, and everything costs soooo much for them. I already give my daughter the tinier samples I get of anything for the doll, and she’s going to be super thrilled with this mirror.

  22. Happy Sunday! It’s a goodmorning for me to wake up to two of my favorite subscription reviews: Beauty DNA and Beauty Fix! I was already liking the Beauty Fix, but now I’m crazy excited-everything looks so good, even the tiny mirror rofl ?

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