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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition For Her Box FULL SPOILERS!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Boxes Available Now!

We have the FULL SPOILERS for the POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Him box thanks to Anne! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.51 PM

Elizabeth Cole Adelia Cuff  – Value $167.50

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.21 PM

Et Al Designs Dot Candles – Value $24

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.09 PM

Nima Oberoi Lunares Orb Candlestick Holders – Value $69

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.45 PM

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion – Value $39

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.37 PM

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum – Value ?

White + Warren Luxe Knotted Headband – Value $88

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.30 PM

Butter LONDON Lip Service – Value $29

What do you think of the spoilers? Thanks so much Anne for taking these pictures to share with us!

FYI this box is still available if you want to buy one:

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Holiday For Her and Him Box

The Cost: $100 each

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t know if I already have the winter blues, but this box makes me sad. Sorry I bought it.

  2. I think what I’m most upset about are the items similar to the December box. I mean how many braclets and lipsticks do I need in December?

    • This is exactly what I thought! Do I really need 7 new lipsticks/glosses???

      • Exactly. This. I like each box individually, but that’s more lip color than I need in a year!

        • I agree, each individually is a nice box, but it is pretty clear they didn’t consider the other box when picking out the products which is disappointing.

  3. Selling whole box

    Cindy.weitung at gmail

  4. I’m so dissapointed, a hundred dollars on candles and holder and another hundred on a head band my niece would wear…Every other holiday edition was great. How is the only one I’ve gotten so bad. I honestly expected these things in the Today Show box.

  5. Pretty epically bad. PSMH, this is my first and last box. Where to start…
    -Tacky overpriced costume jewelry.
    -Boring unscented candlesticks and holders that are supposed to be worth $93?
    -A “luxury” cream that comes in a foil pouch that looks like the container my niece eats her applesauce out of.
    -A perfume SAMPLE?
    -An $88 headband? I won’t even wear headbands to the gym.
    -Lip crayons, not even a sexy makeup item for holiday parties, just boring lip crayons.
    The good news is this is what will push me over to make the time to finally start participating in the swap site.

  6. This was my first ever Popsugar LE box… I’ll admit, I saw these spoilers and kept scrolling waiting for a “wow” but nothing jumped out at me. I felt disappointed but then again… These are only photos of the items in the box. I think once I see real pictures of someone’s box and get my hands on my own box… The items will be a lot more exciting. And if not there’s always the swap board 😉

  7. I agree that this is more lackluster than last year’s but at 7 items, it comes out to $17 each, which I’m fine with, especially with a 100% cashmere headband. To each their own but it’s a box of surprises; it’s a risk!

    • I’m kind of on board with that philosophy. If you replaced the perfume sample with a decadent chocolate treat, I’d be totally satisfied! At less than $20 an item, we are getting some nice things we wouldn’t buy for ourselves, and that’s enough for me.

    • And that is how I shall process this disappointing box. I will happily pay $17 for each of these. Nicely done Gabby!

    • I also love that 100% Cashmere Headband.

  8. I seem to be in the minority but I actually really like this box! And the December one too. Although I don’t love the candles or candle holders they will be super cute for a christmas party I’m hosting soon and they’re something I don’t have. Loved both lip products from this and the monthly and this bracelet is super nice and I wouldn’t have spent that much on myself. Plus I’m a sucker for a great headband (loved November’s too).

    • I was just thinking the same thing! I absolutely love this box! The candle stick holders and candles are beautiful! I was just looking at the ones currently on my mantle and thinking I needed some new ones that were more festive for holidays. I love lip gloss, the bracelet is totally me and I needed some new lotion. I view the headband as more of an ear warmer for those cold winter mornings so that is great in my book.

  9. I slightly disappointed in this box, along with the other commenters. I’ve gotten all of the $100 LE boxes this year from PS and I was really excited for this holiday one. I liked the bracelet when I saw it as the spoiler, but I was hoping to be surprised and awed by the remaining items. Candles just seem so blah, but at least it’s something different than another jar candle, right? I don’t know.

    Anyways, that lotion in a plastic bag? Looks terrible. It’s just not attractive. I love when my bath and body products are in fancy packaging, especially if they are supposedly Luxe products. This does not appear that way to me.

    I’m very interested in that headband. It looks like it’s just my style, however, the price tag… Wow! Another commenter stated that it is 100% cashmere, so I guess that would do that to the price. And that is exactly the type of item which I could never buy for myself, but which I expect to enjoy a lot. If the headband and the bracelet are of a high quality (as they should be for their listed values), then I am getting more than the value of the box for those two items, and I’ll look at the other items as extras.

    Waiting to see the perfume size in person to determine if there is value there. Also, I received my shipping notice this evening on this box.

    All along I’ve been surprised that this box didn’t sell out. Now I fear they may offer some sort of discount or freebie to sell off the remaining boxes.

  10. The problem is people are deciding they don’t like it before they even see everything in person. That can make a big difference.

    • I agree. I feel that with both this box and the regular December box I will like them better in person better than I do viewing spoilers online.

  11. This box isn’t for me. I would love to do an even trade for the Today Show box. Let me know if you want to trade!

  12. Anyone else noticing the lack of a food item once again?

  13. I went out on a limb based on past holiday LE from PS and hoped that it would be amazing as I really didn’t care for the fall LE or Neiman Marcus box. I am sad about this box. There really isn’t anything that made me go “wow” like I did when I saw the full spoilers for the men’s. Now that one is classy. I kind of feel that maybe they knew that this wasn’t up to par and that the shipping fiasco had something to do with it. I’m not really loving the monthly boxes either. I’m thinking its time to say goodbye.

  14. Why so heavy on the beauty products? You’d think they’d know home items are the most coveted.

  15. I would gladly swap my Rachel Zoe for this one! I really like the candle holders and the headband. If anyone is interested LMK 😉

    • Me me ! Definitely the candle holders. I’m not sure about the headband.
      But my swap request still hasn’t been approved 🙁

      • Hi Courtney, I’m confused. Do you want the Popsugar box or are you looking to swap it for something else?

    • Hi Chanttee!
      I would comsider swapping the boxes, or part of them, with you. It’s Amy in Brooklyn!

      • Hi Amy, I’m going to email you.

    • Hi Chanttee, I’m definitely interested.

    • I’d love to swap with you. I’m in California. Let me know!

    • I’m interested in the ring from Rachel Zoe. Maybe we can reach a deal?

    • I got this box and would be willing to swap some

  16. Underwhelmed and disappointed that I also bought one for a gift for someone. I know they are still available and not sure how to do this or if this is appropriate but I would be willing to sell one box at a discounted price when I receive it. (Scheduled to receive around Dec 14). Sorry if inappropriate post.

    • Hi, what would u sell yr box for ? Maybe interested

    • Hey email me! Sarahnuttercbc at gmail dot com

  17. Well… I am pretty disappointed. The men’s box is so much better. Heck, the regular December box is better. BUT I look at it this way, I have more gifts to give!

  18. I dodged a bullet on this one. Just not for me. Hope whomever bought one is happy with their purchase.

  19. SO disappointed this year. Serves me right splurging on a gift for myself at holidays; I just loved last year’s so much! Oh well. I’ll see ya’ll on the swap board.

  20. I like the regular December box better than this. As i was scrolling through I kept waiting for something to jump out and be amazing, to no avail. And I had to laugh when I got to the Butter London quad — the only lip product I’ve ever had an allergic reaction to. Oh well. This might be the one that pushes me into swapping.

  21. I bought this based on last year’s box. Disappointed. Only thing i like is the cuff and the headband. Also why couldn’t they include a fancy chocolate bar or caramels like last year?

  22. Hmmm…

    I don’t love this? Ah well, I’ve already ordered so I’ll make the best of it, but this isn’t my favorite holiday box to be sure. The candles and holders would make a really nice gift though and I’m excited for the bracelet and headband.

    I will be selling or swapping the lipgloss set for sure.

  23. Ugh, I am underwhelmed for sure. I really like the bracelet but I need a clasp. I am really excited to try the lotion! I LOVE Red Carpet Kolour (I’ve stockpiled 5 bottles for next summer) and this sounds similar, fingers crossed!!! The rest will be swapped 🙁

  24. I just ordered my first special edition box based on these spoilers!!! It was definitely an impulse buy… that credit card will get paid down one day lol. Love everything except the bracelet because I don’t really like jewelry, but it will make a perfect gift for a friend or one of my sisters in law! I’ve been obsessed with candles lately so can’t go wrong with those and the candlestick holders, will definitely wear the headband and love lipstick so I am super excited!

  25. This box makes me sad, I wish I didn’t buy it.

    • Same here!! Overinflated retail value and underwhelming box to say the least first and last limited edition box from popsugar..:((

  26. I hope people love this box and they sell out… while the box they shipped me gets lost in the mail and they have no option but giving me my $100 back!

    Estée Lauder perfume is a GWP, and not even for free is for me. I find the bracelet ugly. The rest is ok… I too wished I have gotten the men’s box!

  27. I am loving the cashmere headband. I dont wear headbands as an accessory but To me it looks like it’s meant to keep you warm when outside, not as an all day indoors piece, but could do both. Did i mention it’s 100% cashmere? Not a blend. I hated how the men’s cap was labeled as cashmere but only has 30%. I also am going to use the perfume and the bracelet. The lip items iwill only use of they are truly a moisturizing formula since my lips dry out. I also got the december popsugar box and the candle holders and wine stopper are like a set which will be great for whoever i swap them to since they aren’t quite my style. Overall i like it better than the december popsugar box.

  28. Not thrilled about this box. Very disappointing for $100. The men’s box is outstanding. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have done that well for the women.

  29. the perfume sample is really weird and random to me. and isn’t there usually a food item? Overall, most of these items will be decent gifts for my mom. it’s not exciting but not a total waste either.

  30. Ehhhh. I am not excited about the box, but not really disappointed either. I missed the last few LE boxes because they sold out so fast. I was on pins and needles hoping to get this box before it sold out. The fact that it’s still for sale and will probably be discounted is a bummer. As for the contents, it’ll be a treat to wear a cashmere head warmer and I like the lip gloss set. It’s weird that we’re only getting what appears to be a deluxe sized sample vial of perfume??? Not counting the perfume, there are six things so the price break down $17 each. I’m the least happy about the perfume vial and lotion (the packaging on the lotion looks awkward & cheap).

  31. Meh. That’s about all I have to say lol

  32. I’m happy with this. The only item I’m iffy about is the headband since I think I’ll look ricidicious in it but one of my girls will like it I’m sure.

  33. Not excited that I’m getting a bracelet & a lip combo in both the December box & the LE box.

    • That’s what I was just thinking. Was reading comments on both and forgot which one I was reading bc both talked about bracelets and lip stuff. So after realizing that, I decided to cancel for December. I’ll probably use money for FFF or men’s special edition. I just got shipping notice for LE box today and won’t be here for another week. And who knows when the Dec box will actually ship.

      And I really wish there was some sort of snack in here!

  34. I don’t love this box the way I loved last year’s, but I do like it. The taper candles and holders are great, and something I haven’t gotten from a sub before. I often like rose perfumes and the lotion sounds nice.

    Not sure about the headband; I’ll have to see how it looks on me. I’ll probably swap the lippies and bracelet, but I’ll give the a chance and wait to see them in person. In any case, the items I like cost more than the box, so I’m content.

  35. Uh… Oh dear. This is NOT good.

    The candlesticks and holders are pretty but I can’t remember the last thing I used taper candles.

    The head band MIGHT work? … Maybe?

    I don’t even like the bracelet. Maybe I’ll like it in person.

    And a fragrance VIAL?? I see that it’s a bigger size than the usual vials, but if they had to send something smaller, couldn’t they send a mini bottle? At least those are cute!

    I’ve never put an entire box up for sale before, but I might with this one. SO disappointed.

    • Agree…a mini would have been SO much better. A mini seems special instead of like an afterthought or bonus item.

  36. Can I swap this one for the men’s one? Lol. I think for what we paid we are getting a good value but nothing really wows me with this one. I am actually debating about getting the men’s one for myself. I loved the throw and mugs

  37. Wait a minute……..Where is my fancy snack??????? ?

    • Right???

  38. So happy I didn’t purchase. I didn’t buy this box, Nina Garcia Quarterly, or the Popsugar NM box. I’m proud of myself!

  39. Darn it, I am underwhelmed for $100. I think the December box may have been better for the price.

  40. This box doesn’t do anything for me. I’m wishing now that I’d gone with the box for him instead.

  41. Wow I’m underwhelmed by the box.
    One can argue that the items fix a theme for holiday.- the bracelet the sparkle and the headband to keep you cozy. But everything is soo functional that it’s a tad boring. Im just not wowed by anything. Everything I’m sure is beautiful quality but there’s nothing in here I need. I’m glad I waited for spoilers. I know this box will be perfect for someone. And I hope those they did get it love it!!

    • I’m glad the items are functional, actually. I know they’re supposed to be luxe items, but sometimes the items in the LE boxes are almost too luxe for me. I like to imagine I’ll use them but then I never really do, since I don’t use that much makeup and don’t really wear too much jewelry on a day-to-day basis. I’m really pleased to receive high-quality, luxe items that I’ll actually use. With the exception of the bracelet (which I hope will make a great gift for someone), everything else is stuff I can actually see myself using! So I’m pretty pleased.

      • Agreed! I would much rather have items that I will actually use. Also, 100% cashmere seems pretty luxe to me. I like this box.

  42. Wow. First and last LE box and I don’t like anything. I wish I would have gotten the men’s box! That one looks AWESOME

    • Exactly what I came here to say!

  43. I’m super psyched for this box!! I was a little worried after the bangle spoiler (I’ll need to see them in person), but everything else is a hit!

    I’m especially glad that they included candlestick holders along with the candles – the candles are super cute but my immediate thought was that I don’t own candlestick holders (…yet!). Problem solved! 🙂

    Also, I’ve tried the Butter London Lippies at their salon at the SeaTac airport. I ALMOST bought them and now I’m so glad I didn’t! I loved them and can’t wait to see the shades they included.

    • I own the butter lippy that’s the second from the right in the photo and I love it! It’s a very natural/neutral pink and it’s not sticky, but more of a silky gloss.

  44. Am I weird that I am way more excited about the men’s box than the women’s box? Though I love the candles and candle holders!

    • Nope. Right there with you.

  45. I’m kinda under impressed. I understand the bracelet is the sparkle for holiday box, and the candle holders could symbolize holiday for the ambiance. But I’m underwhelmed.
    The head band is high priced but so functional is kinda boring. One can argue that the items meet the theme for holiday. But nothing wows me. I’m very glad

  46. I love the candle holders, but that is about it.

  47. So glad I passed on this one. The men’s box is much better. Thanks Liz!!

  48. Wish I had held off ordering this – I’m only excited about the headband and will probably be swapping the rest. Plus the shipping is taking much longer than normal.

  49. so from the link- the lotion appears to mainly be face makeup and comes in a variety of colors- curious how this is going to play out for all subscribers lol

    • I’m guessing they will be sending the non-skin tone specific variant for the lotion. (At least I hope so!)

      • The lotion is un-tinted. Goes on really smooth and clean too. I like it more than I thought based on the packaging.

        • I’m so glad you posted that the Prtty Peaushun is clear – as I was going to get the box just for this. I worked in a spa and we sold this and have gone through 3 of the these but I use dark. It is the best product I have used that gives my legs amazing color without looking like a self tanner. I’m almost out of mine and that alone would make the box a great deal as I really like the other items for gifts. Too bad they don’t offer a color choice 🙁

  50. Oh… the men’s box is so much more exiting. 🙁

    • Agreed!

    • 100% agree. I wish I would have gotten two of those instead of one of each.

      • *two of the men’s

    • Totally agree!! I’m contemplating getting the men’s box for my husband and just stealing half of it 😉

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