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Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - box

Loot Crate unveiled an exclusive Star Wars box this holiday season chock full of Star Wars goodies.

This limited edition crate is still available for purchase – while supplies last. Visit Loot Crate’s site and Pick A Crate at the top.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - inside

The Box: Loot Crate Star Wars Crate

The Cost: $100

The Products: $150+ of Star Wars items.

A limited edition curated collection of cool Star Wars™ collectibles and gear for Jedi, Padawans, Bounty Hunters, Rebels, Stormtroopers, Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders and serious fans of Star Wars™. Nine items, including an exclusive BB-8 raglan t-shirt, $150+ value for $100 USD Domestic/$130 USD (VAT included if applicable) International including S&H! In addition, 20 randomly-selected Star Wars™ fans will receive a Funko Hikari C-3PO variant figure valued at $80!

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - lid

This box was MASSIVE! I couldn’t even fit the entire thing into the picture frame when photographing it. Much bigger than the Call of Duty (review coming soon!) or Doctor Who boxes. It’d absolutely be an impressive gift just on presentation alone. This is the inner lid – which is just beautiful! I also loved how the items were nicely configured to slot into the box – a very nice touch for a high price box.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - card

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - card back

Each box comes with a Millenium Falcon item card listing each item that you have received! Unlike the Doctor Who box, I didn’t receive the limited edition chase item! Darn!

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - shirtBB8 Raglan Tee – Value $15-20?

Let’s start off with the one item that we knew that we’d receive from the spoilers. I just threw this on to see how it feels. I love the material, but the fit definitely runs small. Like, it came out of the dryer and its too small for you the wear again, small. So that is pretty disappointing for me – so please note that if you’re going to be purchasing this box! Outside of my issue, I do love the graphic and style of the shirt!

Please Note: I reached out to Loot Crate and customer support will happily exchange shirt sizes for you.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - Darth Vadar Potato Head

Pop Taters Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head – Value $21.97 on Amazon

I wasn’t too thrilled to find out that the vinyl item was a Mr. Potato Head figure. That being said, it’s kind of cool. It’s also rather large and comes with a lightsaber!

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - Potato Head out of box

Here’s the figure in my hand. It definitely has weight to it and is a fun item.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - Hat and Scarf

Star Wars Jacquard Scarf – Value $15-20?

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Beanie – Value $10-15?

Both of these items are exclusive from Loot Crate, and I really love them! Besides the coffee mug, these were the items I gravitated to the most! The beanie is my favorite, and maybe my favorite item from the entire box, because the AT-AT design is just great. Too bad it’s about 70 degrees – I can’t even use them yet!

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - dopp kit

Rebel Alliance Gadget Pouch – Value $15?

This item is really cool and useful as well. They’re calling this a gadget pouch, but it’s a dopp kit. And a really cool one at that – I will definitely be getting some use out of this.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - BB8 Mug

10oz BB8 Mug – Value $15 on Amazon

You could have received 1 of 3 different variations of this ceramic mug. BB8, Darth Vader, or Kylo Ren. My rebel side was pulling for BB8, but my dark side was absolutely pulling for Kylo Ren. There was really no way I’d be disappointed with any of the three choices.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - books

Little Golden Books Set – Value $20.22

They include a 6-book set of Little Golden Books. 1 book for each existing movie to get a kid into Star Wars, I guess.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - books laid out

I’, loving the artwork. Here they are laid out.

Loot Crate Limited Edition Star Wars Crate Review - comic and model

Vadar Down #1 with exclusive variant cover – Value $4.99

I’m reading the Star Wars, Kana, Princess Leia, and Vadar series on Marvel Unlimited right now – so I’ll have to wait to open this up, but I’m always excited to get variant cover comics in my boxes!

Kylo Ren Command Shuttle 3D Metal Model – Value $11.90

We had received another metal kit for a Halo mask in the past. While I started to build it, I ultimately gave up because the pieces were too tiny for my fingers to bend and place. I’ll have to give it another shot because the end product of this looks really cool.

Verdict: Overall, I enjoyed this box and its unboxing experience. The presentation alone would make it an amazing gift for a Star Wars fan. My biggest issue with the box is that it seems to suffer from an identity crisis. Is this box for a young audience or the Star Wars fans who have been waiting decades to find out what’s happened to Luke? If you’re an older Star Wars fan with kids, this might be the perfect box for you – you get some stuff to geek out over, and some stuff to gift your kids and get them into the Star Wars fandom!

What did you think of Loot Crate’s Star Wars Crate?

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Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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Comments (13)

  1. So, weird question. Would you be willing to sell me the shirt? I bought a 3XL and it’s too big for my son who is an adult medium.

  2. Wondering what you heard from them about the sizing issues. Having a 3 year old I liked the box as I got some stuff for me and for him. But have to agree the shirt runs very small

  3. I bought this box for my 18 year old – he asked for this box for Christmas. When he opened it and I saw the contents, I was quite surprised at the lack of value and though how disappointing. The box art was amazing. The shirt, beanie and scarf are cool. I like the BB-8 mug but that opening is so small. The metal Kylo Ren shuttle is neat. The Darth Tater and Golden Books are less than ideal for how this box was advertised. I agree with previous comments that this box did not deliver. I could have bought most of these items but definitely wouldn’t. Lastly, a gadget pouch or fanny belt is really not cool. The Nerd Block classic box featuring (Star Wars as a theme) for December I ordered was much better and it was only $31 with shipping. The Call of Duty crate was very good. This one was a colossal miss similar to Jar Jar Binks being in Episode 1.

  4. If the goal is to have items worth at least 100$, then they were on target like stormtroopers against Jawas. But when it comes to the WOW value and the must haveness, they were like the stormtroopers the rest of the time.

  5. It wasn’t that terrible, but it is true that for 100$ they should have done better. Either more collectible-level items or more everyday use items. I think the biggest problem there is the collection of kids books. It isn’t something that is really universal. Not everybody has kids of the right age around them (even when stretching it to friends’ children and extended family). And even if you do, it is still an item with limited use in time as they grow up. It also doesn’t help that one of the main thing in both size and probably value is the Mr. Potato Head. It looks nice enough, but I still believe a real statue of a Darth Vader (or any other character) would have been better suited. If they really wanted to do something for kids they should have just thrown in an Ewok plush. That would have a larger range and if it’s a good looking one could still be used as a collectible by an adult.

    On the bright side, I feel like they struck a good balance between classic trilogy and the sequel (almost nothing from the prequels), even if the fact I haven’t seen the new movie yet makes items such as the Kylo Ren shuttle or anything BB-8 less interesting right now (maybe they will be super awesome, it’s hard to tell). The beanie and scarf combo is nice, and christmasy enough. It’s just a shame that I would need to live in my fridge to use it right now.

    All in all, this totally would have needed either a few more items if they were really committed to the trying to get at least 1 thing for everyone (and get you to gift the rest) or improve on the quality of 1 or 2 items. That would have made it feel more like a 100$ box.

  6. For the record- Kohls is selling those beanies. I don’t know if they maybe turned the ATAT upside down or something on this one to make it exclusive, but if anyone wants one, you can definitely pick them up at Kohls! 🙂

    • They added a bobble on the top to the exclusive.

  7. agree with the comments that the box doesn’t seem remotely close to the price paid. FedEx as usual can never get shipping right and It arrived around 10pm last night and I didn’t see it till this morning. I opened the box and thought, really?!?

    I knew about the shirt so I lifted it up and see this metal punch out model, a comic and some golden books. Then the box with the potato head, a wad of bubble wrap around something that turned out to be the Kylo mug and the scarf and hat which was way to small as it was really tight when I tried it on and a little travel bag. I thought this is what I spent a hundred bucks on?!?

    Never ordering a special edition crate if this is what I can look forward to.

  8. It was really kind of disappointing at the expense for what I got. The Bennie was cool as was the comic and the Metal model But they could have done much better with a franchise as large and so many products. I probably would not get another box like this for $100.

  9. I actually reached out via e-mail to two of their community managers that I had the address for with a long and detailed analysis of my feelings for this box.

    I felt the same as you that the quantity of kiddy/non-collectable type stuff in there really detracted from the feeling of value. The touted $150+ msrp is barely visible if it is there at all and overall I was left with a sour taste over this box as the promise was much much greater than what was received.

    The Fallout Box while not everyone’s cup of tea also included alot of exclusive items that had practical use and collectable value and the CoD box has a good item selection aimed at the target group.

    If this box had been listed as a family or children’s xmas box then I would not have bought it, but as it was it was sold in the same fashion as the other boxes.

    The little gold books and the metal model really killed me. I was in the Disney store today and saw fantastic items like electronic talking bb-8 and r2-d2 for £30 ($45~) each, nice die-cast statues of ships and characters for $20-25 prices, really cool plushes like an ewok for £15 ($25?) and just overall I could have made a nicer box for even just $100 msrp let alone $150msrp as advertised.

    For a franchise with so much on offer they didn’t even need to look at exclusives, just buying a ton of stuff at whoelsale prices would have yielded a nice curated box.

    I’m hoping they e-mail me back with at least an acknowledgement that they screwed up on this one with a certain amount of misrepresentation.

    With a funko pop exclusive in the december loot crate I feel like they made the same error as the fallout box of including an item people would have loved in the special box in the monthly box instead.

    Mister potato head was also an insulting choice, if this had been a Kylo ren exclusive, or a mr potato head with multiple part sets to make different characters then it would have been alot cooler. (they do storm trooper, droids and all sorts of these things so putting together a proper custom pack would have at least not been insulting)

  10. I love Star Wars, but this is mostly a kid’s box. That would not make me happy. They should have done an adult box and a separate cheaper kid’s box. It really seems like a lot of random stuff thrown together. I really would rather spend the money and get what I really want in Star Wars stuff. The kid’s books are for really little kids. If they had it for older kids maybe it would be interesting, but I think they should have stuck with catering to adults.

  11. I love everything this box but definitely would not pay 100 for it

  12. Ahh that beanie is awesome!

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