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Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review – November 2015

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - box

Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - all items

The Susbcription: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $14.99/month with free shipping

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US 

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - info 1

Each box also includes an info card that lists and describes each item in the box.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - info 2

Also included was a sneak peek at the spoiler item for December!

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - items 1

Mister Tea Infuser – value: $5

I’ve seen this infuser in other subscription boxes and on the swap site, and I think it’s much cuter in person! I like it, but I do wonder if the holes are big enough for loose-leaf pieces to get through into the water.

Sweet Treat Dessert Candle – value: $4?

I like cupcake/dessert candles, but this one just smells a little off to me. I couldn’t find a brand listed anywhere on the box. It’s a cute candle, I guess, but it seems a little cheap to me.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - items 2

Carlton Thank You Notes, 10 count – value: $3.99

I couldn’t find this particular design online, so I based the price off of other 10-count packs from Carlton. I like this brand of cards a lot, and this design is pretty. I know I’ll be using these around the holidays!

Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo – 1.7 fl oz, value: $1

Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Conditioner – 1.7 fl oz, value: $1

Shampoo and conditioners in sub boxes don’t generally excite me (especially drug store brands). However, I really don’t mind having extras, and the travel-size will be nice to toss in my bag for holiday trips.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - items 3

Fringe Infinity Scarf – value: $25

(I’m using the value from the spoiler card last month) This is the guaranteed/spoiler item for this month. I actually really like it! The neutral color works for me and it is big and comfy. The spoiler card in last month’s box showed a mustard-yellow scarf, so I don’t know if the color of the scarves may vary in different boxes or not.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review November 2015 - items 4

Infinity Bracelet – value: $15?

This is a really pretty bracelet, and the pendant has a slight curve to it that lets it sit on your wrist really well. I prefer silver jewelry myself, so this will be gifted or swapped, but I do think it’s pretty.

Verdict: This month’s Peaches and Petals box isn’t a huge hit for my personal tastes, but I don’t think it’s a bad box. (I’m also feeling a little harder to please from this sub after the huge let down and concern from last month’s box.) The value adds up to $54.99 ish, but they don’t list values (or brands) on their info cards so a lot of my value was based off of similar products I could find online or educated guesses.

What do you think about Peaches and Petals?


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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (55)

  1. I really liked this box. My only complaint is my scarf was black. 🙁
    I really liked the bracelet.

  2. This is just my opinion but to me it looks like everything was bought from china for really cheap and thrown into boxes for people. It looks nothing like the other boxes liz reviews.

  3. The way to tell if something is manufactured exclusively for Dollar Tree is to look at the back. If it says, “Greenbrier International”, that’s Dollar Tree.

  4. For $15 my expectations are pretty low and like many others I was pretty disappointed in last months box. But I was actually good with the box this month. My scarf is super cute and a lovely dove gray color. My tea infuser is a fabulous all metal robot shape and I love it! My candle looks and smells like a chocolate sprinkle donut and it’s so cute. The only complaint I have is that the candle package was really scuffed and beat up like it’d been around for a really long time. But, the candle itself is pristine. I think the box was totally worth the money for the adorable scarf alone! I’m happy. ?

  5. I could be wrong, I haven’t seen anyone mention it, but I thought I had read somewhere that the Nov. box would include a 2 year sub to a Rachael Ray magazine??

    • Yes, mine did.

  6. The scarf is really cute. I agree with others, not everyone can or wants to spend $50 or more on these boxes. For the price point, they are sending out nice items for the most part. I would like to see fewer items of higher quality however.

  7. There’s probably a reason they don’t list values (or brands) on their info cards. They don’t want people to know how cheap the items they’re sending you really are.

  8. I enjoy the curation of this box, but the items are junk. Most boxes are just the opposite–quality items that aren’t my style! I guess I’ll unsubscribe after the next box (already charged). At least I get an email reminding me every month!

    • They really are junk. I went to Ali Express last night and I could have assembled this box with the exact same or similar items for around $6 and shipped it for another $5.35. So basically, with tax and shipping, this box is worth around $13 with tax and shipping. P&P paid much less because they are buying massive wholesale lots.

      There are nicer lifetstyle boxes for lower price points – LLB’s Serendipity is $10 and contains much nicer quality items. FabFitFun is quarterly and is $50- so it is the same price as P&P and has much higher quality pieces.

      Luxor Petite is $40/every other month or $20/month.

      Shelters don’t need junk, either.

      • I’m not saying you should like this box or think it’s a good value or anything like that. I mean, I kind of think a lot of their stuff is junky too. But their costs include so much more than cost of goods sold, shipping, and taxes. I doubt their profit margin is very high at all. So yeah, I think it’s fine to say the value isn’t there for you (I ordered this month because I liked the scarf and infuser and am basically terrified to expose my credit card to AliExpress), but I doubt they could charge less for what they do send or send higher quality for what they do charge and stay in business very long.

      • Not true. Birchbox sends $85 boxes for $10. The PV box Liz just reviewed had a retail of $45 for $15. Most boxes that are reputable and succeed long term do not buy wholesale lots then repackage them. They work with vendors to get discounted or free products to pass along in boxes. Little Lace can do it for $10 every other month.

      • I agree with you that it can be done, but is that because the beauty subs have a different model? As you point out, they get free or deeply, deeply discounted product, because the manufacturers treat it as advertising. Of course, without seeing Peaches & Petals’ books, I have no idea what their costs are, so I’m ultimately speculating. I guess I just don’t see anything inherently shady about reselling wholesale items; the company is up front about doing it. Now, the unseen costs (exploitation of labor, environmental damage) that you discuss elsewhere in the thread are definitely there, but I think they’re there for most of the things we buy. Exploitative practices aren’t confined to wholesale manufacturers.

        Anyway, I don’t really have a horse in this race; I just find the discussion interesting, so thanks for chatting with me 🙂 I’ve also been cleaning out the spare room today and feeling kind of sick about all the sub boxes I’ve had to break down. I definitely need to consume less.

      • I have been on the same tear lately. I just want everything gone!

  9. Hmmm I got the initial box for $7.50 and then with the shadow snaffu canceled. Mine just came in a cardboard box, not the black one. Did all the half price deal boxes come without the black box? 🙁

    • Brenda, last month with the eyeshadow, my black box came inside a larger cardboard box to fit the tote. You didn’t even get the black box inside the large cardboard one? Odd!

      • I did not get the black box either, just a cardboard box and sticker.

      • Nope, just the crushed cardboard outer, no black box!

  10. I just saw those tea infusers on an Amazon lightening deal. They’re going for around $3/each right now (about $12 for a set of 4), and they’re cute, but I don’t drink loose tea that much.

  11. Yep, I can vouch for the candle being at Dollar Tree. I know that packaging. And they often cycle out items, but those candles have been there forever. Literally.

  12. I got a blue scarf and the shark infused (cute!). Much better than last month’s box.

    • *infuser

  13. This seems like a good box for young teen aged girl which I’m not. I cancelled.

  14. I’ve got the same items (different design for cards), but I didn’t get a bracelet! Did everyone get it?

    • I did get the bracelet. It’s pretty and I already wore it to work. Contact customer service, maybe?

  15. Mine is scheduled to be sent out Monday. Having only paid $7.50 for it I will be happy. I subscribed for the scarf and every person I have seen review it has liked it. There are multiple versions of the tea infuser and I am ok with any of them because I have been needing one for a while. (Seems we get loose tea in boxes a lot) . Thank you cards are a generic kind of item. If you have no use for them you may be able to donate them to a charitable organization to use or for them to give to clients who would like to offer thanks. That is where the shampoo and conditioner will go as well. I save up those samples and donate to the homeless. The candle and bracelet are good stocking stuffers for my early teen granddaughter. I sometimes wonder if our expectations have gotten too high. Sometimes we get really great boxes, and those who can afford the expensive ones are even more used to amazing stuff. I can’t afford$100+ boxes, so maybe I am easier to please, but for what I paid this looks fine. I will get at least the next one and if the robe doesn’t work for me it will for my granddaughter. Have a great day and remember, there are those who have so little, let alone getting boxes in the mail, so count your blessings. I know I do!

    • Janelle; I love that you collect what you don’t need to give away also! I put a box aside for my local battered women’s shelter and toss anything I won’t use or have too much of (black eyeliners, dry shampoo, lip glosses anyone?). They love to see me coming lol!

      • Thanks for the kind words. It would be great if all of us blessed people would make someone’s holiday with all the little things we don’t want or can’t use. It would be like treasure for them and we will know we’re done a good thing. Blessings to you.

      • Should say doing a good thing

    • Janelle, thank you for your comment, my sentiments exactly! I can’t afford the $100+plus boxes, but I do enjoy the cheap ones I can and I’m always grateful to be able to. What I can’t use I donate to my local homeless shelters. Happy Holidays and stay wonderful!

      • Lol, thank you. I also can’t afford the $100+ boxes, or more precisely, I could afford them but don’t want them, as in my mind the money is better spent somewhere else (early mortgage payoff, anyone?). I also think some of the prices are ridiculous and completely out of control (popsugar NM box, $250 for 6 mystery items).

      • Thanks for the sweet comment. Blessings to you

      • Thank you! And you too. I like to think that by blessing others we get a blessing ourselves.

      • I keep trying to direct this to you Isabella, but it goes where it wants. LOL

    • Yes! I’m noticing people starting to have unrealistic expectations. It’s a box for $15 (including shipping) full of fun, cute, some useful, items. Why are we complaining that this and that is sold for cheap somewhere else? What did you expect? I think we are getting spoiled rotten (possible burned out) by various sub boxes. I have some in much MUCH worse boxes for more money. This box has quickly eclipsed all others I get for the fun/cost ratio it provides. Love it and keeping it!

      • Annabella-I feel the same way. I have received worse things in more expensive boxes. This box is only $15.00 and I look forward to getting it every month. Not sure why this particular box is getting such a bad rap.

      • I’m with you ladies. It would have been worth $15 to me to open it up and enjoy looking at the items. Then I would probably give the bulk of the box away. But for me, the anticipation and fun of discovering new things is the point. I like this because it mixes a bunch of different items. I am overloaded with beauty items since discovering this site. I love the idea of donating to women’s shelters, so that’s what i will do. And the next slot that opens in my box rotation might go to Peaches and Petals. I currently have about 10 subs, which is too many, but that is cut down from more insane proportions before. So I have a rule…no new ones unless it replaces an old one. And they have to be under $30. Most of mine are in the $15-20 range and are pre-paid, multiple month subs. When one expires, I usually ditch it for a new one. BarkBox and Goodebox are in permanent rotation in my house, though. 🙂

      • I don’t think its “spoiled rotten” to think that a box should have more than items that are old, discontinued, and can be easily gotten at the local dollar store. I don’t think those are unrealistic expectations, either.

        I also donate items I don’t need and think that the higher end boxes are a bit inflated, and although I may be able to afford one here and there if I save, I generally stick to just a few subscriptions. But I don’t think its nice to say that people are spoiled and unrealistic because they expect to get what they pay for. No matter what the box, I expect to get items that make it worth my hard earned money. When makeup items are years old, candles are scuffed up and dirty, can be found for $1 elsewhere, stationary can be easily purchased for $1 as well, and the majority of the box doesn’t even truly equal what I paid when it gets broken down, that’s not spoiled — that’s called a ripoff.

        While it may be of a different VALUE to you (because value doesn’t necessarily involve money), I don’t like being called names simply because I expect a box to deliver good quality items for higher than I paid — a feat many, many boxes can pull off successfully without any problem.

      • Amen.

        Plus, in order for these items to be as cheaply produced as they are, someone somewhere is working in a sweatshop and the materials used to make these super low quality cheap items is super low quality and cheap- there is both a human and environmental cost to something like this.

        There are, of course, intangible costs and impacts to everything. But statements like those above ignore those costs in order to put someone else down.

      • I did. I had severe regret after I jumped on the $7.50 intro. I researched the company and found out the parent company buys wholesale lots of old merchandise then resells it.

      • Easy solution – cancel the subscription.

  16. I agree with the post that stated the the scarf was about the cost of the box and everything else was extra. My scarf was a linen color and very soft. The bracelet and fox thank you notes are cute. My daughter loved the candle- we had fun burning it. For about $15 you really can’t expect a ton of high quality items. I liked the box this month 🙂

  17. I love my box, the scarf is worth it, it’s a gorgeous cranberry color, and so soft. I cancelled after last month’s disappointment but they had already charged me for November. It worked out at the end with this box 🙂

  18. Haley you are always so kind and upbeat but I do appreciate your mention of concern, thank you for your honesty. For fifteen bucks I usually get at least one or two items I can use and the rest are nice to throw in as little extra gifts for friends and family (my cousin absolutely loved the Peacock necklace which was not my style by a mile, my sister got a kick out of the blue sky umbrella and my friend’s daughter adored those JLo sunglasses) so I don’t mind the unusual unpredictable nature of this subscription. This month I’ll use the scarf, cards, tea infuser (which I almost bought for $12 at a local store!) and will gift the bracelet so the box is still worth the cost but if not I’ll simply cancel and move on.

  19. I loved the scarf! I got a black one and it is perfect. I consider that the cost of the box, and the rest is just extras – I got a shark tea infuser which is adorable, and the thank you cards were also cute. I don’t prefer gold, and the donut candle is just meh, but I thought this was a great improvement over last month!

  20. Got mine yesterday. Love this month’s box, especially the scarf. Mine was cranberry color and my tea infuser was a squirrel and I used it this morning. The cards were really nice, and the rest was so so. All in all though, thumbs up this month. Definitely worth the $15 and we are seriously getting a robe next month?!? 🙂

  21. I got the mustard yellow scarf. Is that a trendy color? I hate it! I will agree this box is better than last month. I cancelled last month but I had already been charged so this should be my last charge/delivery from them. There’s nothing in this box that makes me regret my decision to cancel

  22. I loved my box this month! My scarf is a cranberry color, my candle is a sprinkle donut, my cards have a fox on them, but so cute. I myself would have preferred the cupcake candle, but donuts are good too. I figured the scarf made the box value and everything else was just extra. I did inquire about next month’s spoiler because as a fluffy girl I can’t have one size fits most. I need something with some XXs on it. Have yet to hear back, but it’s been a few days and it’s the holidays soooooooooooo I understand. However, my box ships out on the 2nd so I’m not waiting too long.

    • I am also fluffy. Will you let me know if they respond? Thanks!

  23. I can’t get past the feeling that this sub is just a box of random cheap stuff. 🙁

    Also, that spoiler for December? Highly doubt that would fit me, since I’m plus-sized. A clothing item seems like an odd choice for a box like this, since even “one size fits all” items usually don’t actually fit everyone.

  24. I agree with the previous poster, I too have seen that same candle and the pack of thank you cards at dollar tree. Sure this is a much better box then last month’s, but that’s not saying much. I had a huge problem with them. Besides the old, disgusting makeup they sent, I honestly don’t think their site is very secure; I received a new card last month and the only thing I ordered was last month’s subscription. Well somehow my card number was leaked. I doubt that’s just a huge coincidence. This is a super shady company and I advise everyone not to subscribe!!

  25. Still didn’t get mine yet took the money on the 28th of October odd that I didn’t get it yet don’t know I I will keep this one.

  26. I saw a variety of colors on instagram. I did not see the mustard color but I saw maroon, Gray, and black. I like this box way better than last month’s. I have enough makeup subscriptions so I was happy to see no cosmetics.

  27. The candle is sold at Dollar Tree for $1 (Some had the Dollar Tree name on them)

    The infinity bracelet is similar to (or the same) one sold on aliexpress for $0.50 currently.

    • I agree. And the tea infuser is also on aliexpress for $1.25

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