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Allure Beauty Box Extra Bonus Box News

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Allure Beauty Box News

Thanks Catherine for sharing this email with us from Allure Beauty Box! Looks like some subscribers will be receiving a bonus box this month.

The email is a little confusing, though – I’m not sure if it is for rewarding customers for loyalty, using the #allurebeautybox hashtag, or both. (I’m also not sure how they would be able to tie people using #allurebeautybox to their subscription accounts…)

This email came from [email protected] if you want to check to see if you got one!



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got another email from Allure today that I will be getting a gift soon. It says they curated a red-carpet beauty bonus gift with SK-II, CoverGirl and Wella. It will be going out this week. I never received anything after the last bonus gift email they sent me so hopefully this time I will.

  2. I got that email too
    But still haven’t received anything extra ?

    • I emailed them today to inquire on the gift email. I wouldn’t complain if they sent me an extra February box. ; )

      • That would be awesome?

  3. I’m in heaven. My extra bonus box was the January box. I got another one and they said keep it.

    • Was it a mistake that they sent you an extra box? I received the email about bonus gifts a month ago today and still haven’t received anything extra. Since then I have received my January and February boxes. : (

  4. Got mine today! I got an elf stipple brush, .17 oz Estée Lauder advanced night eye cream and 3G benefit roller lash mascara! This helps compensate that I haven’t got my January box yet…

    • Kristin, I got the same things you got in your surprise package. Beth

    • Thanks Kristen Nice. I’m assuming sample sizes. Did it come in the same box. I think we have received all of those in the past. Not at all complaining but those items were in 2015 boxes. Can’t remember what month.

  5. I got my Beauty Box yesterday. Very pleased with January. Now, maybe the “surprise” is on the way? So exciting.

  6. I received the email as well. I’ve been a subscriber for less than a year. But who am I to complain, I’ll take the extra goodies anytime.

  7. I got this email as well and I am a subscriber but it was puzzling to me as well!

  8. This whole thing is quite odd. My sister showed me this email recently while I was visiting over the Holiday; she was quite excited about it. I did not receive one yet I am a long time subscriber, blogger, avid hash tagging instagrammer and even had one of my Instagram allure beauty box photos featured in allure magazine. My sister only recently subscribed, a few months back, based on my Instagram photos and blog reviews. I feel cheated 🙁

  9. I do follow them on Instagram but have literally NEVER shared a single photo. Not sure what their criteria was?

  10. I received the email last week sometime. I subscribed to Allure Beauty Box for 2 months but do not have an active subscription so I don’t expect to actually receive anything. If I do I’ll be thrilled!

  11. I’m a subscriber and an Enthusiast. There was a survey recently about the Allure Beauty Box. I filled it out like I always do. I figured it was related to that.

  12. I have been receiving this box since July, No email for me either.. Kinda really bummed 🙁 Wish we knew how to get this little extra perk..

  13. They have $5 off your first box on 🙂

  14. How does one become an Allure Beauty Enthusiast? I love doing surveys and testing products anyways so that’s right up my alley. Didn’t know if there was qualifications, or randomly chosen, or wait listed…?

  15. I received the email also and wasn’t sure why I received it. I have been a subscriber for a long time and also have a subscription box review blog, where I also make posts to Facebook/Twitter/Insta, etc. I’m excited to see what we get!

  16. I’m not sure about this one, I also got the email. I did recently receive some Shisheido eye cream randomly in the mail from them. I wasn’t sure if it is also because I am an Allure Beauty Enthusiast or because I was a subscriber to the box. Still not sure but I loved it. I do complete lots of surveys as a Beauty Enthusiast I just assumed it was from that. This is very confusing but I will take any gift that they would like to send to me.

  17. I received this same email on Monday and was excited. I have posted some comments on Twitter but nothing on Instagram. I also completed a fairly lengthy survey they sent a couple of months ago. I suspect they are trying to beef up the subscription service in response to the survey findings. They asked several questions about what improvements they could make. I already really like this subscription box and think it’s a value at $15 so anything else they send will just be icing on the cake.

    • Well, I just checked and realized that my debit card that I had on file with Allure had expired so technically I did not have an active subscription when they sent that email. Fortunately I found out soon enough that I will still be receiving the January box. I think it’s weird that instead of notifying me (like Ipsy did) that I needed to update my payment method they just cancelled my subscription.

  18. I just received this e-mail this morning. I was so excited when I read it. I hope they do send something special. That would be really nice.

  19. I got this email a couple of weeks ago and was totally confused. I only subscribed to this box a month or two after the switch, I do have an Intagram that I always post my boxes on including this one but the email to the account is different than the one I used for Allure so I have no idea how they could have tied the two together. Also I didn’t understand exactly what they were sending to me, is it this months box or just a few samples? It’s all just confusing, also why wouldn’t they give this to all of their subscribers? I really curious to see what they’re sending out.

    • I am really curious myself. Moreso, that how they determined who would get email.

    • I also only got one or two boxes after the box restructuring and I received this email a couple of days ago. I really can’t say for sure if I posted my box to IG or not, I have posted some boxes in the past but certainly not in a while

  20. I cancelled my sub a couple of months ago. No Instagram account either. It seems the emails are totally random or possibly a mistake?

  21. Bummed. Been a subscriber for almost two years. Did not get an email. So upset I think I will cancel now. 🙂

    • I don’t know how to figure out either. But I will add that I am also an Allure Enthusiast and answer all there surveys. I do know that the January box looks good and I did enjoy getting the Shiseido eye gel which does seem to help dark circle under my eye. Bring on more samples. I would love to try Erasa.

    • I’m also bummed. I’ve been a subscriber, but didn’t get the e-mail. =(

      • I didn’t get the email either – but i did get the surprise package. Maybe you will too.

  22. I received one of these special e mails too. I was kind of confused because although I have been with Allure for at least 7 months, They said they were “thanking me” for being a loyal Instagram follower. I don’t even have an instagram account. Anyways, I think its totally cool that they are doing this for their loyal customers. Excited! <3

  23. I received the email but am not a current subscriber to the box. When I first joined this past summer they royally screwed up my first month and I spent 2 months trying to get reimbursed for a box they never sent. Finally after numerous emails and phone calls I talked to a manager and I got a refund and the box. I still get emails each month saying the current months box will be shipping soon and asking to review the items I received. I haven’t been charged and receive no box but still get the emails. And now supposedly I’m getting the extra stuff, enough already Allure.

  24. I subscribed a few months before the changeover, and every month since. Don’t post on instagram. Never received a survey, so of course didn’t fill it out. Didn’t receive the e-mail. If this is really random (as it appears to be) it’s a really good way to alienate people like me.

    • I feel the same way. I’ve subbed since Sample Society and didn’t get the survey, the Shiseido product, or the e-mail about the special boxes. Yet I’m seeing comments here where people who don’t even sub have been included. It doesn’t seem quite right to me if it’s “a special thank you for staying loyal”, as the e-mail mentions.

  25. I received a manila envelope at the end of December from Allure that contained a small tube of Sheisedo eye cream. I never received an email about getting free products though. There was a card inside though that said I would be getting more items in the future. Strange! I was so busy with the holidays it completely slipped my mind. BTW, I did not post on Instagram but I did fill out an online survey.

  26. No email for me, and I’ve subbed since last February.

  27. I have subscribed and cancelled off and on, and got the email. Don’t use Instagram that way. I do frequently review products on sites- maybe they had some way of cross referencing, or its just random? Either way, I’m excited!

  28. Also received this email and was a bit confused at first regarding loyalty since I have only been a subcriber since August. I did however get an email about a month ago asking to do a survey/opinion on Allure’s beauty box, which included more of a more personal beauty/style type, product usage and preference.

    After reading this email over again, it seems like they will be sending product(s) throughout the year and not really a special box, thats just my take.

  29. …ok so I just subbed after seeing the full January box! I love everything especially the Trust Fund nail polish, less love to the eye liner tho lol (more eyeliner! But always looking for a good one, I guess ?).

  30. I have not been a subscriber for many months, I have never used their hashtag, and I got the same email. I am an Allure Beauty Enthusiast, and I did buy their Best of Beauty Box though.

  31. I subscribed before they transition and for all months since and just cancelled in December so was a little amused by the shout out for my loyalty. I do share on Instagram, and liked most boxes, but the last couple were not as great and I’m on overload. Interested to see how this will work.

  32. I can’t wait to see what it’s all about! I’m ready to sub if they’re revamping it for subscribers 🙂

  33. I got one today and do not have an instagram. If you notice in the signature line it says ‘happy testing’ so I wonder if we are testing new products and are to give feedback.

  34. Yup, got the email too. I’m excited and think they are making some changes (hopefully). Did anyone else get their survey email? Looks like they are maybe planning on sending out more luxe/prestige brands.

  35. I received it too. I get you had to post on Instagram after I received my box. Onside the box there was a info card saying you could win if you posted I believe. Either wau I am just one happy girl because I ended up not winning one thing from August Giveaways. I hope 2016 is full of sweet surprises and good luck.. And I wish the same for everyone too. ❤??????

  36. I got it but I don’t have an Instagram account (and agree that I don’t know how they would link the two accounts anyway).

    I’m hoping I DO get something though (since of course I really need more items….lol)

  37. I got one…I am loyal and didn’t stop subscribing and also stan the box on Instagram…so who knows. I would love to know what we are getting. And promise to let you guys know as soon as I do!

  38. I received one of these emails too, but I haven’t subscribed since the very first month of the revamped subscription. My box never arrived and CS was absolutely horrid– I ended up having to file a chargeback with my CC company. I’ve never used the hashtag and have no loyalty to them to speak of, so I was a little confused. Maybe they just sent this out to everyone who’s ever subscribed?

  39. I posted about this yesterday on Facebook after receiving it and there seems to be no actual rhyme or reason why some people got it or didn’t. One girl got it that no longer subscribes, so who knows.

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