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Back in Stock – Beauty Brands Holiday Haircare Bag for $10!

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.04.20 PM

Thanks Katie, Kay, Marcy and BuckeyeGirlMJ for letting us know about this deal!

The Box: Beauty Brands Holiday Haircare Bag

The Cost: $10 + $5.95 shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code EC11804 to save $5 off your order!

The Products: Bag Includes:
– Bag included (assorted colors)
– Valued at over $100.00

*Limit one per person. While supplies last. Quantities, assortment and bag contents may vary by location. Excludes clearance. ©2015 Beauty Brands, LLC.

IMPORTANT: The one review on the page for this bag said that a few items were missing, so I recommend using PayPal to order this bag. (Just in case there is anything to dispute).

Also good to know. You get to pick three free samples with your order:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.58.48 PM

Are you grabbing a bag?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (61)

  1. I should have listened to you all. I foolishly ordered this. I didn’t receive one hair care product and only received a bag and some perfume samples. Horrible!!! If it had said perfume samples I would never have ordered it. I have a sensitivity to perfumes and get migraines from it. When it said hair care products I thought great….not so great! ALL perfume. Blah!! Very disappointed!!!!

  2. This company is shady and I would not suggest dealing with them, nor will I be ordering from them again. Like many others, I was missing 3 of the items that were stated to be in the bag. When I ordered, I saved the screen that showed the order information. It clearly stated, “Bag Includes” with a list of all of the items. They went back later and changed it to, “Bag May Include” to try and deceive people who were asking them to send them their missing items. I did email their customer service and they did respond within 24 hours which I appreciated, but they gave me a canned response stating that not all customers get the same bag, and that you may not get all of the samples. I understand that it’s only a $10 bag, but it’s not right to deceive people by telling them they get items they don’t plan to include. I also don’t understand why the items are still listed on their page if they don’t have them to send to people. Lastly, it’s no where close to $100 value. It’s mostly foil packets. I filed a dispute with my credit card company out of principal.

  3. I’m very dissatisfied. 5 items are missing. I got the yellow bag and a lot of the bigger items are missing.
    -Redken Pillow Proof,
    -Sexy Hair Spray Mousse
    -Tigi Pomade

  4. I’m very satisfied. I just received the blue bag (bag V1 according to my invoice) which had every item in the picture. Then the extras were a deluxe tube sample of philosophy miracle worker (yay!!), Murad acne clearing solution foil pack and a tarte brazilliance self tanning towelette. All for $10.95? What’s not to love about that! Would I pay $100 for these items? Not in a million years, but for not much more than the cost of a coffee and croissant at Starbucks, I’m very pleased with this box. And once again, thanks to Liz for the heads up on the $5 savings.

  5. I received a yellow bag and am missing Redken Pillow Proof,
    Sexy Hair Spray Mousse, and Tigi Pomade. I will email them and will likely be ignored. But I do need to try to get a response in case I do decide to dispute with my credit card. It’s just the fact that there is no truth in advertising. I may or may not dispute, but I will definitely not order from them again.

    If you go on the site now, the bag is still available but now it says that the bag MAY (in bold letters) contain the following items. Regardless of how they word it, there is no way that this bag contains $100 worth of stuff.

    • I am missing the same items and will be disputing this with PayPal. Here’s the response I received:

      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience our Holiday Haircare Bag may have caused. Please note that we offer different variations of the Holiday Haircare Bag. Each variation contains 4 deluxe size samples and a variety of other foil packet samples along with a brush, 6 hair clips and a loofa. We tried very hard to make sure each Holiday Haircare Bag contained the same number of items. However, per our website and the list card included with the bag, the quantities and assortments may vary. The items listed on the card included with your bag are some of the samples you may receive. Please note that the sample list card is not a guarantee of items included.

      We are happy to see that you were able to take advantage of our $5 off a $10 qualifying purchase with the great value of the Holiday Haircare Bag. We value you as a customer and look forward to your future visits with us here at Beauty Brands.

      Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

      If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 877-640-2248 or via email at [email protected] are available 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

  6. I just received my box today. I got yellow bag, lime green hair clip and red nail polish. From the description, I am missing 3 things: Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense Treatment, Sexy Hair Soy Leave-in Conditioner, and S-Factor Serious Shampoo and Conditioner. Then I took a close look at the pictures on their website and those 3 items are NOT shown. Mine look exactly like shown on the picture except the color variation. Not sure if these items are travel-size or in foil packets, but maybe one of the variations. Overall 13 items and 3 little samples felt ok, but definitely didn’t feel the value was over $100.

    • I think those missing items might have been the three “free add-ons” they offer at the end of the checkout process, most of which were out of stock when I checked out. So I ended up with the identical bag as you plus the three items I picked from what was left of the add-ons options.

      I agree with your assessment…it’s a good value at $10 but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a $100 bag. I think it’s definitely better than Birchbox and most other $10 boxes though. I would order it again for sure.

  7. Has anyone had any luck with their customer service? I called yesterday because I ordered 2 and only one arrived. They acted like I was lying and told me they’d have to look at the weight of the package I received and would get back to me. I also complained because I had the yellow bag and was missing those same products. They said oh well, contents vary. There is no way what I received has a $100 value. I only received 9 total items when the customer service person said I should have received 12. Wondering if I should call again. Unfortunately I paid with a gift card as I’ve had one for years to there and there isn’t one nearby so I can’t contest with my cc company.

  8. I bought mine during the second round of availability. Mine arrived today, and it’s missing 3 items too. It’s missing: (1) Redken Cerafill Maximize Defense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment, (2) Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner, and (3) S-Factor Serious Shampoo and Conditioner. I’m disappointed, but for $10.95 it still was a good deal.

  9. I got the yellow bag, and like many am missing the Redken Pillow Proof,
    Sexy Hair Spray Mousse, and Tigi Pomade. Disappointed and feeling like a bit of a sucker, but at least it didn’t break the bank.

    • I received the yellow bag too and was missing the same three things. It doesn’t sound like contacting them about the missing items works. I still happy with my purchase, there’s a lot of new things for me to try.

    • Same with me! In comparison with a picture looks like 2 bottles and a foil were replaced with another 2 bottles and a foil. I am happy with the replacement, but of course would prefer to receive all 15 items. Glad that it’s not “it’s a 10” that was replaced lol
      It’s kinda sneaky of them to change product description at the website to MAY contain:)
      I am not filing a dispute on this bag but if my second bag (that has not yet arrived) contains not 12 but 9 items (like some people here) I will definitely ask PayPal for my money back

  10. Maybe it’s $100 with those missing three products but not without them. Debating on a Paypal dispute…

  11. Got my bag today! I’m missing the pillow proof spray, sexy hair big hair mouse and the tigi pomade. Overall, everything else looks great. I’m sad about the pillow proof spray because I use that every day and it would be great to have a travel size for my overnight bag. But what I ended up with was totally worth the $10 I spent 🙂

  12. Wow, lots of variation! My bag gets here tomorrow and I’m very curious as to what I’ll get! Hoping for the it’s a 10, but not holding my breath!

  13. I emailed inquiring about the missing items. I got a reply…. A bunch of bull & the run-around. Needless to say, I will not order again. Shame.

  14. Yeah yeah I missed 3 products too, still a great deal but sad to not get everything! 🙂

  15. Missing pillow proof, sexy hair spray mousse and tigi pomade.. Didn’t get something different to make up for it and these are the main items supposed to be in the bag.. :((

  16. I bought one in the first round and received everything on the list except for the Pillow Proof, Bed Head, and Sexy Hair Volume spray. Yes, there are 3 things from the photo that are not in the bag, but there are 4 things that are not in the photo that are in the bag, and the description on the website says that quantities and assortment will vary. Either way, at $11.77 with shipping this was a killer deal and if you ever got a Birchbox, heck, even a Beauty Fix, with this much much stuff I’m pretty sure we’d think it was a great box.

  17. I’m filing a PayPal dispute. The only thing in my box with any value is the ” It’s a 10″. This box is a 0 and I don’t appreciate them advertising brand name products I would have liked and used. I got no name foils.

    I don’t think things like this should merit a mention until someone has it and can describe both the box and the QUALITY of the company behind it.

    • I got 4 bottles of hair product – Amika, its a 10, SexyHair and Cerafill thickening treatment, plus the nail polish, brush, clips, and a bunch of other samples. Did you get less than that? It said it would vary – for $10 I think that’s awesome.

      • I didn’t get any nail polish, and NO bottles of hair care except the It’s a 10 product. ( which is probably expired, this is such a shady company).
        I will never again order someone’s idea of a great hair care or makeup box without KNOWING the company involved. Either my box was not packed correctly by someone, an employee stole products from my box ( as the review on the site suggested happened) or they just ran out of products and ripped me off. No hair clips, not even a rubber hair brush that looks like one of those made in China dollar store ones.

  18. I was missing the same three products and messaged customer service wondering what was going on with that. They e mailed me back and basically said that quantities vary :/

  19. I got three. Two came in blue bags, one in yellow. The blue bags are identical as far as content, the yellow is slightly different. My guess is that they listed all the things you *could* get, depending on which bag they shipped you.

  20. I guess I lucked out…I’m not missing anything. Only the Amika is for me, the other bigger sized items and poof are going in someone’s stocking. The packets, clips and extra samples can be for swaps. I think it was a pretty good deal, but $100 feels like a stretch.

  21. Ordered in the 2nd wave. Kind of disappointed. Missing 3 of the products I was interested in and the only sample, Biolage, I was interested in as the original sample choices were already gone.
    Missing: Redken pillow proof blowdry express primer
    Sexy Hair big sexy hair root pump volumizing spray mousse
    Tigi bed head slick trick form hold pomade

    • I had exactly the same thing happen. Those same three items were missing.

    • My package is missing the same three items.

    • I got 2, once in the 2nd release and once in the 3rd. I’m missing the same 3 samples as others – Pillow Proof, Root Pump, and Slick Trick. Kinda bummed but still glad I got it. It’s really a good kit for the price (though saying it’s a $100 value might be stretching it). And it’s not clear from the picture, but those micro clips (Mr. Clip brand) are really sturdy and cute (and mine are lime green, a favorite hue). Also included in mine is a coupon for $5 off a $25 Big Sexy purchase through BB that is good through 1.31. That’s good for me since I use mainly their products.

    • Mine is missing the same 3 things, but still a good bag. My clips are pink, bag is yellow cloth on one side and clear plastic on the other. My OPI is like a baby pink/beige. I’m happy!

      • I ordered 2 and they are identical to yours. I’m VERY happy.

      • Yours looks awesome! I hope mine looks like that! I ordered like a week and half ago and still waiting… Called customer service on Monday and its supposed to deliver today…fingers crossed!!

  22. I got this in person yesterday at a Beauty Brands store (and I had a off 10 coupon, so it cost me 5.41). I got it mostly for the Its a 10, but there’s a couple other good things too!! I think this is definitely worth it, 2 oz of It’s a 10 is probably $8 alone.

  23. It says valued at over $100. They have to abide by that or get hit with false advertising. The picture itself doesn’t even have all the things listed. I ordered 3. I didn’t see the limit one. I got to use the $5 off and it shows 7 free samples, not 3. Wonder what is up?

  24. Snagged 2! One during the 2nd wave and one during the 3rd wave. Hopefully no stuff missing!

  25. I’d be wary expecting to receive everything as shown. Note the clause that says “Quantities, assortment and bag contents may vary by location.”

  26. Thank you! I was finally able to snag this. Hopefully, I’ll receive it before Christmas so I can finish up all the stockings.

  27. I received my box. I was able go order in tne first round. It was missing the Its a 10 and the Pillowproof bowout. I sent them an email biut have not yet received a reply. I will be interested in knowing if ghe boxes sent in the 2 and 3 round are also missing ghese items.

    • I will be so sad if those are the products missing. Those are some of the best ones! Hopefully everyone will update is and let us know if they’re missing anything.

    • I just ordered today and will be bummed if it’s missing the It’s a 10 because that’s the product I most want to try. I can use all of it though.

    • I will be p.o.’d if my It’s a 10 is missing, that’s literally why I ordered the whole thing, because everything else would be “extra”. Guess I’ll see on the 22nd when my order from the second round should arrive.

      • Me too! I also got it for It’s a 10. And the rest is extra goodies. Keep us updated when you get your box please.

  28. Yay!! Third time was a charm….finally got the box. I love pillow proof and its a ten…so the box is totally worth it to me just for those items. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any missing items for anyone else!

  29. YES! After missing this deal the first two times I didn’t think I would be able to get it! What luck for it to come up a third time in stock! I am excited I just purchased it 🙂

  30. The package already shows up in my FedEx account.

  31. Mine has already arrived – I ordered the first time it was posted. There are 3 items missing from the list and they’re not samples.
    As it’s such a deal I don’t know whether I ought to contact Beauty Brands or not.
    I welcome any advice about what to do, or not, in this case.

    • I would definitely contact them and see what they say. Maybe a partial refund can be made? Mine is on its way… can you tell us which products were missing?

    • Contact Beauty Brands and ask them to send you the missing items. THey obviously have plenty of them, as they are still selling this box.

    • What were the missing items?

      • There was no Redken Pillow Proof primer, Tigi Slick Trick pomade, Sexy Hair root pump mousse (the thing I most wanted) .

      • Same.

  32. Yay! I finally got one! I’ve been wanting to try the It’s a 10 and I know I love the Amika. I think I can use everything else too!

  33. Thank you Liz! I ordered one and used PayPal.

  34. At first, I saw the $5.95 shipping and was like…. no thanks. Coupon code pretty much made it free shipping. Awesome deal! Thanks!

  35. Just a heads up. You can use promo code EC11804 until 12/25 for $5 off $10. My total with shipping came out to $10.95. Hoping for a decent size of It’s a 10 treatment.

    • Oops, I missed the promo code mentioned above! :))

  36. I bought it last time, but really, I don’t even want it. Still, if it arrives before Christmas it’ll make good stocking stufers

  37. Super excited! Just ordered mine!! Thank you for letting us know it was back available!! You rock!!

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